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Jylani Amplex (#9064)

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Jade River Farm
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Joined June 1st, 2011

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"Totoro totoro"
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Hiya! Merry late Christmas to a fellow avian friend!
6:45pm Dec 28th, 2016
Tweet tweet
6:32pm Dec 28th, 2016
Merry X-Mas!!!! *hugs*
2:34pm Dec 23rd, 2016
4:03pm Jun 19th, 2016
5:54pm Jun 15th, 2016
how are you?
5:12pm Jun 15th, 2016
Im sleepy _______________
3:19pm Jun 13th, 2016
6:27am Jun 6th, 2016
Now can we plawey
4:06pm Jun 5th, 2016
6:50am Jun 2nd, 2016
I under stand mabye later?
6:33am Jun 2nd, 2016
Can we play now?
6:22am Jun 2nd, 2016
ok :( tell me when your readey
3:04pm Jun 1st, 2016
Wana play?!
3:00pm Jun 1st, 2016
Thank you!
2:25pm Jun 1st, 2016
T.rex gets yup and bushes the i.rex near the water and all of a sodden a mosasauras eats the i.rex and Owen Brady the kids lived the end but watch the movie
2:22pm Jun 1st, 2016
Just then they let out T.rex to try and kill it but t.rex fails right before t.rex dies blue the last raptor destrakes the i.rex
2:19pm Jun 1st, 2016
the idomens rex gos back and they send 3 of the raptors because delta was killed by a rocket launcher and the i.rex kills 2 more raptors echo and charlie
2:15pm Jun 1st, 2016
so the raptors attack every one! Owen Brady and his friend escape and so do the kids and then
2:10pm Jun 1st, 2016
But idomeness rex is part raptor and the 4 raptors named Blue Charlie Echo and delta make him there new leader!
2:07pm Jun 1st, 2016
Everyone screaming and running! so Owen Brady the Raptor wisper takes his raptors and attempts to capter it!
2:04pm Jun 1st, 2016
she goes to Jurassic park brakes the dome and sends tranodons flying!
2:01pm Jun 1st, 2016
And then the first dino hybrid called Idomunis rex brakes out!
1:59pm Jun 1st, 2016
So his big brother takes him there wilhe his mom and dad stay home they se all the real dinos
1:58pm Jun 1st, 2016
it starts of as a little boy my age wanting to see dinos up close
1:54pm Jun 1st, 2016
It so cool want me to tell about it?!
1:49pm Jun 1st, 2016
oh Jurassic world my favorite
1:44pm Jun 1st, 2016
Im a kid i do not know what that means
1:36pm Jun 1st, 2016
super heros or any movie
1:33pm Jun 1st, 2016
Far enough :(
1:30pm Jun 1st, 2016
Do you want to marry flash?
1:17pm Jun 1st, 2016
He's pretty clumsy :_
1:05pm Jun 1st, 2016
let me look em up
1:03pm Jun 1st, 2016
Wow he sound clumsy
12:53pm Jun 1st, 2016
12:43pm Jun 1st, 2016
OOOOHHH ok cool
12:37pm Jun 1st, 2016
Who's Flash?
12:34pm Jun 1st, 2016
7:02am Jun 1st, 2016
It will be fun. I'm going to name the pack "MacNamara". =D
11:45am May 26th, 2016
I hope so as well. I want to make a pack of Dire Wolves.
3:25am May 26th, 2016
I'm good. Just so excited for EX ll I can't sleep anymore.
9:38pm May 25th, 2016
Hello. What's new?
11:03am May 25th, 2016
3:32pm May 24th, 2016
Hello! I'm new and was wondering if you were selling any dinos for cheap?
2:27pm May 23rd, 2016
Happy birthday! :3 I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun. c:
9:40am Apr 24th, 2016
Hello! :D Thanks for the welcome! <3
8:26am Apr 16th, 2016
Two times, only with a few minutes difference, meteorites. That's bad.
4:27pm Feb 16th, 2016
It's set up. :)
1:13pm Feb 10th, 2016
Yes please. Shall I make the trade?
12:42pm Feb 10th, 2016
I have 2 heart plushies. Do you have 2 flower crowns?
