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Statement For Parents

Exhibited respects the privacy of children and does not collect any personal information than reasonably necessary to enable them to play and enjoy the game. Email addresses are collected and stored but not published publically nor shared with any third party or advertiser. They are stored only to link the account with your child and in order to process lost password requests so your child may retrieve his/her password if it is forgotten.

Exhibited is intended for players at the age of 13 and up but children younger than that may still play providing they have parents consent. Upon signup every player will be asked to tick a box indicating that they have read and agree to the Terms of Service. Under 13s are required to provide a parents' email address upon signup and an email will be sent to the parent to inform them that their child has signed up to the site. Under 13s are also allocated their own message boards which are not accessible for players older than thirteen except for moderators.

Exhibited has some themes of extremely mild written violence (dinosaur battles) and some potentially upsetting scenarios for young children (dinosaurs can die and players can feed their dead fish to their dinosaurs). The site may on occassion contain more mature topics on the message boards but anything pornographic, racist, religious, sexist or otherwise inappropriate or offensive will be deleted on sight. Whilst we will always remove such content as soon as possible we cannot guarantee the length of time these items will be available before its inevitable deletion.

Should you be unhappy or concerned with anything your child is accessing on the site, you can send us an email from our contact page requesting for the features you would like disabled on your child's account. You can do this at any time.