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Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Dec 2010
Hello everyone! It's the 1st of December today so I'd like to announce a few new things to you all:

- The banner image has changed from its regular stance to a wintery scene. I have been waiting for ages to put this up! :D
- There is an advent calendar that will run for the whole of this month. Login once a day and you can go claim a christmas item from there!
- Allosaurus IS circulating in the game, but it hasn't been officially "released" yet.
- There is a new monthly donation item.
- There are new club leaders today for each club.
- It's snowing!

Some winter games will come later on in the month. :)

And just a note for earlier:

I am aware we had downtime for around 3 hours or so last night. I couldn't even access the server so had to request a remote reboot. I'll be watching to see if it happens again!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Nov 2010
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

I know it's an early post for the american players but I'm posting this now so all timezones get a chance:

The thanksgiving plushie is now restocking in stores. Grab yours today only!

Thanksgiving Plushie
New update - why have my dinosaurs escaped?!?!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th Nov 2010
Any dinosaurs that were in mixed species enclosures have now been removed from that enclosure completely, and will appear under your moving crate as "escaped". All you have to do is "recapture" them and reorganize them.

You can no longer put dinosaurs into an enclosure if it doesn't match the species currently in the enclosure (unless obviously the enclosure is empty.)

And dinosaurs can now only have the t-rex potion used on them if they're in your moving crate. :P

EDIT: You can also now clone elder dinos. :O
New Moderators
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 18th Nov 2010
One of the moderators I'd chosen sadly didn't reply (just my luck hmmmm?) so we now have two brand new moderators (and one part-time moderator!)

I'd like you all to welcome Bob, Levitas and part-timer Rykos onto the team. :D

P.S.: If you still aren't aware that you should seperate species of dinosaurs into their own enclosures, read the news post 2 posts below.
New art
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 15th Nov 2010
Some new art:

Bank Dino
Bank dinosaur.


Dinosaur Tagging

That's all for now. Please read the news post below this one if you haven't already.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Nov 2010
Just as a warning to everyone:

To keep everything weighted nicely for when I introduce herbivores, it would be best for you to move all of your dinosaurs into single-species enclosures. This means, packs of all velociraptor, all utahraptor, all deinonychus - etc. Don't mix the species.

Herbivores will be introduced WITH a huntability side to them. Your dinosaurs will be able to hunt a herd in a pack, and it's going to be unrealistic and a lot more coding if you have a tyrannosaurus rex in a pack of compys? So, start moving them to their own enclosures now, please.

When I am ready to release herbivores, all existing carnivores will start to fight each other. If you have two different species in an enclosure, that basically means they are going to keep fighting until they kill each other or you move them out. :)

Just a heads up!

As an additional note: I did say in the comments that if you couldn't afford to sort your dinosaurs into different enclosures that I would be willing to help. Send me a message - don't just abandon all your dinos if you're attached to them. :P

Edit II: this does not apply if you want to have more species of dinosaurs. Only for your existing ones, lol.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Nov 2010
Some updates!

There is now a shop sales history so the notification will go there from now on instead of to your bank transactions (I know you can get swamped with this, heehee!).

Incubators now show the egg's name and ID underneath the egg picture.

Dinosaurs will now have their cause of death recorded which can be viewed on the graveyard page. The messages you receive have also been changed to reflect this -- and also, automated messages no longer come from my account. ;)

There's a back to enclosure link on dinosaur pages.

Battle points and a level up button will now appear on the quick battle sidebar.

If you search for a stud now, it will only pull studs that can breed right now (have more than 75 hunger & health, are in an enclosure and have no time left for next breeding).

There's now a back to club link on the club battle page.

I realize there's some unfinished stuff left for me to do with clubs so I'll have a tweak of them next week and finish them all up. Then, once everything is all done, I can FINALLY work on new features.

I am also waiting to hear back from one of our potential new moderators before I unleash them all on you guys. ;D

P.S. Most bugs should be smashed - YAY!!!!!!!!
Pinch punch, first of the month!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Nov 2010
So, some updates..

The contests are over! The winner of both is the lovely Clara, who took home 80 scales in total. As well as this, everyone who was on the leaderboards (the top 10 winners) received a small scale prize too.

The trophies for the contests have been given out today as well.

Hopefully everyone had an awesome Halloween! The plushie and background are no longer available - so if you missed out, better luck next year!

And now down to some serious business..

Zombie Scarf
To continue on the zombie theme from this year, the donation item has changed to a brand new Zombie Scarf, which will be available for all $20 or over scale purchases this month only. What does it do? Better find out....

As noted, I have set everyone to age per login and have changed the entire system to run like this. It should be a lot sweeter now for the nightly crons and hopefully easier for me to bug fix as well. If you were set to age per day before then any logins you make today won't age dinos until tomorrow.

Yay! Happy November everyone. Only one month to go until Christmas and our yearly Advent Calendar!! :D

(I will also be announcing our new moderators this week too.)

EDIT: voting is working again!
Some small updates:
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 31st Oct 2010
EX is getting a bit of an art revamp. Here are some of the new artpieces:

Friends page dinos :D

And the gallery has had some new doors and noticeboard put in place:


More to come. :)

Tomorrow, as suggested, I will be putting all of the site into age per login so that there's just one system that ages things. This will take the strain off the site at midnight (when cron runs) and will make it easier for me to fix bugs regarding it (as I won't have to keep flitting between the two systems).

Have a happy Halloween guys! To celebrate this day, the halloween plushie is now available in the store. :D

Halloween Plushie
UPDATES! So many, ogawd.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Oct 2010
SO, there are a number of updates to bless you all with today:

From now until November the 1st, a gorgeously spooky Halloween background will restock along with other backgrounds in the store. You should get one just to try it out - it's amazing. ;D

Halloween Background

The other Halloween game has started, and it's called ATTACK OF THE BRAINS. Basically, in line with our zombie theme this year, one of those pesky zombies has left behind a trail of brains he's harvested. Your job? Well, find as many as you can before November the 1st and win win win! You can get a trophy for this if you collect 25 or more and some fabulous prizes if you get the most!

BrainBrain Trophy

(The relevant links for more info have been added to the sidebar. ;D)

And last but not least - you may or may not have noticed but the forums have been given an overhaul, and now appear slick, smooth and very very professional. Rykos cleverly designed these babies up so much, much love to him! The boards look so shiny now!

In regards to the last post - the additional markings are still in the works and not available yet. I'll keep everyone posted. :)