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Werewolf (#7477)

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10:52am Feb 21st, 2016
Would you be willing to seall any of your dinos?
10:51am Feb 21st, 2016
please look at fading outlines
7:24am Mar 15th, 2015
Hey! I have a baby Dino I bought! Want me to transfer it to you?
2:15pm Mar 8th, 2015
I'm doing good. :) sorry fur the late reply, I thought I had responded.
7:39pm Aug 3rd, 2014
aw. :( are you feeling better? :)
7:07pm Jul 24th, 2014
hai. ^^ how are you today?
2:46pm Jul 17th, 2014
I'm doing fine. ^^ I hope you have a fun time at writing camp, if it is fun. ^^
7:25am Jul 11th, 2014
How are you today? :3 ^^
7:22am Jul 11th, 2014
Hi. ^^
7:21am Jul 11th, 2014
Yup! :3 they are awesome! :D thanks!
10:07am Jul 10th, 2014
I put the first demetrodon in it's lovely enclosure. ^^
8:16pm Jul 9th, 2014
sorry. xD I was so excited I spelled excited wrong. x3
10:39am Jul 8th, 2014
Responded to topic. :3 :D I'm so exited.
5:05pm Jul 6th, 2014
replied on your topic. :3
9:19am Jul 5th, 2014
xD omg, that's awesome.
7:18pm Jun 29th, 2014
5:20pm Jun 27th, 2014
this song is awesome too:
5:19pm Jun 27th, 2014
I love the tricksters sooo much. x3 I think there is something wrong with me. xD and theres a gamzee in the background!
5:18pm Jun 27th, 2014
great. now I'm misspelling things. x3
5:16pm Jun 27th, 2014
I've read it like 5 times. its sooo awesome! xD omg. now I'm all hyper cuz I jus got finished readinh it. x3
5:15pm Jun 27th, 2014
did you read it? >:3 (its awesome and terrifying at the same time!) x3
4:51pm Jun 27th, 2014
tricksters... omg.
3:00pm Jun 27th, 2014
2:59pm Jun 27th, 2014
2:57pm Jun 27th, 2014
bye. :(
7:55pm Jun 26th, 2014
poor dude. I want to hug him. soooo badly. he needs a hug.
7:52pm Jun 26th, 2014
he's just like: ... *tear* ;(
7:47pm Jun 26th, 2014
... I just read that part too. he hugs her, then, BOOM! poor sollux.
7:43pm Jun 26th, 2014
I'm gonna do that. :3
7:33pm Jun 26th, 2014
and then she made him a trickster and hes all like "yeah!" and then they made roxy a trickster, and then dirk. x3
7:33pm Jun 26th, 2014
xDDDD I can't stop laughing. simply thinking of what jane said to poor jake is just... xD
7:29pm Jun 26th, 2014
jane, oh my god! XD poor jake. jane is torturing poor little jake. xD
7:27pm Jun 26th, 2014
omg. xD have you gotten to the trickster part yet? :3 its awesome, I swear! xD
7:21pm Jun 26th, 2014
I. don't. even. bother. I tried to draw a nepeta once, I gave up at the hat. xD (I always start with the head fur some reason)x3
7:17pm Jun 26th, 2014
they are so cute! (I swear, I'm a nepeta when it comes to this) x3
7:14pm Jun 26th, 2014
omg, that's my 2'nd FAVORITE ship of aaaall time! I love that ship. :3 (so does my big sis)
7:10pm Jun 26th, 2014
or, favorite shipping. :3
7:09pm Jun 26th, 2014
omg. xD speaking of buckets, what is your otp? *whispers dirkjake*
7:08pm Jun 26th, 2014
I replied to all of them... and the bucket one. omg! xD
7:07pm Jun 26th, 2014
yup. quite a bit to far.
6:36pm Jun 26th, 2014
little karkles. :3 I like every single one of them, besides those two. I just cant forgive vriska fur killing tavros, I just can't, I understood why she blinded terezi though... terezi blew her arm off.