12:40pm Feb 10th, 2016
There were 5 in my storage. Will send you them like yesterday. ;)
3:58pm Feb 9th, 2016
Found some heart plushies in my storage. Want to change for Heart Balloons? ;)
3:53pm Feb 9th, 2016
LOL. I know what you mean. You could make some trades. Will make some later, too. If the server will let me.
4:43pm Feb 8th, 2016
Maybe next year. Nobody knows it. ;)
4:38pm Feb 8th, 2016
I have different items. But Balloons ... no. I have only those from my inventory from last year.
4:25pm Feb 8th, 2016
Indeed. Today only 7 items until now. And I was online at different times.
4:15pm Feb 8th, 2016
It's very difficult this year to find Valentine items.
4:03pm Feb 8th, 2016
Hi there!! :)
8:43pm Feb 7th, 2016
Can we trade them? I will put in a trade if so.
2:37pm Feb 7th, 2016
I got a Valentines Heart Plush. Is that what you want?
2:16pm Feb 7th, 2016
I noticed that you are in the lead in the valentine thing. Do you happen to have a Valentines Heart Necklace you are willing to sell or trade?
2:05pm Feb 7th, 2016
Alrighty! :D
3:30pm Jan 16th, 2016
Maybe I'll do a different kind of givaway later on in the week, once these are all gone (raffle maybe?) and take donations for that?
3:28pm Jan 16th, 2016
(Nah, I kindof used up all of my wrapping paper except for the couple in my storage, which I want to hold onto, but thankyou!)
3:28pm Jan 16th, 2016
*gives you an extraspecial weird hat* Yes
3:25pm Jan 16th, 2016
I know *confused you two for a minute and has issues with this because you're both weird* also hi
3:17pm Jan 16th, 2016
Yah I lurv it :D
2:49pm Jan 16th, 2016
you're icon is cute btw :P
2:37pm Jan 16th, 2016
4:17pm Jan 11th, 2016
Ohnice. I dropped art pretty hard recently (well, everything, actually. Life is kindof a mess) so I don't think I could sell any. I do kinof want to pick it up now and do replacement bases for some of the species I don't like the art of here tho... *tempt
4:17pm Jan 11th, 2016
Lol, no, never. Dinos are only really worth what they can make you in the TPB now, I think. Plus a little extra for being pretty probably.
4:13pm Jan 11th, 2016
alrighty then :P Ugh, I still remember the time I payed 40mill to outbid...what was their name...Nox?...for one dino, it was disgusting and I haven't forgiven myself still, lol.
4:09pm Jan 11th, 2016
What is 'low' now though? When I left low was 100k and high was 1mill+. Is that still the case?
4:06pm Jan 11th, 2016
Do you know the general going-prices for dinos right now btw? I've got 2mill stashed in my bank and I'm thinking of buying some stuff because I'm bored and that's what I do
4:03pm Jan 11th, 2016
Whaaaaaat? you nubblet. A mod should beable to help you with that tho, if you ever want to get back on. I forgot how many scales I have over there actually *needs to remember*
3:57pm Jan 11th, 2016
I stasis'ed all the dinos I care about on my side, these are the 'junk' dinos, lol. They aren't baaaaad really, there's some good genes and stats and stuff here, I just don't like them *shrug* Buncha ugglies
3:48pm Jan 11th, 2016
Hm, silly birdy. And I see, lol. Newblood keeping the game afloat I suppose. I feel like breeding a bunch of dinos but idk who or what *meanders around in my enclosures*
3:44pm Jan 11th, 2016
Lol, buncha n00bs around I see, is it fun with them, or are they all silly? Also when did Feather become a mod?
3:40pm Jan 11th, 2016
Thankyou! I'm just taking a peek around, found a new dino game and it reminded me of Ex so I came back for abit. And you may still call me 13, it's cool
3:33pm Jan 11th, 2016
I need help im running out of money and esclosers plz help
12:27pm Jan 9th, 2016
Happy New Year, my dear! *hugs* :)
3:33am Jan 1st, 2016
Sorry for spamming you with snowballs! >.< You seemed to be the only one that I can throw them at.
