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"Neeed... Moar... DINOS..."
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*Preforms a Nano summoning ritual* Naaanooooooooo
2:15pm Oct 12th, 2016
Opening all for you, broski, whenever you're ready
7:38pm Feb 28th, 2016
It's your turn on Lab Rats, I think
12:45pm Feb 20th, 2016
I say, four months later. Christ, I'm sorry, hahah
9:28pm Feb 15th, 2016
Lmao it's fine, buddy. I haven't been around much, either, unfortunately; only enough to check in every so often, I guess. Make sure most of my Dino's don't die, hah. How've you been, man? Good, I hope?
9:27pm Feb 15th, 2016
I made a forum you might like.
5:08pm Feb 9th, 2016
7:30pm Feb 4th, 2016
10:17pm Feb 3rd, 2016
9:02pm Feb 3rd, 2016
8:50pm Feb 2nd, 2016
I got the last two.
9:13pm Feb 1st, 2016
I just bought the wrong kind of dino so I can't get it out of my loading crate. Can you take the utahs so I can get rid of it?
9:06pm Feb 1st, 2016
8:08pm Feb 1st, 2016
4:29pm Jan 31st, 2016
It was only an information for you. Nothing more. ;)
4:13pm Jan 31st, 2016
It was here: The custom overlay thread. ;)
3:38pm Jan 31st, 2016
I read your posting a few seconds ago. Well, some overlays/backgrounds only work at adult dinos. Maybe that helps. ;)
3:32pm Jan 31st, 2016
Posted on Lab rats
11:06am Jan 31st, 2016
10:35am Jan 31st, 2016
8I fine i must concede to the coin deity
9:25pm Jan 28th, 2016
srsly you need a lot more praise than I could ever give you for like EVERYTHING you do
9:21pm Jan 28th, 2016
are you kidding me though that was like so many words and u made arts for that design and everything like bro so selfless omg
9:20pm Jan 28th, 2016
seriously though thank you for letting me use reiss as a template like you just offered all that work and effort up so unwaveringly like omg
9:08pm Jan 28th, 2016
his paragraphing is fixed and I need to get down to tweaking his appearance slightly also xD
9:07pm Jan 28th, 2016
oh and hey wait speaking of the blue t *checks*
9:00pm Jan 28th, 2016
k I'll do some editing before he makes his debut xDD //wrecked like so fatigued omg I'm so sorry I wish I didn't have POTS this bad :c
9:00pm Jan 28th, 2016
and :V no don't worry may as well have a similar clothing style I mean xD long sleeved stuff makes no sense with shorts and you can't have really long pants and - he might have a shirt or something with medium length shorts but that's as much as I can thi
8:53pm Jan 28th, 2016
OH SO IT'S LIKE TUMBLR O K hang on I think I'm gonna have to go delete and resubmit |'D
8:50pm Jan 28th, 2016
his personality was the 654 words ooooops I had the same problem with Mia actually the enter key just poofs out of existence :c
8:49pm Jan 28th, 2016
also is there some sort of html formatting tag for paragraph breaks that im missing
8:48pm Jan 28th, 2016
i hate ipads
8:47pm Jan 28th, 2016
8:47pm Jan 28th, 2016
:V? *goes to check the OOC because whoops*
3:10pm Jan 27th, 2016
7:49pm Jan 26th, 2016
posted. Sorry about the delay, I have midterms.
7:37am Jan 22nd, 2016
SENPAI NOTICED ME *bambiraptor scree*
7:35pm Jan 20th, 2016
one finished battle so far hooray 8'D
9:12pm Jan 12th, 2016
I should, yes |D //having trouble with the battle system whooops...
8:52pm Jan 12th, 2016
just got approval >D I can like fling the notes at you on tumblr hold on
9:49pm Jan 11th, 2016
yes of course xDD I am already somewhat aware that I can't afford to create the kind of character I usually do (eg an innocent naive dorK) and welP off I go to like stare at the pm box for a half hour before formulating a response
8:19pm Jan 11th, 2016
That's the thing though I am currently brainstorming reasonable things before I check via PM xD don't worry I have lurked enough to read the rules
8:12pm Jan 11th, 2016
I briefly entertained the idea that he would just like float everywhere in blissful oblivion an inch or so off the ground like he'd have no IDEA how to walk buut I don't want to take the spotlight off of ghouls and their cool levitation powers
8:11pm Jan 11th, 2016
ALRIGHT I AM MAKING PROGRESS his name will be Mia and I think he's probably gonna be an alien or something and the equivalent of like seventeen-eighteen ayyy
8:07pm Jan 11th, 2016
I was trying to make a reply the entire time sob |D; I like finally finished and noticed the notification so
7:42pm Jan 11th, 2016
was busy getting gripped by shyness xD
7:39pm Jan 11th, 2016
hm hmmm alright xD I do need to figure out what the heck kind of species my chara would be though I am used to none of these ;w;
7:07pm Jan 11th, 2016
//I feel I should admit that um how do I say this Iamindeedslightlystarvedforroleplaying
6:53pm Jan 11th, 2016
AMAZING OMG I am busy dying of laughter and hoping I don't like become a zombie when I am revived "D
6:52pm Jan 11th, 2016
and :O!! fascinating so this is what you were doing when you said u were explaining a thing about chewy ghouls
6:37pm Jan 11th, 2016
6:37pm Jan 11th, 2016
oh well then WELL THEN *shifty eyes* thank you for the reassurance I am ever so grateful 8'D I agree the dude is a fiEND that thing is whizzing by ok omg
6:31pm Jan 11th, 2016
8D!! thank you for the information this is good yes also omg they move so much faster than windrose I am curious but also sO SCARED *HIDES*
6:23pm Jan 11th, 2016
It was in a fit of melon induced rage alright his name should be back to normalish ;o ...also how even do the roleplay boards work here sob
6:17pm Jan 11th, 2016
this was a waste of your money i'm sorry
6:04pm Jan 11th, 2016
truly refined names i have chosen for these dinosaurs
6:03pm Jan 11th, 2016
annd a strange watermelon creature has been generated
5:52pm Jan 11th, 2016
I found the transfer function I think but I am not telling you where it is I refuse "D
5:48pm Jan 11th, 2016
no don't you dare omg I wouldn't know how to spend it even >8II
5:43pm Jan 11th, 2016
possibly though I wouldn't consider stumbling around getting absolutely noTHING DONE suspicious
5:41pm Jan 11th, 2016
u saw NOTHING 8I
5:38pm Jan 11th, 2016
I'm doing alright - it could be much worse, I suppose, but today's weather just made my plans much harder xD Quite sorry, my internet went out because of the storm we were having
6:13am Jan 10th, 2016
Schoolwork is quite destroying me at the moment xD I've completed at least ten lessons today alone
9:52pm Jan 9th, 2016
Sounds like quite the venture xD
9:46pm Jan 9th, 2016
It's a really nice perk x3 And no problem! I'm working on school work, so I'm kind of on and off, it's no problem!
9:15pm Jan 9th, 2016
Yeah, plus it's nice to get to talk to Rusty about it in person and stuff, I'm a very visual and audio-sensitive person, so I like being able to hear her talk about it while we're face to face
8:55pm Jan 9th, 2016
I looked at that one for a bit, but I feel funny joining other roleplays that aren't run by Rusty xD no offense to any other RP master, of course
8:45pm Jan 9th, 2016
Congrats on good things in your life!! I'm happy for you x3 What other roleplays do you have in mind? And a second character wouldn't be remiss
8:38pm Jan 9th, 2016
Highly agreed without a doubt xD But yep! How about you, what are you up to? How was your day?
8:34pm Jan 9th, 2016
Well, it would be nice if we could figure out how to minimize the effect of the workload without minimizing the workload itself, but yeah!
8:29pm Jan 9th, 2016
Yeah, I've gotten a lot done xD It is really cool - we carpool together to school and everything! Busy would be nice if it wasn't so... stressful.. but we get to share the stress which is nice xD
8:25pm Jan 9th, 2016
Rage cleaning xD like I am ticked off and putting that energy into cleaning my room. And I will! She and I both go to a really tough school xD so that's a large part of why we're always so busy.
8:19pm Jan 9th, 2016
Rage cleaning - what about you?
8:09pm Jan 9th, 2016
That is absolutely fine xD
4:33pm Jan 9th, 2016
xD I grew up on the 2003 reboot, then got into the '87 when I was around 10, literally don't care what year show is playing, I love it all
10:06pm Jan 8th, 2016
Well I mean the one that came out like this/last year - it's my bae xD TMNT fan, too?
10:01pm Jan 8th, 2016
xD I've got limited space is my problem. I'm watching the new TMNT movie... again... it's my new love
9:57pm Jan 8th, 2016
Same here - except I'm in the middle of a movie... and I plan on finishing this one >:D (They're so cute x3 and I'm glad it amuses you xD)
9:54pm Jan 8th, 2016
Psst hi back!
9:51pm Jan 8th, 2016
See ya!!
10:20pm Jan 7th, 2016
Well, I'm thinking I'd get in contact with organizations like GAIN and figure out how they organize their work, and then I'd propose a system where it's a community based project to set up the greenhouses and stuff
9:25pm Jan 7th, 2016
Parks! Also, they could be attached to homeless shelters and soup kitchens
9:04pm Jan 7th, 2016
I'm proposing we push public gardens where the homeless can be given jobs and have a greenhouse they grow fruits and veggies in - it's already sort of a thing, but it ought to be more common
8:35pm Jan 7th, 2016
It's all good - I'll pretend it didn't happen ;) And it is loads of fun x3 we're right now making environmental bill proposals we get to actually propose to government officials
8:14pm Jan 7th, 2016
Kyaaa, sounds like fun! I'm in an environmental science class, and we never do fun stuff like that >x(
8:10pm Jan 7th, 2016
Ooooh, logos - graphics class of some sorts?
