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Thank you Toxic!! She's gorgeous! Is there anything I can do in return for her?
8:06pm Oct 20th, 2015
Oh Thank you very much :) She is beautiful!
12:02pm Sep 5th, 2015
Awe. Thank you! How much?? And not that I know of....
10:18am Sep 5th, 2015
I would love to but I have no female dieters left. All my dinosaur are dying put :(
8:36am Sep 5th, 2015
Yert is ready this is her last day to breed
11:26am Aug 30th, 2015
You are fine! I just wanted to let you know I wasn't gone. :)
8:35pm Aug 29th, 2015
Thanx xD
7:01am Aug 29th, 2015
Could ya feed Orceneas up? Trying to breed thi girl to him ^^
6:36am Aug 29th, 2015
Whoops She is fed healthy now
10:51pm Aug 28th, 2015
Good news, I managed to get the cash for the enclosure! Bad news, bled dry in the exe again. So yeh, I feel you x-x
7:01pm Aug 28th, 2015
Thank you :3
3:25pm Aug 28th, 2015
I feel you there on the lost cash from buying a lot of expensive things x-x
12:30pm Aug 28th, 2015
Hiii! Hit me up with any of your mammalian herbies if you got the place for it (or Dodos if you ever get any). Also trying to save up for yet another enclosure >_o;
12:20pm Aug 28th, 2015
Raaaar! Erika failed to defeat me, WHOO
10:20am Aug 28th, 2015
Could I breed your your albertosaurus Tirrattu he looks like Yert my alberto and he has around the same as she has with int, spd, and str I kinda wanna pass it on to her last offspring I'll pay full charge :3 and the other one was born
6:33am Aug 28th, 2015
Aw man, lucky! Good luck with your project!
10:20am Aug 27th, 2015
sure. i'll set up the auction
12:50pm Aug 26th, 2015
Well, no, I know you're not watching it on the Food Network. Just saw that one fairly recently and it was pretty rad :V
9:51am Aug 26th, 2015
YESSSSSS. By the way, have you seen the potato ep of Iron Chef JP?
9:32am Aug 26th, 2015
Same here. Also less drama than the US one, always a plus. Also yay~
9:15am Aug 26th, 2015
But yeah, ugh, my worst grade in my last college was thanks to a group project, so I totally feel you there :/
9:13am Aug 26th, 2015
Iron Chef Japan is good stuff. Everything is so droolworthy. <3
9:12am Aug 26th, 2015
Oh, NO. GROUP PROJECTS, the bane of my existence back in college, for the same reason you just mentioned, too! My deepest condolences D:
9:08am Aug 26th, 2015
Namuch. Surviving weird RL anxieties and also going broke in EXE (also RL, but that's not news). S'up?
9:04am Aug 26th, 2015
Raaar~ :D
9:00am Aug 26th, 2015
Hey, wanted to let you know that though I'm not logging on to EX much right now, I'm still watching for art. ;) Pop a message in my shout box if you need me, as I can see it without logging in!
8:23pm Aug 24th, 2015
Me to thank you :3
3:35pm Aug 24th, 2015
Na im good I use soothing cloths they are cheap and I heal every dino every 3 days when my incubater needs dinos to breed again hes healed now doe :3
3:25pm Aug 24th, 2015
3:23pm Aug 24th, 2015
Na I got it im feeding them and healing them now X3
3:23pm Aug 24th, 2015
Weird try again it must have been because I was breeding a pare of dinos
3:20pm Aug 24th, 2015
Hey, maybe a female wouldn't hurt! Also as I bought a 320K enclosure recently, I can definitely use the extra cash :V
9:04am Aug 23rd, 2015
Ohooo, good to knoooow!
9:41am Aug 21st, 2015
:) sure!
9:18am Aug 21st, 2015
they are lovely! thank you :)
12:08am Aug 20th, 2015
12:37am Aug 19th, 2015
Oooh, exciting :D
12:33am Aug 19th, 2015
Indeed I do, you monster >:O
12:28am Aug 19th, 2015
Fine by me :V
12:26am Aug 19th, 2015
Oh man, awesome :D
12:24am Aug 19th, 2015
12:22am Aug 19th, 2015
Awwww, sad :( But that IS impressive!
