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Meg (#31397)

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Joined July 26th, 2014

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Meg! You still on EX??
9:53pm Dec 4th, 2014
Probably :)
8:37am Oct 26th, 2014
Probably :)
8:37am Oct 26th, 2014
my male trex are for 5K if u want to breed with them I also have an adult trex for sale im willing to lower her shes 10 days
12:13pm Sep 26th, 2014
12:13pm Sep 23rd, 2014
Hi to you, as well. Lol. :)
7:38am Sep 23rd, 2014
Lol im drawing cats
2:19pm Sep 22nd, 2014
OMG thanxxxxxxxx
2:09pm Sep 22nd, 2014
Omg WHAT!!!!! *Squeal and hugs*
1:59pm Sep 22nd, 2014
Gtg afk. Got church. Byeeeeee X3
7:31am Sep 21st, 2014
... Random subjet change
7:11am Sep 21st, 2014
Lols ftw
7:06am Sep 21st, 2014
My cat will eat fish food o.o
6:46am Sep 21st, 2014
So does my cat xD
6:39am Sep 21st, 2014
Sooooo many donuts!!!
6:31am Sep 21st, 2014
*Crams donut into my mouth*
6:25am Sep 21st, 2014
*Hands chicken soup* Aww :(
6:12am Sep 21st, 2014
#playing terraria XD I'm good. You?
6:07am Sep 21st, 2014
5:50am Sep 21st, 2014
Yea um sorry for selling Jet I couldent keep him Meg u where gone for 2 long
6:06pm Sep 20th, 2014
No problem
9:18am Sep 20th, 2014
K it's up
9:16am Sep 20th, 2014
How about I put it up for 10k now and you can pay another 40k whenever you have it?
9:13am Sep 20th, 2014
No problem, how much?
9:09am Sep 20th, 2014
k so I named him jet if u want him hes 10 days now he was Blood and Black ices offspring u click him go to care and bid at the bottom hes 10K
6:10pm Aug 20th, 2014
its ok the male blue and black is up for bid for 10K
9:23am Aug 13th, 2014
The male is up for bid for u I kinda want a pay 10k atleast
10:50am Aug 11th, 2014
You're welcome. :) Many thanks for the great prices at your shop. Hope you feel better. *coughs in sympathy*
3:55pm Aug 9th, 2014
Alligator with an Axolotl!
9:05am Aug 5th, 2014
I forgot I had a male newborn trex u want him instead hes purple but u would have to buy him
1:57pm Aug 4th, 2014
And idk its your choice to pay
1:59pm Aug 3rd, 2014
You will have to wait 5 days to for me to even breed black ice u can pick either Demon Fizz or 1 of the 8 day old babys they will be only enough in 2 days to breed
1:59pm Aug 3rd, 2014
1:57pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Hey chose a female and male t rex I will breed a male for u when my incubater is empty X3 so u have a male
1:16pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Hey X3
1:07pm Aug 3rd, 2014
Just dump it in the bank. :) Or you could try selling babies of your dinos.
8:29am Aug 1st, 2014
Haha, the weekly allowance is junk money. If you're having money troubles I can help you out a bit. :)
8:14am Aug 1st, 2014
Selling them makes you WAY more money than giving them up in quests. TRUST ME.
8:09am Aug 1st, 2014
XD Ignore it. That's why no one really takes quests from the food store or the plushie store. They tend to ask for things that DON'T EXIST at the time or are very rare lol.
8:05am Aug 1st, 2014
Why do you say that? :/
8:04am Aug 1st, 2014
All a part of business ;D
11:03am Jul 31st, 2014
YouTube and Skype have a weird relationship. XD PM me your Skype? :)
7:56am Jul 31st, 2014
I do indeed, lol. I like, NEVER video chat, however. XD It lags my computer horribly.
7:43am Jul 31st, 2014
Good luck finding out all the secrets! *Whispers* Apparently there is a secret location where you can get special items, but telling others the location is expressly forbidden by game rules, and I can't find it yet! D:
7:38am Jul 31st, 2014
Okay, good! :) I'm glad I could help you out. ^.^ I just want to make sure than any new player who needs/wants help gets it. :) I was helped out A LOT when I first started out, and I just want to pass that along. :)
7:35am Jul 31st, 2014
I'm not that smart. ^^ Just spent like, forever figuring it out, is all. :) Did you get my PM with the links?
