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Exhibited Press

Welcome back guys!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Nov 2011
Welcome back everyone! You're currently sitting on the brand new layout, and, most likely, just had to re-enter your player names. XD (I figured you all would enjoy the tutorial with Reggie!)

Firstly, and most importantly, the Terms of Service for the game has changed. Please take a moment to review them here before you do anything else. If you don't agree to the new changes, please stop playing immediately.

Anyway, you're going to notice a lot of changes, and lots of new shiny things. The vast majority of them have been explained in great detail here:

For 13+ Players
For Under 13 Players

Me, the mods and the gurus have all been bug testing this for the longest time, but as with all new things, nothing is going to be bug free, so I'm really hoping you guys will be able to help me and be patient with this. <3 If you see anything that you think is a bug, please check the guides first to make sure it's not just a new feature, and then check the bug boards to make sure it hasn't already been reported. If it hasn't and is a definite bug, please in the subject either write "GAME BUG" or "ART BUG". Art bugs will be things where images just look a bit weird or are missing, or if the layout is messed. Game bugs cover everything else. :D

The most important changes to gameplay are, briefly summarized, as follows:

* Stat caps. They are fully explained in the guides.
* Battle points no longer exist. Your dinosaurs will have more points now because battle points and points have merged into "points".
* Levelling up now gives a "skill point", which you can assign to one of three prowesses. It's fully explained in the guide.
* Introduction of herbivore hunting. There's a guide in the links above.
* Illnesses/injuries are reintroduced, alongside vaccines. Vaccinations are NOT compulsory so it's totally up to you if you want to vaccinate or not. Illnesses/injuries can mostly be prevented by building up a good immune system by eating various herbivore meats. Alternatively, you can just vaccinate.
* As described above, each herbivore has a different use to help prevent different diseases.

I will be making a "herbivore summary" feature soon that will reveal what they boost and help prevent against, as well as a "can my pack hunt this herbivore?" tool. For now, have fun trying to see what you can work out!

Trophies have all been converted into Achievements, which are a lot more fun. >.> Also, we now have a tag album - both of these can be accessed from your profile pages.

I'd just like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being so patient throughout all of this, and I really hope you all enjoy the new changes and new features.

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 9th Nov 2011
As a reminder, today the mods are cleaning up the boards, so you should see the topic count go down.

Tomorrow the site will be going down for maintenance so we can begin the changeover, but don't worry! I'll be providing a downtime forum that you can all hang out on.

On Friday, 11/11/11, we'll relaunch with the new layout. Yay!
Halloween Is Over
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st November 2011
The Halloween results are in!

The winning club of Club Wars this year was the Feather club!!!! All users who defeated over 50 enemies and belong to that club received 2 scales - all other clubs with users who defeated more than 50 users received 20 tokens! Wooo!

The top 5 winners of Zombie Tag are as follows, with each user receiving 5 scales each....
1) Zani (#2255) with 1039 infections!
2) Asta the Zombie (#1753) with 862 infections!
3) Clara (#2793) with 590 infections!
4) Cinnamon Bubbles (#1978) with 360 infections!
5) Mars (#12561) with 339 infections!

I also totally forgot to restock Halloween plushies, so to counter this I gave everyone who logged in yesterday one today. :D

Hope we all had a great year this year guys! (And be kind with this message, it was automatically generated by EX. Woooo!)

And this month's monthly donation item is now the Zombie Cookie! It was so popular last year we thought we'd give it another shot. :)

Update.. And Date Set
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th Oct 2011
Okay guys, I just thought I'd give you an update on how the new layout is going, and when exactly we can see it coming.

Right now, I'm down to just the most boring, tedious parts, but my actual list for things left to do is the shortest it's been, and I'm so excited!

I have decided to set a date for when we can expect everything to go in.

On Wednesday 9th November, the mods will begin the process of board cleaning, where we'll rifle through old topics and neaten everything up.

On Thursday 10th November, the site will be going down so I can begin the process. I'd recommend everyone who needs to login on that day basically either hold off, or ensure they can be quick, as I can't guarantee what time exactly we'll go down. Moderators will still be logging in to help with final testing, and further board cleanup.

The site will be down for a total of one day.

On Friday 11th November (11/11/11), we will RETURN, and you'll all see the new layout, new features, and have tons of fun!

I've been trying to check for as many bugs as possible but as with anything new, there are probably going to be bugs in general when we launch, so just keep an eye out.

Right now the gurus have access for bug fixing and I'd like to politely ask if they could step up the hunt for any bugs in the running to launch.

Jot this one down in your diary folks!
Small Update!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Oct 2011
A quickie. I was going to wait until the new layout for these, but you guys haven't had an update in a while, so thought I'd release now!