12:16am Aug 19th, 2015
OOoh, thanks for the heads up!
11:36pm Aug 18th, 2015
Sure, no problem!
9:38am Aug 18th, 2015
Thanks much!
3:09pm Aug 17th, 2015
Well, I certainly would not mind any help you are willing to offer up. :)
3:04pm Aug 17th, 2015
OOOOOH! I thought you meant enclosures! (I'd need one for Terror birds but that's about it). Good to know!
3:01pm Aug 17th, 2015
I think I have about 300K and guess how much the next exhibit area is >V
2:57pm Aug 17th, 2015
RIP Suzie you were a beautiful bab ;-; She has a replacement, but not the saaaaame ;-;
2:32pm Aug 17th, 2015
That'd be cool. And I would certainly not mind another Rex, since of of mine, um...was victim to me not paying attention to numbers during battle >_<;;;
2:29pm Aug 17th, 2015
Well, yanno, couple of dargs and dinos have grown on me to the point of being cool enough to merit personalities, sooo. And yesss time to BREED SOME CHOCOBOS
2:22pm Aug 17th, 2015
Yaaaaay >3 ...dangit, should not be jonesing to RP with my dinos or FR dragons (Not TODAY, anyway, going out soon)...
2:18pm Aug 17th, 2015
Even Terror babbies???
2:16pm Aug 17th, 2015
oh no how dare u pamper me with more babbies
2:13pm Aug 17th, 2015
Ah, cool. Wish you luck with your projects!
2:11pm Aug 17th, 2015
YAAAAS <3 BTW lemme know iuf you want anyone bred. I got a Dimetro girl up for stud, for example.
2:05pm Aug 17th, 2015
U 2 GUD 2 ME ;-;
2:01pm Aug 17th, 2015
babbies, THANK YOOOOU!
1:59pm Aug 17th, 2015
they are sahweet eh ? make me an offer on them, i'm also looking for loads of low grade herb meat and fossils, so let me know if you have to trade or not just make an offer
2:29am Aug 13th, 2015
Augh, feel you there with the work stuff. Struggling with signs of carpal tunnel and also got to take driving classes again :(
1:24am Aug 13th, 2015
Haven't seen you here in a while, s'up?
1:20am Aug 13th, 2015
Raaaaar! :V
1:04am Aug 13th, 2015
I was wondering why it was wrong XD I had a though on breeding them with inbreeds
12:19am Aug 13th, 2015
Toxic I keep getting inbreeds when I bread GP and 6/6 perf dinos how do I stop that? I breed dinos with the same inbreed but idk how to make it go down
12:15am Aug 13th, 2015
12:38pm Aug 11th, 2015
the breeding between those 4 are done and I am LOVING the results! got full perfects too and great colours.
12:49am Aug 4th, 2015
ahh sure! I've been needing new hatchlings from those for a while now (if they are not related) i'll check and get back to you.
12:32am Aug 4th, 2015
Also oops my hand slipped:
2:42pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Well lucky for you I am easy to please regarding that -- if its colors and markings are nice, chances are I'll take it.
2:41pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Yes it iiiiiis! Still looking for Carnos, as Ilove 'em so. Maaaay have found someone willing to breed me terror birds, at least. As for Spinos, well, I'm hoping you can help there eventually
2:28pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Rad, rad. I managed to also get a hold of this lass by chance:
1:37pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Namuch. Finally have enough big and strong dinos to help with cash woes for the most part! You?
1:28pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Hiiii :V
1:21pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Welcome :) let me know if you want others. I just purchased a beautiful Blue.
10:20am Aug 3rd, 2015
Most welcome my friend! her sister is on her way!
10:14am Aug 3rd, 2015
were did you buy your spinos im looking for some. I just don't know whos selling them anymore
10:58pm Aug 2nd, 2015
A'ight. What about Mega Man? >_>
10:50am Aug 1st, 2015
OF COURSE IT IS. TEAM ICO FEEDS ON FEELS. BTW, remind me, you like/play Dark Souls 2?
10:46am Aug 1st, 2015
10:38am Aug 1st, 2015
SOTC is TOTALLY worth it, I assure you (Argo is BEST HOSS). I believe there is an HD remake for the PS3?