7:33am Jul 31st, 2014
Don't worry about it. XD I had to figure that out on my own. :)
7:31am Jul 31st, 2014
Click on "What You're Wearing" and put the bra in slot 1.
7:28am Jul 31st, 2014
You have to layer the items. XD Put the bra last/at the bottom!
7:27am Jul 31st, 2014
Scroll to the bottom of the map. You'll see a wardrobe off to the bottom left corner. :) You can buy clothing items in that map section as well!
7:23am Jul 31st, 2014
I'll PM you a few links to help you, then! :) Battling your dinos is the best and fasted way to make A LOT of money in a short time (depending on how many dinos you have).
7:22am Jul 31st, 2014
Oh, nice! :D Use your money wisely, it can go pretty fast in this game! Also, do you know how to battle your dinos effectively?
7:19am Jul 31st, 2014
XD Yeah, he is. :) So how is your 5th EX day going? :)
7:11am Jul 31st, 2014
Me too! He just says to train so he won't be forced to leave me behind. >_>; Some bf, huh? XD But I love him. Minus zombies, he takes care of me. :)
3:59pm Jul 30th, 2014
It's alright, I'm not complaining! It's how business works. :3
11:42am Jul 30th, 2014
Haha, it's okay to love a movie someone else hates. :) It's how the world works. XD It's actually how I am with zombies. >_> My bf has no qualms about loving them and wanting them to exist, though.
8:01am Jul 30th, 2014
darn of course you want them sold at a price lower than mine =w=
2:35pm Jul 29th, 2014
Awesome! :D I'm a Utah person myself~<3 I used to be terrified of dinos ever since I saw Jurassic Park! I had nightmares for YEARS. But ever since EX, I've been pretty happy with dinos. c:
2:13pm Jul 29th, 2014
Hi! :) How are you? Are you enjoying the game so far?
2:03pm Jul 29th, 2014
X3 sorry I didn't answer I had to shower im leaving soon
1:06pm Jul 29th, 2014
XD I did that too when my friend gave me 2 allos X3 when shes older u can breed with my males for a cheap pice of 2000 but also ask nyx for 1 of her males there cheap if u make a deal of 15000 with her just not GP and Dino egg male since those 2 im buying
12:29pm Jul 29th, 2014
your welcome X3 ;3
12:26pm Jul 29th, 2014
x3 I have a surprise for u then all you need is a new carnivore enclosure
12:22pm Jul 29th, 2014
O.O your gave me 1 OMG your MY FAVORITE PERSON X3
12:20pm Jul 29th, 2014
yea 1 since I can buy the other stuff in the food store its like 100 bucks X3 but the ice creams are imposible (tip in 3 days people will end up buying them
12:19pm Jul 29th, 2014
your lucky
12:16pm Jul 29th, 2014
im at the food store almost 50 times I never find them -_- and I need one today for a quest from max to tim u get rewarded money sometimes 100000 for using the icecreams XC
12:15pm Jul 29th, 2014
how did u get the ice creams!!!!!
12:06pm Jul 29th, 2014
oh nice!
12:03pm Jul 29th, 2014
11:30am Jul 29th, 2014
X3 its actually 12:30 pm where I am I ment like for a sleep over for all day X3 I just got up 1 hour ago as well but im in Alberta Calgary
11:20am Jul 29th, 2014
Good just waiting for 15 mins to be up so I can go to my friends for the night X3
11:19am Jul 29th, 2014
10:57am Jul 29th, 2014
That is ok i understand
3:41pm Jul 28th, 2014
T-Rexes do not show up in the lab. Instead, you can use the T-rex potion (found in the scale shop) to turn a dino into one, or buy a Rex off of another player. Hope this helps!
3:16pm Jul 28th, 2014
nice c:
2:17pm Jul 28th, 2014
im good, saving money myself but I also have been buying characters like no tomorrow lol.
1:18pm Jul 28th, 2014
afternoon uvu how are you?
12:45pm Jul 28th, 2014
XD Just check it every once in a while, might get lucky!