7:55pm Jan 7th, 2016
Everything in general - I feel like working hard at anything that comes my way! And, because I'm kind at times, if you ever need help with school I can try my hardest to be useful xD
7:46pm Jan 7th, 2016
I'm very wonderful, I think, and in a very push-for-gold kind of mode this week - how about you?
6:50pm Jan 7th, 2016
I totally ditched you for bed xD I halfheartedly apologize - and I look forward to it!
4:03am Jan 7th, 2016
9:20pm Jan 6th, 2016
No need to feel bad - it's perfectly alright!
8:30pm Jan 6th, 2016
Absolutely no problem!
8:17pm Jan 6th, 2016
Yeah that seems like a good idea.
7:54am Jan 6th, 2016
Cool! Good to hear from you again, it's been a while!
7:06am Jan 6th, 2016
You can do it how you want.
6:23pm Nov 10th, 2015
I am unsure what you mean.
5:57pm Nov 10th, 2015
And greetings to you as well *bows deeply*
10:58pm Nov 1st, 2015
2:52pm Nov 1st, 2015
Feather club = Penguin = you. I was a werewolve what means Claws. ;)
2:32pm Nov 1st, 2015
You won this war with your club, my dear. The zombie tag was another game, nothing with the clubs. ;)
2:29pm Nov 1st, 2015
1:23pm Nov 1st, 2015
i know exactly what you mean.
11:32am Nov 1st, 2015
what's up?
8:26am Nov 1st, 2015
hullo :D
8:24am Nov 1st, 2015
Silly penguin! *Fire!*
6:56pm Oct 30th, 2015
Narf ... Good night, my dear and sleep well later. We'll see us tomorrow! :)
4:33pm Oct 30th, 2015
The Terror-Egg? Yes, I'm waiting for the right moment/the right dino. Maybe I will find a good lab-dino someday to change it to a Terrorbird. ;) Well, I have to go off. It's after midnight for me and tomorrow I have to work. Good night, my dear and sleep
4:32pm Oct 30th, 2015
The terrorbird-egg I won't sell. The Lolo ... yes.
4:08pm Oct 30th, 2015
You just need a dinosaur in there to use it. ;) The egg of a Lolo you can find at April 1st in the egg maybe. But this you can put from the inventory to the incubator. ;)
4:02pm Oct 30th, 2015
I meant the moving crate. ;) And this is a Terror-Egg.
3:58pm Oct 30th, 2015
Buuuuut ... you need a lab-dino that have to be in the box. And this dino you give the terror-egg and the lab dino will change to a Terrorbird. ;)
3:42pm Oct 30th, 2015
Sure. It can happen that the pteranodon lost a terror-egg and that falls in your enclosure. (it's in your inventory then). I got two from him. ;)
3:41pm Oct 30th, 2015
You need scales to create a terrorbird or a terror-egg that you can find via random. ;)
3:11pm Oct 30th, 2015
We all want to win, that's normal. So good luck for both of us. ;)
2:27pm Oct 30th, 2015
It's our Halloween-event. In this time we all are insane-murderous beings. :D And everybody tries to get so many points for the club as he/she can. ;)
2:15pm Oct 30th, 2015
Aaah - a new word that I know now. :D And thanks. I'm glad to hear that my english is good. :) But what do you mean? That vampires drink blood from penguins? I don't think that they would drink from us. They use weapons to "kill" us. ;)
2:04pm Oct 30th, 2015
As I know vampires prefer human blood. Ahem ... what do you mean with outlandish idea? English ist not my first language and so I have little problems from time to time to understand what the other mean.
1:52pm Oct 30th, 2015
Don't you like vampires?
1:42pm Oct 30th, 2015
There are vampires on the battlefield, too. You could "kill" some of them. ;)
1:34pm Oct 30th, 2015
For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon's blood, Then the charm is firm and good.
1:31pm Oct 30th, 2015
Oh - a barbecue. And the penguin is the dinner. *g* By the way ... you can't "kill" Elske. She's a very special witch. :D
1:30pm Oct 30th, 2015
*take your second wing* :p
1:26pm Oct 30th, 2015
Double, double toil and trouble; / Fire burn and caldron bubble. / Fillet of a fenny snake, / In the caldron boil and bake;
1:22pm Oct 30th, 2015
No, we can't take our dinos with us, have to start again with nothing. Only the scales and maybe our "money" will be transfer. Nothing more.
1:10pm Oct 30th, 2015
that does not scare me .... just remember... they don't call me Evil for nothing.
1:08pm Oct 30th, 2015
Indeed. Happy huntings!
1:06pm Oct 30th, 2015
hehehehe.... game on my friend !
1:02pm Oct 30th, 2015
I don't really wait for it, cause I can't take my dinos with me.
12:54pm Oct 30th, 2015
The hunt was most successful *holds up trophy*
12:53pm Oct 30th, 2015
They all waiting for Exhi 2 ;)
12:51pm Oct 30th, 2015
Hahaha - go on dreaming, my dear! By the way ... it's good to see that older players are back again. ;)
12:47pm Oct 30th, 2015
I've already have one. :p
12:42pm Oct 30th, 2015
I feel nothing. But your wing tastes well. A little bit more salt ...
12:38pm Oct 30th, 2015
Why thank you, I just need to reload first
12:11pm Oct 30th, 2015
Haha, seems fair. *pulls out gun*
12:06pm Oct 30th, 2015
*quietly pulls out witches broom*
11:58am Oct 30th, 2015
"Oh, nothing in particular"
11:56am Oct 30th, 2015
They are in that vase over there aren't they? *nods at vase*
11:49am Oct 30th, 2015
Is it bad that I have torches myself? I guess I just can't touch them... :P *gets grenade ready*
11:45am Oct 30th, 2015
That's bad. I have to go off for a while - it's dinner time where I live. But I will come back later! ;)
11:21am Oct 30th, 2015
You're not the first who's saying that. And I'm still here. Sure, that your silver bullets really work? *g*
11:13am Oct 30th, 2015
Ts, ts, ts ... You know that I still have many of AP-grenades. *harharhar*
11:08am Oct 30th, 2015
You began. I only struggled. ;)
10:56am Oct 30th, 2015
Why did you go? If it's personal, I don't mind you not saying. Just simple curiosity here.
6:26pm Jan 15th, 2014
NANO YOU"rE BACK *flails and attack-hugs*
6:22pm Jan 13th, 2014
Ok, at least you'll be on the unders for a while longer. A few people are going to leave pretty soon, so...
5:05pm Jan 13th, 2014
Wait, Nano, when will you be on the overs? I have two years and three months to go before I change.
4:39pm Jan 13th, 2014
The Guardian could have just not found a host. Or you could be a normal dragon.
4:25pm Jan 13th, 2014
Maybe you could be one of the Guardians that hasn't been taken?
4:21pm Jan 13th, 2014
I know that the RP is loooong. That's why I wanted to summarize it for you, so you didn't have to read it all.
4:15pm Jan 13th, 2014
Nano, ima draw you sumthin. It's gonna be a dragon! :O
6:41am Jan 13th, 2014
yeap 8I
9:07pm Jan 12th, 2014
G'night. ;D
8:56pm Jan 12th, 2014
Aw, I have to get off. Byee, catch you later. :)
8:53pm Jan 12th, 2014
My shout box won't let me post it because it's too long, or something, so I'll tell you in the morning, when I'm allowed to be on the computer. D8 I'm really tired right now, so I'm feelin dumb. But how have you been doing?
8:51pm Jan 12th, 2014
Also it takes me forever to post because I'm on my i-Phone
8:39pm Jan 12th, 2014
Totally! I have a dragon RP ((Called Fallen Among The Ashes of Corruption)) and it is the third in a series, but I'll fill you in if ya want. I'm also going to make a new one here pretty soon~
8:38pm Jan 12th, 2014
its cool, we have pictures and everything of what he did to her >
8:37pm Jan 12th, 2014
NANOOOO! XD hello, missed youuuu
8:34pm Jan 12th, 2014
so so...haveing some problems with step father harming my sister so I kinda flipped tables today but I am okay now, but my step father is gonna be hurtin in court -.-
8:32pm Jan 12th, 2014
*noms* hai friiieend :>
8:25pm Jan 12th, 2014
Hello, Nano. Haven't heard from you in a while. How have you been doing? :D By the way this is Werewolf, just changed my name.
7:54am Jan 10th, 2014
My Secret Santa gave me green leg warmers, so Christmas wishes really do come true. *tee hee* It's been all good on my end. And on my legs, too. XD
4:26pm Jan 8th, 2014
:P sure
4:10pm Jan 8th, 2014
How yoo during? Long time, no type. ;) Hope the holidays were good to you & yours. :)
3:41pm Jan 8th, 2014
Hm, I don't know. I pm rp, read creepypasta and play mincraft
3:36pm Jan 8th, 2014
Some users, not as much as before :/ but I do pm rp
3:18pm Jan 8th, 2014
Hey nano. XP this is the girl who you roleplayed with Roman the vampire kid a long time ago
3:11pm Jan 8th, 2014
hewo :3 long time no see
3:11pm Jan 8th, 2014
Hi Nano
6:34pm Sep 5th, 2013
4:48pm Sep 5th, 2013
4:48pm Sep 5th, 2013
oh man your on FR 8D do I have you as a friend on there btw? o3o cause I tend to forget a lot of things even friends and I tend to feel bad for it, and how are you ^^ *hugs*
4:31pm Sep 5th, 2013
hey, wanted to cheak up on you, how have you been?
11:01am Aug 31st, 2013
NANOOOOO! Yur back!
12:29pm Jun 24th, 2013
Wanna join mah new RP? It's called Thirty and Counting. :p
4:28pm Jun 19th, 2013
Did yah get the actual PMRP message yet? Phone died...
