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Exhibited Press

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 9th May 2010
I've now given everyone as much page space as they want (as suggested on the boards). You can make really big or really small layouts now, it's completely up to you!

To do this I've seperated things onto two pages. There's your "profile" pages - which are your regular farm pages, and then you click the farm name link at the top to be taken to the player's personal page and dinosaurs. I hope this isn't too confusing and I'll make links easier when I change the layout around a bit.

I have also removed HTML from the boards and spent all afternoon replacing it with BBCode. Enjoy! :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd May 2010
I've given everyone their dinosaurs back now. I know a lot of people have been worrying that they're aging, dying, getting hungry, getting unhealthy.. Dang, ANYTHING -- but I can assure you that they're not! You'll be able to see this as well from your dinosaur pages now that they're back.

Please note: if your dinosaur image is blank, it means that the recoloring image for your dinosaur species isn't currently available yet. You can change it to whatever you like while you wait, or just leave it as it is. When the image is available it will pop up (and be posted on the boards). :)

You'll also notice that every dinosaur has their genes displayed (I've phased out gene screening), and that there's some new genes and also marking colors. These will be bred and passed onto babies in the future. :D

I've finished off most of items today and also fixed that bug that was with shops (where it removed the wrong item from your shop). I've also finished incubators, clutches, genetics and random events.

I'm probably going to go with battles next. That or messages - we'll see.
Coelophysis & More
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Apr 2010
We now have the coelophysis available on the new dynamic imaging system and there's also a Bambiraptor due today as well. ;) Take a peek at the boards if you want to see them or if you have these species and want them shown to you on the "want to see what your dinosaur looks like?" thread.

Over the weekend I've reprogrammed most of the dinosaur pages (not the way they look because I like that, but how they work behind the seams.) I've also reprogrammed the base item functions and will be going through and fixing them where necessary to go with the new system - the stores will probably be my first stop. :)

My next mission is probably going to be getting messages up so you guys can still message each other and then after that, maybe the bank. Once I have those up we'll play it by ear and maybe have dinosaur pages back up (a bit sketchy however as I might leave them til last.. Unsure as now) -- either that, or the games pages for sure.

Progress is growing!
Everything's back up.... Or is it?
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th Apr 2010
Sorry about that guys, I'm sure it caused a lot of excitement but it was a genuine error. Everything went back up yesterday whilst I was testing something (a new chatroom, so I had to have two accounts open at once) and I forgot to put it all back down. However, as of today, that's been rectified and it should all be back down again.

However I *have* left farms up and also enclosures, just so you can fiddle with the foilage state now and have a bit more of an idea of what's coming. You'll notice that your dead dinosaurs appear in your farm's moving crate as "ESCAPED!!! Recapture?" You can recapture them if you want but it won't do anything. I'm going to move dead dinosaurs into a different table in the database so that they don't make the current dinosaur table too heavy - and splitting them is nice.

Sorry about that again, lol. I wouldn't put it back up with loads of things broken anyway. ;)
New News
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Apr 2010
I've finally finished the brand new news script. So what does this mean for us?

Well, first of all, we have a much better looking, cleaner-coded and organized news page. We also have a new feature where it's possible to only view news on certain months/years/combination of both, just to make life easier if you want to go back through archives to isolate certain news posts in future.

This also means I've wiped out the old news posts as well - but I don't think anyone will hurt so much over that, not now that it clears out the database and frees up some more space!

You'll also notice that I've removed the guest account button as I'm planning something different with logins and such now. Basically, you'll be able to browse the vast majority of the site without needing to be logged in. This will be especially useful for people who want to have a nose before they join - and should help us in the search engines too. ;)

I'd also like to thank everyone for continuing to come back to the site to check up on progress, and use the boards to stay in touch and for fun. I won't forget everyone's patience with me and will make sure you guys get some great rewards.

I'm planning to, upon reopening, hold a very special referral contest which will feature real life prizes (from iPods to Nintendo DSes.. Whatever you guys prefer!) so everyone who has suggestions for prizes, feel free to leave a comment here.

Keep using the boards guys. Hopefully this current activity we have with it will encourage players to continue once it reopens. :) I'll also give all you active people a special icon in the future that you can show off on your farm page.