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Exhibited Press

Happy New Year & Snowball Winners!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st January 2012
The Snowball Fight results are in!

The top 5 snowball throwers are as follows, with the winner receiving 50 scales, 2nd place receiving 25 and all runners up receiving 5 scales each...
1) Roughard Clatterwag (#28759) with 521 snowballs thrown!
2) Brother Woodchuck (#21071) with 483 snowballs thrown!
3) The Grox (#160) with 407 snowballs thrown!
4) Jylani Amplex (#9064) with 345 snowballs thrown!
5) Cleokitty (#20090) with 345 snowballs thrown!

Thanks for playing guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Merry Christmas!
Posted by Herbal (#4) on 25th Dec 2013
From all of us, to all of you:
We wish you a merry Christmas, with bountiful of gifts and glorious food. (And if you happen to have celebrated any of the other various holidays this season offers, we hope they have been merry and bright as well, E(xcept if you celebrated, Draw On New Eyebrows For Cthulhu Day. We then do not approve that you did not include us in this glorious celebration.)

The Christmas calendar can be bought in the shop! Limited edition, only 1000 available! So hurry!

Also, do remember our super-duper awesome advent calendar. It has a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gift today!

- Kitty and the Moderators (we do prog.rock, coming soon to iTunes)
Server Issues!
Posted by Herbal (#4) on 20th Dec 2013
Hey you guys!

We are so sorry for the downtime last night!
Unfortunately, it looks like it has caused some issues with the crons, but we are working on it.

We'll have it fixed! Don't fear! <3

Free presents!
Today we have a special message from Clara!
It's Clara again! Gosh, why do I keep popping up?
Some of you may remember that the past few years I have been giving away random
wrapped presents every christmas. Well it's that time of year again! It even made the news now, oh my.


So how does it work? Easy, you can reply to one of these topics to claim your free random gift:

Over 13s go here!
Under 13s go here!

The items in the presents range from rare goodies, large stacks of food, medicine, rare plushies and whatever other goodies I can get my hands on. Once you post on your rightful topic to claim I will get a present to you asap.

Have fun!
Happy December to everyone! Hopefully people had a great turkey day and/or St. Andrews Day! I'm still rolling around in pumpkin pie, personally.

Anyway, December on EX means a number of things!


Snow will accumulate slowly on your farm, and once you have five pieces available, you can form a snowball and pelt a friend :D The player with the most snowballs thrown gets a prize, so go forth and throw snow at the world!

The Advent Calendar!

Every day that you sign in you can go visit the Advent Calendar from the map page and pick up a fancy Christmas-y treat!

and a new Monthly Item!

We got the OK to have one of the rarest items in the game as this month's item! The fabled ~Lolosaurus Egg~ A lolosaurus egg can be used to give you one lab egg of the rarest (and most beautiful) of the EX dinosaurs!
(if you've never seen a lolo, I recommend checking them out with the Dino Search!)
Seasonal Greetings! (Soooon!)
Posted by Herbal (#4) on 30th Nov 2013
Hello Darlings!

Clara wishes you a happy St. Andrews Day (Which basically is Saint Patrics Day with added Tartans!) from Scotland.
You might be delighted to see that to celebrate this day, she have drawn up some kilts for you to wear on your human avatars!

It's the manliest piece of clothing you can ever own.

Tomorrow, the annual Christmas Calendar will begin! Everyday in December you'll be able to visit the Calendar and claim a gift! But, since Kitty's been bustin' herself with EX mark II, we decided that instead of adding alot of new items, we'll instead revive some of the sassy items from previous years! This means, we'll have some old fancy items which some of you might never have seen before! And some of you might recognize them!

There are some really neat ones ! ;D

And sometimes in December, the Annual Snowball Fight will begin! (I can't recall when, sssssh!) So get your arms ready, and fight for your honour!

Have a great day and have fun wearing your kilts proudly!
Turkey Day!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 28th Nov 2013
Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have great days.

The thanksgiving plushie is, as every year, now stocking in the plushie store for today only. Grab one while you can!

Some Stuff!
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 17th Nov 2013
Just wanted to update and let everyone know that HA's are no longer zombified! If you're still undead, go to the wardrobe and equip or un-equip something to refresh your image :)

Since this is a pretty small update, here's a few comments from other mods:

-Clara: This message was sponsored by Clara and brought to you by haggis
-Daski: egse
-Spotty: We're rolling around trying to make up some pretty cool contests for everyone to participate and enjoy!
-Spotty: also someone should trade me arms because mine are still itchy
-Sammei: you put me on the spot
-Sammei: *sweats*
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Nov 2013
Hey guys

Long time no see, hmm?

I just want to take a moment to write out a very big apology to you all, and to explain my absence, and hopefully leave you all at the end of it feeling happy and excited.

*takes a breath*

At the very end of last year, my husband and I unfortunately lost a child and it was really an awful time indeed. Without going too much into it, I'm sure all of you can understand that I simply wasn't able to code or manage much of anything at that time. A couple of months from then, I began to reassess a lot of things in my life and Exhibited was one of the first things I took a look at.

