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Hope to see you again soon. *hugs*
4:02pm Oct 28th, 2017
Do you know the feeling when you couldn't use your hand? At the moment I'm full with medicine and I can use my fingers again. I don't know if you wrote me a private message? Cause after 30 days the system delete them. That's why I write here. Hope to se
4:01pm Oct 28th, 2017
Hi my dear! *hugs* How are you? I hope better than me. The last months were a time of pain. Arthrosis starts in both legs and sometimes I'm not able to go one little step. And the arthrosis in my right hand got worse. Do you know the feeling when you coul
4:00pm Oct 28th, 2017
A short hello and how are you? PN will follow in a few days. *hugs*
1:49pm Jun 22nd, 2017
Hello, dear! *hugs* How are you? I hope better. *hugs again*
2:15pm May 21st, 2017
Hello, my dear! *hugs* How are you? I'm very busy at the moment and to tired to play in the evening. At the moment I try to get an allotment garden. It shall be my birthday present. Not so easy. Any news from your side?
1:09pm Mar 22nd, 2017
Hey would you mind if I studed with one of your male Lolo's my male recently died and they are becoming too inbreeded.
5:05pm Mar 15th, 2017
Hey, my dear! How are you? Everything okay with you again? *hugs*
3:38pm Mar 2nd, 2017
So, I'm really ready with everything and will go off now. Sleep well, my dear. See you soon!!!! *hugs*
2:13pm Feb 5th, 2017
Hope you can need yours. ;)
12:45pm Jan 4th, 2017
And thank you very much for the x-mas-gift!!!!! *hugs*
10:52am Jan 4th, 2017
Happy New Year! :)
10:49am Jan 4th, 2017
thers my good reason
1:54pm Dec 27th, 2016
i banned her from my phone i mean and she cant get back on i did a pasword on it
1:28pm Dec 27th, 2016
I do i just havent been on for a wile and also my sister lilly has been on and she culled all my herbavores trying to help me she is like 10 and well I am 16 I cant help it she is stuped dont worry i wont cull promis on my life I banned her from my phine
1:27pm Dec 27th, 2016
Will you put a herbavore herd up for me i need one realy bad next week I get my pay check i will give you 10 scales
1:03pm Dec 27th, 2016
Oh my goodness, thank you for the gifts! :3 Merry Christmas! :)
12:21pm Dec 25th, 2016
Thanks for the gift!! C: It honestly surprised me and made my morning! Happy holidays!
6:05am Dec 25th, 2016
I don't know if I will be online tomorrow. So I want to wish you a Merry X-Mas, my dear!!!! *big hugs*
2:33pm Dec 23rd, 2016
Aaah, okay. :) Only have to look at the herbis and than I will be ready for today! :D
2:02pm Dec 23rd, 2016
It's always difficult to reduce. I know that. :D Hope you've already got your x-mas-present from me?
11:37am Dec 23rd, 2016
It's always difficult to reduce. I know that. :D Hope you've already got your x-mas-present from me?
11:37am Dec 23rd, 2016
Ooops. I have 129. XD
11:06am Dec 23rd, 2016
Do you really have more dinos than me? Food ... hm ... I think with that I can help you. :D
10:52am Dec 23rd, 2016
Well, I'm 50. And so the illnesses start. :D You haven't answer my question yet, my dear. ;)
10:44am Dec 23rd, 2016
And it seems that I have thank you so much for the two gifts! *hugs* But what could I give you as x-mas-gifts?
10:22am Dec 23rd, 2016
That's the illness I have and now it seems in the left leg, too. I was more at the doctor as at home the last time.
10:21am Dec 23rd, 2016
3:08pm Dec 18th, 2016
Will you possibly sell me our dodo herd called "oldies" plz i will pay 40-50 k
10:34am Dec 18th, 2016
I only wanted to say: I'm still alive with two hurting hands. *big hugs*
2:56pm Nov 30th, 2016
Darn! I have no grenades. You win this round! XD
1:12pm Oct 26th, 2016
Only a short hello! I'm back and will try to be on a little bit more in the future! *hugs*
3:43pm Sep 7th, 2016
Well, then good night and sweet dreams. Good luck with everything you still have to do the next days. Sleep well! *hugs*
1:48pm Apr 18th, 2016
today it's really a nightmare to play.
1:35pm Apr 18th, 2016
That would be great. Could really need some sun. And the server sleeps today.
1:08pm Apr 18th, 2016
The whole weekend it was rainy, cold and a lot of wind. typically for April.
12:36pm Apr 18th, 2016
It was "nice". Like always with the family. ;) But cold and rainy.
12:22pm Apr 18th, 2016
Thank you very much for all the great birthday gifts!!!! :) *hugs*
12:15pm Apr 18th, 2016
I just took three Sinornithosaurus from the nature reserve. They are all 80. Do you have space for them?
11:47am Mar 18th, 2016
Whow! I'm really ready with all today. So I go off. Good night and sweet dreams, my dear. See you tomorrow! *hugs*
3:18pm Mar 9th, 2016
They don't really work since 28/02.
1:58pm Mar 7th, 2016
Conformation trials still don't work :(
1:55pm Mar 7th, 2016
Why don't you have any at two species? No bulls?
1:31pm Feb 20th, 2016
Will be off for a while. Atm I have only 10% speed. See you later again! *hugs*
4:31am Feb 20th, 2016
Your dinosaur has been entered in 0 trials today. :(
2:29pm Feb 17th, 2016
Graaaa! No internet for hours!!!!
3:46pm Feb 13th, 2016
Will be off for a while. Homework. Will come online later. See you then again! *hugs*
4:38am Feb 13th, 2016
Will go to bed now. Good night, my dear! *hugs*
4:11pm Feb 12th, 2016
I'm off for a while. Dinner time in a few minutes. See you later! *hugs*
11:47am Feb 12th, 2016
Why did you reject my trade? Was a valentine's perfume bottle not what you meant by bottle?
8:16am Feb 11th, 2016
I can't get on the website with my school computer. I can send it to you later. I site is just called
2:16pm Feb 2nd, 2016
Have you ever played on a game called Marapets? Back when I played it there was a person on there also named tt.
2:15pm Feb 2nd, 2016
hi tt i want to be your frend and ples ples ples plesss can i get a trex
12:31pm Jan 14th, 2016
I sold it better with 8k. Yeah! I'm ready with all!!!!! It's not midnight and I'm ready!!! :D Well, I think I will go to bed now. Sleep well, my dear. See you tomorrow!!! *hugs*
3:39pm Jan 6th, 2016
What do you think ... Shall I lower the price of my Baro A+ meat or shall it be at 10k?