3:51pm Jun 17th, 2013
Post on Wild and Free. PLEAAASE
8:43pm Jun 15th, 2013
I just died of laughter!!!!
8:26pm Jun 15th, 2013
Oh, and Im waiting on you in practically every RP you and I are in.
10:37am Jun 15th, 2013
I got an account on Rescreatu. X3 there I'm FallingLikeTheSnow. BEFRIEND MEEEE
10:36am Jun 15th, 2013
9:05am Jun 15th, 2013
>:D ???
9:02pm Jun 14th, 2013
Chat chat :3
8:07pm Jun 14th, 2013
6:46pm Jun 14th, 2013
Oh crap sorry Nano, wrong person XDDDDD
6:32pm Jun 14th, 2013
6:32pm Jun 14th, 2013
Lol I just died of laughter...
4:51pm Jun 14th, 2013
2:13pm Jun 14th, 2013
No he likes to rub against my foot.... O.o
1:56pm Jun 14th, 2013
:I my cat likes my foot.....
7:24am Jun 14th, 2013
9:17pm Jun 13th, 2013
Don't mean to spam but did ya get dah Bloodwars message?
7:40pm Jun 13th, 2013
Btw your turn on the Bound RP
6:36pm Jun 13th, 2013
My phone hates me
6:31pm Jun 13th, 2013
Did ya get dah message my phone crashed again -.-
4:54pm Jun 13th, 2013
A little corny, but not bad compared to a lot of the usernames. x3 I sent you a Respal request. :o
4:14pm Jun 13th, 2013
Did you get my blood wars message?
4:10pm Jun 13th, 2013
Ooh, what's your user?
4:10pm Jun 13th, 2013
4:05pm Jun 13th, 2013
4:00pm Jun 13th, 2013
3:43pm Jun 13th, 2013
You should have told me that you wanted an angel RP. I was considering suggesting that instead of the dragon one. :P
9:45pm Jun 12th, 2013
You're reading it? :o Cool beans. We're kind of on hiatus right now.
9:45pm Jun 12th, 2013
JELLO!! YWWEESSS!! May we continue this tomorrow? I have to go. C:
8:27pm Jun 12th, 2013
8:24pm Jun 12th, 2013
braGRFsarghathsdzthzgszefgbatszhg *eats jellybeans with package still on*
8:21pm Jun 12th, 2013
*num num*
8:16pm Jun 12th, 2013
8:13pm Jun 12th, 2013
Does not compute.
8:08pm Jun 12th, 2013
*Slams head through wall* EVEN MOAR FOOOOOD!!!
7:58pm Jun 12th, 2013
*Head slams on keyboard multiple times* MOAR FOOOOD!!
7:55pm Jun 12th, 2013
I'm here, but I'm also trying to reply to a huge stack of roleplays, so be patient. :D
7:53pm Jun 12th, 2013
*noms* xD
7:51pm Jun 12th, 2013
7:50pm Jun 12th, 2013
Can I has food?
7:33pm Jun 12th, 2013
4:59pm Jun 12th, 2013
I'm sorry! Can you please forgive me? In no way did I mean to be rude. :(
3:54pm Jun 12th, 2013
Already done.
3:49pm Jun 12th, 2013
Nano will you please post on the horse RP?
3:47pm Jun 12th, 2013
Nano, post on the horse RP so it keeps moving~ :D
3:41pm Jun 12th, 2013
I got my friend to try to say it...we both failed. ;c
9:27am Jun 12th, 2013
I just read the article...woah. John would cry if he had to read that.
9:38pm Jun 11th, 2013
Omnom? Reply to horses, I posted. And I have Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate. Fck yeah.
9:27pm Jun 11th, 2013
Omnom? Reply to horses, I posted. And I have Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate. Fck yeah.
9:26pm Jun 11th, 2013
I can say thathafrath. IM FROM THE FKING INTERNET!! Now what's for food? I'm hungry.
5:11pm Jun 11th, 2013
So you sympathise with me~ Have to get off Rp with ya later~
3:58pm Jun 11th, 2013
I'm irritated, tired and hot(Not in a good way). I was typing up an RP in progress, but then EX signed me out. And I had spent like, an hour on it. :c
3:50pm Jun 11th, 2013
Nano!!!!!!!!! CCCC:
3:46pm Jun 11th, 2013
I tried to say that, but I literally could not. THATHAFRATH. It's just...too hard to say. D:
8:37pm Jun 10th, 2013
8:31pm Jun 10th, 2013
What no. John is just so awesome he can be gay DURING the apocalypse. BI (Imaging John saying sassafras...heh...)
8:28pm Jun 10th, 2013
K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I've always kind of thought that John was gay...
8:24pm Jun 10th, 2013
4:17pm Jun 10th, 2013
That is probably one of the most random things I've said all day... XD
4:06pm Jun 10th, 2013
Still, pop tarts are awesome...
4:04pm Jun 10th, 2013
I'm not going to start typing the Dragon Olympics roleplay until you post on the horse RP. I'm starting it up again. c:
3:40pm Jun 10th, 2013
O_O wrong person...XDDDDD
3:37pm Jun 10th, 2013
3:29pm Jun 10th, 2013
I'm in your kitchen 'eatin your pop tarts like a boss. :3
3:23pm Jun 10th, 2013
7:18pm Jun 9th, 2013
6:25pm Jun 9th, 2013
Hey u got mah blood wars message wight? My phone crashed when I was sending it... -_-
6:11pm Jun 9th, 2013
Aaaaaaaand my phone just crashed... >.
6:06pm Jun 9th, 2013
6:02pm Jun 9th, 2013
Hey your back! :D
6:01pm Jun 9th, 2013
Pfft, yes they did, remember? They just never COMPETED in them. x3
1:46pm Jun 9th, 2013
1:34pm Jun 9th, 2013
1:27pm Jun 9th, 2013
Ah yes, I remember that RP as well. I do miss those guys...
12:21pm Jun 9th, 2013
11:33am Jun 9th, 2013
... Please? xD
11:27am Jun 9th, 2013
11:22am Jun 9th, 2013
Anger issues XD
11:00am Jun 9th, 2013
O_O I just threw my phone at the wall. XD
10:40am Jun 9th, 2013
10:26am Jun 9th, 2013
Wow. My phone hates me...
10:10am Jun 9th, 2013
I'm so tired...
9:59am Jun 9th, 2013
9:56am Jun 9th, 2013
OMG I just fell down in the elevator. What the heck? O_O
7:48pm Jun 7th, 2013
Okay now i just confused myself even more ... I seem to be really good at that... -_-
7:40pm Jun 7th, 2013
Oops forgot to add a lawl in the last post. lawl
7:34pm Jun 7th, 2013
Shadow clan. The worlds most misunderstood clan... :3
7:31pm Jun 7th, 2013
I'm so confused...
7:15pm Jun 7th, 2013
Or was it deathstar?
7:13pm Jun 7th, 2013
Oh mah gawd but isn't shadow clan evil? Or did they already kill Darkstar?
7:09pm Jun 7th, 2013
And to top it all off: Koala bears ftw :3
7:04pm Jun 7th, 2013
I noticed. X3
7:01pm Jun 7th, 2013
6:58pm Jun 7th, 2013
Mew :3
6:57pm Jun 7th, 2013
I don't know yet. :3 they're only two hours old. We have a total of twenty four kittens. Fifteen females and nine males...
6:54pm Jun 7th, 2013
Yeaaaaaaaah... I'm gonna need a lot more cat nip... -___-
6:51pm Jun 7th, 2013
Well I have seven cats and four of them were apparently pregnant and had kittens. I guess we forgot to nuter one of our males...o_o
6:48pm Jun 7th, 2013
O_O oh mah gawd so many kittens...
6:42pm Jun 7th, 2013
3:16pm Jun 7th, 2013
Oh mah gawd I just fell down the steps along with my friend! XD
3:00pm Jun 7th, 2013
8:54pm Jun 6th, 2013
8:33pm Jun 6th, 2013
I think I finished all my units so all my homework is like studying and extra worksheets. Oh and sorry for replying so late I'm just really busy.
8:13pm Jun 6th, 2013
Oh and I finally found out what ftw meant... -_-
8:00pm Jun 6th, 2013
7:51pm Jun 6th, 2013
Lawl I can do two if you want...XD
7:48pm Jun 6th, 2013
Hey isn't my RP sustainable..? XD
7:46pm Jun 6th, 2013
:3 Potatoe chips...
7:44pm Jun 6th, 2013
Oh and I sent a new blood wars message. Did ya get that one)"?
6:34pm Jun 6th, 2013
Oh shoot sorry nano! Wrong person! XD
6:31pm Jun 6th, 2013
Elf ears.
6:31pm Jun 6th, 2013
Ok I can't find the blood wars thing on my message box so I'll have to send a new one...
4:14pm Jun 6th, 2013
Hi did you get my Blood wars message cause my phone crashed o_O
4:06pm Jun 6th, 2013
3:42pm Jun 5th, 2013
wanna watch me draw? FTW?
3:39pm Jun 5th, 2013
Lolololololoolololol *Doesnt know why she posted this*
3:50pm Jun 4th, 2013
Oh and sorry if I don't reply fast... I'm doing homework... stupid PATs.
3:17pm Jun 3rd, 2013
if you want to breed any balars I have a bunch of em :DDD
3:14pm Jun 3rd, 2013
doing some terrors and breeding some dinos and hw :p
3:10pm Jun 3rd, 2013
uhhhhh... I dunno... Nevermind.
3:09pm Jun 3rd, 2013
hai :DDD
3:07pm Jun 3rd, 2013
3:05pm Jun 3rd, 2013
U have a tail?
