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Exhibited Press

Pyroraptor Revamp
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 6th Feb 2011
In attempt to inject some popularity back into Pyroraptors, our wonderful artist Tyme has revamped them. :D


Page Revamps
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 4th Feb 2011
Messages and user pages got a revamp today. :D

That's all for now! :D
Happy 1st of the month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Feb 2011
Happy 1st of February, guys. :)

This month's donation item is the chocolate oysters, which will allow an 81+ age dino to breed again, just as it's the month of luuuurve. ;D

FURTHER updates
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 30th Jan 2011
IMPORTANT - there is now a second account feature. If you have two accounts, please link them up in your account settings so that you can transfer things between them.

If you have users under your IP that are not listed as your second account, you can no longer:

- Transfer Money
- Transfer Scales
- Transfer Dinos
- Transfer Items
- Bid on herbivores
- Bid on dinos
- Buy dinos
- Buy fish
- Offer in trades
- Buy items from shops

From users who are sharing the same IP address as you and are not listed as your second account. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN that you cannot do this with the rest of the site!)

I'm sorry that people with family have to be penalized but the situation with some accounts is just getting ridiculous now!

But on to some lighter news!

There are two new herbivore species, Barosaurus (yes, it really had that intense neck!) and Brachylophosaurus!

I have added every single herbivorous dinosaur to the museum now AND I've organized it a little better. ;)

Oh, but wait!

In the scale shop there are now two new herbivores that you can purchase:

They are Woolly Mammoth & Hyracotherium (the first prehistoric "horse" as well as ancestor to the rhinos and such!), and are special because they're not really dinosaurs, but they're still prehistoric and thus have their place here. They will function as regular herbivores. :)

I have also put a mammoth starter herd on auction for $1. ;)
Quick updates - again!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 30th Jan 2011
A few new updates!

Herbivores can now be auctioned as friend only auctions. So if you have a herbivore herd for a certain person, just add them to your friend's list and only people on your friend's list will be able to bid. :)

Potion images have gotten a revamp in places:
Elixir of Life Fertility Potion Male Potion

The slots spin images in the scale shop has also been revamped:
3 Slots Spins

You can now remove bids on dinosaurs, after much waiting. XD I'm sorry guys, I should have done this sooner!

Spinosaurus is in the works and scheduled for release in the next couple of months.

I am also in the process of adding a new roleplaying system for 13+ boards. You will be able to create your own roleplays and set word minimums for posts (minimum for any RP is 100 to encourage a bit lengthier RPing), set your setting/plot/history, add and remove joinable species, accept and reject characters for joining and control your RP as RP Master. There is a seperate OOC section for each RP so it doesn't end up spoiling your RP with OOC chatter, and also a seperate window to display all current characters and pending ones.

When you post, you'll be able to choose which character you are posting as from a dropdown menu, so it will all be clearly marked.

A screenshot is here:

I'm adding this because I know a lot of you like to RP, and it will be easier to moderate. The reason I am not adding it to under 13s is partly because of the word minimum and also because it would be wasteful to duplicate it again. However the under 13s will keep their RPing boards and will be able to access the new system when they turn 13. :)

So consider the RPing announcement more of a heads up for people with current RPs. I will be removing the RPing boards for the 13 and overs so just make a mental note to save details of your current RPs.
Herbivores, Marking Previews, Minor Things
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Jan 2011
Okay, a few minor things:

I. The site clock. You may have noticed that it's a ticking clock now - i.e., it is live and shows live time without having to refresh the page. I recently changed this back to am/pm as I agree, it is easier to decipher.

II. Herbivores. There was some insane breeding going on, so I tweaked it so that the females will only lay one clutch of eggs each during the breeding season. :P

III. Herbivores and non aging. I believe people with huge amounts of herbivores are not getting cron work for them properly, so I'm going to sit down and rewrite the herbivore aging/etc crons so they are more effecient and hopefully don't time out.

IV. Herbivores are not all in the museum yet. I'm hoping to get them all in there soon. If anyone wants to help by messaging me across some factfiles, it would be much appreciated. ;)

V. I'll be releasing a couple of new herbivores soon. :P

VI. I am also working on bugs, and hoping to hammer in a few of the suggestions that are on the boards.

VII. There's a new random event that will result in you finding a double rainbow clipon. :O

Preview here:

Now on to the fun stuff:

Our artists are making some great progress with markings and I believe there's 3-4 "batches" of them left to complete, which means we're over halfway! Yaaaaay. To celebrate, have some previews:

A troodon showing common raccoon markings.

A linheraptor showing common blanket markings.

A dilophosaurus showing heavy siamese markings.

A neuquenraptor showing heavy tiger markings.

A buitreraptor showing common leopard markings.