5:26pm Jun 25th, 2014
*takes a breath* ahem, do you like them? ^^
11:06am Jun 25th, 2014
killed the best moiral ship of all time (nepeta and equius) and hes flipping beating up my favorite character right now!
10:03am Jun 25th, 2014
ok, I've decided that I absolutely love terezi. XD but, speaking of homestuck, do you like gamzee and vriska? (I don't like either of them) my big sis loves gamzee, but really wants him to get killed because he deserves it. I don't like him because he kil
10:01am Jun 25th, 2014
thnx for buying from my store come again =^_^=
7:11am May 19th, 2014
Hey wanna join my how to train your dragon role play?
9:43pm Feb 12th, 2014
can i refer you?
4:12pm Feb 11th, 2014
narwhal narwhals swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cuz they ar so awesome
7:55pm Feb 8th, 2014
7:24pm Feb 8th, 2014
Nothing against you, though
2:48pm Feb 8th, 2014
One problem: I'm in like four other RP's. :( I really don't want to join another one, if you understand why
2:48pm Feb 8th, 2014
2:45pm Feb 8th, 2014
so are we starting?
7:46pm Feb 5th, 2014
alright, forum cahanged. get back as soon as you can
7:40pm Feb 5th, 2014
nice rp idea...
7:35pm Feb 5th, 2014
No problem! If you're still having any issues, feel free to contact me again!
9:16am Feb 5th, 2014
The avatar size is 150x150 pixels, if that's the issue. Are you making sure you're using the .png link that it gives you once you upload your image? You also need to make sure that there isn't any extra size change when uploading. I know imageshack used t
8:45am Feb 5th, 2014
Hey there! Can I have a link to where you're trying to put up the tag?
6:33am Feb 5th, 2014
4:38pm Jan 31st, 2014
hi there!!!
2:41pm Jan 29th, 2014
Yeah I saw that it was awesome
6:59pm Jan 26th, 2014
By the way I joined your Dinosauria role play and I posted on my Prehistoric power: a new era one
6:14pm Jan 26th, 2014
Wow you change your username a lot
6:14pm Jan 26th, 2014
Thanks :)
5:16pm Jan 24th, 2014
I'll take both pls
2:55pm Jan 20th, 2014
Can I be a enderman lord?
2:43pm Jan 20th, 2014
2:31pm Jan 20th, 2014
D'aww... No worries! I'll be here with you!
5:06pm Jan 13th, 2014
Uh... A year? Or so?
4:53pm Jan 13th, 2014
Hm. Good plan.
4:36pm Jan 13th, 2014
But what would explain a guardian that didn't appear in the other two RPs?
4:23pm Jan 13th, 2014
But I still don't know where I would fit in :U
4:17pm Jan 13th, 2014
Omg really!? 8D ajdflad that rp is soooo looong
4:03pm Jan 13th, 2014
Nighty night!
8:56pm Jan 12th, 2014
8:54pm Jan 12th, 2014
:P No worries. Tho you could send me a PM, if you're still up to it! 83 And me? I'm sorta tired, but things are pretty epic in my direction <3
8:54pm Jan 12th, 2014
I said wut its abouts xDD
8:40pm Jan 12th, 2014
D8 Why did it blink out my words?
8:40pm Jan 12th, 2014
Aw... Third? The series stuff is still going on? I'm a little late to the bandwagon D'8 oh... telmewu$@#!*about 8D
8:39pm Jan 12th, 2014
heheh <3 Missed ya too! Hope everything going awesome for you! Is there any RP I can join? 83
8:35pm Jan 12th, 2014
D'omg! WERE 8DDD
8:25pm Jan 12th, 2014
7:18pm Jan 9th, 2014
I found a sad song...
