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The contest has just a few more things to be worked out, it'll probably be set to go in the next week or so!
5:10pm Jan 19th, 2014
services, such as artwork for EXD or scales. Good luck on the forever upgrade!
9:22pm Jan 2nd, 2014
Hey there, I don't have the funds to get anyone a forever upgrade. I suggest saving up scales, as a forever upgrade is definitely worth the large amount of scales put into it. To get scales, I suggest selling rare items, above average dinosaurs, and any s
9:21pm Jan 2nd, 2014
What exactly do you need help with? Usually people need help with getting it to show up, but you were able to post it in my shoutbox correctly, so that doesn't seem to be the case.
4:10pm Nov 11th, 2013
Hey, can you retype your message all in one go? It's difficult for me to understand what you're asking.
3:30pm Nov 11th, 2013
Hey there, what exactly do you need help with? It's also easiest for you to send me one shoutbox message, as it doesn't break up the thought process for me as much.
3:27pm Nov 11th, 2013
I thought I replied to your shouts, sorry about that. Happy late birthday, jogs are pretty cool, and everyone seems to be getting 1$ from me and not a single person has told me if they're mad yet.
6:19pm Oct 29th, 2013
I've never gotten enough diamonds on any server or singleplayer world to make a block XD
8:00am Oct 26th, 2013
Hi, obviously u play minecraft or atleast know what it username on minecraft (and here, obviously) is CheetahCat. I like your username, I am fond of endermen and the Enderdragon.
12:10pm Aug 16th, 2013
What's up?
8:43pm Aug 10th, 2013
I just got back from a jog and dinner, actually! It was pretty entertaining. You got anywhere you could jog around?
5:14pm Aug 8th, 2013
Haha, no diamond block on my right now ;P I do play minecraft though lol.
5:01pm Jul 28th, 2013
Hello there Ender! I don't really know you, so let me introduce myself, I'm Callie ;)
9:31am Jul 26th, 2013
Oh man, another claw club! Excellent.
9:11pm Jul 25th, 2013
Haha, it's cool that you like it. A lot of people do, and that's fine by me!
9:32pm Jul 20th, 2013
Nah, I've looked into it a lot, but it really doesn't look like something I'd play. I used to always play with legos so the creation part's cool, but the rest of it doesn't seem like something that'll keep me playing.
9:16am Jul 20th, 2013
Scrapes are not comfortable, though some of them look cool! And by gaming I mean playing a computer game of mine. I don't have much else to do for the summer, so I've been putting in a lot of effort to catch up on missed gaming time due to school.
9:13am Jul 20th, 2013
Hey! Not doing much, doing some things on EX before I bounce and get some gaming done today. Anything with you?
9:06am Jul 20th, 2013
hey there, what's up?
2:51pm May 28th, 2013
hey there!
6:18pm Apr 28th, 2013
I am the best Santa.
10:47am Dec 9th, 2012
Oh? How do I look famous? :o Also Herbies are nice to have. :D
10:44am Dec 9th, 2012
Thanks for the bandaids wrapped in the wrapping paper wrapped in the wrapping paper! :D You amused my tired mind way too much with that.
5:28am Dec 9th, 2012
in the futare brian you can bid on my dino but I axidently set it to 0 on axident.
6:25pm Nov 21st, 2012
you want a trex for what
2:31pm Nov 18th, 2012
why in the world would i pay a higher amount for amount ten thousand for seven
7:49pm Nov 13th, 2012