7:19pm Jun 2nd, 2013
And what a smexy grandma Khasmin is. *cringes after typing compliment* Lvl 35 & stats north of 1200. I've got several Acro grandpas on the prowl. *cringes again* Wanna take your pick of my males & split a clutch? :D
7:05pm Jun 2nd, 2013
I'm very glad to see that Tamara is good for breeding. And her son will be a fantastic one and blue eyes. Cool! I love blue eyes for the dinos. I wish you a lot of cute offsprings with Tamaras' son! :)
5:20pm Jun 2nd, 2013
Ur fine. It's only the first day in Coaco Beach, and I'm already a tomatoe... -_-
1:47pm Jun 2nd, 2013
On what?
2:19pm Jun 1st, 2013
10:17am Jun 1st, 2013
^^ lawl
9:58am Jun 1st, 2013
Omg my Internet hates me! >:o
9:25am Jun 1st, 2013
Hi just to let you know. The rest of this week, I might not be able to respond as quickly as I'd hoped because of the Internet....sorry
9:00am Jun 1st, 2013
Thanks for breeding with my archae Tamara. Seems that the offspring will be a cute one! :)
8:20am Jun 1st, 2013
Sorry for late reply. I was at the pool in our hotel. Lol
7:33pm May 31st, 2013
5:52pm May 31st, 2013
My phone hates me...-_-
5:09pm May 31st, 2013
Hakira turashumai. JIBBERISH
4:59pm May 31st, 2013
hai :DDD
4:42pm May 31st, 2013
Oh, wow. As soon as I said, "'Till tainty gets back on.", sha appears! XD
4:27pm May 31st, 2013
NOOOWICHRBBCUUVUS GADVJHBCIjhvdhkbHJVAJCBj zkbfvvkuabX kvzdckcbK kzhbzdvb bsvbk kz khBxb kcbvkuBcckjvkBsckvvBcizbv
3:57pm May 31st, 2013
3:57pm May 31st, 2013
My phone just made a static noise and crashed...O_o
1:20pm May 31st, 2013
S'okay, me too. Hnng...I can't use Chatchat. Dumb iPad. :c
8:16pm May 30th, 2013
Which link. D:
8:11pm May 30th, 2013
What is Chatchat?
7:44pm May 30th, 2013
*One can only have too much sexy
7:21pm May 30th, 2013
Of course. One can never have too much sexy. By the way, what is Chatchat?
7:20pm May 30th, 2013
I can blink but it never looks as sexy as I intend for it to be. ;c
7:05pm May 30th, 2013
Hi! I changed iPhones and I'm using my iPhone 5 now instead of 4, and though 5 is faster, the massages might be a bit slow arriving on your inbox...
6:40pm May 30th, 2013
I...cannot wink. :c I always close both eyes and it looks like I'm blinking, lol.
3:23pm May 30th, 2013
oh okay... xD bye.
3:19pm May 30th, 2013
3:14pm May 30th, 2013
XD oh. I'm thirteen so I was kinda surprised by your vocabulary. Great vocabulary. LoL and Schools out for me. YAY! Leaving for cocoa beach in Florida for Disney tomorrow morning.!!
3:14pm May 30th, 2013
3:12pm May 30th, 2013
Oh hai! I is in your kitchen eatin' your food!
10:15am May 30th, 2013
Ah, yes. Google said you guys could use some help, so...yeah. c: I don't plan on staying very long though, so unless another RP pops up, I'm going to be pretty inactive. :c
7:10am May 30th, 2013
8:59pm May 29th, 2013
8:37pm May 29th, 2013
because they let me roleplay
8:34pm May 29th, 2013
my parents are protective too, so.
8:31pm May 29th, 2013
Aw man! It won't let me get on chat chat. My dad locked it because my parents are the overprotective type...
8:12pm May 29th, 2013
Okey! but I can't go on chatchat 'cause I gotta go to bed soon here.
8:03pm May 29th, 2013
Chatchat? How and where do you create a room? Can you make a private one? *Confused face*
7:53pm May 29th, 2013
I am PMRPing so. The roleplays on the boards usually aren't coming for the unders.
7:45pm May 29th, 2013
Lawl sorry, most impatient person on earth *Points to self*
7:45pm May 29th, 2013
7:38pm May 29th, 2013
Once again, annoying person. -_- Did ya get da message? (Baby voice)
4:50pm May 29th, 2013 You can't annotate anymore; I DON'T HAVE 100 FREAKIN' DOLLURS. >:C
4:08pm May 29th, 2013
Watch me. Now.
4:07pm May 29th, 2013
Wut? I have no idea what you're saying...XD
4:00pm May 29th, 2013
Play what?
3:53pm May 29th, 2013
Sry, I tend to spam people's shout boxes with questions asking if thy for a message or
3:48pm May 29th, 2013
Hai! Did u get my message
3:29pm May 29th, 2013
Sorry if this is annoying, but something is wrong with my iPad so I have to post something on your shout box in order for the message to show up on private messages...-_-
8:21pm May 24th, 2013
What game?
8:12pm May 24th, 2013
I am super busy right now ;n; sorry but I cant make it ;n; *hugs*
8:10pm May 24th, 2013
Random: I like llamas
7:48pm May 24th, 2013
7:35pm May 24th, 2013
Posted. :P
7:14pm May 24th, 2013
Fine, you can play.
6:59pm May 24th, 2013
Yayz! :3
6:58pm May 24th, 2013
Wanna go on teh Zombeh RP?
6:56pm May 24th, 2013
6:55pm May 24th, 2013
Hey. I wanna go play a game, wanna join me?
5:01pm May 24th, 2013
Nuh-uh! Oh... well I'm back anyway. :P
4:53pm May 24th, 2013
igygsuygvajhgjerhjwrgv Hallo.
4:48pm May 24th, 2013
NOOOO!!!! oh and sorry if I'm not replying fast I'm eating my dinner. :P
4:30pm May 24th, 2013
I shall never tell you! >:I I just pretend it's not there. :P
4:16pm May 24th, 2013
NEVAR!! Oh and I got so much money by never spending money. Afterall I have no dinosaurs, even when I did have Dinos though, I just bought all the sausages in the shop when I needed food for them. :3
4:13pm May 24th, 2013
XDD Nice, Nansters.
9:12pm May 23rd, 2013
how late is it? :o
9:10pm May 23rd, 2013
thanks, anyways I am gonna be off and on so yeah. *hugs* anyways I hope you have a good time today c: bai
3:46pm May 19th, 2013
hey, I have gotten sick so I wont be on much, but just wanted to let you know
3:44pm May 19th, 2013
Hey nano. Sorry to big you, but when I was sending the blood wars message, my computer crashed. Did you get the message? >.>
1:13pm May 19th, 2013
Ok, well i guess ill stop wasting your time then c ya
8:08pm May 18th, 2013
He called himself the doctor for one break moment...
8:06pm May 18th, 2013
... The doctor... He made it?... Ask him... How annoyed is he of the daleks ?
7:51pm May 18th, 2013
cool tag...but ive never seen an alagator like that before.
2:58pm May 18th, 2013
its okay
9:59am May 18th, 2013
hey :D do you play minecraft at all btw?
9:55am May 18th, 2013
1:57pm May 17th, 2013 unn...dream eaters?
1:39pm May 17th, 2013
hmm that would be fun :D
1:33pm May 17th, 2013
no like theam and plot wise :3
1:24pm May 17th, 2013
like unnn...unnn like thinking about what we should do and make up points to do and also oh noes XD
1:15pm May 17th, 2013
What the heck am I doing to myself. First, I just shoutboxed myself, and now I'm watching .
12:41pm May 17th, 2013
lol but I don't have a dictionary XDDD but umm we can like plane it if ya want to
12:22pm May 17th, 2013
is it bad that I don't know what winging it means? :o like idk XD
12:16pm May 17th, 2013
okay ^u^ if you want since I has no more work to do we can like make the rp piece by peice before we start and cool :D
12:10pm May 17th, 2013
I am back ouo
12:07pm May 17th, 2013
Btw did u get my message? My blood wars message?
11:47am May 17th, 2013
Now we're gonna ride the FIREHAWK! It makes you lie down, upside down, backwards down the track. O_O
11:47am May 17th, 2013
I'm at kings island and I just rode the BEAST!!!
10:59am May 17th, 2013
awww :c *goes to make a gift before math*
9:40am May 17th, 2013
also why cant you go to the boards? D:
9:39am May 17th, 2013
lets do NL 8DDD with the twins since I like rping as them a lot lol
9:38am May 17th, 2013
NL has more of the twins who don't understand human culture and act odd... then Soul Catcher has skully...hrm...
9:37am May 17th, 2013
hrm...*goes to thinking while flailing arms*
9:33am May 17th, 2013
okay :D *tryes to think of somthin'* hrm...would you rather perfer doing a N.L. or a soul catcher rp?
9:31am May 17th, 2013
but it alsodepends if it will be a prive rp since if its prive I might use some of my book series "soul catcher" characters.
9:25am May 17th, 2013
I do a lot of fantasy horror rp's like nightmare land that has lasted a long time on ex :p and also tribal dawn when it tells a story but still has those elements with a bit of humor xD The twins <3 *dies*
9:24am May 17th, 2013
cool :p and the truth to what? :3
9:20am May 17th, 2013
awsome :D what would you want to rp about? and also I have to leave in about 30 mins ;n; but will be back after 11:30 ex time :p
9:18am May 17th, 2013
yeah :/ a lot of my friends arnt on to rp much anymore xD
9:13am May 17th, 2013
how have you been?
9:10am May 17th, 2013
9:09am May 17th, 2013
6:52pm May 16th, 2013
U might have to resent any messages you sent me in the last few minutes because my iPod crashed...
