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Exhibited - virtual pet dinosaur SIM game!

Who said they were extinct..? Random Items
Jingle Bells
Colorant #12
Virtual Pet Dinosaurs

Virtual pet dinosaurs..

Dinosaurs that you can breed

That you can breed..

Use complex genetics and breed out health problems

Use complex genetics & breed out health problems..

Battle and train

Or battle and train your fierce predators!

Unique virtual pet dinosaur

Your own unique dinosaur..

Breeding SIMulation game!

on this dinosaur breeding SIMulation game!

Revisit a place time forgot and embrace the chance to start raising your own virtual pet dinosaurs! Raise your new prehistoric pets from egg to adulthood, style and structure your own packs and battle your way to supremacy! In this wonderful online world there's a whole multitude of fun to be had, and it doesn't stop there - not only do herds of herbivores make their way into your farms for you to raise and breed, there's also an array of colourful prehistoric fish available for you to keep -- challenge yourself to own the best self-sufficient dinosaur farm there can be!

With tons of beautiful art, fact files on every dinosaur species featured, genetics to breed for, unique flash games, a diverse and vibrant community and lots of fun things to do, don't waste time! Join Exhibited free today and break into a new evolution of pet game!

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