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Spotty (#785)

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The Waltzing Crab Farm
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Joined July 20th, 2010

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"never enough dragons drajkdlsajklrakldgardsargs"
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-throws a crab at-
10:56pm Dec 16th, 2017
stop stealing my meat
6:23pm Dec 15th, 2017
11:00am Aug 12th, 2017
hi spotty. is there a monthly item for March. I donated on the first
5:53pm Mar 3rd, 2017
Thanks for the extra supplies Spotty! I was kinda running low and I was saving up for some new dinos
10:53pm Feb 27th, 2017
Thanks so much! :D that really helps!
10:14pm Sep 6th, 2016
Spotty. Spotty. Spotty. Long time no see, old friend.
9:16pm Jun 6th, 2016
Spotty? did you make exhibited
1:02pm Jun 1st, 2016
I started a breeding project with Atrociraptor.
9:22pm May 31st, 2016
For some reason I seem to favour Rattlesnake markings on Barys.
2:03am May 29th, 2016 This is him. He has 5/6 Perfects. Debating on whether or not to enter him in Conformation or something else.
3:04am May 28th, 2016
Things have been good. I recently bred myself a new Baryonyx baby. He's going to be great in Conformation trails.
9:37pm May 25th, 2016
Spotty! I missed you. ;^;
11:02am May 25th, 2016
Goood moring
4:51am May 12th, 2016
6:10pm May 11th, 2016
Spotttsssss! Hi
7:51pm Sep 9th, 2015
Could you already inform Kitty that we have some bugs here like the wrong numbers in the enclosures?
2:16am Sep 9th, 2015
I actually really like the idea of a raffle :) Heck perhaps it can be a little thing that members can all chip in with from time to time~ Maybe like once a week a possible Raffle could be held for members to help keep the site just a bit more active :) I'
4:53am Aug 24th, 2015
Your raffle idea sounds fun :D If it helps at all I'd be willing to donate items from my storage as well, I've got some collected odds and ends I'd be fine with parting with :)
3:30pm Aug 21st, 2015
I'd be interested in a Raffle. :D
2:32pm Aug 20th, 2015
Hey - you helped me. And that's the most important thing! *hugs* Do we have an item that changes the troughs into a kind of sea?
9:00am Aug 20th, 2015
Whoooow! I don't know what to say. Thank you very very much, Spotty. You're the best!!! :)
2:32pm Aug 19th, 2015
Thanks a million!
10:07pm Aug 14th, 2015
The Polar Bear on your avatar is cute~
3:59pm Aug 13th, 2015
Shall do :) College land tends to be busy land. I haven't figured out what to do now that it's the summer... mostly been playing games.. :P
10:39pm May 31st, 2015
Grox says hi from Exchat... :P Well really I was told to bug you, but I didn't want to do that..
5:06pm May 31st, 2015
I now haz T-Rexes and Dino Nychus :D
12:58pm May 8th, 2015
I now haz T-Rexes and Dino Nychus :D
12:58pm May 8th, 2015
Haispots. *nuzzles*
11:18pm May 6th, 2015
Do u know any 1 with a young female T-Rex? has to be within 100,000 or so if you do pliz send me a message :)
12:50pm Apr 20th, 2015
Hi Spotty! Maybe you can help us. Since three days (including today) we are not able to use the trials.
2:21pm Apr 4th, 2015
i know you are a mod so i decided to ask a questoin i have heard you can breed fish if this is true can you please tell me how to it
1:29am Mar 17th, 2015
Sweet, sounds nice! I'm about the same. Also on spring break - though I'm using it less to catch up on things and more to de-stress and take a break from social interactions. XD
5:02pm Mar 15th, 2015
Spotty spot! How is life?
4:02pm Mar 15th, 2015
your germs are pansies I can beat them up too let's go
8:17pm Mar 13th, 2015
I will wreck you spotty
7:12pm Mar 13th, 2015
can you please help me i know you are a moderater so do you know where to buy the books in exhibited
1:47pm Mar 12th, 2015
*spam, sorry! Maybe I should just pm you...* Any news on the EXII that can be shared? ;n; I like your moth icon thingy too. *might draw it*
4:22pm Mar 3rd, 2015
I might drop out of the game soon probably. *is just barely clinging in there*
4:21pm Mar 3rd, 2015
Ew, snow. And sudden silence is strange, yes. Andyah, I getchu --- I've already completed most of my obtainable goals on that game and now it's just *shrugs*
4:21pm Mar 3rd, 2015
Confusion? :U And yah. I'm pretty sick of the coli myself. *sitting in Linux class banging my head against the desk* Hangout with me Spotts!