3:35pm Jan 6th, 2016
Thank you. It's important for me that you understand me. I give my best daily. :)
3:23pm Jan 6th, 2016
From time to time it's difficult for me to find the right words. ;)
3:09pm Jan 6th, 2016
Aaaaaah. That's a drab work. (is drab the right word?)
3:04pm Jan 6th, 2016
At the moment I don't know what you mean, sorry.
2:55pm Jan 6th, 2016
I know what you mean. There are always many things to do. ;)
2:34pm Jan 6th, 2016
It was good. How about yours?
2:24pm Jan 6th, 2016
Welcome back, my dear! :)
2:18pm Jan 6th, 2016
I wasn't sure if you would have enough space for this one. Then good night my dear and sleep well. I will go to bed when I finished all here. See you tomorrow again! *hugs*
4:00pm Jan 5th, 2016
You could send the Archae to my second account. Only an idea. It's Skarlines #25255. I should have some empty enclosures there.
3:48pm Jan 5th, 2016
LOL. And have to wait for a big miracle.
3:39pm Jan 5th, 2016
But it was an idea. ;) *hugs*
3:31pm Jan 5th, 2016
I explained you that per pm. It would takes hours to send most of them to the other account.
3:28pm Jan 5th, 2016
I'm not sure what you mean. I have a second account if you mean that.
3:05pm Jan 5th, 2016
Lot of homework. And with that snail-server ... 10-15% instead of 20 ... a nightmare. And your day?
2:51pm Jan 5th, 2016
Really poor dino. I don't collect archaes.
2:37pm Jan 5th, 2016
The little one will have a good home here. ;) Than good night my dear and sweet dreams. See you tomorrow again!!! *hugs*
4:22pm Jan 4th, 2016
Ahem ... I meant Pyro. XD
4:07pm Jan 4th, 2016
Thanks for the Lin-baby. But now I have really more than enough dinos. :D *hugs*
4:04pm Jan 4th, 2016
Both are cute and welcome back! *hugs*
3:43pm Jan 4th, 2016
Only a few herbi enclosures, than I'm ready and will go to bed, too. Sweet dreams, my dear. See you tomorrow. *hugs*
3:42pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Indeed :D
3:34pm Jan 3rd, 2016
A look and it was love like you and the Spino. :D
3:27pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Why do I have Dimes, T-Rexes, Terrorbirds or Neuquens? ;)
3:17pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Oh, I know that! It's always difficult to find the right pairings.
3:09pm Jan 3rd, 2016
I hoped you would like him. :)
2:59pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Glad to hear that you like it. :)
2:52pm Jan 3rd, 2016
I drew the pictures by myself. :)
2:48pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Aaaaah. Now I have a picture! Thank you!!!! *hugs*
2:41pm Jan 3rd, 2016
I don't know what you mean. I want a picture on my profile like your snake.
2:16pm Jan 3rd, 2016
I couldn't found another word. Those "running pictures"
2:09pm Jan 3rd, 2016
I have this "treadmill" at my farm.
1:56pm Jan 3rd, 2016
I don't know how that works. I tried something but it wasn't that what I wanted.
1:26pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Tomorrow my Allo is hitting 81. Can you take her?
12:03pm Jan 2nd, 2016
Hi dear! Can you explain me how to put a picture in this "upgraded" field above "view tag album"? I don't know how it works.
10:08am Jan 1st, 2016
Hope you had a great party. ;)
6:34am Jan 1st, 2016
Happy New Year, my dear! *hugs* :)
3:33am Jan 1st, 2016
Indeed. See you!!! *hugs*
8:56am Dec 31st, 2015
I don't think that I'll be on then. But we will see. ;)
8:47am Dec 31st, 2015
Will be on a little bit longer. Party starts at 8 this evening. We'll see us in the new year. ;) *hugs*
8:38am Dec 31st, 2015
Ready with homework. If we'll really have fun ... we will see.
8:18am Dec 31st, 2015
After I wrote you I will go off for a while to do the last homework for this year. And this evening we'll meet with friends and fellow workers of my husband. And you?
5:11am Dec 31st, 2015
A really cute one. LOL - the bird!!!! XD. And the background is great! ;)
5:04am Dec 31st, 2015
And with which one you will enter the contest? By the way ... the new names of the x-mas Rexes are Soluc and Venda. Mixtures of their parents names. :D
4:53am Dec 31st, 2015
:) Great colors and I love the markings :)
4:43am Dec 31st, 2015
Good morning! A really cute Utah! :)
4:36am Dec 31st, 2015
Well, I will go off now. Good night and sleep well, my dear! *hugs*
3:09pm Dec 30th, 2015
I looked at those five one after the other and think I will take Lytra, one of my Barys. She's cute. :)
2:51pm Dec 30th, 2015
I have five ones and don't know which of those I should take
2:44pm Dec 30th, 2015
It will be cute, I'm sure. ;)
2:36pm Dec 30th, 2015
LOL. We'll find the right ones. ;)
2:26pm Dec 30th, 2015
I think, I will enter it with a dino. But I don't know with which one. *g*
2:24pm Dec 30th, 2015
Have you already seen it?
2:14pm Dec 30th, 2015
The pair is Nosha x Yanlun.
2:06pm Dec 30th, 2015
Then I will breed a male dime for you. Will always ask you if you need one, when I have to breed. ;)
2:05pm Dec 30th, 2015
What about a Dime male? I have to breed Dime tomorrow (if I'll find the time).
1:52pm Dec 30th, 2015
It's good to know the species. So I can breed you some babies, if you like. ;)
1:47pm Dec 30th, 2015
Everything's fine? You would tell me which species you really collect. ;)
12:52pm Dec 30th, 2015
Hello again!!!! :)
11:10am Dec 30th, 2015
Ok. See you later again! :)
8:27am Dec 30th, 2015
Whow ... Got an answer from Zani about the slow server
7:50am Dec 30th, 2015
*shakes head* Poor one. As babies they're nice, but I don't like the adult ones. Will be off for a while. See you later, dear! *hugs*
5:55am Dec 30th, 2015
I know what you mean. ;)
5:45am Dec 30th, 2015
Whow! Really cute ones. Great colors!!!! Thank you so much *hugs* Let me know if I can help you with a baby from my dinos. :)
5:02am Dec 30th, 2015
Ok. Than good night and sleep well! Hey - this is your pyro:
4:39pm Dec 29th, 2015
LOL. Good luck!
