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4:50pm Jul 14th, 2016
6:46am Jul 12th, 2016
how about Intoio For Crumbling Tereacotta
6:19pm Jul 11th, 2016
6:09pm Jul 11th, 2016
this might be to much to ask but many a t rex
3:22pm Jul 11th, 2016
or 2
2:18pm Jul 11th, 2016
hey um could i have one of your dinos?
2:16pm Jul 11th, 2016
lol you can deftly keepem
2:16pm Jul 11th, 2016
hey i notice you just cout my bambiorapter from the reserve
1:56pm Jul 11th, 2016
how are you?
1:54pm Jul 11th, 2016
1:27pm Jul 11th, 2016
6:43am Jul 7th, 2016
Yes I am altho it is hard to keep my dines healthy :_
3:01pm Jun 13th, 2016
2:55pm Jun 13th, 2016
Nothen much how bout you?
2:46pm Jun 13th, 2016
2:43pm Jun 13th, 2016
I was thinking about starting my own RP, I was thinking about telling BananaBuddy, that I am upset I don't think he/she would care. Ya know?
2:01pm Jan 18th, 2016
Tell Banana Buddy. I told him/her and nothing was done. I was honestly a bit upset.
1:37pm Jan 18th, 2016
Ahhh! I gotcha! Well then count me in! I did that lion RP but I was being ignored- no one responded to my posts!, so I quit. :(
1:09pm Jan 18th, 2016
Hey! So ya know instead of making a post on the boards there is an RP boards section where you can make your RP :)
12:44pm Jan 18th, 2016
Forgot to add in that message I used this in places I had issues with. Should explain most of it.
9:48pm Jul 25th, 2015
Perfection potions make every visual thing perfect, like teeth and feathers. I'm not sure what they would be worth now-a-days, sorry!
6:04pm Dec 22nd, 2013
3:09pm Dec 22nd, 2013
I am! I buy chunks of meat in nice for 10k a use.
7:30pm Dec 21st, 2013
You get the evil penguin costume during the Halloween season it varies from club to club feather is evil penguin claw is werewolf tooth is vampire quill is witch (I think that's right)
3:56pm Dec 8th, 2013
I'm feeling for a snowball fight...
11:16am Dec 7th, 2013
11:12am Dec 7th, 2013