Exhibited, as it stands, has been running since 2008 (with the prologue to it from 2006), with me as the sole owner and coder in that whole time. It is my passion, and I came to view many of you guys as friends and family. One thing I always marvelled at was how wonderful our little community was, how it could be both so tight-knit and welcoming at the same time, and just how generous everyone was with one another. (Not to mention, we are all a group of awesome dinosaur nerds, and that makes us cooler than everyone else!) But the game itself, though something I adore, cannot fully progress into what I imagine without a heck of a lot of changes.

Anyone that's been a member of Exhibited longer than a year will know that I often recode and "refresh" the coding, and usually tighten up features, improve them, and coincide that with a new layout or two. Not all of the changes are completely well received which is understandable (we are all different), but to get EX on par with other games out there and fully "modernized" would require so many changes that it simply wouldn't be fair to players on EX because the game that they have come to know would become virtually unrecognizable.

So I decided that after 7 years, EX deserved a sequel, and that is what I have been working on for the past few months.

I have teamed up with my long term friends and coworkers: artist Xylax (who took over doing all markings, some species, and items here at Exhibited at some point late 2011); and, as of two weeks ago - programmer Rykos, who has been our on-hand "go to" guy for emergencies and server issues since 2010. He has also designed the majority of Exhibited's layouts.

Together, and with all mods' input, we have been working on something pretty incredible and I really think all of you guys will love it. I will retain the majority of Exhibited's features so that EX II will be familiar, and keep the ideas and game mechanics that already work so well. But alongside those I am introducing lots of shiny new features that wouldn't fit too well in EX without feeling out of place, as well as making notes of much-longed for features that people have campaigned for on EX for years.

This is basically another chapter, and I invite all of you guys to be a part of it. EX II is not ready for me to show you guys yet, but I would like to keep polling you guys and asking for feedback on various features, so that we can tailor the game to what you want too.

But what does this mean for Exhibited? Is it just going to close?
No. I won't close EX, not so long as there are people - even if it's just a handful, as now - actively playing it. Exhibited will remain open for as long as possible.


I will at some point turn off registrations to Exhibited. The reason for this is that EX II will offer rewards and priority access for Exhibited members, and I wouldn't want people to signup on EX just to get some rewards on EX II - I want the rewards to be special, and to show previous achievements and successes you guys attained through playing Exhibited.

Scales, also, will be transferrable to EX II. It will be entirely optional if you wish to join EX II in the first place or not, but also if you wish to transfer some of your Exhibited data - but scales will be included. Any scales you have on EX can be traded into EX II, and to make things a bit sweeter, any scales you purchase from the date of this news post will be transferrable, even if you spend them first in Exhibited.

So where does this leave us?

You'll notice that our wonderful moderators are still here, and have kindly stepped up to continue doing some running of Exhibited while I work on EX II. Bob and Herbal will be able to request smaller updates for Exhibited and I will code them in, as well as supply them with lots of prizes for fun chat events and competitions. Exhibited is still running, still working, and any bugs I hope to pick out as and when they arise, with the mods' assistance. Exhibited will continue to run and nothing will change (except for maybe a few updates!), and I will continue to update you all about EX II and ask for your feedback and thoughts on features as they arise.

To give a brief rundown of some features that will be present in EX II:
* ALL dinosaur species getting the center stage - not just carnivores, or raptors. You'll be able to have enclosures full of triceratops, iguanodon, stegosaurus etc. For fun, we'll also include other prehistoric animals, such as Smilodon and terrorbirds. If it's prehistoric, it's relevant!!
* A streamlined, rebuilt and super speedy framework
* Better battle mechanics, more realism, less tedium
* More focus on excavation, digging up fossils and discovering
* A research department based around genetics, with a genetics handbook that will let you unlock different colors and genes as you discover them through breeding
* Multiple moving crates
* A vastly improved overlay system
* More farming aspects - raise cattle for cheaper meat for your carnivores, or grow fields of prehistoric plants for your herbivores
* Personalities, relationships, friendships - dinosaurs will interact with each other and potentially form friendships and mated pair bonds

Those are just a tip of the iceberg, but I hope they are exciting enough on their own to make you feel very, very good about EX II.

I'd also like to finish up here by giving my formal apology though for my silence. I wasn't sure on the right time to tell you all, or how well it would be received, but I hope that now is the right time. In order to extend my gratitude to the handful of you who are still playing, please find ten scales in your account if you login (and your account number is 28715 or lower, to prevent mass signups for scales ;D), even just once, between now and seven days from this news post. (Please note, these will not be transferrable to EX II if you spend them!)

Thank you, and I love you all. :)
Hello everyone! I still have a stomach ache from eating candy, so I hope everyone else is doing better than me this month :,D

It seems like Halloween went off well, and now the mods and I are gonna work on judging the dress-up contest I set up! We'll try to give you guys the results within a week

In the meantime, we bring you a new BG!

A Savannah background that looks better on dinosaurs that aren't this one, since he's blocking out the pretty tree with his chest, like a jerk. I recommend using this background on a dino with a lion mane overlay and singing "Circle of Life" while battling it. The savannah BG is stocking in the main background store for 5,000!

Also! New month means new monthly item!

By popular demand, we bring back the Herbivore Lake Planning Permission item!

The lake is a permanent herbivore enclosure upgrade that automatically waters 80 herbivores per day! It's a handy tool for relaxing like a pro.