4:14pm Mar 3rd, 2015
Just poking around EX because FR is dumbbbbbb stupid dragons. :U Also no one irl is talking to me, so I'm lonely, lol. *rolls all over you*
4:01pm Mar 3rd, 2015
3:56pm Mar 3rd, 2015
pretty good :)
9:31am Mar 3rd, 2015
hey been a while hows it goin?
9:29am Mar 3rd, 2015
hey spotty :D
5:04pm Mar 1st, 2015
I did not know, thank you.
5:04pm Feb 27th, 2015
I'm selling dinosaurs if you want any.
4:59pm Feb 27th, 2015
Aeric told me, that it would be 20th. So long you not activate the event you can see when it will ends. And yes, I was good - but Brother Woodchuck was better. XD
10:18am Feb 22nd, 2015
Good that you're enjoying things overall. :D I have a tendency to give myself just a tad too much to do, so not being super busy right now feels really weird.
10:48pm Feb 17th, 2015
Life's pretty good on my end. Also busy, though not as busy as I have been in the past.
6:23pm Feb 17th, 2015
hey dude we should fight
1:57pm Feb 16th, 2015
I was just feeling nostalgic because I was thinking about all the old players who never log on anymore, and I felt like chatting. XD How is life in Spotty-land?
12:20pm Feb 15th, 2015
*pokes* Hey Spotty!
10:01pm Feb 14th, 2015
Thank you, Spotty! I will give my best to win! :D
2:23pm Feb 14th, 2015
Hi Spotty! Do you know when the Valentine Event will end? I couldn't find any information about that.
1:39pm Feb 14th, 2015
was going to throw you a snowball then remembered you prefer meat in ice i got another 3 blocks if you want them
1:16pm Dec 31st, 2014
*poke poke*
3:20pm Dec 28th, 2014
have set a trade up
2:50pm Dec 27th, 2014
goes to compress them and that price sounds fair to me :) if i get more i let you know and wow that's not a lot it maybe there not many people on playing the snowball fight
2:46pm Dec 27th, 2014
*goes to look through storage and sings here chunk of ice where are you hiding* Bingo got 59 all single uses i can compress if you prefer them compressed..How many do you have so far
2:44pm Dec 27th, 2014
Just don't be in chat spots, gosh, lol. *checked for you and then runs to bed cuz you're not there*
12:46am Dec 24th, 2014
Ok I made my character, I plan to make another one later but not right now.
9:04am Oct 25th, 2014
Oh, well the tag is new to me since I have been inactive for a while. Also don't expect me to reply right away, I am going to think about my character.
7:36pm Oct 24th, 2014
Alright, I might add in some dinos I have when I get more, I can put in the two I have right now, but I will still add some other ones. Thanks for the help, nice new tag by the way, I havn't seen ya in a while!
7:29pm Oct 24th, 2014
Hey Spotty! So I saw you roleplay "Farms and Fantasies" and I plan to join. But I just have a question, since it's about EX I was wondering, do my dinosaurs in the roleplay have to be dinosaurs I actually have, or can I make some up aswell, I don't have m
4:36pm Oct 24th, 2014
hey dude i still cant find out how to delete the raptor tag and im back after a few months of being offline ive only got 3 days of being upgraded left :(
10:57am Oct 17th, 2014
Hey spotty, since your really the only one I know to ask, what do we do about the fresh slate competition?
4:17pm Oct 13th, 2014
I'm perfectly fine with waiting. Just give me a quick message when your ready for me to post. :)
3:11pm Oct 12th, 2014
Quick question; is it my turn to post on the RP? (I'm not sure if your waiting to see if more join or....)
1:43pm Oct 12th, 2014
I love it!
9:07am Aug 5th, 2014
8:57am Aug 5th, 2014
Is it hard to get a T-rex?
8:04am Jul 28th, 2014
No problem; I have no idea what's in that egg. xD Let me know if you want to battle btw, I love battling ;)
2:32pm Jul 1st, 2014
That's all I have ready now; but I will get more together :)
2:01pm Jul 1st, 2014
It's fine, I do it to xD
1:32pm Jul 1st, 2014
We should still be registered. :)
1:21pm Jul 1st, 2014
Hey spotty, you up for some trading? Instead of attempting to find everything, I figured we could trade in sets of 30 or something so its not overwhelming. xD
12:39pm Jul 1st, 2014
I got some pink onion rings at 11:58 last night
6:57am Jun 23rd, 2014
...Okay Spotty. ...That gator didn't eat your frog, did it?
4:55pm Jun 21st, 2014
You avatar is... Er... Lovely...Very... Coordinated...
3:27pm Jun 21st, 2014
oh yes, I love it when the boards are active! And since I don't have any important dinos on this account, I can log in now and then. Who knows how long it will be until I disappear again, lol.