4:24pm Dec 29th, 2015
I'm sure my Pyros will give their best. ;)
4:17pm Dec 29th, 2015
Ok, than I will breed a male one for you. The colors and markings were great in the testbreedings and sometimes blue eyes. ;)
4:06pm Dec 29th, 2015
I ask cause I have to breed a Pyro later. The pairing is NornaruxNarla. Testbreedings: blankets, tiger, panda. Let me know if you could need a Pyro and which gender and markings. ;)
3:50pm Dec 29th, 2015
Ok, will take the female, too. *hugs* Which of all the species are those you really collect? Can I breed dinos for you, too?
3:43pm Dec 29th, 2015
What about your own dinos? Don't you have Utahs at own species?
3:34pm Dec 29th, 2015
Whoooo - not so many! One male is more than enough. Really. *hugs*
3:25pm Dec 29th, 2015
I know that problem. Hope you'll find the right one. ;)
3:19pm Dec 29th, 2015
Outsch. Sounds that is really very difficult to find the right partner. *keeps finger crossed for you*
3:09pm Dec 29th, 2015
Problems to find the right breeding-partner?
2:32pm Dec 29th, 2015
Back for the rest of the evening! :)
2:17pm Dec 29th, 2015
And I will go off for a while. It makes no fun with such a slow server. See you later, dear. *hugs*
4:20am Dec 29th, 2015
Had the same problem with seperate tabs. And so long this other pages loaded the first one needs minutes to load.
4:14am Dec 29th, 2015
Over to minutes to load the image of the Utah. Grrrr. Kitty did nothing to help me. It's a cute Utah. You will give me Babies and I'm still here with empty hands.
3:56am Dec 29th, 2015
Then the only way is to look at the breeders of all your active dinos. Bad.
3:42am Dec 29th, 2015
It was only something from your wishlist. ;)
3:26am Dec 29th, 2015
yes was not to bad roads were clear so that helped it was good to spend some time away.
3:25pm Dec 28th, 2015
Only a few you're looking for. I wished I have more you need. How was your visit?
3:24pm Dec 28th, 2015
Then sleep well and have nice dreams, my dear. Will see you in a few days again! :) *hugs*
3:59pm Dec 26th, 2015
And it it not good. Level and heal the dinos, enter them the trials, feed them. Testbreeding and one breeding and at last the herbis. Still lot of things to do.
3:36pm Dec 26th, 2015
Indeed. You look at the clock and think: well, with lot of luck one hour more or 1,5 hours ... or two ...
3:14pm Dec 26th, 2015
Well, it's a little bit better than my normal 20%. But still slow. The sides load and load and load ...
3:06pm Dec 26th, 2015
Sure it is. You have all the time in the world, my dear. ;) Kitty was online yesterday. But no pm from her, no info, nothing. At the moment between 20-30% for me.
3:02pm Dec 26th, 2015
LOL. On the other hand it's the chance to get more babies of a species, that don't get so many offsprings. Think about it. I don't need it. You know how many herbis I have. ;D
2:50pm Dec 26th, 2015
Yes! I thought it was you but wasn't sure, and had to check. Yes! Lol
2:37pm Dec 26th, 2015
It should be this Sack of Herbi Fertiles
2:28pm Dec 26th, 2015
Whow - plenty of reindeers!!!! I have this item ...have to look at the name ... you can breed a second time with it. Could you need this?
2:19pm Dec 26th, 2015
Is there's somit with what I could give you a pleasure?
2:03pm Dec 26th, 2015
Then enjoy the time with your Mum!!! ;) Ah, thanks to Santa for the T-Rex Baby. You know that you shame me? *still don't know what I could give you as x-mas-gift*
1:47pm Dec 26th, 2015
Okay! Just checking. But, are you Santa? Because, I Forum post, yet I did get things from Santa? I've been trying to figure out who Santa is...It's bugging me!
1:44pm Dec 26th, 2015
We ARE friends!!!! ;) But I have a bad conscience, cause I have nothing for you. Puuuh, a little bit stressful. And yours?
1:26pm Dec 26th, 2015
Hey TT, Were those gifts ever given out? ((the forum post thing?))--I have some extra cash I don't need if you need any help :)--cause I missed being on here for Christmas (as I was also going to send out random items)
1:11pm Dec 26th, 2015
I didn't expect to get something here to X-Mas and so I haven't anything for you. Is there's something you can need?
1:06pm Dec 26th, 2015
O-M-G ... Are you crazy???? Thank you so much, my dear. *big hugs* And I stand here an have nothing for you ...
12:29pm Dec 26th, 2015
Merry Christmas! Thank you for the gifts, though I don't know why you gave them to me?
12:42pm Dec 25th, 2015
Merry Christmas and thank you! <3 <3 <3
6:04am Dec 25th, 2015
Cute Neuquens! ;)
6:24am Dec 24th, 2015
Will be off for a while now. But will come online from time to time. ;)
5:37am Dec 24th, 2015
I saw the thread from btoth. ;) LOOOOOOL
5:35am Dec 24th, 2015
New dinos? From btoth? A little bit tired, cause I had to work today. And you?
5:19am Dec 24th, 2015
Merry X-Mas, my dear! *hugs*
4:49am Dec 24th, 2015
Will be off now, cause I have to work tomorrow. Good night, my dear!!! *hugs*
1:39pm Dec 23rd, 2015
More and more and more *g*
12:25pm Dec 23rd, 2015
Two Bary girls succesfully bred! :)
12:23pm Dec 23rd, 2015
I love their big eyes. And they look as they would laugh. :D
12:11pm Dec 23rd, 2015
I had really luck with my new species. They're so cute!!!!
12:05pm Dec 23rd, 2015
I have three cute female Neuquens. Tammy, Thalia and Peppermint. ;)
12:00pm Dec 23rd, 2015
I love him, too. So I now have 2 males. :)
11:42am Dec 23rd, 2015
I meant low of course. :D
11:13am Dec 23rd, 2015
His stats are slow at the moment. But I will give my best to made him strong. ;)
11:12am Dec 23rd, 2015
I know my dear. Saw it yesterday and bought it. The female Neuquen I found in the reserve is now a male and calls Porthos. :D
10:45am Dec 23rd, 2015
Yeah. See you tomorrow again. Good night, my dear!!!! *hugs*
3:58pm Dec 22nd, 2015
Do we have an item that can change the gender of a dino? Found a new female Neuquen in the reserve, but could need a male.