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th Jan 2011
I have officially released herbivores into the game today! I'd just like to introduce you to what this means:

Bactrosaurus Kentrosaurus Dryosaurus

* Herbivores are bought in herds only. You do not buy single herbivores from the lab - but a whole herd at a time.
* The lab updates every 15 minutes with 6 new herbivore herds that are available for purchase. Once the 6 are bought, you must wait until 15 minutes passes so 6 new ones can appear.
* Herbivores are sold via auctions. You can auction your herd from their enclosure page and take a look at herbivores for auction from the marketplace (formerly bartering).
* Herbivores have grades. These grades are raised very slowly through extra care.
* Most herbivore meat at grade D will have no real stat bonus.
* Herbivores will only die of old age, if you cull them for meat, or if you don't give them a trough of water for 7 days or more.
* Herbivores can and will feed themselves, but if you want to feed them extra grain (which is pricey), then you can.
* Herbivores are expensive to raise and keep and should be considered carefully before being bought.
* Herbivores breed automatically and are guaranteed to breed if there is space (and at least 1 male and 1 female) every month between the 20th and the 24th.
* You can fertilize your herbivore enclosure with carnivore poop or buy expensive fertilizer. Fertilizing the foliage in the enclosure is optional and your herbivores will survive even if you don't.
* Herbivores appreciate having their enclosure cleaned after they make mess in it, but they won't die or be harmed if you don't. (Their grade may stay the same or lower though!)

You should now be able to purchase herbivores, and herbivore enclosures, from the lab page.

Hunting is not yet into effect at the time being BUT I would recommend researching the herbivores before you get going. Massive herbivores may require enormous packs relative to size in order to take down when hunting is released so it might be pointless raising Brachiosaurus if you keep Compys. :P I'll also try to get some more factfiles up soon.

Parasaurolophus Leaellynasaura Ankylosaurus

HAVE FUN! And if you find any bugs, probably better to message me because it's faster. ;D
So pretty~
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 10th Jan 2011
A couple of updates!

There is a new background here on Exhibited. The graceful waterfall background - possibly one of the most beautiful ones we've had here so far! Click for a preview below:

And speaking of backgrounds - any new ones you purchase will automatically have ten uses. This was suggested by Herbal and will let you try out a background on a couple of different species to see which you like it on best.

As regards to herbivores;

I am very close to releasing them in their "first phase." The first phase will consist of raising them, breeding them and culling them for meat. The "second phase" (which will come later) will bring the hunting of them into play. I think splitting them like this is better because it won't feel like such a big job for me, and also so I can get them out to you sooner and so you can start raising your herds. :D

Herbivores are relatively easy to keep and after purchasing them, if you don't want to increase their grade you can basically just leave them be, except for refilling a few water troughs once a day (on login). They will feed themselves from the foilage in the enclosure (which you can fertilize with raptor poo to give it extra benefits ;D) but you can feed them extra grain as well if you want to give them a shot of additional nutrients.

Right now I am devising the sales platform for herbivores. As most of you already know, you'll purchase herbivores in herds, so it makes sense that you'll be able to sell them in herds too. :P And I figured that, considering the fact I'm viewing these like cattle, it would make sense if we sold them via an Exhibited "Cattle" Market. It will be a live auction that runs on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday that will auction the herds off one at a time to the highest bidders. I'm hoping this will improve some site activity and also make it a little more fun! (Regular sales will be available as an "extra".)

Below are a couple of screenshots of my current herbivores and some of the features you get (click to enlarge):

Expect them to come soon. :) I'm waiting on some item art for the herbivore meat and I also need to complete the live auction system, but once those are done I'll release them straight away to you guys, so you can start rearing huge herds ready for your dinos to hunt!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 5th Jan 2011
We had a slight problem with logins this morning which meant a few couldn't get online for a couple of hours - this has since been fixed.

It was a server issue which is good to go now.

If anyone (australians and such mainly) tried to get online and couldn't and then couldn't get online again today and lost a day or so for their dinos, let me know and I'll de-age your dinos for you. :)
Winter Contests
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 4th Jan 2011
The winter contests have finally come to an end! Thanks to everyone who participated - you should all have your relevant trophies now!

The winter art contest winners are as follows:

First place goes to:
Ankokou (#3281) with this entry! Ank won 40 scales and a Mystery Egg. :)

Ten scales also went to our three runners up:
Kaneon (#607) with this entry!
Daski (#1155) with this entry!
Zha'krisstol (#2373) with this entry!

Everyone's entries were so good - I'm impressed with all the great artists we have here at Exhibited!

And the writing competition winners are as follows:

First place goes to:
Zani (#2255) with their entry! Zani won 40 scales and a Mystery Egg. :)

Ten scales also went to our three runners up:
Unwritten Tale (#3511) with their entry: Intelligence.
Paya (#2473) with their entry: Untitled.
Owl (#4363) with their entry: Untitled.

You can view the winning stories on the boards.

The same goes for the written entries, also!

I'll definitely be holding some more of these contests - look out for them in spring! :D