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Exhibited Press

I'm so Happy
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 6th Sep 2012
Enrichment items and happiness are operationable! Attach an item to an enclosure, and from there you'll notice that you can press the "Play" button. Each item will entertain up to 10 dinosaurs per use, if their happiness is below 100%. When played with, the dinosaurs have a chance of getting a stat boost - though just what kind depends on the type of item, of course. ;D

Happiness decreases at a daily rate of 10%, the same as hunger, and only starts negatively affecting dinosaurs if it sits at 0% and remains there. Unfortunately, depressed dinosaurs like that will start doing self-destructive things like plucking their own feathers or scales, and will start losing 10% health daily. Luckily, playing with an enrichment item boosts them straight back up to 100%!

I'll be bug smooshing tomorrow and adding in some more new page designs. Also, give a ton of love to the mods, who are currently working on some helpful descriptions for the upcoming item library!
1st of the Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Sep 2012
Happy September everyone! As you can see, we now have our autumn banner up. Yay! :D

This month's monthly donation item is the Herbivore Hammer, which can cull an entire herd at once for meat.

Dinosaur Page Edits
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th Aug 2012
There has been some minor dinosaur page adjustments today, based on suggestions:

* The "more information" tab for overlays has been removed, after the button was found to be covering a few species' faces!

* The "quick battle" sidebar has reappeared on dinosaur pages for fast healing and level/EXP checking.

Alongside this, Xylax has revamped a batch of food items for us!

Happy Birthday Zani!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Aug 2012
It's our mod's birthday today - happy birthday Zani!

To celebrate, pickup one of the Zani Plushie Piles from the collectables store today only!

Quickie Update
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 22nd Aug 2012
Hopefully hit most of the bugs on the new dino page - there were much less than I was expecting which is awesome! :D

If anyone missed their last breeding on their dinosaurs yesterday/today and the dinosaurs aged to 81, let me know the ids and I'll reset their ages back so you can breed them once more.

We also have an update regarding moderators:

Unfortunately, due to time restraints, our mod Kitei has had to step down. <3 She will however still be around on EX, doing art and hanging out on the boards!

Taking her place are our two fledgling moderators who have now graduated to full modship - Spotty and Sammei! Yaaaaay!
Dinosaur Pages
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 21st Aug 2012
There's a dinosaur page revamp currently in the game and I hope you guys all like it.

It comes alongside Assigning Food. You can assign food for individual dinoasurs - if they have food assigned, they will only get fed the food that you have assigned them. This means that the feed all tools will only feed dinosaurs without food assigned, or with that specific food assigned. You don't need to assign food types to dinosaurs if you don't want to (but you won't be able to feed from their dino page), but if you want to this should be a useful way for filtering your dinosaurs and ensuring some are on the right diets. :P

There are also fancy next and previous buttons which I know have been asked for since the beginning of time.

I expect bugs with this, so please be sure to report any on the boards if you see them.


Goth Invasion
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 10th Aug 2012
We have a goth invasion of fashion here at Exhibited, as we celebrate the first of our official avatar clothing/hair releases! Big props to Xylax who drew all of these.

And for those of you who don't use avatars, there's a new background stocking in the stores, the Fishing Store Background:

The next update should hopefully be a new dinosaur page design, along with a slight care change involving enrichment items and happiness.
First of the Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Aug 2012
That's right, it's the first of the month! And we have some additions.

The new donation item for this month is the set of Dodo Eggs. You can use these to hatch a little flock of Dodos to raise as prey for your carnivores (or just for fun!). I think you'll agree that they are very cute.

Dodo Eggs Dodo

Also! We have trading cards!

At the moment there is one deck set available, and in a deck there are fifty five cards. You need to collect all fifty five in order to complete your deck. You can do that buy buying a booster pack of cards from the trading card store:

Booster Pack

Booster packs contain three cards.

You can access your current deck of cards from either map 3 or by clicking the link on your profile. You'll notice there are different categories for each card, and they are numbered 6-10. 10 numbered cards are the rarest to find.

The current card game isn't available right now but that's okay - in order to play, you will need a complete deck, so once we have the first few people with complete decks I'll release the card game with more information then. ;D

Have fun collecting!

As a note, I recommend doing a CTRL F5 (hard refresh) on your browser from the map page to be sure you're viewing the latest page.
3 backgrounds
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Jul 2012
Quickie update today before I release trading cards!

Three new backgrounds are restocking in the shops:

Keep on the lookout for our next update. ;D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th Jul 2012
Quick note: there's now double the chance you'll find a balloon on every page, aaand, a higher chance that the balloon will be your club's color. :)