3:57pm Dec 22nd, 2015
Oh yes, indeed. After the x-mas days I always feel ... globated. :D
3:47pm Dec 22nd, 2015
The normal x-mas-time. :D
3:38pm Dec 22nd, 2015
LOOOOL. X-mas is always a special time. ;) Well, on 24th my husband will be alone. It's always our day. On 25th my mum will be here and on 26th it's the family-day. And you?
3:29pm Dec 22nd, 2015
They're really cute. I love them! :)
3:16pm Dec 22nd, 2015
I suppose those users don't think that they made anything wrong. Hey - cutes Babies!!!! :)
2:53pm Dec 22nd, 2015
There will be always users who "steal" ideas/items/features or anything else for themselves. They don't ask, they just do it. T-Rexes? Show me your babies! ;)
2:40pm Dec 22nd, 2015
So many problems on Lioden ... The Troodon has got cute colors in my opinion. ;)
2:32pm Dec 22nd, 2015
Very strange things happened ... and congratulation to the Troodon. ;)
2:28pm Dec 22nd, 2015
Take a look at the thread about the slow server. ;)
2:21pm Dec 22nd, 2015
Yep. I will ask btoth if he (?) would do that, or you, maybe? Kingston wrote that there were problems with other sides. Items have been stolen.
11:54am Dec 22nd, 2015
Kingston meant it would be better to write Kitty directly a PM.
11:36am Dec 22nd, 2015
Want to show you my new Neuquen. Bought her a few days ago as cheap one. :)
3:55pm Dec 21st, 2015
All four will be pretty ones. Now I have to transfer all (inclusive the new babies) from the second to my main account. Good night, my dear and sweet dreams. Will talk tomorrow again. *hugs*
3:43pm Dec 21st, 2015
Thank you. Will start to breed now. Two of them on my second account.
3:05pm Dec 21st, 2015
Ooooh yes! :D So my four breedings today should work without any problems or nail-biters.
2:48pm Dec 21st, 2015
That could be, too, right. If that would be my normal speed here I would be glad.
2:40pm Dec 21st, 2015
Maybe, yes. But it's strange. A few days ago I had speed earlier and we were with 7 users online. At the moment we are 13.
2:36pm Dec 21st, 2015
The whole day Exhi was slow. And now, since ten minutes I have 40%. The same time as this one Saturday evening.
2:33pm Dec 21st, 2015
Since two minutes I get a little bit more speed. I can "kill" the old herbis fast. Strange. Good night my dear and sweet dreams. See you tomorrow! *hugs*
3:50pm Dec 20th, 2015
Yep. Nothing changed. Everything like always. :(
3:14pm Dec 20th, 2015
I suppose a server breakdown or something like that. Speed? Which speed? Between 20-30% I would say.
3:05pm Dec 20th, 2015
She was still 80 and could breed anytime. Puuuuh.
2:56pm Dec 20th, 2015
Like me. I wanted to start with my breedings and no connection. Have to look if I can still breed with my female Allo.
2:52pm Dec 20th, 2015
Hi my dear! Could you do anything on Exhi the last 2,5-3 hours? I couldn't. No connection, nothing.
2:48pm Dec 20th, 2015
All we need is a current pulse and we would have fast speed. I will make one more testbreeding for tomorrow and will go to bed then, too. Sleep well, my dear and sweet dreams! See you tomorrow again! *hugs*
4:06pm Dec 19th, 2015
That's a nightmare, right? You had a fast computer, a fast internet and the sides you visit say "no, you haven't". All my other sides are still fast. Do you delete all the cookies in chrome, before you go off?
3:52pm Dec 19th, 2015
At the moment it's still fast with some little dropouts. But with that speed I could live. Its like you had 20% before and now 40%.
3:45pm Dec 19th, 2015
I'm baaaaack!!!!
3:32pm Dec 19th, 2015
That would be great. But I know my luck - it will be only a short guest performance. So, I'm off now but try to come on later again!!!! *hugs*
12:35pm Dec 19th, 2015
You've never seen Star Wars? Really not? And must I understand that I have speed at the moment?
11:57am Dec 19th, 2015
Me for one hour. We want to see a movie on dvd. Star Wars, Episode 4. :D
11:48am Dec 19th, 2015
That will be the way I think. Like I said: I love my friends and my dinos here to much to leave. See you in 30 minutes again. ;)
10:29am Dec 19th, 2015
I have only two options: fight my own battle every day here or leave forever. But I love my dinos to much and I also love to meet my friends here. There aren't no other options.
10:10am Dec 19th, 2015
Yep, holiday season and so no-ones there. But there's no-one around when we don't have holidays. Like always we are alone. And it's And it's back-breaking with a slow server.
10:03am Dec 19th, 2015
Yep, holiday season and so no-ones there. But there's no-one around when we don't have holidays. Like always we are alone. And it's And it's back-breaking with a slow server.
10:02am Dec 19th, 2015
I read that a few minutes ago. He (?) will try to make an account there to inform Kitty. Whow. Rykos wasn't online since December 12th. She couldn't help me and so she's far away. :(
9:54am Dec 19th, 2015
You, too, my dear *hugs*
9:51am Dec 19th, 2015
I will be here, if the server let me play. Could be that I'll make short breaks from time to time.
5:31am Dec 19th, 2015
Still slow server, no mod around. I feel abandoned. :(
5:16am Dec 19th, 2015
Still slow server, no mod around. I feel abandoned. :(
5:16am Dec 19th, 2015
It's me - Shadowlight with her 2nd account. Now I have google chrome ... and it's so slow like Firefox and Opera. Still no help. I made a post in my thread "The new server is slow for me"
3:55pm Dec 16th, 2015
Still the same snail-server for me. No helping mod. Only more and more frustration. :(
4:10pm Dec 15th, 2015
Zani was online on 7th. I wrote Rykos about the problems on 6th, cause she/he fixed the bugs we had.
9:25am Dec 10th, 2015
Whom? Rykos last login was on December 5th.
9:19am Dec 10th, 2015
Hopefully soon. But I know my luck. Maybe between christmas and new year.
9:01am Dec 10th, 2015
I wrote a helping report to the mod box. With a little bit luck a mod will read it.
8:59am Dec 10th, 2015
Well, I can only hope, that someone will fix that big bug soon. I will go to bed, when I'm ready here. Trials, feeding, Herbis and one breeding. Maybe one hour. Good night my dear. Sweet dreams! *hugs*
3:52pm Dec 7th, 2015
The connection with the server doesn't work right. All other pages I visit load fast. So it can't be the browser or my computer.
