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Sasquatch (#23628)

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jurasic park Farm
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Not very high prices :) Shelf (32/178) Storage Fishtank (9)

Ok, sent you lots of tissues, this if used once a day will clear the avian flu, let me know if you need more. secondly, I sent more eye drops, this you need to use to get their health up first before you can address the avian flu. let me know if you nee
1:11pm Jun 2nd, 2015
Sure. give me a sec to load it up.
12:44pm Jun 2nd, 2015
i need help!!!!!!
10:15am May 26th, 2015
Cool deal! Good job at getting the Rexes, they look really cool. The Deinos do, as well!
1:09pm May 8th, 2015
Tanks berry mush. XD
1:01pm Apr 28th, 2015
Fabulous, FABULOUS. *claps palms together like Mrs. Klump*
9:35am Apr 23rd, 2015
You were. ;)
1:12pm Apr 22nd, 2015
I know that. They had their battles and the last battle was some seconds ago. My next step is to heal them. Then level and food. ;)
12:49pm Apr 22nd, 2015
Cool mixture. Really good! ;)
1:17pm Apr 2nd, 2015
I shall guess? Hm ... you found dinos that you like? ;)
1:09pm Apr 2nd, 2015
5:26pm Mar 11th, 2015
1:57pm Mar 9th, 2015
I'm sure you will find some dinos that you will like. ;)
1:55pm Mar 9th, 2015
... whenever you like. I will answer. ;)
1:11pm Mar 9th, 2015
So more big ones. There are lots of big ones. Have you ever taken a look at the dino search function? With luck you can get good dinos there for fair prices. ;) Will be offline in a few minutes for a while, but will come back. You can write me, whenever y
1:11pm Mar 9th, 2015
There are many species that you can buy. What kind of dinos do you prefer?
1:03pm Mar 9th, 2015
That's difficult to say, my friend. I have dinos that I like. That's the best way to decide, which species you like to breed. ;)
1:01pm Mar 9th, 2015
What's good?
3:47pm Mar 5th, 2015
Have to go off now. Hope to see you again! :)
3:02pm Mar 5th, 2015
LOL. The most player say money or dollar, I suppose.
2:59pm Mar 5th, 2015
exd is the "money" you can earn. ;)
2:54pm Mar 5th, 2015
Play the games and let your dinos fight. Than you can earn enough exd. ;)
2:45pm Mar 5th, 2015
You should buy some clothes for your avatar. *g*
2:38pm Mar 5th, 2015
Thank you! I just need to figure out breeding
2:36pm Mar 5th, 2015
LOL, yes. That's funny! I love the movies, that's why my farm has got this name. :)
2:23pm Mar 5th, 2015
Welcome XD
2:13pm Mar 5th, 2015
Thank you! I'm kinda confused and a bit stuck
2:05pm Mar 5th, 2015
Well, you might want to think really deep before you do that.
1:51pm Mar 5th, 2015
Anything you want to talk about or did you just want to say hello?
1:47pm Mar 5th, 2015
OH! Thanks.
1:46pm Mar 5th, 2015
Hello. :)
1:41pm Mar 5th, 2015
Thanks, I already have some. You no need to worry.
6:50am Mar 5th, 2015
I got to go, bye.
2:28pm Mar 4th, 2015
I'm really tired from school but, I think I'll live.
1:46pm Mar 4th, 2015
1:43pm Mar 4th, 2015
Thanks, I haven't really been breeding for color but for genes first.
7:47am Mar 4th, 2015
Um..? K? You have more hair than me to. ;P
2:08pm Mar 3rd, 2015
What? :D
2:06pm Mar 3rd, 2015
2:05pm Mar 3rd, 2015
*Shrug* I'm not sure, I think it's experience, and or money.
2:03pm Mar 3rd, 2015
Thank you.
10:31am Mar 3rd, 2015
Going pretty good! Yourself?
9:30am Mar 3rd, 2015
yeah, it's been a minute. what's good?
7:47am Feb 26th, 2015
XD Thanks. Hey, I have always wondered, why do you call yourself sasquatch?
1:39pm Feb 23rd, 2015
I just turned fifteen. :) February 1.
1:37pm Feb 23rd, 2015
So how have you been?
1:35pm Feb 23rd, 2015
1:34pm Feb 23rd, 2015
Yeah, it has.Hows it going?
3:20am Dec 18th, 2014
Sweet dreams.
4:51pm Oct 2nd, 2014
I have been awake since 1 in the morning.
4:46pm Oct 2nd, 2014
I missed you friend. How have you been my brother of the trees? ;)
4:38pm Oct 2nd, 2014
I missed you friend. How have you been my brother of the trees? ;)
4:38pm Oct 2nd, 2014
Hello, and thank you. :) This is my original and trademark name.
4:35pm Oct 2nd, 2014
Herbivores breed only once per month, on the 20th. And matching beard & boots = SCORE. ;)
7:41am Apr 23rd, 2014
(0_0)/ Bai.