3:40pm Jun 18th, 2014
nothing special, just trying to be active here for a while ;D
2:53pm Jun 18th, 2014
Hello XD
1:10pm Jun 18th, 2014
Hello. :)
7:47pm Jun 7th, 2014
Hello. :)
1:39pm May 9th, 2014
5:17am May 9th, 2014
Good afternoon. :)
1:41pm May 7th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
7:47pm May 6th, 2014
How've you been?
4:56pm May 6th, 2014
Hello. :)
3:36pm May 5th, 2014
Oh ok then. How have you been Dr. Spotty.
4:15pm Mar 30th, 2014
Hello spotty. :) do you have any dinosaurs you are interested in breeding?
12:36pm Mar 30th, 2014
Goodnight friend. :)
7:19pm Mar 29th, 2014
That's good to hear. :)
5:06pm Mar 29th, 2014
Not much. You?
4:44pm Mar 29th, 2014
Hello spotty. :)
4:20pm Mar 29th, 2014
alright. Well sweet dreams then. :)
2:29pm Mar 28th, 2014
Not much what about you friend?
1:59pm Mar 28th, 2014
Hello spotty. :)
1:53pm Mar 28th, 2014
Not it's alright I hope you get better. :)
10:44pm Mar 27th, 2014
SPOTTY! Good morning. :)
9:59am Mar 25th, 2014
Not much what about you?
2:12pm Mar 24th, 2014
Hello. :)
1:57pm Mar 24th, 2014
I can do Tuesday and Saturday, unless something comes up. I will be gone the 23-26 this month though, so I won't be available then.
4:19pm Mar 16th, 2014
I figured something was up. Sorry you have knee pain/ :( I don't think Saturday will work. I'm staying with a friend of mine who doesn't have internet, so I can't connect. I wouldn't be home until late (like 11/12:00 that night), so you'd probably be asle
12:43pm Mar 14th, 2014
Hey dood wats up?
5:31pm Mar 13th, 2014
oh ok
8:58am Mar 4th, 2014
and if you do send me some money ill give you the dino of you choise tomarow
3:01pm Mar 3rd, 2014
Could you maybe send over about 30,000 to me please? and ill give you a dino of your choise
2:58pm Mar 3rd, 2014
Hey spotty, are you up for some trading or anything?
6:23pm Mar 1st, 2014
9:05am Feb 27th, 2014
looks like u and I are out of money
2:44pm Feb 26th, 2014
Hey spotty, I'm online for a bit if you want to trade
2:40pm Feb 26th, 2014
Hey spotty, are you ready for trading? :)
4:42pm Feb 25th, 2014
Ok. Thanks for the help, Spotty!
8:48am Feb 5th, 2014
Um, I use tinypic for my avatar tag, which is what I'm trying to figure out.
6:35am Feb 5th, 2014
Hey Spotty, how do I make a tag? I always try, but then when I post it, it's tiny.
6:29am Feb 5th, 2014
Hey, I wish u luck on your contest! HOPE U ENJOY! -Endy
5:08pm Jan 19th, 2014
Yea, so would I. The internet is dying. Sherlock fandom is killing it. I'm sorry, deaded. Bye.
3:15pm Jan 12th, 2014
Ah, yes! Doctor Who is a pretty great show. Did you hear that Peter Jackson was going to be a director of the next series? Apparently he wants to be paid in Daleks.
3:03pm Jan 12th, 2014
Hey, spotty! Do you watch BBC sherlock?
1:27pm Jan 12th, 2014
yay oranges yummy xD
3:42pm Jan 5th, 2014
pesters pesters. Haha - are there gonna be rare items as prizes? Or something better?
6:21pm Jan 4th, 2014
pesters. haha kidding i'm excited for the contest!!!
5:04pm Jan 4th, 2014
Can u get me NEVER EXPIREZ UPGRATION? It means I get upgraded that NEVA Expirez. Plz? Am I talking nonsense? Ok. I want never expiring upgration. Plz? I PAY U MONEY!
6:36pm Jan 2nd, 2014
A three use chunk.
6:01am Jan 2nd, 2014
I sent over 3 from my second account, if that helps any. :)
6:00am Jan 2nd, 2014
I sent 15 over! :3
8:11pm Jan 1st, 2014
Sent 5 more! (24)
1:20pm Dec 29th, 2013
Thanks for being awesome o3o
10:37pm Dec 27th, 2013
I'm not greedy, so I left it blank. xD You can go with whatever item you want when it comes to me.
5:37pm Dec 25th, 2013
ok! cool! i'd love to! i don't have any friends right now, you see
2:11pm Dec 25th, 2013
thats good. i got a 3DS XL with pokemon X and Y on it, i'm happy
9:06am Dec 25th, 2013
thank you spotty :) hope you liked your present
9:02am Dec 25th, 2013
I am selling one scale you are interested?
8:29pm Dec 24th, 2013
merry christmas!!
