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Small update!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 13th Oct 2010
Just to keep everyone informed, there's a couple of slight updates:

- Battles now update health in live time, so there's no longer a delay and this should hopefully avoid those accident deaths. :)

- The inbreeding intelligence penalty has been lifted - it'll just count on the inbreeding % now.

I am still reading moderator applications and have not responded to anyone yet - just a FYI! I will respond to everyone as I get round to it, successful or not. :)

- edit: Due to testing cron, I fastforwarded a couple of people's accounts (most likely to affect you if you logged in today already). To rectify this I deaged all dinos by one day.
I don't even know why I have a subject for news posts!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 10th Oct 2010
A couple of new updates:

- The dreamsheet has been taken down. I have about 20 left to do in my inbox so I'll get around to them shortly.

- If you have any unread messages, they will appear in the userinfo box at the top next to your messages link.

- Some additions/tweaks to the moderator panel.

- The facebook sidebar item has moved to the news page only to increase page speed.

- Random events have been changed. They should now be a little bit more rare.

- There is also a *new* random event. ;O You can get this awesome new plushie from it:

Darth Kitei Plush

(If you get that random event, comment here for lulz!)

I also have some moderator positions open also as I've had to let go a couple of mods this weekend. If you are interested, please go here for more information. :)

And regarding the second Halloween game - I'm probably going to release this around the last week of October. ;)

I am planning a revamp of the forums and dinosaur pages soon-ish, so if they go a bit.. Strange for a little while, just ignore it. :)

*wipes sweat and steps down from soapbox*
Just a note:
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 5th Oct 2010
The dream sheet isn't your personal ordering form. ;) If I've already completed yours, do NOT send another one in with things you "might have had" or "would like" - these get immediately deleted and if repeated I will be forced to issue a warning.

You'll know if I've completed yours because you'll either get a message back with all the items, or the items (sometimes it's faster for me not to drop a message back) just magically appear in your inventory.

The vast majority of you have been very reasonable and I appreciate it. :)

Please also give love to Kitei, who has been manually sending items out for me as well. <3

I will be removing the dreamsheet sometime this weekend. Anyone who logs in after that and hasn't had a chance to take a look at the dreamsheet will need to message me and we'll work something out. :)
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 4th Oct 2010
Items were lost again, it seems, so I have immediately closed the site down and spent all day working on this.

The backup system is set to overwrite every day for some stupid reason so I've changed had to go in and change it so it doesn't overwrite anymore. This means there will be no rollback, so don't worry about losing new lab dinos you made or dinos you bred, etc. I won't be rolling back.

This also means I have spent all day staring into the database at 75000+ entries, and trying to figure out how to get what item back to what person.

This is what I've saved:
- Anything equipped to your dinosaurs.
- Anything equipped to enclosures.
- All filters that were attached.

What I've given you automatically:
- A healing pills with 1000 uses. This should keep you going for a while.
- One of every food item (minus rares).

What's happened with the rest:
- All food items (minus rares and the ones I gave you) have been erased.
- All health items (minus rares and the ones I gave you) have been erased.
- All equippables (minus rares and ones equipped to dinos) have been erased.
- All enclosure items (minus rares and ones equipped to enclosures) have been erased.
- All unattached filters have been erased.
- All shopbought plushies have been erased, but everyone has been given an extra $25,000 to compensate for this.
- All nets have been erased. Everyone has been given one pink fishing net (this has 35 uses, so will last for over a month).
- Anyone who donated between August-September over $20 have been given a Candyland background.
- Anyone who donated in October over $20 have been given a replacement Zombie Cookie.

Everything else has been left to a "dream sheet." Basically, this is a list of rare and collectable items that you may or may not have collected/stockpiled. I'm not expecting everyone to completely remember what they had but if you have a rough idea, and maybe perhaps an extra couple that you would have liked just for the inconvenience of this, you can get them granted to your account. I will be reviewing every one submitted so be realistic - if you're a brand new account and requesting one of everything let's just say it's not going to happen. x3

I'm really sorry about all of this and this is completely my fault (regarding the backup etc). I will be up into the late hours tonight checking across logs and double, triple, quadruple checking the coding for anything that could have hinted towards this. I've been told it happened at the exact same time as last time (weird) so it could be a random cron from somewhere.