8:48pm Dec 14th, 2015
I wish a mod could help, but Rykos last login was on For all the new server is fast, but for me slow like a snail. :(
1:55pm Dec 9th, 2015
The new server hates me. :(
1:21pm Dec 9th, 2015
LOL. I know what you mean. I had the same at the Halloween Event with NewWorld. :D
3:22am Dec 8th, 2015
Maybe I have some problems since we have the new server. But I can throw snoballs! Yeah! *g*
12:15pm Dec 7th, 2015
LOL. Well, it's midnight here and I had a long day. I know it's afternoon for you. For later ... Good night and sweet dreams! *hugs*
4:02pm Nov 29th, 2015
Glad to hear that you two are doing well. :) I can't remember it, cause I "kill" them earlier. XD
3:53pm Nov 29th, 2015
Hey, my dear! How are you? And how is Aeric? I was sure, herbis would die with 60, but it seems they'll die with 70. LOL
1:13pm Nov 28th, 2015
:O! *claps* *snaps photos* My, what a trophy indeed! Seems silver bullets are effective as advertised!
12:57pm Oct 30th, 2015
I lie eagerly in wait of the good news ^^
12:15pm Oct 30th, 2015
May I recommend as a trophy piece?
12:07pm Oct 30th, 2015
weLL WOOP DE DOO SEEMS LIKE I MADE A BIT OF A MESS. hey how about we forget about that and go WEREWOLF HUNTING instead? I heard wolf pelts are sOOO in season!
12:02pm Oct 30th, 2015
*/DISCREETLY/ punches the vase out of the way*
11:57am Oct 30th, 2015
*/DISCREETLY/ punches the vase out of the way*
11:57am Oct 30th, 2015
*distressed waddling* NOW WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU THINK THAT!?1!!?eleven!?/
11:51am Oct 30th, 2015
'Tis true I am in possession of the small green pineapples as well but yOU WILL NEVER FIND THEM
11:47am Oct 30th, 2015
:OO! Attack, attack on all sides I say! *starts dipping torches in Baro fat*
11:38am Oct 30th, 2015
Well well well if it isn't the amazing Jylani. :) *hugs*
3:50am Oct 16th, 2015
Jylani its October.
5:15am Sep 29th, 2015
Ok, forget my question. I've already got it. ;) Hope you're fine?
2:06pm Sep 18th, 2015
Hi my dear! How are you? I have a little problem. Maybe you can help me?
2:02pm Sep 18th, 2015
Not for everything, right. But it's good for a better job after school. ;)
12:12pm Sep 4th, 2015
I always try to help new users. I got so many help as I started here and so I can give a little bit of this help back. And school is important!!!! ;)
10:55am Sep 4th, 2015
I'm fine. At the moment I try to help new players, although english is not my first language. *g*
10:48am Sep 4th, 2015
Hey, my dear! How are you? *hugs*
10:38am Sep 4th, 2015
plz may you check out my shop even though I only have one item?
2:59pm Aug 19th, 2015
How do I equip items to my dinosaurs?
10:21pm Aug 18th, 2015
How do I equip items to my dinosaurs?
10:21pm Aug 18th, 2015
ok we can do that.
6:32pm Aug 18th, 2015
I guess animals.
6:14pm Aug 18th, 2015
I like any kind of roleplay really.
6:01pm Aug 18th, 2015
Got any good ideas for a roleplay?
5:45pm Aug 18th, 2015 That's not funny anymore. I could cry, cause you can't help. :(
2:25pm Aug 11th, 2015
9:24pm Aug 8th, 2015
how do i take someone off of my second account i made a mistake so please help me
9:17pm Aug 8th, 2015
Thanks for the balloons earlier.