2:06pm Apr 9th, 2014
0-0 derp.
2:01pm Apr 9th, 2014
Maybe. I never had that problem. It could also be a glitch. You can check at the new library about it as well.
1:57pm Apr 9th, 2014
Really? Maybe you have reached your limit. You can only use it once a day. And sometimes you have to wait till the next real day to use it again.
1:55pm Apr 9th, 2014
Go to your inventory and click on it. And it will show you who to use it one and click their name and click use. :)
1:51pm Apr 9th, 2014
Vet, Bone salve. :)
1:49pm Apr 9th, 2014
collect the eggs, get peeps. Anything you want really. Just choose something useful. :D
1:47pm Apr 9th, 2014
If you see the Easter advent calendar you can get prizes. Go to map and you will see it. :)
1:41pm Apr 9th, 2014
congratulations. :)
1:33pm Apr 9th, 2014
Bye. :)
2:00pm Apr 7th, 2014
I am really glad you are doing so well. I hope you farm continues getting larger. And I like your farm better than mine. :)
1:59pm Apr 7th, 2014
Thanx 4 the egg. Hope u feel better. :)
7:04am Apr 3rd, 2014
Thanks for the Pyroraptor!
9:09pm Apr 2nd, 2014
Bye. :)
2:01pm Apr 2nd, 2014
Don't be spry you are not confusing me. I am drinking coffee as well. I drink just to stay awake. :)
1:59pm Apr 2nd, 2014
Welcome! :)
1:41pm Apr 2nd, 2014
No! Keep it. Just wait till you get the money.
11:34am Apr 2nd, 2014
and you hatched it. XD
11:29am Apr 2nd, 2014
Considering how much money you have.. I think you should wait until you have a pen for it. :)
11:24am Apr 2nd, 2014
Um. I'll just pretend that made sense. *Giggles* I will send you a message real quick so we could talk about bigfoot if you like.
11:35am Mar 27th, 2014
Ok thank. :) So are you a fan of bigfoot?
11:10am Mar 27th, 2014
Hello Sasquatch. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? I am fourteen.
11:02am Mar 27th, 2014
Alright. :)
11:39am Mar 26th, 2014
Bye. :)
9:11am Mar 25th, 2014
Sasquatch goes to school!? XD Who new? Well good luck. :)
9:00am Mar 25th, 2014
You can call me Ally if you want. :) So anything new my brother of the forest?
8:53am Mar 25th, 2014
Good morning Sasquatch. :)
8:51am Mar 25th, 2014
Bye. :)
3:56pm Mar 19th, 2014
Your welcome. :)
3:55pm Mar 19th, 2014
It is in rescues.
3:53pm Mar 19th, 2014
I have an easier way I will put you dinosaur up for sale at 1$ And you can just grab it.
3:52pm Mar 19th, 2014
Excuse me but I need your pin to do so.
3:43pm Mar 19th, 2014
Your Galaung is completely healed! Your welcome I am returning it now.
2:01pm Mar 18th, 2014
Thanks :3
12:08pm Mar 18th, 2014
Alrighty. :) Pleasure doing business.
2:55pm Mar 17th, 2014
But what do you want? If you really do not want it back. Then thank you very much. :)
8:40am Mar 16th, 2014
When do you want your Guanlong back? I have treated it for the tumor now all you have to do is wait. Or.. Do you want me to keep it?
2:24pm Mar 14th, 2014
Happy Pie day!
1:53pm Mar 14th, 2014
Yes I will care fore them and I will send the back once they are better. :)
12:50pm Mar 13th, 2014
Sasquatch speak to me fellow nature brother!
2:31pm Mar 12th, 2014
I meant the description sweetheart. :D
2:05pm Mar 12th, 2014
Hello Sasquatch. :) I hear you are in need please check my farm.
2:01pm Mar 12th, 2014
Sorry, but I'm not really interested in buying any dinosaurs right now. Good luck in getting money though!
3:08pm Mar 3rd, 2014
I'm not all that out of money, I just haven't battled my dinosaurs for the day yet, so it's not showing any money. Good luck on getting more money, though! If you need help, feel free to respond and I can see about getting you set up to get money on here.
4:25pm Feb 26th, 2014
Hi :)
8:41am Feb 5th, 2014
nice guans. :) shopped a bit too. :)
10:57am Feb 4th, 2014
no thank you for making an offer^_^
9:40pm Feb 1st, 2014
10:36am Jan 13th, 2014
sure. will take a couple days for my incubators to clear out, then i'll breed a guan for you. male or female?
10:33am Jan 13th, 2014
NICE. :D i play scratchcards & slots, plus visit the fortune teller everyday. you lose more often than you win. but when you win, you win BIG. congrats. ;)
10:18am Jan 13th, 2014
here's how i pump up dino stats: i battle, run trials & go hunting with all my dinos everday
3:23am Jan 10th, 2014
sorry, picked up a few dinos recently. which dino is yours?
8:38am Jan 9th, 2014