But as a headsup I have reviewed this many times in the past and gone over it with a fine tooth comb today and I'm still not finding anything that would generate such a... Well, mess.

I am expecting a backlash from this but I'm trying my best to make this as pain free for everyone. I hope you guys can all forgive me (and thank God it didn't affect the dinos!!). <3

As a further apology, I've given everyone one Kitty Icecream, which was the July donation item.

The link to the dream sheet is on your sidebar now. Please try only to submit once and please try to be honest. :)
Under 13s
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Oct 2010
Some of you may have noticed now that there has been a change to the message boards and chat rooms.

Under 13s are no longer permitted to enter the chatroom or the main message boards. Instead, all under 13s have access to under 13-only boards consisting of general, sales, roleplaying and help/bugs. The only non-under 13s that will be able to access these boards will be moderators, for obvious reasons.

The decision to do this was not taken lightly. It is to give under 13s an extra safety bump and was decided after receiving several complaint emails from parents. Instead of removing all under 13s from the site completely, I decided it would be fairer - and more logical - to do things this way. :) There are no changes to gameplay (no features are lost) - it's only the boards that have changed. These changes have been made to protect under-13s, and as soon as they turn 13 they will be able to access the main boards again.

I expect there will be a few complaints but I hope all of you can understand why I made this decision, and agree that it's for the best. :)
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Oct 2010
So I have released one of the new games for Halloween today and it's ZOMBIE TAG! This game is played via the boards and the aim of the game is simply to infect as many players as possible - and in turn, get infected. You can view your "zpoints" and read more about this game here.

You can earn yourself this awesome trophy if you play:

The other one will come along sometime this week. ;D

Spread the zombieness!!!!!

As a side note: as it's Halloween this month, which is my favourite holiday of the year... Every $20 donation or more will get you a Zombie Cookie which will give a dinosaur some pretty good boosts. ;D

Zombie Cookie
Preview of things to come...
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th Sep 2010
I have a preview of part of one of the games that are going to span all of October in celebration of Halloween. ;)


A scale to the first person who correctly guesses what this year's theme will be. :D

Clara got it. Yes, this year's Halloween theme is zombies.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 28th Sep 2010
We've been having a slight issue with cron but I *should* have nailed it now:

- All dinos that age per day (not login per day) have had cron run for them so should be able to train, get hungry etc again today.
- All dinos that age per login have been aged back by two days (if the owner logged in today already and started the first half of their cron) so that when they login again tomorrow, it should all go through.

I've also smashed a few bugs today, and there's a few new additions:

- A URL button for the chatroom, so you can post links without having to race to copy and paste before the room refreshes. It will automatically open a new window once you click them too.

- An inbreeding counter. I've been listening to what you guys have been asking for and I decided to come up with a happy medium. From now on, if you breed a mother to a son, a father to a daughter or a brother to a sister, every egg you get will be 100% inbred. Every half brother and half sister you breed together, the egg will be 50%. This will only decrease through new generations - breeding a 0% to a 100% for example would give you a 50% egg, etc etc. The dinosaurs will also get lower intelligence than a 0% inbred egg would.

- The Pyroraptor now has a chick picture. ;) (Microraptor to follow..)

Pyroraptor Baby
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Sep 2010
There's been some small downtime over the weekend and I'd just thought I'd let you know why:

We've had a server change (again). We're now on a faster, cheaper server. (..Again.) XD

I'm going to start bug hunting again as of tomorrow and then begin herbivores (again) and work on some upcoming, super fun games for Halloween.

October will be a much better month than September, promise. <3

Update: Just to confirm - yes, server time has changed. This is because the new server is in a location with a slightly different timezone.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Sep 2010
I'm aware of the bug that was hit (item bug), so I immediately restored the backup that was taken yesterday. All your items should be back now.

A bit annoyed this has happened again - I'm starting to think this could be an outside influence. I'll be monitoring things closely to see.