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Server Blip
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 12th Oct 2013
Hey guys! Sorry about the downtime earlier this morning, we had a slight server blip, but Kitty punched everything until it worked :D

All the contest info from the previous newspost is still relevant (club wars sooooon!)

Also, hope everyone who got the new Pokemon game is enjoying themselves :D otherwise, have a great day!
October Costume Contest
Hello EX-ians!

After getting a week into this month, we figure it's time to start the contest for Halloween. This year we're trying out a Dinosaur Costume Contest! If you've got a passion for overlays, now's your time to shine. Check out the full rules on this thread:

For the month of October, we'll try to be extra good at going over overlays to make sure people have ammo for their costumes :D

In other news, the annual Clan Wars should start next week, but in the meantime, anyone who posts in this thread with either a halloween tag or a dressed up human avatar gets a free pumpkin! Just lemme know if it's your HA, so I know to go check them out :D
Happy October!
Hope everyone had a great September, but now it's time for a month of cold weather, candy and excuses to wear confusing outfits!

With the start of a new month, this means our monthly donation item has switched again:

Zombie Cookie time!

If you'd prefer a Zombie Scarf instead, just toss me a message and you can send me your cookie for an exchange :)
(Also, don't worry, I heard your requests last month, I just wanted to keep this month's item on theme ;D Next month I'll take something from your suggestions!)

Finally, we'll be running some form of contest later this month. We're thinking some sort of writing/drawing contest, but if anyone has any ideas, we'd love to hear!
Hello all and welcome to the weekend! Congratulations for surviving another 5 or so days of school, if anyone wants an EX cookie, post in the comments and I will supply u3u!

Two things happen to be starting today for you guys though. First, I hope everyone was ready for breeding season! For once I actually remembered to clear space :,D

Secondly, I'm starting up my Choose Your Own Adventure Contest! (otherwise known as "Bob kills everyone out of love and also you get prizes") feel free to hop in, and even if you duck out early you'll get some sorta item ;D
Greetings all!
Hello my lovely EX-ians! Bob here today!

We've got a few things to announce, and an apology about the lack of updates lately!

First off, Kitty has been up to exciting things, and I have seen them with my own eyes, and have even gotten to playtest them. It won't be done for a while more, but I'm looking forward to it <3

This does mean that Kitty's been extra busy though! So to help her out, Herbs and I have been appointed as caretakers for the site so she can focus on coding! This basically means that I get an excuse to run contests and other nonsense more often, and get to spam you all with news updates telling you how much I love you all.

Second off, Chat seems to be down right now! We apologize for this, it seems to be on their end and they're working on it, so I've made an official "Chatless Spam!" thread on the boards where people can just ramble in the meantime. :D

Thirdly! Ta-da! Finally have a different monthly item!

If anyone has any requests for returning items, lemme know on this post!

Finally! I'm planning on setting up a little "choose your own adventure" contest over the weekend on the boards. I've done it before in chat, but I know java doesn't get along with everyone, so I'm trying to adapt it to forum style. Little prizes for all who enter, big prize for winners <3!
I Wish I Could Show
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Jun 2013
Hey guys!

It's the start of the month again and the monthly donation item has switched to the Marking DNA Changer. This will let you choose the marking genetics for your dinosaur and set them to any which one you want!

I am also currently fighting with my host over a problem with emails that the Exhibited server is facing at the moment. I'll update more when I know, but a fair few email providers are currently unable to receive email from Exhibited - so if you're experiencing problems, the best thing to do would be to shoot us a message over the Exhibited facebook.

Thanks for your patience and being awesome as usual guys! I'm working my butt off right now and I can't wait to show you when I'm done. :D
New Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd May 2013
Hey guys!

It's a new month and this month I decided to keep the Yellow Egg Cosy as the donation item, with the view of retiring it after this month with only some random appearances after that. :)

I'd also like to take a moment to apologize for any lack of activity you may have noticed from me. I am currently working on something very, very awesome that I believe will rock Exhibited, but I just can't tell you what it is yet! So hang in there with me, and I promise you won't be disappointed. :)

On another note, if you could put your vote in with the latest poll, that would be super helpful!
Happy birthday Clara!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th Apr 2013
It's one of our mods' birthdays today!

To celebrate, you can pickup a Tartan Stegosaurus Plush from the collectibles store today.

Happy birthday Clara!
Item Library
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 18th Apr 2013
Hi guys!

Some updates for you today:

* Dinosaurs that are sold or transferred automatically have any assigned food unassigned

* Using a food item from inventory will now allow you to feed any dinosaurs that are hungry, not just dinosaurs that have that food assigned.

* You can now preview private messages before you send them.

And the most useful:

Lyra has converted her book store into an item library for you guys. The item library will display data and effects on all the ingame items (minus overlays and clothing). This is completely updated via moderators so keep checking back for updates to items that don't have effects displayed - and maybe send a heart or two at the mods for their hard work! :)
Insta-Hatch, New BG & Easter!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Apr 2013
Hi guys!

Sorry the monthly update is a day late - I was awfully sick yesterday so couldn't move to update anything. @.@

I hope you all enjoyed the new look of the NPCs yesterday - they are now back to their normal selves. (If they still appear different, hit a CTRL F5 - unless you'd rather see them like that. ;D)

The monthly item has changed! This month we have the Yellow Egg Cosy, which will automatically hatch an egg into the gender of your choice.

We also have a new background! This one is uber pretty and can be found stocking regularly in the Background Store.

Aaaand finally, the yearly Easter event is active again. Have fun collecting all the items. :D