8:53pm Jul 29th, 2015
I'm baaaaaack!!!! :D
2:01pm Jul 20th, 2015
Thank you very much :)
5:11pm Jul 14th, 2015
Hello. I have checked a good portion of the guides in the boards but can't find anything on this matter. I was just wondering how do you cure Metta- bolic bone disease? Thank you! ~Cys
4:49pm Jul 14th, 2015
12:16am Jul 7th, 2015
Wanted to tell you that I will be on vacation now. See you in two weeks again!!! :) *hugs*
2:26pm Jul 3rd, 2015
Sounds that you have a really cute cat. You should go to be in my opinion. Well, I'm off for a while, but will come back later. :)
2:56am Jun 30th, 2015
Hahaha! A white one? Great. Hm, maybe fresh air?
2:40am Jun 30th, 2015
LOL. Now I have a picture of your cat in mind. :D Will be online for the next 30 minutes. Many things to do till I will be on vacation.
2:36am Jun 30th, 2015
Could be an option to get not so many offsprings. Hm, shouldn't you go to bed at this time? ;)
2:21am Jun 30th, 2015
LOL - for me is 10:44 in the morning. :D Aaah, but they won't die, right?
1:45am Jun 30th, 2015
Good morning, my dear! :) A stupid question: what would happened if I wouldn't have enough space in the herbi-enclosures at the next breeding-time?
1:36am Jun 30th, 2015
And the dinos ran again not all trials. That makes me angry ....
2:40pm Jun 27th, 2015
Sleep well, my dear! *hugs*
2:46am Jun 24th, 2015
No-one wanted my herbi-herds that I had in auctions. :( Do we have an item with that we can fill all troughs at the same second?
2:18am Jun 24th, 2015
Take a look at my ten baro-enclosures. All together they have about 2.000 eggs. *g*
11:57am Jun 20th, 2015
Ahh, you've already seen it. Hope you like this herd. A little bit more males than females, but a good start. ;)
11:54am Jun 20th, 2015
12 hours then. ;) I will make an auction for you, but I can't select, how many males/females the herd will have, when they are eggs or calves.
11:43am Jun 20th, 2015
Then tell me, how many you like. I have to make an auction for them. 24 hours? Or 12 or 48?
11:33am Jun 20th, 2015
Want Baros, Edmonto or Bonnie calves? I got so many eggs today. For friends of course as gift. ;)
5:27am Jun 20th, 2015
I know, my dear. And I also know that you would help if you could. *hugs*
2:49pm Jun 19th, 2015
S... you know the word. At the moment I'm frustrated enough to leave Exhi. :(
2:46pm Jun 19th, 2015
Hey, my dear! Can you inform Kitty in any way, that we have bugs here and that none of the head mods/mods are here to help?
2:38pm Jun 19th, 2015
I bought some new enclosures for my herbis and had to split some herds. Many exd, but the next breeding-time can come. *g*
1:23pm Jun 18th, 2015
Time lags are bad in my opinion. But that's the world. tt to example is from Great Britain and so we have a difference of one hour.
1:05pm Jun 18th, 2015
LOL. You have afternoon at the moment, right? Here is evening. Me and my bad english, sorry.
12:59pm Jun 18th, 2015
Sounds that you had a long night, if I understood you right. ;)
12:53pm Jun 18th, 2015
LOL, all right. How are you?
12:42pm Jun 18th, 2015
Did you write me yesterday? I suppose I deleted a message by accident.
1:33am Jun 18th, 2015
Tell Grox I say hello from boring college kid during the summer land! I'm really okay with being bugged, since bugs are generally pretty cool. However, I do apologize for not being around, I just really haven't had the time to sit and chatter.
10:35pm May 31st, 2015
Well, it's time to go to bed for me. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams! And greetings to Aeric!!! *hugs*
4:30pm May 26th, 2015
Now I bought 200 spaces for one enclosure. That's enough for today. Tomorrow I will buy hundreds of spaces again. Now I will go to bed. Sleep well and have sweet dreams! And greetings to Aeric!!! *hugs*
2:25pm May 13th, 2015
That's true. XD Do we have an item that changes the troughs in a kind of ocean/river?
2:15pm May 13th, 2015
I always get 2-3 babies per cow. That's why I have so big enclosures now. I wish I had an ocean for my herbis.
2:09pm May 13th, 2015
LOL. The most time I have more males then females. It would be helpful, if we could decide, how many spaces we want to buy. One after one needs time.