6:24pm May 15th, 2013
Hey I play piano too! :D
5:59pm May 15th, 2013
Once again, I am now the most annoying person on the face of the planet. -_- Did you get my message? MY IPOD LOST BATTERY POWER. ARGH!!! XD
4:58pm May 15th, 2013
Sorry to bug you, but did you get my Blood Wars reply? My computer once again decided it was a good time for a nap...-__-
2:24pm May 10th, 2013
Hey your back again :D
6:35pm May 9th, 2013
Hey your back on! :D
7:31pm May 8th, 2013
You got my message right? My computer is SUPER LAGGY!
5:24pm May 8th, 2013
same here actualy X3
4:48pm May 8th, 2013
hai :3
4:43pm May 8th, 2013
Oh LOL. So do you want to start it, or do you need time to design?
3:36pm May 7th, 2013
Oh are you drawing a picture??? (I'm so clueless...)
3:33pm May 7th, 2013
Out fit?
3:31pm May 7th, 2013
Um, I kinda like the midevil time period better...
3:29pm May 7th, 2013
YAY! So I've been thinking of a name, and how does Blood War sound?
3:24pm May 7th, 2013
Stuff to do is always nice, even if it isn't a Spotty's homework that he should be doing right now instead of playing with dinosaurs.
5:20pm May 6th, 2013
Hey Nano, sorry for not replying earlier, was writing a timed essay. My suggestion is that you could do the rest of my homework, if you're bored. :D
5:12pm May 6th, 2013
Wait, hold on I think I might be in a different time zone than you. lol
4:49pm May 6th, 2013
K. :D
4:48pm May 6th, 2013
So I'll send you a private message, what do you want to call it?
4:44pm May 6th, 2013
Wrath is released from his prison. (It cut off my message)
4:42pm May 6th, 2013
XD. Okay so Addalin is at her parents farm back in medieval times. She is..hmm. lets say fifteen. The dark lord is a prince so he should probably be about sixteen, maybe even seventeen. Addalin rides her horse into the mountains to gather mushrooms, then
4:42pm May 6th, 2013
LOLZ. Her name is...:O! I know! I'll call her Addalin, after my baby cousin. :3
4:40pm May 6th, 2013
Okay so if that's the name of the docile vampy boy, what should be the name of the dark prince...*Also tries to think of a cool name.* Got it! How about...Wrath, Prince of Darkness?
4:32pm May 6th, 2013
LOL. Okay, I'll be the evil one, if that's what you meant...
4:25pm May 6th, 2013
What do you mean by fits more? (sorry its taking forever to start. I'm clueless when it comes to choosing characters...)
4:22pm May 6th, 2013
I guess, if you want to be a dark lord or the other vampy boy, or both...It's totally up to you if you want to be both or just one, though I'll admit, I'm horrible at male characters...
4:19pm May 6th, 2013
LOL Sorry. I guess I'll be the girl. she'll start off as human, some other person awakens the dark vampire lord, blah blah. XD And then he comes after me, kidnaps me, and then the other boy saves me I guess, if you want to do it like that...
4:17pm May 6th, 2013
I'm sorry if this offends you, but are you a guy or a girl... -_-
4:13pm May 6th, 2013
I want to RP about vampires, and any other mythical creature that resembles a human...You know the typical evil prince, good pauper thing where he saves the girl or princess, only this time with a lot more excitement... LOl I'm so weird...
4:11pm May 6th, 2013
Do you like vampires?
4:07pm May 6th, 2013
It's just, I don't like doing it with more than two people. I like doing it with just one other person, so I don't have to remember all those names and actions. :)
4:03pm May 6th, 2013
Hey Nano! If you want to role play so badly, you can always start one up with me on private messaging. I LUV role plays, but I don't really like using boards...
4:02pm May 6th, 2013
Yes, Dragon Warrior. As surely as the sun the direction that it sets, I must join Grand Master Oogway in that great Valley of Peace in the sky. Perhaps more sadly, Mr. Povich is never wrong.
6:05pm May 5th, 2013
*prepares to perform one last nerve strike but wisely refrains* Po, it has always been so. A time to live, and a time to kick dat bucket, baby. P.S. Luke, Maury Povich says I am NOT your father.
8:57pm May 4th, 2013
still desighning his human main form :'D but his true form is of a skeletal like hell hound tiger creature with all bones, metal, and spears makeing up his body.
8:31pm May 4th, 2013
its colors since it has no gender so he/she is kind of like genderless....
8:28pm May 4th, 2013
yeah :'D his markings are baised off of a species of jumping spider Link But he is more parasite but I got a bird tag with his well....
8:28pm May 4th, 2013
You don't have to.
6:05am May 4th, 2013
You're a life-saver. I will finally be able to sleep at night. Thank you, thank you. *nods off*
2:37pm May 3rd, 2013
I have many characters and so forth, but if ya want to call me that it is fine xD after all were friends :p
1:44pm May 3rd, 2013
awsome ^u^ I will be battling for 5 hours to get the 500k exd :p so yeah ^u^
1:42pm May 3rd, 2013
I know, right? And I couldn't bear that weight alone. Too heavy, man. Too heavy. A cosmic pearl of wisdom, is it. *does crappy Yoda impression*
1:19pm May 3rd, 2013
wb also how are you doing :D?
1:14pm May 3rd, 2013
What's really good? I'll share with you a deep truth that another member just shared with me: KATZ KATZ KATZ. I drop the wisdom. It's heavy.
3:36pm Apr 27th, 2013
NANO IS BAAAAACK Hi. You're back. I'm happy. But you missed my birthday. Oh well, right? :D
5:27am Apr 27th, 2013
yeah :p I give rewards to interaction on the club lol xD just to try and keep it going :D
7:28pm Apr 26th, 2013
I am sending club funds out to people who have been active in the club :) or post on its boards. I think its a good reward for players who interact with the club ^u^
7:24pm Apr 26th, 2013
yay multitasking XDDDD
7:15pm Apr 26th, 2013
Multitasking and talking to three people at once and arting :'D its fun actually to do ^u^ gets me all peppy.
7:13pm Apr 26th, 2013
nice :3 also someone is screaming in my neghborhood o___o better close my window...
7:10pm Apr 26th, 2013
cool ouo I usualy stay up till 12 am battling mine xD then if I cant battle them all there is always tommarow, but I usualy get about...500k from them a day.
7:06pm Apr 26th, 2013
you mean with the herbies? xD and I like to hand battle my dinos ;) I get more exd that way XD
7:02pm Apr 26th, 2013
the dinos die of happyness thing xD there helth is reduced 10% per day if you dont play with them :/
6:55pm Apr 26th, 2013
if you mean by dinos, I had to actually cut down on my breeding species sadly ;n; but yeah xDDDD
6:44pm Apr 26th, 2013
yeah :'D parents do that here as well xDDDD
6:42pm Apr 26th, 2013
good ^u^ feather rose to another 1 mill points ^u^ I enjoy having fun with my friends on this site :3 after all its relay the only social time I get xDDD
6:39pm Apr 26th, 2013
thank you :D and I don't mind it xD
6:36pm Apr 26th, 2013
its okay xD Just wanted to see how you are doing since I have not talked to you in a long time ^u^
6:36pm Apr 26th, 2013
hi :D
6:34pm Apr 26th, 2013
When you send me Shouts like that last one, it makes me feel all warm inside. It could be gas, but it feels so right either way. XP
7:24pm Apr 11th, 2013
vocaloid,you said something about it...right
7:17pm Apr 10th, 2013
But 641234 already has your name on it. ;) *sniffles* I got what I wanted: a nice male with some new blood. So it's all good. :) *blows nose loudly, scares sleeping housecat*
4:59pm Apr 10th, 2013
Then he's yours. ;) One gene won't make me cry. *sniffles, reaches for Kleenex* I'll flip the eggs & put your name on the second, slightly better *dabs corner of moist eye* egg. :D
4:37pm Apr 10th, 2013
Here they be: & Take your pick.
4:26pm Apr 10th, 2013
A nice peacock with good genes: can do. *crosses, then uncrosses fingers* I'll send you links to both eggs. ;)
4:17pm Apr 10th, 2013
Oh. That's a crying shame. I don't mind sitting on the eggs till they hatch. Wanna set Zphinoe for Private Stud?
4:06pm Apr 10th, 2013
did you mention...vocaloid?
6:25am Apr 10th, 2013
Good, because I'm still on the Midnight Crew. C; I'm just so busy ugh. I'll tell you when I'm on Act Four
10:58pm Apr 9th, 2013
And I'd love a male egg, please.
4:41pm Apr 9th, 2013
Since you've got plenty of room, I've set 'Exu' for private stud. My incubators will fill again tonight. ;) I'm not concerned about looks, just genes.: :)
4:41pm Apr 9th, 2013
Sure. You wanna incubate them or shall I? :)
4:33pm Apr 9th, 2013
4:22pm Apr 9th, 2013
Yeah, 'Twincest' never mattered to me. If I want reality, I'll Tivo 'Dr. Phil'. Any preferences as far as hatchling colors?
4:15pm Apr 9th, 2013
Where are you in Homestuck?
4:10pm Apr 9th, 2013
Excellent. Dug 'Wooden Girl' & 'Daughter of White'. :D Unless you've got a particular male of mine of mind, I'll set up a blind date for Zphinoe. ;)
4:07pm Apr 9th, 2013
Oh yeah, loved Daughter of Evil too. ;) Zphinoe interested in a blind date?
3:59pm Apr 9th, 2013
Yessss~ <3
3:40pm Apr 9th, 2013
oh,my god...giant,penguin...MAYBE ITS FRIENDLY
8:30am Apr 8th, 2013
i am willing to trade a black colorant and 500000k for 5 or 10 scales 10 scales would be nice and if it was 10 that you gave me if you have any it would be very generous of you
7:28pm Apr 7th, 2013
Yep, from 'SoE'. ;) Good deal: hit you back tomorrow about Zphinoe.