3:41pm Dec 7th, 2015
Always "waiting for"
3:32pm Dec 7th, 2015
Three minutes to heal and level one dino. "Great", isn't it?
3:18pm Dec 7th, 2015
You're not the only one. *is confused, too*
3:09pm Dec 7th, 2015
Or ... it's something with that that I can read sometimes during the side loads?
1:58pm Dec 7th, 2015
Thank you. :) *hugs* Or maybe the server doesn't like Firefox and Opera.
1:40pm Dec 7th, 2015
Oh, when the server has got its "fast few seconds" it is fast. But I have more this snail-server. It's frustrating more and more.
1:26pm Dec 7th, 2015
Me, too. But before we got the new server, everything works fine and fast for me.
12:53pm Dec 7th, 2015
All my problems here began with the bugs and the new server. It seems that it hates me.
12:45pm Dec 7th, 2015
Since we have the new server I need more time to do all. That's why I have one more than you. ;)
12:37pm Dec 7th, 2015
It was really big luck! :) At the moment I have 24 snowballs.
12:26pm Dec 7th, 2015
Thank you! From time to time I have luck in the reserve. :)
12:12pm Dec 7th, 2015
Very cute ones! Two Allos and a Terror-bird!!!
12:08pm Dec 7th, 2015
Have I already shown you the dinos that I have from the reserve since Saturday evening?
12:03pm Dec 7th, 2015
But than all my herbis would be dead tomorrow.
9:58am Dec 6th, 2015
From time to time there are fast five seconds. And than again the snail. That makes no fun.
9:54am Dec 6th, 2015
Everything with the dinos it seems. To go to a map - relatively fast. To write a message - normal. Heal the dinos after a battle -fast. But battle, feed, level ... slooooooow.
9:46am Dec 6th, 2015
And it's not the Browser. All other pages load fast like always.
9:34am Dec 6th, 2015
I tried everything, including new start of the laptop.
9:23am Dec 6th, 2015
The third party battle works. But I need more time than normally.
8:56am Dec 6th, 2015
I since yesterday. Stop and go. Stop and refresh all the time. For the battles I needed ca 2 hours instead of 50 minutes. (Party battle)
6:24am Dec 6th, 2015
haha splat :3
5:27am Dec 6th, 2015
The new server doesn't like me. I always have to stop and refresh the page. :(
5:03am Dec 6th, 2015
I have to correct ... The items from the first and second day I got, but not this from today. :(
1:58pm Dec 3rd, 2015
Yep, it works for me. First day - red tinsel, yesterday christmas wrapped paper, today this x-mas-tree cookie. I use Firefox. But today ... I can do nothing! Time stand still, seems it would be still yesterday for my dinos.
1:25pm Dec 3rd, 2015
I find more and more bugs ... The advent calender works for me. But my 10 old Atro still has got the picture of the baby, I can't see picutres at the testbreedings ... and many more. :(
2:44pm Dec 2nd, 2015
Hey my dear! Can you collect snow pieces? I can't, still 0.
12:39pm Dec 2nd, 2015
Our dinos can't come with us. That's what I really hate. If Exhi2 will comes, I will take a look there. But my dino-game is Exhi1 - the original!!!
2:39pm Oct 28th, 2015
I know. Herbal told me the same. And I really hope that she won't break her promise.
2:30pm Oct 28th, 2015
What do you mean ... will Kitty close Exhi1 when the new version will be online?
1:25pm Oct 25th, 2015
I suppose Exhi 2 will be a kind of duplicate of Lioden. The thing with the eggs ... On Rescreatu we have the same to get pets.
6:00am Oct 25th, 2015
I wrote a comment there a few seconds ago. "Nice". But why do I think I have Pokemon in dino-style?
5:42am Oct 25th, 2015
Ooooh - a lifesign from a head-mod. Ten months later a first lifesign.
2:52am Oct 25th, 2015
I don't believe that ... Baro grade B/15 uses - 1,000. Baro grade A/15 uses - 5,000. Seems that I need a new price for my meat.
2:10pm Oct 21st, 2015
I think you're right. Ok, than good night, my dear. Sleep well, we'll talk tomorrow again! *hugs*
2:41pm Oct 19th, 2015
Two days ago I saw that an user sold baro b for 1k. I could cry. There was a time everbody wanted baro A+ meat. And now? :(
2:29pm Oct 19th, 2015
I don't do that anymore. In my storage there are still thousands of A+ baro meat. It's difficult to sell it. And I have enough space.
2:09pm Oct 19th, 2015
;) Glad that I could help you
2:06pm Oct 19th, 2015
Tomorrow is herbi-breeding-time again. Hope, you have enough space? ;)
1:57pm Oct 19th, 2015
I'm baaaaaack!!!! :D
2:32pm Oct 18th, 2015
LOL. Thank you. The three are cute. It was good to buy them. Will be off for an hour, than I will be on again. See you later! *hugs*
1:11pm Oct 18th, 2015
They get Baro-A+ meat every day. I also train them daily and I give them SoD and IoT. ;)
1:06pm Oct 18th, 2015
I do anything I can for my three "T's" ;) (Tammy, Thalia, Tiberius)
12:57pm Oct 18th, 2015
My Neuquen-Babys are a little bit stronger already. :)
12:43pm Oct 18th, 2015
Will be off for an hour or so. My neighbour needs help with her plants. See you later again! *hugs*
7:40am Oct 18th, 2015
Now I have three Neuquens - two girls and a boy. But with those horrible lab-stats. *cries*
4:48am Oct 16th, 2015
The young dino is from me - Shadowlight. Only the other account. I found her and thought you would like to have her. ;)
2:00am Oct 13th, 2015
Good night my dear and have sweet dreams. We'll talk tomorrow again! *hugs*
2:18pm Oct 12th, 2015
Maybe I will find some in the reserve or at the cheap ones. We will see. I have time. ;)
1:49pm Oct 12th, 2015
I could cry when I see those low stats. My dino-babies are much stronger than those. Ok, all are in a very long breeding-line.
1:38pm Oct 12th, 2015
The last three times not. But when I look at the lab-stats ... so low ...
1:28pm Oct 12th, 2015
I still don't have any Neuquens.
1:14pm Oct 12th, 2015
Both have got pros and cons. But I can't say which is better.
12:53pm Oct 12th, 2015
I hope not. All my life my blood pressure was to low. But it seems that it is to high now. My doc meant it would be the age and normal.
12:43pm Oct 12th, 2015
It's really painful, I know. LOL, so you're right hander. In November my doc will make a 24-hour-blood pressure measurement with me.
