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Exhibited Press - Comments

Small Update!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Oct 2011
A quickie. I was going to wait until the new layout for these, but you guys haven't had an update in a while, so thought I'd release now!

Tyme redrew all of our fish! :D

By Téanna (#2028) on 26-10-2011 09:44:16
Oooh! Very nice!! 8D *hoards all pretty fishies*
By Ankokou (#3281) on 26-10-2011 09:44:20
They look amazing.
By New User (#13096) on 26-10-2011 09:44:28
Whoo hoo! go fishys!
they look prettier now.
By Dragon Keeper (#11720) on 26-10-2011 09:44:46
Cool fish! Where can we buy them when they're released? And when will the comic strip be out?
By 13 (#5662) on 26-10-2011 09:45:26

Oh. My god.

Now I need to go and buy some new fish! xD

fff, their all absolutely beautiful! D:
Thanks Tyme
By Rorschach (#11329) on 26-10-2011 09:54:30
Awww very nice work!
By Sai (#204) on 26-10-2011 10:05:56
Oh cool XD Nice job, Tyre ^^
By Unauthodox (#428) on 26-10-2011 10:10:20
Eeeee~! I have two slots left in my fishtank, oh what to get?!
By FlyingPanther (#12759) on 26-10-2011 10:13:23
I love them! I want to squish them
By Swift the Marauding Bard (#3575) on 26-10-2011 10:56:41
They look a lot more realistic now. I love them all, but the Myllokunmingia looks too "modern" for my taste. I mean, it's one of the first animals with a spine, and it should look more "wormy" and the pectoral fins don't really fit in.
By Eisliv (#10597) on 26-10-2011 10:57:55
Aw! They look amazing and quite adorable!
By Swift the Marauding Bard (#3575) on 26-10-2011 10:58:11
But the Pikaia is adorable.
By worlds largest gummie bear (#8727) on 26-10-2011 13:27:05
Wow, now they look more real than ever! Wait to tg Kitty!
By Mod Spotty (#785) on 26-10-2011 13:32:20
I remember watching some of those fish being drawn
By Lieben (#12079) on 26-10-2011 13:50:33
They're all so pretty :D, now I'm definitely going to have to buy some fish.
By c/CPT Gobbles (#11050) on 26-10-2011 13:51:53
very nice i like them :D
By Nomadic (#12364) on 26-10-2011 14:04:19
Oh mah sxc fish.
By Daski (#1155) on 26-10-2011 14:11:13
hahaha! Smugfish, Sagefish and Ravefish!! :D
By Education (#10479) on 26-10-2011 14:26:05
Ahh! These are stunning, so wonderful. I adore them.
By Dracosaura (#12566) on 26-10-2011 14:44:25
Oooooh! Better go check out my fish tank and see the change in my pretty scalies!
By Paine (#10766) on 26-10-2011 16:14:23
They look fantastic, good job!
By Director (#307) on 26-10-2011 17:07:16
The fish are very nice!Excellent job Tyme!8D
By Skywarp (#10886) on 26-10-2011 17:45:10
By Shaed (#12738) on 26-10-2011 20:01:11
They're adorable haha
By Aethilwe (#12501) on 27-10-2011 01:54:01

You make me want to get fish now! They're all so pretty!
By New User (#13577) on 27-10-2011 05:54:22
Where do you get the fish from? x
By Revan (#12143) on 27-10-2011 13:18:09