9:00am Dec 24th, 2013
I have more frozen meat :)
11:46pm Dec 23rd, 2013
Up to 19! Just sent 5 more... :D
7:18pm Dec 23rd, 2013
I got some more frozen Meat in my shop :)
12:40pm Dec 23rd, 2013
I've got some more if someone didn't already buy some
7:33pm Dec 22nd, 2013
ok thanks check my store soon I'll put it up
7:32pm Dec 21st, 2013
Spotty are you the one buying the frozen meat?
7:26pm Dec 21st, 2013
10:58am Dec 20th, 2013
*looks around groggily* Anyone catch the license plate of the truck that hit me? XD
7:12pm Dec 18th, 2013
Sent 5 more, so 14 so far...
11:12am Dec 16th, 2013
9 Chunks of Meat so far! :D
7:41pm Dec 13th, 2013
Hey Spot. :3 I have more frozen meat in my shop.
6:00am Dec 13th, 2013
*digs snow out of ear, while lying flat on back* Nice hat trick. XD Gotta remember to stock up before I lob snowballs. ;)
8:12am Dec 10th, 2013
Hey spotty I heard about you buying meat in ice for 10k and I have some in my shop for 10k if you want to take a look
8:28pm Dec 6th, 2013
Ok! ^w^)
3:03pm Dec 1st, 2013
Hello! I was wondering if you would like to buy my male Compsognathus for 50,000$? He's in the 'leh como cafe' enclosure. ^w^)
2:40pm Dec 1st, 2013
11:44am Dec 1st, 2013
Ok! ^w^)/ thanks so much!
11:26am Dec 1st, 2013
Hello! ^w^) do you know how to make a tag appear? ^w^)
11:22am Dec 1st, 2013
I need help with the refering images like this one 14jqq1u.gif
3:44pm Nov 11th, 2013
help with
3:29pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:28pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:28pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:28pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:28pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:28pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:28pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:27pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:27pm Nov 11th, 2013
The Image
3:24pm Nov 11th, 2013
How to refer
3:24pm Nov 11th, 2013
I need help
3:24pm Nov 11th, 2013
3:23pm Nov 11th, 2013
5:54pm Nov 4th, 2013
bob said it was fine my tag
11:54am Nov 3rd, 2013
hey spot wanna go to chat?
6:55am Nov 3rd, 2013
8:24pm Nov 2nd, 2013
just realized i'm a professional Atrociraptor breeder
8:22pm Nov 2nd, 2013
hey spot i send it a help msg if you would help me
8:01pm Nov 2nd, 2013
7:39pm Nov 2nd, 2013
SPOT I just got a clutch :D I got a dino with these specs Rage:RR eye color:i forgot color : green markings light blue :D
10:19am Nov 2nd, 2013
hey dude
9:39am Nov 2nd, 2013
whats sammeis id?
6:41pm Oct 29th, 2013
hey dude i attacked you w/ 2 silver bullets :D
6:19pm Oct 29th, 2013
hey dude :D
6:10pm Oct 29th, 2013
Aaaaaah everytime i trick-or-treat i get the trollface! XD
2:30pm Oct 29th, 2013
7:41am Oct 26th, 2013
About that jog, I have a giant hill..... SO ITS GREAT TO JOG IN!
5:55pm Oct 23rd, 2013
You get a TRICK Here's 1$ u mad? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
5:53pm Oct 23rd, 2013
happy club wars xD p.s. thanx for the cookie :D
1:02pm Oct 17th, 2013
Oh! In Chat, sorry, I had to go super soon and had to bolt, lol. I was going to ask you if you were still working with your rp-board or if you were working on something of similarness or not. :P Because I forget if I ask these sorts of things. *is useless
7:12pm Sep 26th, 2013
Oh, I said something? :U *didn't remember* Nothing's up, just poking at you I guess, lol.
7:07pm Sep 26th, 2013
Lol, yay!
11:04am Sep 26th, 2013
That's because I'm a useless bag of Butts! D: *appologizes for my butt-filled being*
10:59am Sep 26th, 2013
Just pokin' you because I saw you were on, lol.
9:36am Sep 25th, 2013
2:43pm Sep 24th, 2013
6:33pm Sep 5th, 2013
I've been busy.. So... Horribly... Busy...
5:04pm Aug 22nd, 2013
nothing much, how're you?
7:23pm Aug 14th, 2013
7:21pm Aug 14th, 2013
7:02pm Aug 10th, 2013
You're welcome! We had an arranged breeding awhile ago and I forgot about it, sorry. ;n; anywho, ohai!
7:29pm Aug 8th, 2013
Thanks for the cards!
5:56pm Aug 8th, 2013
Im bored.