11:49am Oct 12th, 2015
A little bit tired. I was very busy. And you?
11:42am Oct 12th, 2015
Enough sleep is important ;)
11:38am Oct 12th, 2015
I'm baaaaaack!!!!
2:11pm Oct 11th, 2015
Then we are two who don't believe it anymore. I don't know, I haven't taken a look yet.
12:54pm Oct 11th, 2015
2 weeks???? That's bad. Well, I don't like to start with lab-dinos and their low stats again. That's why I'm still unsure. Long time I thought I would take them in Exhi2. But I don't believe to Exhi2 anymore.
12:39pm Oct 11th, 2015
Maybe a new breed, I'm still not sure. Like angel and devil on the shoulders. Shall I or shall I not. Aaah - big thanks for my prize!!!! *hugs*
12:23pm Oct 11th, 2015
Outsch, that's painful, I know that. The last time I couldn't move my arm like I normally do. It was like a big muscle ache.
12:22pm Oct 11th, 2015
Hi my dear, how are you? At the moment I think about it to start with Neuquens. I'm crazy. :D
9:36am Oct 11th, 2015
Well, I'm ready here for today and will go off now. Good night, my dear. Sweet dreams. See you tomorrow! *hugs*
1:38pm Oct 8th, 2015
skype? for a bit?
1:01pm Sep 26th, 2015
pokes TT to jens layout
1:00pm Sep 26th, 2015
LOL. I'm online on skype every day, but most of my friends aren't.
12:33pm Sep 26th, 2015
I can't understand this. Why do they do this? I suppose the inbreedings aren't there any more in my lins. I had some with 25% inbreed very long time ago, at last there were ... 2%. And that's ok for me.
1:00pm Sep 24th, 2015
I hate inbreedings. A little bit like 1-10%, ok. But 50 or 100%? No, that's horrible.
12:40pm Sep 24th, 2015
I always make testbreedings. I need them for me, you know. And to see if I have the risk with inbreeding. ;)
12:17pm Sep 24th, 2015
Only testbreedings for six dinos, then I'll be ready for today. :D
2:03pm Sep 23rd, 2015
Both auctions online!!!!
1:42pm Sep 23rd, 2015
12 hours ok for the auctions?
1:03pm Sep 23rd, 2015
Baro calves: 3 males, 7 females. Bonita calves: 6 males, 14 females. Auction for 12 hours?
12:39pm Sep 23rd, 2015
You are my friend. And I'm glad if I can help you. ;)
12:32pm Sep 23rd, 2015
Bonis are cute. They were my first herbis. :) Sure! I will split the herds and with luck you will get the right mixture. ;)
12:29pm Sep 23rd, 2015
But at the calves I can't say, if you will get 10 and 10, as I know.
12:24pm Sep 23rd, 2015
That's no problem. I have enough calves, males and females. Baros I suppose?
12:23pm Sep 23rd, 2015
You can get so many as you like, my dear. You only have to tell me if you want adults or calves. ;)
12:17pm Sep 23rd, 2015
I don't buy more spaces for the herbi-enclosures any more. I don't need more.
12:11pm Sep 23rd, 2015
The last time I sold herbi-offsprings I got bad prices. But good to hear that you had luck! :)
2:17pm Sep 22nd, 2015
You got two males? Great! Congratulations!!! :) And yes, lots of Baros. LOL
1:21pm Sep 21st, 2015
Two girls isn't good. Hope you will get a male. I have so many Baro-eggs that I don't know what to do with them. 1.465 Baros, 228 Bonis and 167 Edmontos. :)
2:24pm Sep 20th, 2015
Ok, I'm offline now. Was a long day. Good night, my dear. Sweet dreams!!! *hugs*
2:10pm Sep 19th, 2015
A party? LOL. What kind of?
1:48pm Sep 19th, 2015
I wish we would have an item, that makes it easier to fill the troughs.
1:36pm Sep 19th, 2015
I wish you luck for the offsprings. With my baros I could start a little war. :D
1:27pm Sep 19th, 2015
If you want Baros or Bonis let me know that. I will get many of them tomorrow and you could get calves, if you want. ;)
1:04pm Sep 19th, 2015
Hey, my dear! *hugs* Yeah, tomorrow is breeding-time again. I have enough space in the enclosures and still many a+ meat in my storage. For tomorrow both of us luck!!! ;)
12:58pm Sep 19th, 2015
If you need items - let me know, ok? ;)
2:22pm Sep 12th, 2015
I've already wrote that in your thread. But here again: Thanks very much for the prizes!!! :)
12:10pm Sep 2nd, 2015
Thanks very much for the prizes and the game! Was fun :D
10:48am Aug 31st, 2015
Yep, really many babies. And I have tons of meat in my storage still. *g*
12:00pm Aug 20th, 2015
You forgot it? Ooops. But good results. ;) As you know I have only three species. 2.154 Baros, 298 Bonnies and 237 Edmons. :)
11:55am Aug 20th, 2015
To find the right music isn't easy. ;)
11:45am Aug 20th, 2015
Spotty helped me in a great way about my missing trials. :) How are you? Did you get many herbi-offsprings?
11:41am Aug 20th, 2015
So - I'm off now. Good night, my dear!!!! *hugs* Sleep well!
3:17pm Aug 18th, 2015
2:45pm Aug 18th, 2015
Lol just hitting u with water balloons for fun
1:37pm Aug 13th, 2015
Greetings. You have a lovely collection of dinosaurs.
9:49am Aug 11th, 2015
It would be helpful to know how old the calves are. Sleep well and have sweet dreams, my dear! See you soon! *hugs*
2:35pm Jul 29th, 2015
When I trained all my dinos, healed and fed them, I will go to bed, too. My calves are still babies, too. :(
2:08pm Jul 29th, 2015
Hey, my dear! How are you? I have a question: are yours herbi-calves from june adult already?
1:55pm Jul 29th, 2015
Well, I go to bed now. It was a long day for me. Sleep well and sweet dreams, my dear!!!! *hugs*
2:21pm Jul 26th, 2015
there is no news post no more basically you need water ballons and throw them at players :) and yes not sure if dino would be what you looking for but wont hurt to look
12:50pm Jul 16th, 2015
A break is always good. ;) And yes, the summer-splash-event starts. And like always no information about that in the news. Oh, you got one for me? That's fantastic!!!! *hugs*
12:48pm Jul 16th, 2015
Only three sunny days. Most of the time it was windy and rainy
12:41pm Jul 16th, 2015
I am baaaaaack!!!!
12:40pm Jul 16th, 2015
Meanwhile exhi makes no really fun any more. In the past it was much better.
