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Joined December 12th, 2012

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"Still buying scales $400,000 each!"
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can you lower the price on the ice creams of terror to 50000k pleaseeeeeeee?????
2:47pm Apr 7th, 2013
She's brilliant. XD Must've worked like a dog to breed her. A labor of love, I know. :D If you wanna try to whip up some OE eggs, just shout. ;)
9:38pm Feb 25th, 2013
Awesomesauce! I can't wait xD
2:31am Feb 20th, 2013
yellow baby "new blood" makes some seriously sexy babies with kronk. I was having mindgasms with the test breeding x3
1:59am Feb 20th, 2013
Thank you ^_^
3:27pm Feb 16th, 2013
Happy V-Day :)
12:12pm Feb 14th, 2013
oh, hey. The barrys hatched today. Which one do you want?
1:16pm Feb 12th, 2013
you can have them if you want. My atros were gonna go up but I can give them all to ya
6:12pm Feb 11th, 2013
I understand. I've done it before to. No hard feelings?
8:29pm Feb 10th, 2013
lol xD
9:41pm Feb 8th, 2013
sorry I just had to xDDDD
9:38pm Feb 8th, 2013
"Sam Sparro ☯ will you marry me? from Tismai"
9:36pm Feb 8th, 2013
I've just copied an paste the form.
4:28am Jan 24th, 2013
XD funny!
1:13am Jan 15th, 2013
Oh hey! Ahah, I was just posting on your art thread thing too!
1:40am Jan 5th, 2013
Works for me if you're in the market. My incubators will empty tonight. We can lay some eggs tomorrow if you wanna. :)
5:11pm Jan 4th, 2013
I'd try some Carnos, Rexes or Spinos. If you want, I'll hook you up. Gotta be at work at 3am EXT. I'll hit you back tomorrow. :)
5:04pm Jan 4th, 2013
I recently requested art from you. Check out your topic kn kitsune
4:35am Jan 4th, 2013
I just missed you. Was answering questions from a new member. Hope you're well. Please shout when you can. :)
7:15pm Jan 3rd, 2013
Love the new hair. :)
8:44pm Jan 2nd, 2013
Hope things are better today than yesterday, and even better tomorrow. :)
10:16pm Dec 28th, 2012
Throw a few snow balls and feel better soon! :-)
7:50pm Dec 19th, 2012
did I send a scale for the fox yet?
5:15pm Dec 19th, 2012
Thanks again for your help. :D I'm excited *tee hee* P.S. Duck ;)
12:13am Dec 19th, 2012
I would love him :D
2:39pm Dec 16th, 2012
he is adorible :D
2:37pm Dec 16th, 2012
your welcome :D I am always happy to help :D
2:30pm Dec 16th, 2012
your haveing probs with avian flue and need 90k?
2:26pm Dec 16th, 2012
Thanks! And yep, it's an Oscar. ^^
6:11am Dec 15th, 2012