3:01pm Aug 8th, 2013
Thanks for the Trading cards! :)
7:44pm Aug 7th, 2013
Ok I will go check it out :D
12:14pm Aug 4th, 2013
My first tradings-cards, yeah! And those were inside the pack: Protoceratops, Ceratosaurus and Egg. They're fantastic! :)
10:19am Jul 29th, 2013
I use a special technique? Really? I don't know what kind of special technique that should be, but I believe you. ;) Thank you very much for that surprise!!!! :) LOL - I keep one's fingers crossed for you and wish you with the others many cute offsprings!
10:00am Jul 29th, 2013
Whow! A trading card pack? For me? May I ask why? Sorry that you were too late for the last two deinons. Zani was faster.
9:49am Jul 29th, 2013
You can take a look at them if you like. The names are Naito and Roxanne, a dalmatian and a leo. ;)
3:38pm Jul 28th, 2013
Thank you so much for giving my babies a new home. Tomorrow I will introduce the last two ones. Thanks again!!!! :)
3:12pm Jul 28th, 2013
You're best mod, Spotty
10:28pm Jul 25th, 2013
Woohoo for da claw club!
8:22pm Jul 25th, 2013
Woot! Yay for the Claw Club! :D
2:59pm Jul 25th, 2013
Look at me. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Hah Hah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
12:34pm Jul 22nd, 2013
*smacks my face*
7:10pm Jul 20th, 2013
7:10pm Jul 20th, 2013
I love Minecraft so much. I am sad you dont like it. :(
7:09pm Jul 20th, 2013
Do you like MINECRAFT?
9:14am Jul 20th, 2013
Well, yesterday i fell and got a scar on my leg. But what do you mean gaming? Your a adult aren't you?
9:08am Jul 20th, 2013
Hello there! What cha doing?
9:04am Jul 20th, 2013
I will link it to you and cool :D
10:46am Jul 11th, 2013
have you seen Ouran host club by the way? o3o
10:24am Jul 11th, 2013
heading back to cali in three days c: so might be here and there but I will be on all day today ^u^
10:20am Jul 11th, 2013
hai and how you spotty spot
9:22am Jul 11th, 2013
Thanks, and no problem. :3
10:52am Jun 30th, 2013
Can you post on the Thirty RP? We're waiting. :3
8:36am Jun 30th, 2013
i have a whole lot of em'.to many to name specificly,i currently have assassins creed in my 3ds right now.
4:45pm Jun 27th, 2013
yea,im on my 3ds so,no more gifs.
4:09pm Jun 27th, 2013
oh...i guess i kinda derpedImage and video hosting by TinyPic
3:57pm Jun 27th, 2013
what?if you cook it right,alligator is really good.
3:54pm Jun 27th, 2013
ive never really gotten the whole gator tag it is agator right?Image and video hosting by TinyPic
3:28pm Jun 27th, 2013
7:09pm Jun 25th, 2013
6:46pm Jun 25th, 2013
I'm a goat. Have you ever been at one of Cry's Livestreams? :D
6:32pm Jun 25th, 2013
I love Budder, you know that?
8:50pm Jun 22nd, 2013
ive always loved that tag
4:26am Jun 20th, 2013
8:59pm Jun 19th, 2013
o3o I am lurking. and how may you be?
8:21pm Jun 19th, 2013
Mkay! I've gotta make a non-killable as well, so I'ma be posting another chara.
1:11pm Jun 19th, 2013
12:40pm Jun 19th, 2013
7:16pm Jun 18th, 2013
The * in the species, I'm guessing is what you mean. It's supposed to lead to a smaller size explanation of the Shifter's stuff, but there was a coding error.| The Rebels are the Animals of Chaos, since they were the half that departed from the Force.
7:03pm Jun 18th, 2013
THanks! :D
6:04pm Jun 18th, 2013
:D It's this new roleplay I've made, albeit complicated for the Unders, I think it'll be pretty fun! It's titled .: tHiRtY aNd Counting:.
5:55pm Jun 18th, 2013
Have you any interest in Role-playing? :D Or are you too busy?
5:45pm Jun 18th, 2013
7:38pm Jun 14th, 2013
Oh who knows...XD
3:13pm Jun 2nd, 2013
Depends. :3
3:01pm Jun 2nd, 2013
Haha! It tastes like BUDDER!
2:58pm Jun 2nd, 2013
RAWR! I'm nomming on your head Spotty! XD
2:17pm Jun 2nd, 2013
nothing much.
6:22pm May 29th, 2013
2:44pm May 28th, 2013
I have lolosaurus's and t-birds to take care of.
1:59pm May 27th, 2013
Hi spotty it's me Cleokitty! I need your help! (I am on my big sisters account ) can you message me my password. My dads phone Is use less! It will not let me in my gmail, or real account!! Please help me! Please message me my password on this account. I
1:57pm May 27th, 2013
*butts all over your shoutbox!* 8||!!!