1:52pm Jun 30th, 2015
I put three herbi-egg-herds in auctions. *g*
7:45am Jun 20th, 2015
LOL, true. And? Do you want some calves for free? ;)
6:56am Jun 20th, 2015
As you know I have 10 Baro-enclosures. In those all together 2.033 eggs. Bonis (2 enclosures) 342 eggs and Edmonto (2 enclosures) 264 eggs. So if you want to have some herbis - let me know. Of course as gift. ;)
5:20am Jun 20th, 2015
Lots? Over 1000 new baros + the others. Will tell you the exactly numbers. Need Baros A+?
4:45am Jun 20th, 2015
If there's another player who wants all or most of the items then sell those to the other player. It's really ok for me. ;) And now I will take a look at my new herbis. *g*
4:18am Jun 20th, 2015
Whow! Yeah! My dinos could enter the trials, too!!!!
3:20pm Jun 19th, 2015
At the moment I heal and level my dinos, after that I will try my luck with the trials. Happy to hear, that your dinos could entered the trials. ;)
2:51pm Jun 19th, 2015
You're right. At the moment I'm thinking about leaving Exhi, too. No ones there to help, the users are alone. That's not funny.
2:40pm Jun 19th, 2015
2 days without trials and I still missed trials that my dinos haven't run yet. Mods ... where are they? Maybe dead? *ironic*
2:33pm Jun 19th, 2015
Can your dinos enter the trials? My can't since yesterday. :(
2:11pm Jun 18th, 2015
Good night, my dear and sweet dreams. :) Today it was cold here and still is.
1:44pm Jun 16th, 2015
Yesterday I bought three new herbi-enclosers. Have to split my baro-herds again.
1:37pm Jun 16th, 2015
Be sure I am the correct person. ;)
1:26pm Jun 16th, 2015
I haven't got the time yet to take a look. But will take time for it in the next days, promised.
1:18pm Jun 16th, 2015
Yep. Sometimes it's a little bit faster and then again sloooow and needs minutes to load a page.
1:13pm Jun 16th, 2015
That could be, too. But all other sites I visit are fast. Only Exhi is slow.
1:07pm Jun 16th, 2015
A few days ago Exhi was very fast. But now it's slow again like a snail. It feels like hours till I have items in my shop or to be ready with the battles. :(
2:27pm Jun 15th, 2015
Sometimes I think that Kitty and the mods have not interest in their user any more. That's the best way to lose loyal users. Well I worked today and after that I started to relax. *g*
12:40pm Jun 13th, 2015
What did you do today?
12:33pm Jun 13th, 2015
I hoped it would be enough to post that in the thread we already have about it. But nothing.
12:18pm Jun 13th, 2015
I hoped it would be enough to post that in the thread we already have about it. But nothing.
12:17pm Jun 13th, 2015
Still miss conformation trials of two days. :(
12:09pm Jun 13th, 2015
Good night and sweet dreams, my dear! *hugs* :)
2:30pm Jun 12th, 2015
I'm fine, thank you. It's very warm today and we're waiting for the rain. Only a few things to do for my dinos, then I will go to bed, too. ;)
2:00pm Jun 12th, 2015
Only came around to say hello, my dear. How are you? :)
1:57pm Jun 12th, 2015
Will do that! ;)
1:01pm Jun 9th, 2015
Whow! You really have hundreds of items for sale. I'm sure that I can need some of them. But I need time to see which ones. ;)
3:10pm Jun 7th, 2015
You have all the time in the world, my dear. I wish you a nice day! :) *hugs*
2:20am May 24th, 2015
18c could be here, too. It's warm, only without the sun. XD
2:18am May 24th, 2015
I need more coffee! *g* I'm fine, but searching for the sun. The news said we would have a sunny day. Sun - where are you? *g*
1:57am May 24th, 2015
Happy Whitsunday! :) *hugs*
1:49am May 24th, 2015
Well, I will go to bed now. I wish you a good night, sweet dreams and a wonderful weekend. See you on sunday again! :) *hugs*
2:32pm May 22nd, 2015
I hope that they will get babies during the next two days, too. Tomorrow I have to work.
2:21pm May 22nd, 2015
I had a good day, yes. Thank you for asking. Hope, your day was great, too. ;) Yep, I have "some" herbi-babies, but not from those who are adult since today. Will they get babies, too or next month?
2:15pm May 22nd, 2015
Will go to bed now, I'm tired. Was a hard day for me. Sleep well and sweet dreams for you, my dear! *hugs*
2:07pm May 20th, 2015
Whow! Congratulation to those results, that's great!!!! :) Not all of my herbis got babies already, cause many of them are still calves.
1:46pm May 20th, 2015
*graaa* die not day. Sorry. It's late and I'm tired. I should go to bed. Good night, my dear. Sweet dreams! We will see us tomorrow again. ;) *hugs*
1:33pm May 16th, 2015
There are many dinos that will day by the normal way. And the others I will "kill" ... really lots of meat!!!! :)
1:31pm May 16th, 2015
*Took a look at my own inventory* Hmmm ... I should have enough meat at the moment. And in a few days I really will have a lot of meal. LOL
1:22pm May 16th, 2015
Didn't you say you would have meat in your shop? It's empty. ;)
12:49pm May 16th, 2015
Halleluja! I'm ready with it. Finally!!!! So the herbi-breedings can come. And this time I will "kill" most of the males.
12:48pm May 16th, 2015
Take a look at my enclosures. Then you will see how big they are now. ;)
12:41pm May 16th, 2015
When I'm ready to expand all enclosures I will take a look at you shop, ok? Two more enclosures, than I'm ready and pay millions of exd for all.
12:36pm May 16th, 2015
I meant the markings at the buit. Swamp - the basic markings. LOL - I breed the herbis to get enough food for my dinos. ;)
12:30pm May 16th, 2015
It's expensive "fun". But if I want to have all the eggs I have to expand. And my Buit breeding a few minutes ago was a swamp again. :(
12:16pm May 16th, 2015
I still have to buy hundreds of spaces for the herbi-enclosures. That needs time when you can only buy 1 space after the other. :(
11:55am May 16th, 2015
LOL. Hello there! I'm fine, only a little bit tired. Had to work today. And how are you?