7:22pm Apr 7th, 2013
Hush now. x3 For the record I have no idea where the " ♦" came from. There was supposed to be a diamond there. e.o
7:07pm Apr 7th, 2013
Who was your favorite Midnight Crew member? I ♦ Diamonds Droog, man.
6:59pm Apr 7th, 2013
Yeah, I dig how they sneak Rin's vocals into the mix at the end. X( Like one of the other two Black Eyed Peas. Not Fergie. Or *sighs* Split a clutch with Zphinoe tomorrow?
6:57pm Apr 7th, 2013
Yup, I remember. :D I got back from San Diego this afternoon~ How was your trip?
6:53pm Apr 7th, 2013
:D How are you? I'll be on a while, but I'll be on-and-off. We just got back from a trip and I'm going to be unpacking for a while.
6:44pm Apr 7th, 2013
Hello. :D
6:40pm Apr 7th, 2013
*Stares at necklace* Umm... (lol)
9:39am Apr 4th, 2013
*Stares uneasily at penguin.* Easy. Nice birdie. *begins backing away.
3:42pm Apr 3rd, 2013
OMG. I Giant mutant penguin. O_O
10:46am Mar 29th, 2013
Well, my first mistake was using a chocolate Easter bunny as a piggy bank. After that, things went downhill real fast.
7:17am Mar 26th, 2013
My bulldog ate my piggy bank. Every time she has gas, a dime flies across the room. My parakeet was caught in the crossfire & flies with a limp now. *sniffles*
7:31pm Mar 22nd, 2013
asdfgh okay. ;c See ya later.
4:40pm Mar 21st, 2013
I know...;~; I'm having major's writing block, but I'm working on it I swear.
3:55pm Mar 21st, 2013
Hello. :D
3:41pm Mar 21st, 2013
We could start once I post his bio and like pretend everyone else is asleep until someone joins. o3o
8:10pm Mar 19th, 2013
Hello. :D I'm still writing my bio. I know, I'm such a loser. x3
8:03pm Mar 19th, 2013
Uh-huh. I hope you don't mind, but he's going to be flirting with Rui to no end.
5:34pm Mar 19th, 2013
I saw that. :3 I'll accept you on the forum ASAP. I'm actually making a WEREWOLF. Can you believe it?!
4:59pm Mar 19th, 2013
Ah, no problem bro. I still love yah. <3
4:25pm Mar 19th, 2013
TE: finally finished act 3 ive been so busy this week so it took forever
9:51pm Mar 13th, 2013
TE: i have like 25 pages until act 4
7:58pm Mar 13th, 2013
TE: hi
7:55pm Mar 5th, 2013
TE: taking a break from homestuck for a bit. its turning my brain to mush
5:56pm Mar 5th, 2013
Got a Male Potion. I'll trade you for the Anti-Childhood Potion. Will you throw in Healing Cherries?
5:50pm Mar 5th, 2013
You're an Aussie? *woodchuck chants 'oi oi oi'* Peacocks, Magpies & Chickens. Erm, Turkeys. Wanna swap an egg for an egg? Looking to deepen my shallow gene pool.
5:10pm Mar 5th, 2013
You's welcome. And Zphinoe is a cutie pie: like a very deadly parakeet. *woodchuck now chucks more T-birds*
4:41pm Mar 5th, 2013
TE: hi. my poor baby had to get surgery today. :(((((( my dog, foxy, is sitting next to me totally unresponsive. poor thing
4:03pm Mar 5th, 2013
TE: gotta go, see ya tomorrow
8:00pm Mar 4th, 2013
TE: how much ex did you get?
7:40pm Mar 4th, 2013
TE: okay thank you. if you dont mind can you hold off until i get to act 4? oh i read your story it was fabulous i loved it
7:22pm Mar 4th, 2013
TE: ummm not much almost caught up in homestuck. been reading all day and im only at page 2754
7:07pm Mar 4th, 2013
TE began pestering FN at 7:07
7:07pm Mar 4th, 2013
TE: hi whats up
5:24pm Mar 4th, 2013
Won't know till I see one. ;) Feel free to PM a woodchuck.
4:44pm Mar 4th, 2013
LOL. x3
4:36pm Mar 4th, 2013
I'm always up for a good offer.
4:29pm Mar 4th, 2013
Yeah, probably. But you wanna make an offer?
4:19pm Mar 4th, 2013
I do want to thank you though. You were the only one who took the time to read it for me. It means a lot.
4:18pm Mar 4th, 2013
xD I'll be not reading for a while xD
3:59pm Mar 4th, 2013
Grrr I know. That's why I don't like it when you tell me. So I can pretend you're behind me. xD
3:59pm Mar 4th, 2013
I know, I know. I'll probably have to read it constantly to get done soon, and you'll have to wait for me. I want to hurry through it so you don't have to wait, but my mind doesn't work like that. :P
3:56pm Mar 4th, 2013
I don't really even want to read it anymore. I kind of feel like it's a competition and I'm loosing.
3:51pm Mar 4th, 2013
I know, it's just...kind of upsetting. You know I'm somewhat dyslexic kind of hurts, because I've been reading for weeks and then you read past me in one day.
3:50pm Mar 4th, 2013
You don't have to tell me, you know.
3:35pm Mar 4th, 2013
Have the trolls began pestering John and the others yet?
8:37pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Ah, okay. You aren't giving up, are you?!
8:22pm Mar 3rd, 2013
I just got to Act far into are you? Why can't you save your game?
8:14pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Still on Act Three?
8:09pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Being not only a Unicown, but a magical one at that, seems to have its advantages then. xD
5:02pm Mar 3rd, 2013
So while writing my essay, my mind seemed to have wondered to something you said last night, and now it's making me curious; how'd you find out that I was a guy? :o
4:49pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Yeah. But heap big dollars required.
4:25pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Around which page is that on?
2:59pm Mar 3rd, 2013
2:51pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Cool. I'm kind of behind you by 20 pages or so. I had to do some crap and I still have to walk the dogs. :P
2:29pm Mar 3rd, 2013
I don't think she is, considering later in the story she's partakes in the game. I don't see how she could make it if she was one of the people destined to be in it. :p
1:34pm Mar 3rd, 2013
How do you know that Jade is the creator, then?
1:25pm Mar 3rd, 2013
What? What page are you on?
1:06pm Mar 3rd, 2013
birthday as John. So it seems that there's a character limit to shoutboxes :o
12:02pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Sweet. :D I got a fair handful of friends who are into it as well, it's great being on the newest page and a good friend of mine is on Act 5 I think. I am amused by this fact, I got the same exact birthday as Dave, and a friend of mine has the same exact
12:02pm Mar 3rd, 2013
Quick warning. When the trolls come in, GAMZEE WILL SWEAR. A LOT. You may want to be wary of Eridan, as well. They basically walk around going, "F F F F F F F". Just a warning. xD {But forgive Eridan he's a sexy beast so you can't be mad at him}
11:56am Mar 3rd, 2013
Jade actually hasn't been introduced to me yet, either. I just know she's coming. {She's the forth and final Homestuck kid. The trolls come in at Act 4}
11:48am Mar 3rd, 2013
Yuppers, Spotty. I got Nano to read Homestuck~
11:40am Mar 3rd, 2013
Dave's text is red, John's is blue, Rose's is light purple, and Jade's is green.
11:40am Mar 3rd, 2013
Dave = turntechGodhead John = ectoBiologist Rose = tentacleTherapist Jade = gardenGnostic
11:40am Mar 3rd, 2013
I ate bagel bites before we started talking, and chocolate's not an option for me, and also I see talk of homestuck on your shoutbox? :D
11:23am Mar 3rd, 2013
11:19am Mar 3rd, 2013
8D //Hug// Thank you very much for reading it. I'm at page 2384. Apparently there's more than three thousand pages - there's at least eight thousand. And Hussie is still making it. xD
11:18am Mar 3rd, 2013
You got me hungry now :c
10:47am Mar 3rd, 2013
Sandwiches are cool, but if you make cookies into a sandwich, are they now cookies, or sandwich parts?
10:03am Mar 3rd, 2013
Cookies are not always cookies, what about cookie ice cream or uhm. cookie sandwiches?
9:59am Mar 3rd, 2013
Never enough dragons is probably the truest statement I have ever seen anywhere :D
10:24pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Thanks for the potion. :)
8:49pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Going pretty well, but no deal yet. Do you want her?
8:41pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Negotiating a trade for her as I type this.
8:38pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Got your name on the egg.
8:35pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Make me an offer. ;)
6:29pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Here's a T-Bird egg link: Willing to trade or sell her.
6:03pm Mar 2nd, 2013
Peek away. ;)
5:51pm Mar 2nd, 2013
That's odd. But yeah, I'll have more Phorusrhacos eggs in just a bit. 'The Unders SHALL have Terror Birds very soon.' :)
10:38am Mar 2nd, 2013
*checking GPS again* What happened where?
9:35am Mar 2nd, 2013
I'm posting my 1st eggs at auction. Trying to make that cabbage. But with 2 females, I'll hook you up. ;)
9:24am Mar 2nd, 2013
In a hot minute. ;)
8:30am Mar 2nd, 2013
That sounds like a fun time. :o
8:50pm Mar 1st, 2013
I can't eat ice cream without feeling sick, so ice cream without ice cream sounds pretty awesome! :D
8:44pm Mar 1st, 2013
Now that card is just plain game breaking, everyone knows a purple eyed rainbow lolosaurus has more hit points than anything ever! And don't worry, I don't mind random scribbles and stuff!