3:42am May 25th, 2013
12:08pm May 8th, 2013
*snort* No thanks! *not whiny little sister voice* Um. Now I have stuff to do, so I'm not bored xD
5:13pm May 6th, 2013
Hello spotty! Lovely day it is!
5:04pm May 6th, 2013
I'm so borreeeeeed Spotty! Waaah! *Whiny little sister voice*
4:02pm May 6th, 2013
Spotty you buttface!
6:56am May 2nd, 2013
i was not begging i accidently fogot some words in my not i was really asking how to get more money because i have a lot of hungry mouths to feed in my farm
6:20pm Apr 28th, 2013
5:53pm Apr 28th, 2013
do you know where i could get more colorants and potions besides the scratch card or is there anyway kitty could increase the chances of getting an item from the scratch card
12:08pm Apr 28th, 2013
hi spotty eue
10:49pm Apr 24th, 2013
Ooh. Oops. I meant to put it in the right board. Apologies! Thanks for moving it. :3
6:37pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Tough choice for you too eh?
1:45pm Apr 23rd, 2013
AWWW! CUTE GECKO OR SALAMANDER! I'm really not sure what that is, but it's cute!
2:51pm Apr 18th, 2013
Omg Spotty you're way better than me at explaining stuff. I should learn so I can help more in the future, be clearer with my answers.
4:06pm Apr 15th, 2013
Not bad, you?
5:10pm Mar 31st, 2013
HI!!! Haven't talked to you in a while xD
5:08pm Mar 31st, 2013
i like your new tag,so awesome
5:52am Mar 30th, 2013
10:46am Mar 29th, 2013
Exactly. Everything is so much more easier!
5:28pm Mar 3rd, 2013
:3 Because I am a MAGICAL UNICOWN
5:00pm Mar 3rd, 2013
I'm getting horrendously pestered by my chums. (You guys) xD Really? I gotta tell tainty this xD (She put up this picture of Dave in a thread xD) I think Dave's Sylladex is very hard to use xD
12:05pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Yes, very true. Tainted wanted a Homestuck RP, no one knew it, so I offered to read.
11:44am Mar 3rd, 2013
I'm hungry too. Which is why I ate chocolate xD
11:16am Mar 3rd, 2013
Probably sandwich parts.
10:14am Mar 3rd, 2013
I never really understood that word. Sandwiches.
10:01am Mar 3rd, 2013
Notice how I only said Cookies, and not Cookie Sandwiches?
10:00am Mar 3rd, 2013
:D So true! (Well, or maybe cookies will always be cookies...)
9:56am Mar 3rd, 2013
*LE GASP* I found out Spotters is a BOI.
9:30pm Mar 2nd, 2013
NEVER enough dragons. Never. Just never.
9:29pm Mar 2nd, 2013
I feel like a child xD Saying that.
8:57pm Mar 1st, 2013
:D I want to go to Saturn's moon Titan. So I can fly.
8:48pm Mar 1st, 2013
(-icecream without the icecream. Now did that make any sense?)
8:33pm Mar 1st, 2013
Of course. I mean, the Big Six (Stress note) came TOGETHER to summon it, so OBVIOUSLY it has to be purple eyed. And you know what? It has an extra set of limbs known as wings too. xD (Now, what would a Yu-gee-oh monster be without wings? That's like icecr
8:32pm Mar 1st, 2013
Wait, it's not just a regular Rainbow Lolosaurus! It has PURPLE eyes. || Oh nooooo you don't! I post random shinagins on there. You don't want to see them xD (And half of the time teh art are scribbles)
8:26pm Mar 1st, 2013
Um, the URL got cut off. I posted a thread in the unders, but no one's on right now xD
8:20pm Mar 1st, 2013
Yeah! You get to summon... THE RAINBOW LOLOSAURUS. Yeah, you need to go and stay up all night watching Yu-gee-oh. Gooooo. Oh yeah, and while you're at it, tell me how I did here.
8:19pm Mar 1st, 2013
'Big Six' Wow. For some reason I get the feeling we're referancing some card game like Yu-gee-oh or something xD I've got to say, though, Terrors are probably my favorite paleocine animals. But of course... Sabers, I mean, who doesn't want a kitty?
7:12pm Mar 1st, 2013
Aha! Terror birds! I've been having this enclosure set aside especially for them for a pretty long time now xD
6:21pm Mar 1st, 2013
sorry for the double message spotty xD one was for sam
1:23pm Feb 5th, 2013
4:25pm Jan 25th, 2013
Hey spotty. I don't know if your still buying, but I have some Chunk of Meat in Ice from the last day of december. :)
1:38pm Jan 25th, 2013
Haha, I loved that part!
12:22pm Jan 21st, 2013
Blame Borderlands 2 and Tiny Tina. xD
9:31pm Jan 20th, 2013
Hey Spotty!