11:50am May 16th, 2015
Yeah. See you tomorrow again!!!! :)
2:00pm May 13th, 2015
I will go to bed in a few minutes, too. Sleep well, my dear and sweet dreams! *hugs*
1:58pm May 13th, 2015
My dinos are already in the trials. Now I have to look if some of them are injured and have to feed them. After that I have to buy lots of space for the herbi-enclosures again. ;)
1:43pm May 13th, 2015
LOL. Yes, one whole day for me. *g* 30 minutes sounds good. I should be ready with my dinos in this time; then we could go to bed at the same time. :D
1:39pm May 13th, 2015
What shall I do? In my job I have to work till saturday, but I have the sunday for me, yes. I still have to work with my dinos, then I will go to bed. ;)
1:24pm May 13th, 2015
Hello again, my dear! *hugs* A free weekend is great! I have to work till saturday. How are you?
1:19pm May 13th, 2015
Then sleep well and sweet dreams. Hope to see you tomorrow again! :)
3:10pm May 12th, 2015
I need hundreds of more space in my enclosures. And can only always 1 expand. Will need hours for that. Will be offline for two hours. Hope to see you later!
1:11pm May 12th, 2015
Not really a lot of time for yourself. I play other games as well, but my favourite is Exhi. ;) I still have to buy lots of space for my herbis.
12:59pm May 12th, 2015
Sounds that you don't have really time for yourself. That explains why I only see you sometimes online. ;)
12:53pm May 12th, 2015
Because my do that. I need lot of space for the next breeding-time. And so I invest exd at the moment in the enclosures. ;) - How are you?
12:46pm May 12th, 2015
Does your herbi-enclosures "eat" your scales, too? *g*
12:44pm May 12th, 2015
Lol how much they worth?
5:06pm May 4th, 2015
How did you get so many dodos >.> please tell me your trick i want alot so bad!
6:38pm May 3rd, 2015
2:10pm Apr 28th, 2015
Maybe I'll find something for you. You gave me so many gifts in the last months. *big hugs*
12:29pm Apr 8th, 2015
That's right. :D And I have nothing for you ...
10:15am Apr 8th, 2015
Whow! Thank you very much for the plushie!!!! *hugs* :)
10:10am Apr 8th, 2015
Happy Easter, my dear! *hugs*
8:10am Apr 5th, 2015
You know exactly, what I mean, my dear. Okay - let's play! :D *hugs*
3:01pm Feb 16th, 2015
Whow - do I have a new rival? :D
12:48pm Feb 16th, 2015
But they could make a thread in the forum with informations. Would be better than nothing. ;)
1:45pm Feb 12th, 2015
Spotty is a mod and was online yesterday. So why didn't Spotty write any information about the event? Jylani is guru. So why do we have so many mods and gurus, when none of them is here?
1:33pm Feb 12th, 2015
It seems that none of the mods/gurus is here anymore. A kind of information would be helpful.
1:18pm Feb 12th, 2015
Do you know when the valtentine event will end? There are still no informations in the news about it
1:14pm Feb 12th, 2015
Friends should help each other and for me it is normal to help if I can. ;)
3:26pm Feb 7th, 2015
Like me. ;) Especially I love to help my friends. ;)
3:19pm Feb 7th, 2015
It's fantastic that we help each other!!! :)
3:13pm Feb 7th, 2015
Great! :) And got them. Will still collect the bottles for you and I have some more. ;)
3:10pm Feb 7th, 2015
Did you get the bottles?
3:04pm Feb 7th, 2015
I have perfume bottles. And I need the red roses.
1:37pm Feb 7th, 2015
What do you need for the Valentines event? Maybe we can help each other. ;)
10:37am Feb 7th, 2015
W8.1 is a very big mistake. A system full of bugs and problems. I still try to understand it, but it's difficult.
2:07pm Jan 5th, 2015
Sometimes I think that I have a big smartphone instead of a laptop. For everything you need apps, I can't print ... I really hate it.
1:13pm Jan 5th, 2015
Have I already told you that I hate windows 8.1? That's a nightmare.
12:50pm Jan 5th, 2015
hehe okay i bidded on one of your auctions
2:00pm Jan 3rd, 2015
Are your auctions for anyone specific or can anyone bid on them?
1:39pm Jan 3rd, 2015
Happy New Year, my friend!!!! :)
7:21am Jan 1st, 2015
Compressing is good! I'll pay you a scale and 190k for them all. As of right now, I only have 3012 uses, sadly.
2:45pm Dec 27th, 2014
I'm always looking to buy chunks of meat in ice! I'd like to get up to 4k this year, but I missed half the month and no one's really selling them to me so far, so I may have to wait until next year for that much.
2:41pm Dec 27th, 2014
With those that works - yes. *g*
10:30am Dec 21st, 2014
Got it! Forget my question. *g*
10:15am Dec 21st, 2014
Do you know how I can put the "fire for x-mas background" behind the tree?
10:13am Dec 21st, 2014
I'm glad that I can help you sometimes. ;)
2:00pm Dec 18th, 2014
Now you know the reason ;) I always give it my dinos.
1:45pm Dec 18th, 2014
You're welcome! :) Barosaurus A+ gives your dino +10 on every stat and hunger +70. You can buy them in the user shops; to example at Brother Woodchuck (atm Luke Woodchucker) ;)
12:11pm Dec 18th, 2014
The best food is Baro A+ meat - ok, dodo is much better, but difficult to find and expensive. ;)
11:58am Dec 18th, 2014
Any little Exhi-x-mas-wishes?
11:53am Dec 18th, 2014
That's right. I will ask there later. ;) Maybe others have the same problem.
10:24am Dec 13th, 2014
It could also be a bug. Maybe I should ask in the forum
10:19am Dec 13th, 2014
Barrys and Terrorbirds don't work. :(
2:59pm Dec 11th, 2014
Do you know if all dinos are able to wear those x-mas-hats?
2:42pm Dec 11th, 2014
I thought your Utah shouldn't be alone and a second bloodline could be helpful.;)
11:14am Dec 8th, 2014
I hope, you like Miyuki?
11:10am Dec 8th, 2014
im new please add me as a friend and ill ad u ^-^
8:53am Dec 7th, 2014
You should have a new dino in you box ;) It's me - Shadowlight!
4:02am Nov 11th, 2014
I'm alright, just really tired today. What about yourself?
11:25am Sep 30th, 2014
I just know for a fact; being this sick sucks hard core >.
1:09pm Sep 3rd, 2014
Let me just curl on you 'cause I don't feel very good today -curls on-
12:54pm Sep 3rd, 2014
I've got plenty more but i'm running out of blues.
2:02pm Aug 10th, 2014
I love you
5:20pm Dec 10th, 2013
Thanks for the trade offer! :D
3:13pm Dec 22nd, 2012