8:28pm Mar 1st, 2013
Not the Rainbow Lolosaurus! I don't have a card in my deck that could counter such a powerful creature! As for the drawing, it's pretty cool! :D I'm just going to quietly follow you on dA now, by the way.
8:22pm Mar 1st, 2013
Get all six of the Big Six and then you're be able to summon EXodia or something along a Yu-Gi-Oh reference that I can't come up with at the moment. :D (You got me missing yugioh now and that is the thing I don't need to stay up all night watching xD)
8:13pm Mar 1st, 2013
ca-CAW! *peeks around nervously* Yeah, T-birds look awesome. *sweats*
7:25pm Mar 1st, 2013
Terrorbirds look fun, though I think I'm going to sit tight and wait till Sabers come out. Sabers have always been a favorite extinct species of mine since I was a kid, so I'm excited that the Big Six are starting to roll around the site. :D!
7:00pm Mar 1st, 2013
4:25pm Feb 28th, 2013
I just killed off Thorn.
4:12pm Feb 28th, 2013
I. Don't. Know.
3:43pm Feb 28th, 2013
I don't know! Do something with Kuro!
9:06pm Feb 27th, 2013
On Four Keys? You need to actually post, though. No one will report you for spamming.
9:04pm Feb 27th, 2013
What are you talking about?
9:01pm Feb 27th, 2013
I posted it too early.
9:30pm Feb 26th, 2013
No, I noticed. I just had other RPs to reply to.
9:28pm Feb 26th, 2013
On...Four Keys?
9:20pm Feb 26th, 2013
No, I mean in the fanfiction with girl dragons, makes it interesting.
3:55pm Feb 26th, 2013
I guess people like to use imagination~ And it makes it a bit more interesting~ :p
3:34pm Feb 26th, 2013
Is my Nano sick? ;c
3:27pm Feb 25th, 2013
Why do you feel neglected? :c
8:52pm Feb 24th, 2013
*does spot-on mushroom impression* Well, I'm kept in the dark & get fed a lot of crap. And I just thrive on it. *Oppa Toadstool Style*
8:27pm Feb 24th, 2013
8:23pm Feb 24th, 2013
Was it on the last page or the Fourth ?
8:17pm Feb 24th, 2013
*eats Nano* Mmmm delicious pheasant.
8:15pm Feb 24th, 2013
What's the RPS literal name? Remember this?; ((*cannot resist* FAIL WHALE))
8:13pm Feb 24th, 2013
You may be more ebil, but I am a Queen!
8:10pm Feb 24th, 2013
Four on what? XDDD
8:09pm Feb 24th, 2013
*checks GPS* I'm lost. *stifles guffaw for no apparent reason*
8:08pm Feb 24th, 2013
I'm more ebil muahaha
8:04pm Feb 24th, 2013
7:59pm Feb 24th, 2013
6:41pm Feb 24th, 2013
6:29pm Feb 24th, 2013
FTW. 🔱
6:29pm Feb 24th, 2013
6:16pm Feb 24th, 2013
12:48pm Feb 24th, 2013
*Runs away* Hey Nano, should I get a DeviantART account? I kind of want to, but I don't know a whole lot about it.
10:56am Feb 24th, 2013
*grabs other ear*
10:47am Feb 24th, 2013
Hey, that's MY ear! *Snatches ear away*
10:42am Feb 24th, 2013
I'm a talking werewolf~
10:37am Feb 24th, 2013
9:49pm Feb 23rd, 2013
NOOOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOooooOOOOOo. Aw. Bye, Nansters! -whispers creepily- I know where you live! >:DDD
9:49pm Feb 23rd, 2013
o-o.... XDDDD I just started giggling to myself at that. "POOF there goes our sparkles..." Inside joke at our "NO FLATBREAD" school. :p
9:48pm Feb 23rd, 2013
9:43pm Feb 23rd, 2013
I manage to do an overly lon post while researching. XD
9:43pm Feb 23rd, 2013
-High fives-
9:11pm Feb 23rd, 2013
Aww.. DXX... We should make a collab RP.
9:00pm Feb 23rd, 2013
8:55pm Feb 23rd, 2013
The RP. Where you had a character named Sirroco.
8:41pm Feb 23rd, 2013
8:34pm Feb 23rd, 2013
Okay... Wild &Free?
8:28pm Feb 23rd, 2013
Dunno. You decide.
8:19pm Feb 23rd, 2013
Herpherpherp. Wanna RP?
8:16pm Feb 23rd, 2013
I used teh potion on the babeh but her marking colors didn't change. Oh, and Viva wants to buy Frosty for 10 scales. Is it worth it?
10:24am Feb 23rd, 2013
Are there any RPS that I can join? Imma be on more often. Yay, breeding.
10:22pm Feb 22nd, 2013
I'm actually on for once! I'm going to catch abandoning our peace I'm bored and Ammonoosuc getting back on a lot more often all the game so I got my iTouch are well dumb. Is what the iTouch wrote. XDDD! What I meant to say was, are there any new RPS for
10:15pm Feb 22nd, 2013
I'm trying to type it right now.
5:13pm Feb 22nd, 2013
Blah blah blah I'm kind of using the mall's Internet access on my iPad blah blah blah
5:03pm Feb 22nd, 2013
4:55pm Feb 22nd, 2013
4:46pm Feb 22nd, 2013
I know. You don't need to tell me.
4:41pm Feb 22nd, 2013
4:30pm Feb 22nd, 2013
Ehh nothing much just visiting my family this weekend
2:31pm Feb 22nd, 2013
Hi Nano! <3
1:28pm Feb 22nd, 2013
Yes please?
8:03pm Feb 21st, 2013
Yus. Thank you. <3
8:02pm Feb 21st, 2013
And what does the colorant do?
8:01pm Feb 21st, 2013
What's does the potion do?
8:00pm Feb 21st, 2013
No, I don't really care. I just would really prefer the other one, but whatever...
7:57pm Feb 21st, 2013
Lovely, especialy around the eyes. When she reaches the age of consent, I happen to operate an online dating service for Acros.
7:51pm Feb 21st, 2013
-ou take it. :C
7:48pm Feb 21st, 2013
Nano, it all boils down to this. They are both females, a gender I need in my little growing Acro herd-thing. But...I really don't want another entirely pink dino. I despise that color. xP I really want the Dart Frog one as well...asdfg but I should let y
7:47pm Feb 21st, 2013
I thought you did. :P Anyway, I think I'll be okay with the female, but I'm going to think about it for a bit first.
3:51pm Feb 21st, 2013
Do you still have egg insight?
3:45pm Feb 21st, 2013
Kay, accepted.
8:15pm Feb 20th, 2013
I see that. //Goes to accept
8:14pm Feb 20th, 2013
Howdy, pardner. Thanks for sending them babies over. They was real fancy. ;)
8:55pm Feb 19th, 2013
I actually have no idea. Maybe a furry pineapple.
8:45pm Feb 19th, 2013
I'm sorry I just find that gif so hilarious lol.
8:44pm Feb 19th, 2013
8:40pm Feb 19th, 2013
Just kidding I LOVE YOU. <3
8:36pm Feb 19th, 2013
Bwahaha...I have no regrets.
5:21pm Feb 19th, 2013
Ooh, they all sound nice. c:
5:16pm Feb 19th, 2013
How's the outcome?
5:06pm Feb 19th, 2013
Oh, we can wait a day. x3
5:02pm Feb 19th, 2013
Khas has to wait one day to breed.
4:59pm Feb 19th, 2013
Okay, Frozen is up for private stud.
4:54pm Feb 19th, 2013
I don't care. c:
4:49pm Feb 19th, 2013
OMG YUS. Frozen wants his babehs. <333
4:24pm Feb 19th, 2013
...omg I hate this.
4:13pm Feb 19th, 2013
Okay, thank you very much. <3 Now what?
4:08pm Feb 19th, 2013
I don't want to battle him. I don't want to risk him dying.
3:49pm Feb 19th, 2013
How do you battle them?
3:40pm Feb 19th, 2013
No, not yet...{So sorry---fist time. I'll get better as times goes on.}
7:17am Feb 19th, 2013
Okay, I entered ten of Kitty's trials. Now what? Goodnight!
9:15pm Feb 18th, 2013
Which trials do I enter him in?
9:00pm Feb 18th, 2013
When I go to "Entering Trials", no dino comes up.
8:51pm Feb 18th, 2013
Trials are only for upgrades.
8:50pm Feb 18th, 2013
Okay, I fed, trained, and fed again. Do I send him to you now?
8:40pm Feb 18th, 2013
I'm sorry, I'm so hopeless at this,
8:32pm Feb 18th, 2013
I think you need to be upgraded.
8:29pm Feb 18th, 2013
This is going to sound so incredibly stupid, but...How do you train dinos?
8:20pm Feb 18th, 2013
Aw, thank you very much. <3
8:15pm Feb 18th, 2013
Okay, so where do we start?
8:09pm Feb 18th, 2013
Sounds great, but all I have is a lumpy old pink and white Acro with no perfects and terrible stats. xD I love Frozen, don't get me wrong, but he's a bit of a loser.
8:07pm Feb 18th, 2013
...what's that.
8:02pm Feb 18th, 2013
Does Khas have to wait a while to breed?
7:55pm Feb 18th, 2013
Whichever female is best for you works for me. They are both nice.
7:53pm Feb 18th, 2013
Is she ready to breed? If so, we can split the clutch.
7:14pm Feb 18th, 2013
NANNY! Hey, Frozen is looking for a sexeh ladeh. Got any female Acros?
7:00pm Feb 18th, 2013
Thanks for the fine Acro babies. Got a bumper crop of mature males now. If one catches your fancy, I'll gladly private stud him for $0 & split the clutch. Gotta be at work at 2am EXT. Xo *Woodchuck has entered his burrow*
4:05pm Feb 18th, 2013
my acro died. ;-; I'm so sad I canot spel rigt anymor ore us capitls ore... bee happe.