4:45pm Jan 16th, 2013
Hello! How have you been?
1:02pm Jan 13th, 2013
2:14pm Jan 5th, 2013
Thank you for buying my Utah babies!
6:32pm Jan 4th, 2013
Thanks for buying my dinos! ^-^
8:27pm Jan 2nd, 2013
sent you a present^^ hope you enjoy =D
11:27am Jan 2nd, 2013
*Woodchuck lobs snowball, hits self in foot with it* Hope the New Year brings you all the good things that you want & deserve. Thanks so much for all of your kind help, given freely to a newbie. :D
7:33pm Dec 31st, 2012
*=* *paints my face a camofloge color for hiding* camo-*sob*-camo-*sob*-camoflodge
8:32am Dec 31st, 2012
oh. well, if its Gangnam style, I'll die of being scared
8:29am Dec 31st, 2012
Oh. I wonder what song they're gonna play for new years. You know, like Party rock anthem last year
8:17am Dec 31st, 2012
Are you gonna see the ball drop? I am.
7:07am Dec 31st, 2012
Happy New Year! :D
6:49am Dec 31st, 2012
merry chunks of ice. XP p.s. duck ;)
9:25pm Dec 25th, 2012 Didn't know if you wanted to watch or not.
6:11pm Dec 23rd, 2012
You`re welcome, hope you find it useful :)
5:31pm Dec 20th, 2012
Works for both of us. Thanks for agreeing to this, it helps me out too. :)
4:18pm Dec 20th, 2012
Sorry about the double message, but I meant to say I'll make something either way and you'll be getting what you want. Works well for us both. :)
4:16pm Dec 20th, 2012
Hmm. Well, want to say I'll message you whenever I get about 6 of them and we can lower the price from 25000 to 10000 a piece? I figure no matter how much you want to pay, all I have to do to get them is throw snowballs, so I'm making something either w
4:14pm Dec 20th, 2012
:) If you want them I can just put them back for you and message you when I get a certain number if you want. I can even lower prices if you want to buy more than 1 at a time that way you don't end up spending as much money but I still make something.
3:54pm Dec 20th, 2012
Thanks for buying all those chunks of meat and ice from me just now... I'm always in need of money so I put those in my shop and hope for the best as soon as I get them lol. Also throwing a snowball while I'm here :D
3:39pm Dec 20th, 2012
Lol no, I could do that, but I shall resist ;)
11:58am Dec 19th, 2012
You should :), oh and... Look out!
11:56am Dec 19th, 2012
You`re welcome, and congrats on getting the purple bunny; I`m pretty sure that was the single most valuable gift I wrapped you are very lucky! :D
9:14pm Dec 18th, 2012
Merry early Christmas! ^^
5:20pm Dec 18th, 2012
7:38am Dec 16th, 2012
O_O santa the deer hunter. rudolph better run lol
1:24pm Dec 14th, 2012
Because every good donor needs a snowball thrown at them :D
1:19pm Dec 14th, 2012
who is your rival? Zani?
2:46pm Dec 11th, 2012
Yay! I threw my 100th at you! *feels accomplished* :D
2:25pm Dec 11th, 2012
Awesome santa Spotty! I don't belive in santa though..
6:53pm Dec 10th, 2012
i noticed thare is a different dino in your atrocirapter pen
4:50pm Dec 10th, 2012
4:03pm Dec 10th, 2012
best santa in the world.
10:48am Dec 9th, 2012
There was one,actually.
10:48am Dec 9th, 2012
You look like santa.
10:46am Dec 9th, 2012
I see you like Homestuck.I happen to like it as well.
9:22am Dec 9th, 2012
I only have herbies.
9:14am Dec 9th, 2012
You look famous.
9:13am Dec 9th, 2012
Do you still need chunk of meat in ice?
12:04pm Dec 3rd, 2012
ok thats awsome
7:36pm Dec 2nd, 2012
*pokepokepokepoke* Lovin the shout box and Hia!!
7:39pm Dec 1st, 2012
(Threw the snowball) 'cause I can. Also, I posted on that bug topic for you. Hope it helps! ^^
7:34pm Dec 1st, 2012
you kinda remind me of harry potter
5:49pm Dec 1st, 2012
1: I agree with your mood. I'm going double-dragon with my jewlery right now. 2: Can you please help me? I cannot seem to find NPC Battling right now. I need to get it for my battles, so I can get my dino battles done quicker. Thanks in advance! ^^
8:17pm Nov 24th, 2012
Joseph is funny
6:44pm Nov 21st, 2012
But I don't have strawberries or cookies in my head. To be honest, I ahve no clue what my shampoo even smells like, though I can tell you it doesn't taste good.