2:02pm May 13th, 2015
I should try do that, too. After the next breeding-time I will split the herds in lots of little ones. That should be easier.
1:57pm May 13th, 2015
Yep, really super quick. The biggest enclosures I need space for are about 730 and 750.
1:49pm May 13th, 2015
I don't have fishes anymore, but lots of fish-heads. I have so many baros that I think about to "kill" some of the bulls. Like I know we don't really need so many of them for the breedings.
1:41pm May 13th, 2015
Oh yes, that would really very bad. *g* After I logged in I first take a look at my Baros, give them water and all those other things. Then my other dinos. XD
1:33pm May 13th, 2015
In over 800 days??? :o OMG. My Barosaurus are on grade A+, my Bonitas and Edmontos on A. Hope to have them on A+ soon. :)
1:28pm May 13th, 2015
I don't use the grain, but I always wormed my herbis. Also thousands of exd. ;)
1:21pm May 13th, 2015
I'm pretty good, too. :) I know what you mean. At the moment I invest thousands of exd in my herbi-enclosures for the next breeding-time. :D
1:12pm May 13th, 2015
Hey! You're online! How are you? Have you known that herbi-enclosures "eat" scales? :D
12:46pm May 13th, 2015
XD cool what kind of game?
4:46pm May 11th, 2015
Ha it's my favorite word. Just the irony of it is great. I love the person who decided the fear of long words would be called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Ah humanity.
12:20pm May 11th, 2015
*touches face*
11:44pm May 6th, 2015
Happy Easter, my dear! *hugs*
8:12am Apr 5th, 2015
Okay. Thanks for your fast answer. :) I saw that Spotty is online. So I will ask him. ;)
2:20pm Apr 4th, 2015
Hi Jylani! Can you tell us anything about, that the trials don't work for three days? (today is the 3rd day)
2:10pm Apr 4th, 2015
Outsch. Not really funny. Well, I have to go off for a while, but will come online later again. Sleep well and get well soon! *hugs*
12:00pm Feb 19th, 2015
Get well soon for both of us. ;) Hope you got a good medicine. An ear infection can be dangerous.
11:31am Feb 19th, 2015
Oh dear - that's not good. Have you already visited a doctor? Go to bed and try to sleep - it's the best medicine. I have cough and head cold since yesterday.
11:17am Feb 19th, 2015
Hope you feel better now? *hugs* I had to breed so many. Yesterday I was the leader with 507 eggs. As I logged in today, there were 700 eggs from Brother Woodchuck. And now I have only a few more roses.
11:04am Feb 19th, 2015
Like I said before: you are an angel!!!! :)
11:28am Feb 16th, 2015
Only one more CD, than I have to give you other items. Do you like Fishing nets? ;)
11:20am Feb 16th, 2015
There are angels in the world. And one of them are you! ;) *hugs*
8:27am Feb 16th, 2015
2 more CD's, than you have all of them that I had. :D Thanks again for your big help! :)
5:44am Feb 16th, 2015
From time to time they don't work. With luck tomorrow again. ;)
3:53pm Feb 15th, 2015
Do you know why the trials don't work today? Instead of "entered 10 trials" the system said "0 trials". XD
1:53pm Feb 15th, 2015
Hello Jylani! Do you still have the red roses for 8 cd's? We could send them to each other, without a trade. - You're Aerics sister, right?
2:43pm Feb 9th, 2015
omg omg I saw in the auction that you were selling reindeer I would love to buy some if you are willing to sell
11:28pm Dec 20th, 2014
poke poke poke
2:50pm Dec 7th, 2014
Well now I do.
5:52am Dec 3rd, 2014
I'm logging off now But it was nice to say hello.
11:02pm Dec 2nd, 2014
I'm alright. XD I love how I said hi and threw a snowball at you, because you know, that is normal.
10:58pm Dec 2nd, 2014
I like your polar bear. :) Hello, I know I haven't said hey in a while but it is nice to see you.
10:27pm Dec 2nd, 2014
Its not very nice of you to shoot me xD
5:43pm Oct 19th, 2014
12:02pm Aug 5th, 2014
((Your random message from me for the day XD.))
