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Exhibited Press

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 8th Apr 2011

There are a couple of updates;

I. Pictures are fully working again. Yay!

II. There is some new random artwork floating around the site. An example is:

Our new bartering image!

III. Lolosaurus has become even rarer than it was. :O

IV. There is a new help system on the sidebar. This is for use to ask for help or seek help from a moderator. The new help system is a great improvement over the old one!
Edit: Please understand that the help panel is there if you have problems which you can't find the answer to on the boards. Try not to abuse it by asking random questions (How long have X been here, magnets how do they work etc etc?)

V. Dinosaurs sold at the lab can either be babies or adults. Adults now cost $2500 more as an attempt to crackdown on instant breeding by new players.

VI. I have finally implemented dinosaur contracts. At current, if you breed a dinosaur and you own it, you can apply a contract to it (this cannot be changed if up for bid). You'll be able to set the maximum amount of offspring this dinosaur is allowed to have throughout its lifespan. This is particularly useful if you want to restrict your lines, or are selling a dinosaur to someone you just might not trust NOT to overbreed it. This is only in effect for new dinosaurs bred in the game as of now, also.

Additionally, all laboratory dinosaurs will have a contract placed on them of 4 offspring. You can pay extra EXD to have an unlimited contract, but otherwise this is non removable. Custom dinosaurs will have unlimited contracts by default. ;D

So yes. I think that about covers it! *showers everyone with confetti*
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Apr 2011
For anyone that didn't get it, yesterday was an April Fool's joke.

Got you. ;D


I am aware of the bug with images at the moment. o.o Apparently the library we use to build the images uninstalled itself from the server, so looking into it. Pah!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Apr 2011
So guys, I've been thinking about Exhibited and where I want to take it.. And honestly, dinosaurs just bore me now. :/ I want a realistic game and I can never have that with dinosaurs.

So.. I decided to make all of the dinosaurs evolve into chickens. Exhibited will become a chicken game, where we can battle, raise, breed and train virtual pet chickens.

The header image and chicken images are all placeholders at the moment, and soon I'll get them replaced with proper EX art.

I hope we all approve of the decision. :)

Also, the lab made a mistake today and an abomination escaped and is multiplying. The pteranodon is trying to clear them up, so you may have an egg land in your farm. If you do.. Don't hatch it! :O

Header image (c) Free Stock Photos.

Happy April Fools! ;D;D

Also, it's a new month. >.> So we have new club leaders, and a new monthly donation item - which is a sack of herbifertile. (You can use it to force a breeding from a herbivore herd. :D)

Happy birthday to me!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th Mar 2011
Hello guys!

It's my birthday today, so as a present for all of you:

- Utahraptors will be in the lab ALL DAY today so they are always available.
- Utahraptors made at the lab will receive a 4x their usual starting stats.
- Utahraptors custom made will receive a 10x their usual starting stats.

And click the button below to get a free sandwich of doom.

**Offer ended. ;D

Edit: We'd like to introduce our new Guru Team, these will have the responsiblity to greet new members and help people who need it:
Griffel #113
Noxia #333
Daski #1155
Star #1753
Cinnamon Bubbles #1978
Kaneon #607
Sunita #134
Send #551
Gizmo #428
Spotty #785
Clara #2793
Zani #2255

I will also be giving you back the modbox feature at some point today. It's been revamped to accomodate the new guru helper system. You'll see it on your sidebar when it reappears! :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 22nd Mar 2011
Utahraptors have had a makeover! :)

An example of their new image is below:


There's also a new background, The Boglands:

The Boglands

And I'm going to get started on coding a welcomer system. These will essentially be like newbie helper positions - so if you're interested, you should probably start making yourself known. The mods will have full control of the hiring/firing of these when they're done.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th Mar 2011
Happy st. patrick's day everyone!

As usual, the plushie is restocking in the store.

Updates are slow on my end this week because I just moved house and everything is up in the air. XD But I'm still here. <3 Any major bugs, contact Herbal (#4) and she'll hit me up!
Roleplaying & Compies!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 8th Mar 2011
Because I'm actively playing Exhibited right now (Utahraptors wooooo!), I've gone through and fixed a few things that were ANNOYING.

