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What is Exhibited?

Exhibited is a unique online virtual pet game (or pet SIMulation, depending on how you look at it) where you can own, breed, raise, battle and train your own pack of carnivorous dinosaurs. It opened officially on October 24th 2008 and is managed, created, run and updated solely by the owner - alias Kitty - who is passionate about the game and will continue to keep improving and updating it for as long as the game is open - which should hopefully be a very long time!

On Exhibited you are given your own virtual farm - and from here, you can start building enclosures and buying new dinosaur specimens from the in-game laboratory to populate them. These dinosaurs are almost always of the "raptor" group of dinosaurs - basically, the most intelligent, small and agile little hunters of the dinosaur world.

Each dinosaur has its own personality which helps place it in the packs formed in every enclosure. Every enclosure has a defined pack leader that leads the rest of the dinosaurs that live with it, and alongside the leader there are subordinates (the regular worker dinosaurs), omegas (the lowest rank), juniors (babies!) and seniors (the old age pensioners). These are not user determined but by the dinosaurs themselves - the dinosaurs compete amongst each other to become leader of the pack automatically. As well as having this pack structure, you can also check on the pack whenever you like to receive detailed reports of just what exactly your virtual dinosaurs are getting themselves up to during the day.

Dinosaurs can be trained to enter special "trials" that draws on different statistics and factors, depending on which trial the owner decides to choose. There are hunting trials that consist of hunting herbivorous dinosaurs and competing against other carnivores for the most kills, racing trials that draw on the how fast the dinosaur is (and also allow you to place bets on them!), and even strength pulling trials for the bigger carnivores to flex their muscles at! Of course, this is completely optional as Exhibited prides itself on being a limitless game where you decide exactly how you play, but this is a way for you to earn "points", special titles and level up your dinosaurs to increase their value if you so wish!

Alternatively, you might decide to be a battler and boost all of its statistics as much as possible to make it a battle-hardened warrior. Pitting it against NPC dinosaurs that are a similar strength and speed to your own, you battle it out for supremacy - using battle moves your dinosaur learned along the way. Winning a battle nets you some profit as well as some "points" (basically EXP) that you can use to level your dinosaur up!

If neither of those suit you - why not become a dinosaur breeder? All dinosaurs have their own genetics and body traits! Breed the most desirable dinosaurs in the game by making good matings, making sure you avoid all the health issues along the way and that the body traits (such as a perfect sized head instead of an overly large or small one) all fit the standard for the ideal dinosaur. With dinosaurs laying clutches of 2-8 eggs every time you breed them, there's plenty of choice available for your breeding program.

Perhaps instead you might decide you don't want to do anything with the carnivores - which is fine too! There are a number of species of herbivorous dinosaurs that you can raise in a manner similar to cattle! Their meat - which comes in various grades depending on quality of care of the herbivore - can become especially valuable as it can be consumed by the carnivorous dinosaurs, making herbivore raising an instant built in business venture!

And if dinosaurs STILL aren't your thing, why don't you try out becoming a fish breeder? You can raise and breed your own prehistoric fish (which are based off of real species!) that have their own automatic breeding systems requiring no human intervention and the most minimalistic care necessary (just make sure they're fed and they'll be happy!). They are certainly an easier choice or extra fun addition to your farm. Feed them every day and make them fatter for a chance to get on the weight scoreboards - and then when they get too old, cull them and sell their meat for the dinosaurs in the game to eat!

It's a complete circle of life here in Exhibited!

Dinosaurs and fish aside, there are over 250 achievements you can earn through playing the game. Among these include not only achievements generally picked up through gameplay and advancing your dinosaurs, but also ones centered around unusual and difficult tasks! Perhaps collecting some of the numerous plushies and collectables in game might toss a few new achievements your way?

Amongst this, why not take a look at the various mini games that you can play and earn money, items and achievements from? From a weekly lottery to higher or lower games to custom flash games, there's plenty to choose from! Trading cards feature here too - collect your own cards, setup your decks and then battle it out against other players!

For the fashionistas out there, you have a chance to bring your passion to Exhibited! Decorate and design your own avatars by buying new clothes and accessories and even getting your hair cut!

As you can see, Exhibited has a lot to offer - and it doesn't stop there! Along with a great tight-knit community (and awesome art tools to make new items for your dinosaurs to wear!) new ideas and features are pumped in regularly. There's never a shortage of things to do!

Exhibited's owner encourages members to comment on what they would like to see in the game - everyone has a voice here on EX, and everyone's idea will be heard and personally answered by Kitty. And should it be a good one? You betcha it's going to get added!

What has been touched upon here doesn't even begin to cover all of the avenues that you can explore when you enter the world of Exhibited. So what are you waiting for? Join today and get stuck in!