4:51pm Nov 17th, 2012
Yes it does, it tastes like strawberries and cookies *chews on Spotty's head* Omnomnomnom
4:30pm Nov 17th, 2012
Must be whatever shampoo I use, must be giving it a good taste.
12:21pm Nov 17th, 2012
i wish poeple would stop chewing on spotty's head what is so delishous about it
7:48am Nov 17th, 2012
*Glomp and noms on head*
3:30pm Nov 16th, 2012
*Sits On*
2:51pm Nov 16th, 2012
KITTIES! Snakes....Kittysnakes!
6:27pm Nov 14th, 2012
4:53pm Nov 13th, 2012
4:35pm Nov 13th, 2012
4:15pm Nov 13th, 2012
I have got to join this Sammei Fest! :D ..... 8I
7:50pm Nov 12th, 2012
*invades your farm* Ike: MUAHAHA!
2:13pm Nov 12th, 2012
..... What?
7:57pm Nov 11th, 2012
Let's try again. Duhduh duhduh, duhduhduhduhduh, duhhhh duhduhdeduhduhduhduhduh, duh duh~
7:12pm Nov 11th, 2012
Ahjajajjajajajajaahhhhhhh~ Onion, oniononiononiononion, onion onion oniononiononion, oniononion!
5:48pm Nov 11th, 2012
1:54pm Nov 11th, 2012
8:32pm Nov 9th, 2012
No. There never is. My chest burns with inspiration, but I don't know how to use it~
8:30pm Nov 9th, 2012
Why do you say enough dragons?
8:17pm Nov 9th, 2012
I was so amazed when you joined Midnight Before Dawn! That's so awesome! XD
12:03pm Nov 8th, 2012
*Masked Gentleman walks in* I hope you enjoy a dark miracle *makes Spotty fly to the sky*
5:57pm Nov 7th, 2012
Drake: By who? Ike: Me of course Drake: *masked face palm*
5:35pm Nov 7th, 2012
*keeps cookies* Drake: Thanks, but I have my cookies, other masked person.
5:31pm Nov 7th, 2012
He's Ike's son who has a half black half white mask and a black cloak to hide his scars he had from an explosion he survived.
5:29pm Nov 7th, 2012
*Warps into Drake* Give me my cookie, other Masked Person! *steals back cookies*
5:27pm Nov 7th, 2012
*attacks Masked Gentleman to take my cookie back*
5:22pm Nov 7th, 2012
I am excellent. :3
6:51pm Nov 6th, 2012
So how are you doing this fine day?
6:47pm Nov 6th, 2012
Hello Spotty! :D
6:35pm Nov 6th, 2012
Ike Sungrass: Come and get me human! *jumps around destroying stuff*
5:26pm Nov 6th, 2012
not to be braggy or anything like that but i have more money than you and im sending some to you right now
10:02am Nov 1st, 2012
i iz dah best person in dah lanaviper
9:50am Nov 1st, 2012
and the lord of all demons [me] killed you MWAHAHAHHAHAHAH
12:31pm Oct 31st, 2012
hi im latifah
12:00pm Oct 28th, 2012
Uhm... Spotty? Like on CS?
10:12am Oct 28th, 2012
Ummm... *thinks* what was that? ._. Well, I got a treat so I'm HAPPYYYY~~~
4:01pm Oct 25th, 2012
TREATS! (No tricks please!)
3:56pm Oct 25th, 2012
*bonks into shoutbox*
3:51pm Oct 23rd, 2012
*bops around on page*
8:41pm Oct 19th, 2012
Zircon Dunes? I'm sorry for choosing a blue-eyed, but she suits him the best Xd
5:06pm Oct 18th, 2012
how do you get the grey werewolf?
3:01pm Oct 17th, 2012
In truth, I've tried being a penny pincher a while ago, and have gotten myself a scale for the dandy price of 300k xD *scraps for scales* Oh boy, I'm trying tos ee how many scales I can scrooge up before my upgrade is in its last death throws xD currently
7:02pm Oct 14th, 2012
Porkpieeeeee! -ravages around for scales* why people no intrest in 350k for a scale anymore? T.T
6:52pm Oct 14th, 2012
The longest Item Discription ever: Golden Storkers ;D
6:05pm Oct 14th, 2012
Wanna Archae? *has foolishly used up all Lab Limits*
1:17pm Oct 12th, 2012
Do you have a valentine plushie? '.'
6:14pm Oct 10th, 2012
Hello! :D
6:40pm Oct 3rd, 2012
hi spoty!
6:40pm Oct 3rd, 2012
Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
2:56pm Oct 3rd, 2012
<3 Its like Alactrity. Or somethingorather. *Pokes Bob*
7:12am Oct 3rd, 2012
*Waddles around* :D *Scritches shoutbox*
3:32pm Oct 2nd, 2012
*perches on shoutbox* *caws a lot*
2:44pm Oct 2nd, 2012