7:18pm Jan 9th, 2014
Thanks for buying my Linheraptors by the way :)
10:53am Jan 8th, 2014
... :o) HoNk. YuP. I'm not sure terezi's gonna make it out of the situation she's in. 0.0 Gamzee... >:|
7:38pm Jan 7th, 2014
You'd be surprised at the ONLY 4 trolls left. :( *sobs* (mistery name) WHY?! (You shall figure out at who's name and personality I REALLY hate who seems all cool now, bro) (mistery face)
6:56pm Jan 7th, 2014
Tavros is my second favorite! He's Sooooooo cute! :3 how far have you gotten in homestuck? I've made it to the end... Until there is an update. :3
6:50pm Jan 7th, 2014
:33 thanks! She's my favorite Charector of all time. :33
6:43pm Jan 7th, 2014
Yup! (^w^)
9:24am Dec 25th, 2013
I haz drawn leh dragon! (^w^)/
6:31pm Dec 24th, 2013
I know about Nano, yup yup. Who's Laughing Jackie, again?
1:19pm Dec 21st, 2013
Aah. c: Well, hello friend!~ I miss you all.
9:35pm Dec 20th, 2013
Indeed I was. c: But, excuse me for asking, who are you? And Laughing Jackie? I can't remember the numbers anymore. uwu;
8:36am Dec 20th, 2013
why don't you ever post on From Human Dreams to War anymore? :(
5:21pm Dec 19th, 2013
4:41pm Dec 19th, 2013
yeah! I actually saw that on IMBD. I just really hope it wasn't a typo. I feel like they could have easily misspelled Gadreel. >.>
10:01am Dec 9th, 2013
wait-what? I thought that was just a rumor! Now I'm so happy....but it still won't fill the void left by kevin. T_T
10:17pm Dec 8th, 2013
I agree! There was no reason kevin should have died. 8U
7:20pm Dec 7th, 2013
Well, that's good! :D
3:56pm Nov 29th, 2013
How've you been, bud?
12:08am Nov 29th, 2013
Hey! Yeah, school's been a real bugger lately. Few major projects due soon- not fun at all!
12:08am Nov 29th, 2013
*reads sig* ERMAHGERD I LUV DA SONG!!! #imaginedragons
12:07pm Nov 17th, 2013
I did too! :D We're all taking to ourselves. XD
3:43pm Sep 29th, 2013
Haha! You're alive!
3:17pm Sep 29th, 2013
6:52pm Sep 2nd, 2013
#Posted XD
6:36pm Sep 2nd, 2013
Posted :3
6:12pm Sep 2nd, 2013
I posted on the Last Lights :3
5:38pm Sep 2nd, 2013
I meant u
5:46am Aug 21st, 2013
Did I get my PMRP message? My computer lagged out
5:46am Aug 21st, 2013
5:42am Aug 21st, 2013
5:59am Aug 20th, 2013
5:40am Aug 20th, 2013
11:40am Aug 18th, 2013
11:34am Aug 18th, 2013
Hmmmmmm...shapeshifters who are at war with two different races. Like wolves vs horses or tiger or something :3
11:28am Aug 18th, 2013
What should it be about?
11:16am Aug 18th, 2013
Whadya want it to be about?
11:06am Aug 18th, 2013
Well u wanna do the same RP as on the boards or a different rp
11:00am Aug 18th, 2013
Do ya wanna PMRP?
10:48am Aug 18th, 2013
I accidentally reported a friend of mine!!! Noooo! I hit the button on accident
10:40am Aug 18th, 2013
Omg I thought you died! O_O
7:14am Aug 18th, 2013
I made an app on stolen Future...
4:11pm Jul 23rd, 2013
LoL it's fine XD
6:21am Jul 18th, 2013
i posted on the twist rp :)
1:33pm Jul 16th, 2013
7:21am Jul 11th, 2013
5:53am Jul 11th, 2013
Do you like PMRP's?
7:31pm Jul 10th, 2013
Hey your turn on the demon or angel RP if you're still doing it :3
6:24am Jul 6th, 2013
Don't worry, you won't. If you feel like you're slipping into the darkness, play difficult puzzles and stuff that won't start up your insanity. I and a psychiatrist.
7:56pm Jun 29th, 2013
I replied.