Tyme redrew all of our fish! :D

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th Oct 2011
It's Halloween on Exhibited, and the halloween events begin today! :O

Club Wars

That's right, Club Wars! It's Halloweeeeeen! And each club has stayed true to its particular affiliation and set a curse on all of their club members! Feather become Evil Penguins, Quill become Witches, Claw become Werewolves and Tooth become Vampires! Find weapons around the site to defeat enemy clubs!

Users who participated in Club Wars (and defeated 50 enemies or more) and whose club defeated the most enemies will win 2 scales on the 1st of November! Users from loser clubs who also defeated 50 enemies or more will get 20 tokens in a sympathy prize.

Zombie Tag

Remember this from last year? Tag each other on the boards to keep scoring points. The top 5 people on the 1st of November with the highest scores will each win prizes!

Trick or Treating
Each of the mods can be tricked or treated (except Kitty!) once a day. Successful treats earn you a cookie. Tricks earn you something else..

Scare Kitty
Kitty is a tough one to scare, but do you think you have something that can really scare her? Try her farm once a day - if you manage to scare her, you get a scale!

Pumpkin Carving

Find pumpkins around the site and take them to be carved! Hopefully you'll get the full set you want for your shelf!

Have fun guys! :D:D

Upcoming comic!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Oct 2011
Alongside the new layout (we're so close it hurts ;0;) we're going to start having an official Exhibited comic! This will hopefully bring some weekly laughs (smiles at least!) because everyone needs some comedy!

Because I'm so impatient (and excited), I figured I'd show you guys sneak previews of the upcoming characters. :D

Click any image below to get the fullsize image.

Khan, our resident male Velociraptor. Don't let the adorable fluff fool you - he'd be quick to bite your face off!

Nemi, a female Nemicolopterus. Whilst not a species native to Exhibited (yet), she's sure to entertain! Found frequently on Jeff's horns, and hunting out shiny things.

Willow, a female Allosaurus. Pretty and mysterious, she's the most dangerous out of the bunch!

Jeff, a male Torosaurus. Contrary to the rep Torosaurs usually get, he's the smartest for sure! If only he cared...

There will be one more side character who will appear every so often, but we'll keep him a secret for now. 8D

Right now we're needing a name for the comic, so post any and all suggestions you have here!
First of the Month!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Oct 2011
Happy October!

For the first of the month, we have a new donation item - the Devil Horns!

Devil Horns

Devil Horns will morph your dinosaur into our newest species - the Carnotaurus!

Carnotaurus comes to us with a Halloween theme in mind and has lots of spooky, awesome markings. ;D

If you can't donate, then the over 13s chat will be having a quiz where you can win yourself a couple tonight at 1pm EX time. The under 13s will have a quiz too, with the time and date to come!

In other news I was planning on getting the new layout in by now but it didn't happen sadly - however I'm working every day and hoping to get this in for this month. If that doesn't happen don't fret - I've coded the halloween events on both servers just incase.

We'll be starting our Halloween games on the 17th - 5 of them in total!

Oh, I just love October!
Bottom of Waterfall
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 16th Sep 2011
So, I've been working flat out on Exhibited lately, and I just want to say that the new layout is so awesome, current EX feels very plain and amateur by comparison. It's getting so close and I'm so excited!! I'll be launching new EX with new features too, so stay on the lookout. At this moment in time I don't need any regular testers besides mods (and gurus). :)


We have a new background - the bottom of the waterfall background! We already had a background featuring the top of one, so it made sense that we get to put our dinos at the bottom too! It's restocking in the background store right now.

Bottom of Waterfall Background

Also, could all EX Gurus please go to the Guru Board. Thanks!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 12th Sep 2011

Ank has kindly redone some of the older heavy tiger and leopard markings. A full list:

* T Rex Heavy & Common Tiger
* T Rex Heavy Leopard
* Sinornithosaurus Heavy Leopard
* Megaraptor Heavy & Common Tiger
* Linheraptor Heavy Leopard
* Eoraptor Heavy Tiger
* Eoraptor Heavy Leopard
* Dilophosaurus Heavy Leopard
* Deinonychus Heavy & Common Leopard
* Buitreraptor Heavy Leopard
* Bambiraptor Heavy & Common Leopard

Some previews:

Tiger T Rex
Heavy Tiger T Rex

Leopard Sinornithosaurus
Heavy Leopard Sinornithosaurus

Leopard Bambiraptor
Heavy Leopard Bambiraptor

I also finished something else today, something that was suggested by Clara and which I'm particularly in love with!


Right now, I'm about 70% finished of the new layout and just got done with battles, trials and items. When I'm 100% done, I will be requesting for testers on the boards, and picking some from there, so keep your eyes peeled!