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Log Out Time
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 21st Jun 2011
Yes, it's server move time! :D If you could all logout asap, that would be very helpful. In ten minutes, I'll be starting the grand move.

What will happen is Exhibited may go down for you, but then come back up again. The login feature will be disabled on the current server and enabled again on the new - so that will be how you distinguish the old server from the new. There will also be a new news post waiting for you when you log back in. :)

The whole process should take no longer than a couple of hours!

See you soon!

Welcome back to Exhibited! If you're seeing this news post, then you're on the new server. :D Yay!

Everything went well with the server change and the only thing we've had to do is drop all dinosaur images - so all you need to do is just reload them for your dinos. Reloading will also generate a thumbnail image, which I'll be adding to pedigrees, enclosures, stuff like that. We need to be more graphical and it's far easier to remember what dinos look like if you have a mini image of them! :D

And on a new note, we also have a new mod! Everyone welcome Clara, who was modded recently. We think she'll make a great addition to the team!


EDIT: Expect some slowness for the first week at least. Everyone will be regenerating their dino images, and that will make us slow!
By Sayl (#315) on 21-06-2011 06:55:29
I was wondering what that was~ *logs out to not get whooped*
By Mod Herbal (#4) on 21-06-2011 14:56:58
Welcome on the mod team Clara!

And woo! New servers!
By krisym (#8887) on 21-06-2011 15:02:08
Yay! New servers! :D
By Cinnamon Bubbles (#1978) on 21-06-2011 15:03:41
Yay Clara
By Sen (#551) on 21-06-2011 15:06:11
Yay!!! New server time, and small icon time, and new mod time all at once!! Thanks Kitty!

Congratulations, Clara! :D
By Elite (#4611) on 21-06-2011 15:09:37
Welcome to the Mods Clara!Congrats!

Also whoop new server time! And small images and eveything else!

Thanks Kitty!
By Prince (#2625) on 21-06-2011 15:11:25
Awwwwww yeah new server!! Congrats, Clara!!
By RyanTheRaptor (#5629) on 21-06-2011 15:39:28
i wonder what the specs are of the new server vs the old server.
By Paya (#2473) on 22-06-2011 06:36:51
Hooray, new server! I've regenerated all my dinosaur images, and am looking forward to see how the thumbnails manifest. So far, I have only the dinosaur's number when the pointer hovers over its name.

Clara, congratulations on your new position.
By Sayl (#315) on 23-06-2011 07:44:40
Yay, new server~ *is a bit late*

Congrats on the promotion Clara *clap clap* :3