12:17pm Jul 28th, 2014
Well yeah. The trick to selling ANYTHING is just setting it lower than other player shop prices. You can even look for yourself for any item, like the ice creams and sandwiches. I can sell them for much, much more than I am already XD
12:11pm Jul 28th, 2014
$500 each :3
12:09pm Jul 28th, 2014
I get them from the food store, you just have to be lucky and get them when they're only restocked. There aren't many that they restock.
12:04pm Jul 28th, 2014
I mean not to brag but yeah I do have quite a bit XD
12:02pm Jul 28th, 2014
Thank you but actually it's a griffin not a bird but am glad you like it
6:38pm Jul 27th, 2014
ah its cool :D
5:26pm Jul 27th, 2014
hello and yes i do know who she is in the http part after the exibit and slash mark type recycle or go to map and say recycle
3:15pm Jul 27th, 2014
Hi there! Yes I did in fact get all the cards, I have a ton of extras if you want them :)
3:09pm Jul 27th, 2014
thank you :3
2:40pm Jul 27th, 2014
X3 your going cray cray Kitsune and do u play a game called FeralHeart Meg?
1:59pm Jul 27th, 2014
Oh you darn reddies. WE SHALL DEFEAT YOU! MUAHAHAHAA!!!
1:57pm Jul 27th, 2014
And I've already attacked you witgh them, don't worry XD
1:55pm Jul 27th, 2014
You should thank Serpant for telling me to buy it XD I'll buy all the yellow water balloons I can.
1:55pm Jul 27th, 2014
Your welcome for getting my friend X3
1:55pm Jul 27th, 2014
cool for the water ballon I will tell my friend to buy it put it in your shop for like 5000 she will buy it X3
1:41pm Jul 27th, 2014
X3 I am to brb gonna go get some food and dranke
1:37pm Jul 27th, 2014
k are u back X3 I was trying to get that troodon to my brothers account X3 I didn't answer sorry
1:34pm Jul 27th, 2014
Ik people on here are dino lovers and woud never harm one another hopefully X3 and so would I im begging my mom still for on this game to get me scales first because I want another incubater if u wanted when you get some money and a few more dinos I could
1:16pm Jul 27th, 2014
Atleast your not called a baby because I still play this game and with my dinos toys XC not my fult I love them XD but I normally collect dragon toys now I try to get moving jusrrasic park toys theres a spino at toy r us for 20 bucks and its from Jurrasic
1:11pm Jul 27th, 2014
Atleast your not called a baby because I still play this game and with my dinos toys XC not my fult I love them XD but I normally collect dragon toys now I try to get moving jusrrasic park toys theres a spino at toy r us for 20 bucks and its from Jurrasic
1:11pm Jul 27th, 2014
X3 if u put your yellow ones that u get from time to time in store for 2500 people buy them X3 and Trex Allos and well all the ones I have on my farm X3 I also have a carno but shes with my friend Miya since I don't have an enclosure yet
1:03pm Jul 27th, 2014
Oh yea I forgot I saw you join yesterday Welcome X3 if you need help just ask me I have had help earning money just a few days ago I only had 2000 now I have 350.000 just buy selling yellow ballons X3 what kind of dinos do u like?
12:55pm Jul 27th, 2014
Np I buy a lot of suff if its cheap
12:52pm Jul 27th, 2014
same xD I love the button coats aka the long coats that have the little turtle neck things, would so buy more of them ;3; but I already have like 4 irl
12:14pm Jul 27th, 2014
yeah, pretty much everything hurts with fibro, and that sounds sucky :c
12:02pm Jul 27th, 2014
oh, its a thing with the nerves causing constant pains that get worst as you get older o3o so everything to a pinch and a poke hurts me since the nerves say everything is 'pain' to the brain if that makes sence.
11:37am Jul 27th, 2014
I agree xD the worst thing I am afraid of is needles, and with fibromialga it feels much worst then how others feel it and daw cool :D
11:25am Jul 27th, 2014
yeah xD they are. I realy do enjoy the site but haven't been breeding dino's in awhile ;v; just been chilling and making art and roleplaying. And gum draft :o that sounds a bit painful.
11:22am Jul 27th, 2014
oh D: hope everything will be okay. And yeh ;v; been here for more then 4 years so just been cruising about xD Its a wonderful site with nice people here ;v; love the community and mod team
11:17am Jul 27th, 2014
I am okay c: how are you?
11:11am Jul 27th, 2014
10:47am Jul 27th, 2014