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Exhibited Press

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th Jun 2011
So today we had another big server crash, which I think was the nail in the coffin for our time at this server. ;D

We are on the verge of moving to a new server; there will be some downtime coming, but I'll notify you guys of when it is. For now, don't worry, and try to ignore any lag/slowness/further crashes if (God forbid) there are any.

Thanks for your patience everyone!
Youtube & Ornitholestes
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 15th Jun 2011
So, I've had this video made for a while, but I held back on showing it to you guys. Sadly, as the layout's going to change, the video is going to be "old", but I really like it, so I hope you guys do too! Feel free to comment on it. :D

Aaaaand, I'd like to introduce a new species to you all, the Ornitholestes! This is personally one of my favourite dinosaurs so I will most definitely be picking it up for breeding. :)

Overlays, Macy & Plushies
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 10th Jun 2011
So, there has been a nice big update to errands:

* They are a lot more Kitty-friendly in code. (Neater and easier to edit).
* You can now choose which items you will give to complete your errand. :D


You can now access the overlay store, which is run by Macy:

And you can buy an overlay license from the scale shop, too.

We also have 2 new plushies, colored by Kitei:
Anchiornis Plushie Herrerasaurus Plushie

Art Theft
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Jun 2011
So it was brought to my attention that a couple of people on DeviantArt were stealing artwork from Exhibited, printing them out, tracing over them and uploading them as their own work, with the art from Exhibited "referenced" (mind you, this was not credited in the description.). This is.. Well, not allowed. The copyright lies solely with Exhibited and the original artist; each image was paid for and created (many hours of hard work from our wonderful artists!) for the sole use of Exhibited, so that you can see what your dinosaurs look like.

So I'd just like to reconfirm a particular section of the terms of service for everyone:

"Exhibited's images, text and overall content is copyrighted (c) to me, the owner of the game, & original artists. You agree not to take any picture, edit it or otherwise and pass it off as your own, unless you first have written permission from me."

Please don't take artwork that is not your own.

Positive Edit: The pooper scooper is available in the scale shop. :P It comes with a whopping 750 uses and will fully clean your enclosure, as requested on the suggestions board.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Jun 2011
So I have a mini competition for you guys, where every user who participates will guarantee themselves a small prize:

A zombie cookie. I believe this item was very popular due to boosting +45-50 on all 3 stats per dino when used, so I'm hoping it's enough to tempt you to participate. ;)

All you have to do is:

- Draw "EXHIBITED" on a piece of paper, card or similar.
- Take a picture of you holding it up, but where the paper/card etc is hiding your face, so you can only see the card & writing and your fingers. Optionally you can add your user id too.
- Upload it to tinypic or photobucket or imageshack and send me the link in a message.
- Get a zombie cookie & help Exhibited out
- ????
- Profit.


An example image for another game is: here.

Entries must be in by Wednesday the 8th of June, so you'll need to be quick!

Thanks guys!
Pinch, punch, first of the month!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Jun 2011
Some updates:

* The monthly cron had a slight delay today but it's all run through now. You'll notice also that on club pages, if a club won this month, it will be unable to win next month. This is to make it fair so that other clubs get a chance, without one certain club dominating it. (You know who you are, Tooth!)
* As of next month, you'll have to go to your club page to get your reward. This month ran as usual.
* I also fixed the club studs. >.>
* The new monthly item is here, albeit a bit late. It's Grapefruit Juice. You can pour it into your tank to force all your fish to breed (if you have space for them!).

Minor updates
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th May 2011
Some updates:

* The wishing well gives out slightly more items than it used to.
* All users can now edit their posts.
* Player shop search have a new look and new functionality. It's pretty neat.
* I think I'm almost ready to release overlays, many thanks to all our testers. :D
* I'm also about to change errands a little. I'm cleaning up the code primarily, but I'll also put in a drop down system where you can select which items you give to the NPCs.

That's all for now. :O
Contest Winners!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th May 2011

The contests are over now and winners are picked!

The winner of the Exhibited Spring Art Contest 2011 is:

Zha'krisstol #2373, with their entry: here.

We felt that the Anchiornis nesting, along with the colors, the rabbits, butterfly and flowers just really said Spring! :D

Runners up who won 10 scales each:

- Ankokou #3281 with their entry.
- Ryo #7383 with their entry.
- Sen #551 with their entry.


As for the writing contest winners...

PAYA #2473, wins the writing contest! You can read their entry here (for over 13s) and here (for under 13s).

Runners up, winning 10 scales each were:
- Puzzling #1692
- PostWarSalvage #146
- Cinnamon Bubbles #1978

You can also read their entries on those topics.

Congratulations, winners!!!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 20th May 2011
Hello everyone! With the new EX-integrated overlay feature about to be released, I'd like to inform you of an incoming change:

I will be removing the option to change a dinosaur's picture. If this feature stays, there is no point to the overlay system. As it stands, creating an overlay and selling it on for profits is not allowed. But once this system is implemented, it will not only be allowed but encouraged - but it cannot exist at the same time as people being able to use their own urls.

For more information on the new overlay system, click this link.

Please be aware that dino images will revert back to EX standard ones soon, but I'll keep the URLs of images you've currently made and will display them in the owner area once I remove the option for changing pictures. :)

Edit: If, for example, you have a completely custom dinosaur image made for your dinosaur, don't worry. You can make that into an overlay and, as it will have a solid bg and not transparent, none of the old EX dinosaur will show through. When it's made into an overlay it will become an item you can equip to the dino. :)

Edit II: In reference to the above, yes, you can keep it exclusive for yourself also. Selling it on is completely optional, of course!

Edit III: Kitei (#5) has already started making overlays. An example of her latest one:

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 19th May 2011
Coelophysis has been revamped! It will start circulating in the lab again.

Big thanks to Tyme for drawing it, and Ank for making all the markings. :D