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Exhibited Press

Happy Birthday Rykos!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 8th Sep 2011
It's our favorite server ninja's birthday today! In order to celebrate, considering all the wonderful work Rykos does for us, we have a new WWRD (What Would Rykos Do?) plushie stocking in the stores today.

On other notes, some markings have been redone. I'll be uploading them at the weekend. :)
1st of the month!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Sep 2011
It's the 1st of the month! Which means... A new monthly donation item!

Rainbow DNA Modifier

The Rainbow DNA Modifier will let you choose which marking type you want your dinosaur to be. Not heavy/common etc, but the pattern itself - so leopard, blanket, etc. You can only change to a marking that exists for that species though, of course!

I also have individual DNA modifiers that I'll release in the scale shop at one point, too.

Regarding other updates:

All updates and work is being done on the other server for EX at the moment, which is why there's a slight lack here. Among them are:

* Trials are being revamped to be more seperated. You'll have to register a dinosaur for one trial type and trialling should be easier now.
* Racing trials will allow you to place bets on them.
* Hunting trials will no longer be player-createable.
* Agility will have different course types unlockable per dinosaur once they've been entered in enough trials.
* Conformation has a chance to win double points with a second first place, due to all species having seperate 1st-10th places.
* There will be a new trial-type; Strength Pulling, specifically for the larger dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex. Coincidentally, they are banned from Agility (for obvious reasons!!)
* Battle moves now have to be learned through levelling up, rather than by just appearing when you have the right strength.
* Battles now have 2 healing moves, and 3 dodge moves that have the chance to boost stats. They'll only boost stats 1 time during the battle each though to avoid mass-spamming. ;D

There are tons more also, but those are what I've been working at the moment. I'm trying to hurry everything up because the new EX is really just so awesome and I want you guys to see it. @.@;

Also, we have a third map incoming. Preview here:

Map Preview

And finally, we have a new NPC coming with the new layout. Well, we actually have several, but she is the one I'm most excited about:


Her name is Vadoma.

Thanks for being awesome, EX!!
Progress & Achievements
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 21st Aug 2011
I'm making some steady progress on EX version II and just thought I'd give you all an update.

The vast majority of the site is done, but some of the bigger features (battle revamp, breeding caps, trial revamp, etc) need some hefty work so those are going to be what slows me down. But rest assured they will be worth the wait. :)

Once I have more of those finished I'll be seeking testers.

For now, here's a preview of how user shops now look:

As a note the boards will be switching once again from BBCode back onto HTML. I personally detest BBCode and think HTML is much easier and has much more customization. We'll still have the buttons to slip BBCode (or rather HTML now!) into the textbox though, and I'll try to mass-convert most of the bbcode tags into HTML when we swap over to the new layout. :)


I'm going to be adding in a new achievement system, to replace trophies! All the old trophies will be converted into achievements (so nope, you won't lose any!) and we'll have bunches and bunches more. From the usual things (having x amount of money) to silly things (like compressing 100 sausages). I want to use this news post as an opportunity for you to post any achievement suggestions you have here, along with names for them. :)

For example, our 100k EXD trophy will be called "Saving for a Rainy Day" on the achievement system, and things like that. Really looking forward to hearing some suggestions!

And finally, on the 13+ boards I posted a suggestion topic about trials. I need you guys to reply and share ideas with me so I can finalize what to do about them and get them done.

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 20th Aug 2011
PHEW! We had so many contest entries this time that it took me *forever* to pick the winners and runners up! There were bunches of great quality entries which made it very difficult, but thank you to everyone for entering! You all have the appropriate trophies.

The winner of the writing contest is:
Nemy! (#10830) with their entry:

"A click came in moments before,
A page in the game it asked for.
But the server said no
Through the Error Dino,
And as for the page, four-oh-four."

They win 30 scales and a Rhino Toy! :)

The three runners up are:

rowan-the velociraptor master (#6974) with their entry:
"It seems you've encountered an error,
An unfortunate dinosaur terror.
Since things don't look pretty,
You best contact Kitty,
'Cause these sort of things don't scare her!"

Paya (#2473) with their entry:
"You may think error pages weak,
But mass extinctions really stink.
Just because a thing is past
Doesn't mean it cannot last.

Dinosaurs and internet
On Exhibited have met,
Defying time and nature's law,
But neither comes without a flaw.

Like dinos in Jurassic mist,
Error pages must exist.
Otherwise we'd never guess
Truth from fiction; what a mess!"

and Daski (#1155) with their entry:
"You wander about,
without a care or a doubt.
You click a link,
but it's not what you think.
You spy a big Error!
Looking ever so clever.
Go back to where you were,
for wherever it was is better than here!"

They win 10 scales each!

And now for the art winners.....

This one was especially tough. @.@;; However, we have a winner, and it's:

Bob (#643) with their entry:

They win 30 scales and a Rhino Toy!

As a moderator won this time, I decided to give each art runner up a rhino toy too, and also every person who submitted an art entry a scale.

The following runners up each won 10 scales (and a Rhino toy):

Pideaux (#8001) with their entry:

Ihea (#10051) with their entry:

Jinx (#441) with their entry:

Thanks everyone! What a great contest this was! So much talent. :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 15th Aug 2011
I took a while getting all the entries up, so to avoid confusion, I'm extending the closing dates for both contests to be the 20th August 2011. If you had any ideas or anything, get finishing them and send them across. :D
New month~
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Aug 2011
A new month, a new donation item.

This month is the Super Grain!:
Super Grain

This will raise all herbivores in your herd by one grade each, not including A+ herbies.

You'll notice it costs $40 to get this one free this month, but that's because I want it to be rarer. It won't be going into the scale shop either, so this is your one chance. :O~

At some point this evening I will release six new herbivores for you guys too! I figure that while I'm working on the new layout I can still release species and items to you!

Six new herbivores, no museum entries yet.

Euoplocephalus, Fabrosaurus & Enigmosaurus.


Gravitholus, Edmontosaurus & Geranosaurus.
Summer Contests
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 30th Jul 2011
That's right, it's time for the summer contests! :D

These are particularly fun and interesting I think!

Go here to enter, and good luck!

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 22nd Jul 2011
There was a bug with herbivores that was brought to my attention. Calves, no matter what species, should only ever give 1 use. >.>;;; This should now be rectified.

Meanwhile, check out incubators. :D
Another Preview
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 18th Jul 2011
Okay, I really can't keep secrets, can I? XD~

Well, here you go guys. This is an example of how clutches will look on the new layout.

(click to enlarge)

I may be looking for some testers when I get more on there, actually, to browse the site and report any errors or things that might become annoying/difficult in time. I'll keep you posted!
More layout previews~
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 13th Jul 2011
Just to prove to you guys I am working (and working hard!!!) on the new layout, I figured I'd give you some previews of what's to come:

We have new health, hunger and happiness vials! Aren't they the coolest?

(And as you can see, I'm planning to coincide the reintroduction of disease/injuries, alongside with vaccinations, with launching the new layout.)


We will be having little icons next to dinos to save some space, and also make stuff easier to identify. If they don't apply they will be greyed out as shown, but if they do, they will have color and when you hover over them it will explain what's active on the dino.

The icons in order are:
For Sale/Bid, For Stud, Unhealthy, Starving, Diseased. :)

We will also be having a special clutch image for clutch pages to tidy them up and make them sooo much more graphical and fun, and also incubators will be having a makeover too.

Let me know your thoughts!