11:39am Aug 5th, 2014
Actually It sounds more like grapes. XD people like grapes. O_O
11:39am Aug 5th, 2014
more bananas xD
2:52pm Jul 5th, 2014
it actually sounds more like bananas ;D
2:44pm Jul 5th, 2014
Okay, np :)
10:22am Jun 15th, 2014
No- your dinos! where did they all go?!
7:08pm Jun 14th, 2014
I alright. thanks for asking. :) I and please check out the message on my farm page. ;)
6:49pm Mar 28th, 2014
So how have you been.
6:41pm Mar 28th, 2014
Hello again. :)
6:41pm Mar 28th, 2014
4:11pm Mar 26th, 2014
Ah. Alright.
4:11pm Mar 26th, 2014
I like it. :) And now it is a Clydesdale or draft now. So is your hair really pink or..? (0_0)/
3:50pm Mar 26th, 2014
It looked like a boy/girl with grey skin. :)
9:27am Mar 26th, 2014
I like your new picture.
8:07pm Mar 25th, 2014
Just saying hello. :)
8:06pm Mar 25th, 2014
Yeah. Well at least we had a good laugh.
7:18pm Mar 24th, 2014
Easy fix. 1.Hose 2.Garage 1.Hose the garage floor. 2.Do whatever. And in the summer? ... SWIMMING LESSONS! XD
6:59pm Mar 24th, 2014
I run a lot so I know how you feel. Infact between you answering I run around my living room. (Don't worry there is a lot of space.)
6:49pm Mar 24th, 2014
Interesting. :) Was the skating fun?
6:39pm Mar 24th, 2014
In what way may I ask?
5:33pm Mar 24th, 2014
Yes it has and yours madam?
5:26pm Mar 24th, 2014
Nope I just think your cool. So I said hello. :)
5:16pm Mar 24th, 2014
5:06pm Mar 24th, 2014
5:28pm Dec 31st, 2013
*Drops gift at your farm gate* Merry early Christmas! ^^
11:55pm Dec 20th, 2013
I have a nice, icy present for . Lol, merry christmas.
7:22pm Dec 16th, 2013
*lurks behind your door ready to snowball you*
3:16am Dec 10th, 2013
I'm going to keep chucking snowballs at you till the end of time MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
11:20pm Dec 7th, 2013
your tag's done :D here's the link:
1:04pm Nov 19th, 2013
You're welcome, and thanks :)
3:50pm Oct 25th, 2013
thanks for the payment! hope you enjoy your new tag. :D
3:46pm Oct 25th, 2013
you're tag is finished! here's the regular sized version: and the larger version:
12:28pm Oct 25th, 2013
Alrighty breed request sent. :D
9:06pm Oct 11th, 2013
Can i breed with your Acro male, L10 BGR Forest Design [GP]? he's beautiful. :D
8:58pm Oct 11th, 2013
I'd love to take you up on that Acro offer. Do you have any studs that are available to breed for a fee?
8:54pm Oct 11th, 2013
I finaly get my tablet tommarow :P
10:44pm Sep 12th, 2013
10:36pm Sep 12th, 2013
*dances around your shoutbox* 83 hi
10:10pm Sep 12th, 2013
*moo's and rools around* I see you in chat 8}
3:51pm Aug 28th, 2013
I know, been writing my post :) Just about to send actaully.
12:50pm Aug 1st, 2013
*pokes* NL is on owo
12:49pm Aug 1st, 2013
10:59am Jul 24th, 2013
10:59am Jul 24th, 2013
Yep, I have no use for em, so I sent them to someone who does. Enjoy them :)
6:00pm Jul 19th, 2013
:O Did you mean to send me all the yellow water balloons?
5:58pm Jul 19th, 2013
They hurt because I got braces on Monday
2:24pm Jul 19th, 2013
sorry ment yeah
2:20pm Jul 19th, 2013
2:20pm Jul 19th, 2013
Are you asking why my teeth hurt?