9:45am Aug 1st, 2015
Same, same. Kind of salty I slept through a good chunk of that one Shadow of the Colossus speedrun, but I liked what I did see of it!
9:27am Aug 1st, 2015
Sankyuu! So, suuup?
9:17am Aug 1st, 2015
RAAR! ...weird question, you got a Box of Bandaids on you? Errand reasons
9:04am Aug 1st, 2015
It's me Bajan on my brothers account would you like a free Barry I need to get rid of her :3
11:29pm Jul 31st, 2015
XD It's still a mysterie for 3 days though. it will be sent the moment I put it's name and such :3 And it will contain a user I used to breed with
9:57pm Jul 31st, 2015
Well you'll be happy because this dino is one of the hardest to find and get a hold of XD
9:53pm Jul 31st, 2015
I hope my surprise dino will be of good to u ;3 It's in the incubater I got the parents are both GP and 6/6
9:50pm Jul 31st, 2015
Ok thanks for the tip ;3
7:34pm Jul 31st, 2015
That's actually a lot. XD I think ima try battling now. It seems pretty easy if you use the right dinos.
7:29pm Jul 31st, 2015
Ay same. I have to seel some icecreams I've saved up to regain the money again. They are really hard to get a hold of but are worth selling when you have em. But it's just so hard when they are cool coloured.
7:25pm Jul 31st, 2015
XD Well that depends I just spent over 1000,000 on 2 amazing perfectly GP trex's. XD I have trouble saving from when I see pretty dinos and good stated now. But maybe after some time I will be again.
7:17pm Jul 31st, 2015
Oh no, home alone :( No place to go, nothing to do at all besides fun with pets? I'm thankfully good in the milk department, as the one you gave me before for Kibler still has some left. By the way, this is how he looks like nowadays: http://exhibited-si
12:54pm Jul 30th, 2015
Sup sup? Getting dressed here to go out soon, checking my dinos. Got this lady recently from the Nature reserve:
12:48pm Jul 30th, 2015
hello lo lo~
12:39pm Jul 30th, 2015
Ohai I am awake again :V
8:59am Jul 29th, 2015
Came back from doc appointment and hanging out. What happened to you? D:
3:38pm Jul 28th, 2015
3:33pm Jul 28th, 2015
3:22pm Jul 28th, 2015
*patpat* happens to the best of us :3
3:35pm Jul 27th, 2015
Gonna go off for a while I set him to private stud and will accept when back. Let me know if you want to breed him to more than one.
1:01pm Jul 25th, 2015
Yaaays a babby T~
10:45am Jul 25th, 2015
Yo yo what's the haps yo?
10:04am Jul 25th, 2015
Yaaay! Ack, sorry for bugging, you got 80k on you? Need it real quick because of an oops (long story). Also streaming btw :V
9:03pm Jul 24th, 2015
Raaaaar~! Gonna stream tonight, s'up?
5:53pm Jul 24th, 2015
4:55pm Jul 23rd, 2015
Thanks much! You don't have to go through that trouble, but it's very much appreciated!
8:58pm Jul 22nd, 2015
Thanks much. And I hope you get well soon as well!
8:34pm Jul 22nd, 2015
Best of luck with that, really. Me, got a job interview tomorrow and I'm also trying to catch up with commission backlog
8:03pm Jul 22nd, 2015
It's cool :V How goes it? I'm currently fighting in an auction war, you?
7:57pm Jul 22nd, 2015
1:23pm Jul 22nd, 2015
Aww yiiiiiss :D
9:08am Jul 20th, 2015
Cool! I am...working on fighting the dinos and struggling to get the moolah (story of my life there :V). Not on long, as I have to go grocery shopping soon.
8:44am Jul 20th, 2015
How goes it, you silly willy? (also is there a better way to chat via this place?)
8:41am Jul 20th, 2015
4:46pm Jul 19th, 2015
Nice! Which battles do you do?? Cause I wanna earn that much! Haha. And I will send you the link to the egg.
4:18pm Jul 17th, 2015
Hehe. I have one more coming tomorrow too. And price range is normally 20-80k....well that I've seen from active players at least
8:05am Jul 17th, 2015
Thank you! I will defiantly get breed ya one if ya want :)
7:22am Jul 17th, 2015