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Exhibited Press

Graciliraptor Revamp
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 6th May 2011
Graciliraptors have had a makeover!

Baby Graciliraptor
Baby Graciliraptor

Adult Graciliraptor
And adult Graciliraptor

All the markings are available again and they'll start circulating in the lab once more.

Big, big thanks to Ank, our new marking artist, and of course Tyme, who drew them up. :D
Spring Contests
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 28th Apr 2011
Our art and writing contests are back!

Win 50 scales and a trophy! Every entrant will receive a trophy regardless and 3 runners up will receive 10 scales!

Deadline for entries is 25th May. :)

Enter Now!
....I almost died today..
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Apr 2011
So for some strange reason, I picked today of all days to have an Exhibited blowout. :D


Dinosaurs have lots of markings, and an extra set of genetics now. This is the change I have been working on with some artists for the past 8 months or so, and, 700+ images later, we've finally got here.

So what does it mean?

Well, each dinosaur species now has 8 markings each. Those, in turn, have heavy and common variations, totalling 16 different markings per dinosaur. :)

They have genetics to go with them so you can effectively plan and breed for certain ones in your breeding projects once you figure out what makes what. Yay!

Troodons, Graciliraptors and Coelophysis DO have markings but if they appear (they may not), they will not be true representations. The latter two are undergoing redraws so I didn't bother to commission markings for them, and Troodon needs some heavy tweaking. So you can still breed and create them, but they will change the way they look one day.

The next thing is.. TWO NEW SPECIES!

Please welcome Anchiornis (drawn by our wonderful Ank):


and Herrerasaurus:


Both are regular carnivorous dinos and will restock at the lab normally.


I released six new herbivores.


Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, Centrosaurus, Dravidosaurus, Echinodon, Callovosaurus. ;D One of these is special and will give off nice stat boosts (well they all will, but one moreso), and is extra cheap.


There is also a new background in circulation, the northern lights background:


Allos, Lolos, Spinos and Rexes all show up in the custom tool, but are uncreaatable. I know you guys wanted this. :)

That's about it folks! I'm dog tired now so need to get some rest, but.. WOW, ENJOY!

P.S. There are no new museum factfiles for these dinos right now. If anyone wants to gather information and message me it, I'd love you forever.
Happy Easter!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 24th Apr 2011
Happy Easter, guys.

The Easter Plushie is now stocking in the store.

Last day to catch those bunnies! :)
User logs & sidebar stuffs
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 23rd Apr 2011
Some more tweaks:

* You have a new option to choose whether or not to display your friends online on the sidebar. By default, this is switched on.

* There is a user log in effect now. Every action you take on Exhibited is logged (so it can be of better help to mods) and is viewable. There are two types of logs - sensitive (usually matters dealing with money/scales etc) which are completely private no matter what setting you pick except to mods, and then the regular log, which is open to whomever you choose, and mods. You can choose to leave it public (everyone), YOUR friends only (so only friends you add), or private. Mods will be able to see all of them anyway.
Information is logged for a week and then deleted so it doesn't clog up the database with billions of, "Player x won a battle with their dinosaur Fluffy!" :P

* Along with this, there is a latest friend log which you can enable/disable on the sidebar in your settings. If you enable it, it will show the latest five user logs from your friends (that either have public profiles or have you mutually added, depending on their privacy settings). In the future I'll add a link underneath to see more.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 20th Apr 2011

So the bunny breeding farm accidently had a breakout, and now bunnies are running rampant around Exhibited! Up until the 25th of April you'll need to catch twenty of each color. If you can find and catch all of them in time, the bunny farm will grant you a one hundred use skinned rabbit and ten praise to help kickstart the praise system!

Get finding them, guys! :O


* Enclosures will no longer show up in the moving crate drop down if they are not suitable for the dinosaur.
* There is a new pedigree function for dinosaurs.
* New battle image. ;D

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Apr 2011
I added a new bookmarking feature in for everyone. You can bookmark any page on Exhibited and they will appear on your sidebar, providing you with easy access. :)

Basic accounts can have up to 15 bookmarks, while upgrades can have double that amount of up to 30.

I also compressed the help request tool and made a small user options area on the sidebar. Anyone have any requests for other useful, small features that could go there? :O
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 8th Apr 2011

There are a couple of updates;

I. Pictures are fully working again. Yay!

II. There is some new random artwork floating around the site. An example is:

Our new bartering image!

III. Lolosaurus has become even rarer than it was. :O

IV. There is a new help system on the sidebar. This is for use to ask for help or seek help from a moderator. The new help system is a great improvement over the old one!
Edit: Please understand that the help panel is there if you have problems which you can't find the answer to on the boards. Try not to abuse it by asking random questions (How long have X been here, magnets how do they work etc etc?)

V. Dinosaurs sold at the lab can either be babies or adults. Adults now cost $2500 more as an attempt to crackdown on instant breeding by new players.

VI. I have finally implemented dinosaur contracts. At current, if you breed a dinosaur and you own it, you can apply a contract to it (this cannot be changed if up for bid). You'll be able to set the maximum amount of offspring this dinosaur is allowed to have throughout its lifespan. This is particularly useful if you want to restrict your lines, or are selling a dinosaur to someone you just might not trust NOT to overbreed it. This is only in effect for new dinosaurs bred in the game as of now, also.

Additionally, all laboratory dinosaurs will have a contract placed on them of 4 offspring. You can pay extra EXD to have an unlimited contract, but otherwise this is non removable. Custom dinosaurs will have unlimited contracts by default. ;D

So yes. I think that about covers it! *showers everyone with confetti*
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Apr 2011
For anyone that didn't get it, yesterday was an April Fool's joke.

Got you. ;D


I am aware of the bug with images at the moment. o.o Apparently the library we use to build the images uninstalled itself from the server, so looking into it. Pah!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Apr 2011
So guys, I've been thinking about Exhibited and where I want to take it.. And honestly, dinosaurs just bore me now. :/ I want a realistic game and I can never have that with dinosaurs.

So.. I decided to make all of the dinosaurs evolve into chickens. Exhibited will become a chicken game, where we can battle, raise, breed and train virtual pet chickens.

The header image and chicken images are all placeholders at the moment, and soon I'll get them replaced with proper EX art.

I hope we all approve of the decision. :)

Also, the lab made a mistake today and an abomination escaped and is multiplying. The pteranodon is trying to clear them up, so you may have an egg land in your farm. If you do.. Don't hatch it! :O

Header image (c) Free Stock Photos.

Happy April Fools! ;D;D

Also, it's a new month. >.> So we have new club leaders, and a new monthly donation item - which is a sack of herbifertile. (You can use it to force a breeding from a herbivore herd. :D)