2:04pm Jul 19th, 2013
2:02pm Jul 19th, 2013
You can have it, I can't eat anything because my teeth hurt right now anyway :P
4:33pm Jul 15th, 2013
Imma lurking on chor shout box, eating all tah candys 8U
4:29pm Jul 15th, 2013
7:02pm Jul 10th, 2013
Hai 8D
6:52pm Jul 10th, 2013
hi <3
4:43pm Jul 2nd, 2013
4:59pm Jun 21st, 2013
Great I was like Pink gotta get pink then. *I was like I finally found it!* Message me prices for him/her what ever you want it to be
8:35pm May 2nd, 2013
I like it :D
8:09pm May 2nd, 2013
How about this one?
8:03pm May 2nd, 2013
I saw it, just been busy/distracted and haven't thought about entering.
11:09pm Apr 28th, 2013
Also running quill club contest In case you.wanted to know
11:07pm Apr 28th, 2013
happy belated birthday!
2:57pm Apr 26th, 2013
Happy B-day
10:28pm Apr 24th, 2013
Ah, that's cool :)
9:00pm Apr 23rd, 2013
I just noticed we are in the same club :)
8:24pm Apr 23rd, 2013
8:59pm Apr 4th, 2013
Would you go 50k each again
7:46pm Apr 4th, 2013
How much for your Suasage wrapped in bacon and dino cookies
10:08pm Apr 3rd, 2013
:D Thank you
7:37pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Sorry, meant to.. but I'm so exhausted that I fell out of my mind when my food was ready.. Sending now.
7:28pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Are you going to send the stuff :D
7:24pm Apr 3rd, 2013
6:56pm Apr 3rd, 2013
So 300k Total I will send it over :D
6:55pm Apr 3rd, 2013
6:52pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Does that include roast turkey and Rabbit clippon
6:50pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Um... 50k each.
6:00pm Apr 3rd, 2013
Also forgot to put roast turkey and Mother & Baby Rabbit Clipon
4:50pm Apr 3rd, 2013
/(o_O) I don't know what do you want for it?
11:23am Apr 3rd, 2013
How much are you willing to pay me for them?
9:12pm Apr 2nd, 2013
Lol Valerie cookie that was auto correct I meant Valentine
8:32pm Apr 2nd, 2013
Christmas Leftover Chocolate Snowflake Christmas Cookie Valerie Cookie
8:32pm Apr 2nd, 2013
Did you find something of interest in there?
5:55pm Apr 2nd, 2013
Are you still selling storage items?
1:08pm Apr 2nd, 2013
hello i have some things you could buy at my shop if you want to and i am not begging you to buy my items it is your choice if you want to
7:03pm Feb 22nd, 2013
I am gonna head off and sleep so if the join me is off when you get back I am sorry I am just to ill to stay up :
8:20pm Jan 29th, 2013
posted <3
9:37pm Jan 26th, 2013
8:36pm Jan 11th, 2013
I want to... but I've got homework too... :( Not to mention a nasty headache. Maybe later after I've done some work and my medicine kicks in.
8:38pm Jan 7th, 2013
want to post for a little bit on the rp while I work on HW?
8:37pm Jan 7th, 2013
8:35pm Jan 6th, 2013
Posted :D and also tell me when you post and also how are you doing?
8:30pm Jan 6th, 2013
2:15pm Jan 5th, 2013
2:32pm Jan 4th, 2013
I was one of them wasn't I? :P
1:01pm Jan 4th, 2013
1:53am Jan 4th, 2013
*hugs* :3
10:35am Jan 1st, 2013
What would you like a chibi of? :)
12:04pm Dec 31st, 2012
can I order a chibi? :3
12:03pm Dec 31st, 2012 Didn't know if you wanted to watch or not.