I. Dinosaurs with backgrounds will no longer appear in the dropdown list when equipping a background.
II. When equipping a background, it will give you a link to the dino's page to click on.
III. Moderators have a couple more things.
IV. The "Level!" text in quick farm has been replaced with a red link that, when clicking, will level up your dino.
V. Quick farm has alternating row colors to make it easier to read.

I have also swapped the Compsognathus images round - Compsognathus have the old baby image as their adult image:

Compsognathus Adult

And a brand new baby image, drawn by Kaneon:

Comspognathus Baby

Also, we have a brand new roleplaying system! This is for 13+ only and it's a custom built system that will allow you to do the following:
* Create a Roleplay
- Set the Plot
- Set the name
- Set the setting
- Set the history
- Set the rules
- Set the word minimum (it cannot be less than 100 in attempt to encourage lengthier posting)
* Each roleplay will have a "RP Master" (the creator).
* RP Masters will be able to add a second RP Master, who can accept/reject characters, post setting updates, and do everything short of closing the RP down.
* RP Masters will be able to add and remove joinable species. If you don't want new people to RP, you can delete all the joinable species so no more characters can join.
* RP Masters will have their own private notes section that is viewable only by them. Great for coming up with new plots!
* OOC has been seperated into its own popup window so it can function as its own mini board for RPers. This is also good to make sure OOC doesn't get mixed up in posts.
* Characters have to be accepted before they can start RPing. They can only be accepted by RP Masters. (They can be rejected too).
* You'll only be able to start RPing once you have one accepted character in the RP. When you do, the characters you have in this RP will appear in a dropdown list near the "make a post" section, so you can choose who you are posting as.
* RP Masters get a "Post as RP Master" option - this will ignore the word limit and allow RP Masters to post setting updates, such as, "The wind picks up" and "A storm is brewing".
* When posting, you'll be able to format your text live, get a spellchecker and also check how many words you've written, all in the same textbox.

This new system is also a lot easier for moderators to "moderate" as I built in a few functions for that too.

I hope everyone likes it. You can find it where the old RP boards used to be. (All old RPs have been locked and moved to the general boards so the creators can take their information and make new RPs with them.)

Under 13s will keep their own RPing boards so they don't get restricted by the word limit.


And as a final note, I'm expecting bugs with this. The mods have been trying to break them so if you find anything fishy, post a bug report up. :)
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Mar 2011
You asked for it, and it's here!


You can transform your dinosaur into a Spinosaurus using this, which works like the T-Rex potion:

White Glowing Spinosaurus Armor

There's also a plushie:


The following users have been given some Spinosaurus armor as I promised some people would be:

#254 x 2
#556 x 2
#738 x 2
#1173 x 2
#5362 x 2
#1155 x 1
#4520 x 1
#5531 x 1

And for some minor notes, there's been a couple of changes. You'll probably have noticed the images on the login page (that look sooo much better! :)), the need to collect interest daily now from the bank, and the stats showing their base stats + how much the equipped items give them on top (to give you a better idea for breeding.)

I am considering switching the forum back over to HTML - could you let me know what you think? It may be easier than BBCode.

Over the course of today and tomorrow I'll be running some security checks and beefing up our security in general, so if a page goes down for a couple of seconds just refresh for a moment and it'll be back up shortly. :D
Some new herbivores!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 23rd Feb 2011
Bellusaurus & Camptosaurus

Brachyceratops & Bonitasaurus

Just in time for the last day of breeding season. :D

** Museum files to follow.
Bye bye cupid - hello herbivore meat compression!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 15th Feb 2011
Small updates:


New dice images. (The slight excess white will be removed.)

Healing Pills

Healing pills have been revamped.

Herbivore meat is now compressable.

You can now delete all herbivore actions.

And you can disable certain dinosaurs from appearing in your breeding dropdown list if you don't want to accidently breed them. :D