5:19pm Jun 29th, 2013
xD I'm replying.
1:18pm Jun 29th, 2013
Yeah, there was a timeskip. The Characters have attacked about a mile, or a click into their territory. Their launching fireballs at us. xD
7:30pm Jun 28th, 2013
Nice. But I'm trying to figure out what happened O.O
3:49pm Jun 12th, 2013
Okay, but you MUST be on for at least ten more minutes and post on Apocalypse.
3:44pm Jun 12th, 2013
Can you please post on the horse RP?we're waiting for you! :)
3:40pm Jun 12th, 2013
Bah bye! :D
3:59pm Jun 11th, 2013
DDDD: THAT SUCKS. I Absolutely HATE it when that happens!!! Really! So now I've gotten slightly smarter and copied everything, or I keep another EX tab open xD But I've been through that many times as well.
3:52pm Jun 11th, 2013
Were!!!!! :))))))
3:47pm Jun 11th, 2013
Were! :DDDDD
3:44pm Jun 11th, 2013
Nooo! I MUST.
8:27pm May 4th, 2013
Oh man. So sorry! I dropped out again O.o And I'll get you a late birthday present, 'kay? :3
12:58pm May 3rd, 2013
Creepy Avatar. :)
4:06pm Apr 18th, 2013
6:55pm Feb 27th, 2013
Oh xD
3:55pm Feb 26th, 2013
I mean, teh game, Dawn of the Dragon.
3:36pm Feb 26th, 2013
I know, right? In DotD, Cynder is the only femael O.O
3:24pm Feb 26th, 2013
*Chases after Werewolf* *Glomps* *Nuzzles* Mmm? Sure!
11:01am Feb 24th, 2013
*Nibbles on head*
10:51am Feb 24th, 2013
*Chews on other ear*
10:46am Feb 24th, 2013
*Chew malevolently on ear*
10:37am Feb 24th, 2013
10:32am Feb 24th, 2013
:O It spoke to me~!! :D *huggles*
4:32pm Feb 22nd, 2013
4:29pm Feb 22nd, 2013
Sure Werewolf!
5:51pm Feb 4th, 2013
You're welcome! And I insist, since your my friend!
3:46pm Feb 4th, 2013
-You still get at least three eggs, no ,atter what. I'mm looking forward to it >:D
7:14am Feb 4th, 2013
Werewolf? You know what? I'll give you every third egg I breed. You know the sire. But since me and Woodchuck will be splitting clutches, you'll be basically getting my egg. Do you feel any better?
7:40pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Yaknow what? I'll give you a dino egg every second breeding I have with her. You know the sire ;D But me a woodchuck are splitting clutches, so that means I'm giving up my egg for you! Does that make you feel better?
7:30pm Feb 3rd, 2013
afaofaifgboaewif back to you xD
6:56pm Feb 3rd, 2013
6:39pm Feb 3rd, 2013
IF I win xD Werewolf? Do you want to make a deal? For the dino?
6:39pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Me and Woodchuck may try to do and
6:36pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Snipy snappy!
6:34pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Posty Post!
6:32pm Feb 3rd, 2013
3:15pm Jan 21st, 2013
I'm a party rocker, everyday I'm SHUFFLING! *Shuffles after you*
6:07am Nov 26th, 2012
Helllooo. :3
6:56am Nov 21st, 2012
Are you ok? I kinda feel bad...we left you in Legacy of Night.:(
7:10pm Nov 17th, 2012
HOLY WATER! *throws water*
1:53pm Oct 24th, 2012
I haz bullets, but they are taken into recylce for money
3:32pm Oct 23rd, 2012
The second I get silver bullets, you're dead.
3:19pm Oct 23rd, 2012
3:15pm Oct 23rd, 2012
3:41pm Oct 19th, 2012
6:54am Oct 18th, 2012
:D I like the banner too.
6:51am Oct 17th, 2012
8:04pm Oct 7th, 2012
3:32pm Oct 2nd, 2012