6:12pm Dec 23rd, 2012
:P Better watch out, I might get you back! :P
3:45pm Dec 21st, 2012
3:43pm Dec 21st, 2012 I would love if you could make sure everything is ok as i make it
11:56am Dec 16th, 2012
Not yet! :P
8:59pm Dec 15th, 2012
That I am. Ready to call uncle yet? ;)
8:58pm Dec 15th, 2012
Who do you think is winning yet? We should have started keeping track lol
8:47pm Dec 13th, 2012
Indeed! :P
6:18pm Dec 11th, 2012
It seems we are at a snowball war... lol
6:18pm Dec 11th, 2012
I know :P
9:23pm Dec 8th, 2012
You're gonna get it... ;)
9:00pm Dec 8th, 2012
Haha! I'd better hide :P
4:05pm Dec 8th, 2012
Yes. You do... ;)
4:01pm Dec 8th, 2012
:D I have it coming I guess.. :P
3:59pm Dec 8th, 2012
I'm gonna save all my snow to get you back. Just so you know ;)
3:57pm Dec 8th, 2012
Haha! :P
3:54pm Dec 8th, 2012
Snowball ninjaaaaaa
3:54pm Dec 8th, 2012
3:26pm Dec 7th, 2012
11:04pm Dec 4th, 2012
In my store? Yeah, I only sell things when I by chance get them so I don't have things very often.
3:10pm Nov 16th, 2012
Good Price......Just Not A Lot Of Items.
6:17am Nov 16th, 2012
can i have 40,000 please i will give you all my items
8:25pm Nov 7th, 2012
Thanks for all the concern. :)
5:39pm Nov 4th, 2012
hope you get better
5:37pm Nov 4th, 2012
Thanks! <3
4:40pm Nov 2nd, 2012
hope you get better D:
4:37pm Nov 2nd, 2012
Thanks :)
4:46pm Nov 1st, 2012
I like your tag!
4:40pm Nov 1st, 2012
I'm still down with pneumonia..... D:
4:32pm Nov 1st, 2012
whoa you where SICK
4:30pm Nov 1st, 2012
Thanks! :) I really hope I'm better by tomorrow, because I can't afford to loose even a day at my school...
12:04pm Oct 31st, 2012
I hope that you end up feeling better! Me no likey when people are sick D;
12:01pm Oct 31st, 2012
did i ever tell you that your is in my opian the BEST farm on this game
4:14pm Oct 25th, 2012
its okay if you cant give them to me i will get someday
4:12pm Oct 25th, 2012
Sorry, but a bob seal and loki are worth more then that......
4:06pm Oct 25th, 2012
by the way i like your new tag elbum for tide and the dolphin. sorry i cant rember its name.
4:03pm Oct 25th, 2012
i will trade you if its free but i can also pay if its no more than 2000 i only have 12,090
4:01pm Oct 25th, 2012
cool ^_^ hope she is haveing fun~
7:40pm Oct 24th, 2012
She's up at school doing something, not sure when she will be back.
7:39pm Oct 24th, 2012
unnnn also is majanga gonna come back on tonight. I wanted to ask her about something.
7:37pm Oct 24th, 2012
how are you 8D
5:20pm Oct 24th, 2012
:D Cool
9:18pm Oct 23rd, 2012
<3 tag. and unn one of my friends is joining maby tonight 8DD I am on the phone with him. Though he is not one of the ones to joke.
8:39pm Oct 23rd, 2012
Well, yes I do, but are you willing to trade something, or pay me?
3:15pm Oct 23rd, 2012
oh and if you need stuff from my shop feel free the prices are low and i am out of room
3:14pm Oct 23rd, 2012
i am looking for a bob seal and a loki plushe. have one?
3:10pm Oct 23rd, 2012
oh yeah have any thing for trade dont worry i dont attack my friends and you are my only friend on this game
3:08pm Oct 23rd, 2012
For saying happy halloween
6:03pm Oct 22nd, 2012
for what
6:03pm Oct 22nd, 2012
4:31pm Oct 21st, 2012
4:25pm Oct 21st, 2012
flings a torch at you
10:58pm Oct 20th, 2012
lol XD
3:10pm Oct 18th, 2012
Umm..... You win a round of applause! *Claps loudly* :P
8:14pm Oct 14th, 2012
hey im the fourth to post so what do i win XD
8:12pm Oct 14th, 2012
sorry about that message XD we are in different time zones so it is 12:43 right now so yea.
12:42pm Oct 11th, 2012
Hi there! :P
6:00pm Oct 4th, 2012
'Ello Jylani! I'm honored to be the first to post in your shoutbox! :D
5:57pm Oct 4th, 2012