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Exhibited Press - Comments

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th Oct 2011
It's Halloween on Exhibited, and the halloween events begin today! :O

Club Wars

That's right, Club Wars! It's Halloweeeeeen! And each club has stayed true to its particular affiliation and set a curse on all of their club members! Feather become Evil Penguins, Quill become Witches, Claw become Werewolves and Tooth become Vampires! Find weapons around the site to defeat enemy clubs!

Users who participated in Club Wars (and defeated 50 enemies or more) and whose club defeated the most enemies will win 2 scales on the 1st of November! Users from loser clubs who also defeated 50 enemies or more will get 20 tokens in a sympathy prize.

Zombie Tag

Remember this from last year? Tag each other on the boards to keep scoring points. The top 5 people on the 1st of November with the highest scores will each win prizes!

Trick or Treating
Each of the mods can be tricked or treated (except Kitty!) once a day. Successful treats earn you a cookie. Tricks earn you something else..

Scare Kitty
Kitty is a tough one to scare, but do you think you have something that can really scare her? Try her farm once a day - if you manage to scare her, you get a scale!

Pumpkin Carving

Find pumpkins around the site and take them to be carved! Hopefully you'll get the full set you want for your shelf!

Have fun guys! :D:D

By Tadeshi (#11908) on 17-10-2011 02:11:37
Awesome event(s), thank You for Your hard work! :D
By Ankokou (#3281) on 17-10-2011 02:13:49
Yay, thank you for the fun.
By Star (#1753) on 17-10-2011 02:20:31
So many awesome events! =D

Mmmm... Brains.... blood...
By Tyrannogon (#5461) on 17-10-2011 02:27:55
This is my first EX Halloween! :D
I can't wait to try all of the events!
By Mystical Tigress (#6210) on 17-10-2011 04:34:00
Awsome! Cant wait!
By Hiccups (#12525) on 17-10-2011 05:36:20
I'm loving it!
By Kimtia (#10487) on 17-10-2011 06:30:27
I think, This is the most fun i've had in a long time, rofl
By Mod Feather (#958) on 17-10-2011 06:56:56
This sounds so much fun! :DDD yay evil penguins! XD
By Cenobia (#11543) on 17-10-2011 07:09:37
*looks around* Hmmm... *evil grin* I'm coming for you, Kitty.
By Sen (#551) on 17-10-2011 07:37:08
Oh wow, so much to do! I feel...I feel...the need for BLOOD! *hiss* (But I don't sparkle in the sun).

:D Time to go out and make war on my feathery, clawed, ad witchy enemies!

Thanks Kitty! :D
By NebulaNox (#1475) on 17-10-2011 08:18:22
Evil Peguin?!?! :D Time to be cute and evil XD :3
-dont trust the cute ones- XD
By feralhydra 2 ( kristy XD) (#6068) on 17-10-2011 08:47:35
oh this looks fun >:) *evilness*
By SkylordGrizwald (#326) on 17-10-2011 09:09:03
Killer penguins somebody plays zootycoon 2 also needs to be more mummies i mean the kind that can summon locuts not the kind the is a bandaged night of the living dead zombies
By gone (#12788) on 17-10-2011 11:22:49
Muahahahahaha!!! This is gonna be so much fun! So exciting! Thank you Kitty!! *turns into an evil penguin and shoots everything with a super machine gun*
By Helix (#12953) on 17-10-2011 13:53:27
Hehe~ This sounds fun~

And that one witch on the top left- FISHNETZ hee~
(if EX has a tropes page, I would add the 'BURN THE WITCH' trope hee)
By Mod Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 17-10-2011 15:52:25
so much love. oh gosh. I love halloween
By Nano (#12631) on 17-10-2011 17:36:40
By Cinnamon Bubbles (#1978) on 17-10-2011 17:51:15
Gaaaw, I love Halloween
By Caynine (#3734) on 18-10-2011 15:44:38
ZOMG!!! I love all of these!! And might I say I am so happy to be a werewolf >=3 I hope it's silver bullets that others need to take us down, muahaha.
By Pandora (#58) on 22-10-2011 13:18:40
Sounds fun! :P
By hamtaro (#7627) on 24-10-2011 12:55:41
that is sweat looking forward to it
By CloneTroopers2127 (#13535) on 25-10-2011 18:11:31
Awesome comics, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By michelle (#12695) on 26-10-2011 02:25:21
hi there we dont normally do halloween here in oz so its been a real trip for me lol, the only thing we do with pumkins is eat them. has taken some time but i think i have worked it out yay