6:41am Feb 14th, 2013
Take care. Good luck with the auction. :)
9:03pm Feb 4th, 2013
What do you mean by "bidding my time"?
8:55pm Feb 4th, 2013
Really appreciate that. :D Can't lie: I love Raccoon. If you'd let me have the Rac, I'd give you another egg from my next clutch. Plus, I've got some EXD gathering dust. If you need a silent partner, shout. ;)
8:47pm Feb 4th, 2013
Hey, I'm glad we rolled the dice anyway. ;) If you want the Raccoon, I'm happy with the Siamese. :) Wow. That's a heap of EXD. But worth it, no doubt.
8:29pm Feb 4th, 2013
No prob. ;) Thank you. :D How high do you think the GP bidding will go?
8:19pm Feb 4th, 2013
Just sent you a Fertility Potion, from yet another trade. ;) Will cross my fingers for another Raccoon. :) How high is the bid on GP Acro?
8:09pm Feb 4th, 2013
They're both brilliant. X) And I dig Raccoon markings. But you're the cook, so I'm tickled with either. ;)
7:58pm Feb 4th, 2013
And boom goes the dynamite. XD
7:43pm Feb 4th, 2013
Sounds like a plan. X)
7:13pm Feb 4th, 2013
Crap: yeah, private stud. Been up since before daylight. *snores, does faceplant on keyboard* So Khamsin's MIA? :(
7:07pm Feb 4th, 2013
Nahurac's up for private bid & chomping at the bit. :)
6:53pm Feb 4th, 2013
Outstanding. XD My incubators are full till Wednesday. But if you've got slots open, Nahurac is always ready to date. ;)
6:46pm Feb 4th, 2013
Sure I got use those potions!
5:51pm Feb 4th, 2013
Yup. I've got quite a few dinos with Arabic & Farsi names.
5:45pm Feb 4th, 2013
And Arabic too. Nice. :)
5:27pm Feb 4th, 2013
Both are fancy. Oh yeah: Khamsin has that 'Skyrim' vibe. :)
5:13pm Feb 4th, 2013
Hey, I'm sorry. :( But good stuff's worth the wait. My bull Acro will be pacing his enclosure till then. XD
4:49pm Feb 4th, 2013
Nabbed the Golden Stork in a trade: another member really, rilly wanted some of my Carnos. Dumb luck is a beautiful thing. ;)
4:05pm Feb 4th, 2013
Wow. Expensive but worth every EXD, I know. Yeah: Zani's like Bill Gates up in here. ;) Much respect: he's got more bank than the Nile. I 'Golden Storked' my alpha female & the eggs are gone. X)
3:57pm Feb 4th, 2013
Thanks! But you still don't have to.
3:05pm Feb 4th, 2013
Oh yeah. :D Now we're cooking with propane. ;)
7:19am Feb 4th, 2013
Nano, you don't have to. I'll try hard for Female Two, though. And I'm keeping my promise for a death fight. >;D
5:52am Feb 4th, 2013
I meant it as in "sad". :o If you're asking what I meant. :}
7:43pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Not really, but I'm listening. HRRGJHGJH :D
6:41pm Feb 3rd, 2013
You said I bought another rose, but I didn't ?
6:41pm Feb 3rd, 2013
What no I didn't
6:39pm Feb 3rd, 2013
You mean, IF you win? >:p
6:38pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Bdhewgcjeca. 8D
6:36pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Argle Blargle. :D
6:33pm Feb 3rd, 2013
Beautiful dino. But Haze has been most kind & helpful. Me, I'd back off. But it's your thing. I can't tell you who to sock it to. ;) Gotta full Acro clutch: want links?
10:46am Feb 3rd, 2013
Whether sooner or later, let's make them friends with benefits. ;)
9:17am Feb 3rd, 2013
Hello, Yes I did. I was looking around at a lot of peoples farms to see all the Dino's :)
9:11pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Yeah, they're a match made on eHarmony. Shout when she reaches the legal age of consent. A little candlelight, and boom goes the dynamite. XD
7:22pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Oh yeah xD, I like have a nice variety of genes, if I breed their babies together there should be a nice huge range of eye colors.
1:58pm Feb 2nd, 2013
1:54pm Feb 2nd, 2013
What about eye colors? I have 118 scales since I made some customs and junk.
1:51pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Naw I already got it and bred her so no big deal
1:44pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Okay I might go and get a fertility potion, just to calm your whinny butt xP
1:40pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Don't whine at me youngin 8l I will sell some in the unders when the female can breed again
1:38pm Feb 2nd, 2013
I could've but I didn't want to, I like to sell eggs in pairs, because odd numbers annoy me xD
1:36pm Feb 2nd, 2013
xD Yeah
1:36pm Feb 2nd, 2013
I couldn't resist so yes I did xD;, but these eggs are getting sold on the over boards, so when the female is able to breed again I shall sell some more on the unders!
1:33pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Yeah the new little guy is going to be a male!
1:11pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Yep No problem!
1:05pm Feb 2nd, 2013
Sure, just tell me the parents you want me to breed!
1:03pm Feb 2nd, 2013
:D Could I buy a lolo chick?
1:01pm Feb 2nd, 2013
What do you need me to do?
1:00pm Feb 2nd, 2013
No I can buy it myself 8O, is it in the barters?
10:59am Feb 2nd, 2013
There is a Lolo egg where 8O?
8:09pm Feb 1st, 2013
These things can't be helped. Hope the time away agrees with you. Yeah, we won't be able to swing an Echinodon without hitting an Acro by then. ;)
7:14pm Feb 1st, 2013
Nah, it was inside the box. But I waited for the full moon, then sprinkled 13 orginal herbs & spices on it. Open sesame! XD
7:00pm Feb 1st, 2013
Kitty sent me 3 scales. It warmed the cockles of my heart. But it may heartburn. Either way, I'm all toasty inside.
6:52pm Feb 1st, 2013
Yeah, what you said. Huh? But you have my full support.
6:46pm Feb 1st, 2013
And boom goes the dynamite. XD
6:41pm Feb 1st, 2013
Oh yeah. We're all toast by then. Well, I regret nothing. P.S. Save yourself.
6:19pm Feb 1st, 2013
Sorry, kept getting interrupted & EX logged me out. Yup, 'twas a gal. If you wanna breed up a mess of eggs, hit me back. ;)
6:11pm Feb 1st, 2013
Oh, hi! We haven't talked to eachother for a really long time XD How are you? ^^
2:27pm Feb 1st, 2013
xD (I wonder why it's that expensive, though?) But if you bought one, that makes 10 eggs in total! xD (Sorry for bugging you; no ones on in unders.)
10:25am Feb 1st, 2013
Golden Storks are to expensive xD!
10:23am Feb 1st, 2013
xD I bred my pair twice!
10:15am Feb 1st, 2013
*sighs* That was the joke.
9:49am Feb 1st, 2013
I'm gonna make me a hemophiliac. Ain't that where they play for both teams? Or is that a hermetic crab? *lights emergency flare, burns off eyebrows*
9:42am Feb 1st, 2013
I will be selling some hatchlings in an auction on the unders boards 8D
9:37am Feb 1st, 2013
I indeed bought two roses 8D!
9:32am Feb 1st, 2013
*shivers & desperately tries to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together* You cold. Ice cold. ;)
9:27am Feb 1st, 2013
*places index finger against lips & looks around furtively* Yeah, but let's just keep this between us. And several dozen members who post in our Shoutboxes.
8:26am Feb 1st, 2013
Sorry for being a bit short with you over PM, Nano. I was in a terrible mood.
6:19pm Jan 31st, 2013
you can call me felix c:
9:14am Jan 30th, 2013
Try not to spam my SB, thank you~
7:32am Jan 30th, 2013
I actually had to log out just before you posted that. :P
5:54pm Jan 29th, 2013
xD I make long post for rps xDDD anyways I need to leave for a bit and will be on a bit later.
4:44pm Jan 29th, 2013
we can do that :D I wont be able to do it on the week though do to my school and work :c but I can do it on the weekend
4:31pm Jan 29th, 2013
its kk
4:28pm Jan 29th, 2013
or we can make our own
4:22pm Jan 29th, 2013
okay. I have made multiple rps. If you want me to send you a message to them I can :P
4:22pm Jan 29th, 2013
Sowee. I got distracted.
4:19pm Jan 29th, 2013
:D Really!? Then lets (Play? Have?) a RP! :D
4:15pm Jan 29th, 2013
yes :p I rp a lot :3
4:13pm Jan 29th, 2013
role play?
4:10pm Jan 29th, 2013
4:06pm Jan 28th, 2013
9:53pm Jan 27th, 2013
7:41pm Jan 27th, 2013
7:23pm Jan 27th, 2013
I'm not really breeding them anymore.
5:39pm Jan 27th, 2013
4:40pm Jan 27th, 2013
I have many legs
1:39pm Jan 27th, 2013
nope. I am small and black.
10:13am Jan 27th, 2013
Historically, we're known for chucking wood. But we've taken a lotta heat from the Sierra Club recently. So now, we only chuck post-consumer recycled lumber products. *sighs*
7:57pm Jan 26th, 2013
11:22am Jan 26th, 2013
nope :p I am known to have time
10:45am Jan 26th, 2013
its like a guessing game, eatch time you get the answear rong I have to give out another hint. Now okay here is the first one: I am small and known to be feared.
10:41am Jan 26th, 2013
word I hint out the word but dont give it out compleatly? or is it another game :p
10:37am Jan 26th, 2013
same here xD
10:33am Jan 26th, 2013
awww, thank you :D I appreciate it a lot.
10:30am Jan 26th, 2013
Hello :D
10:24am Jan 26th, 2013
Hi Nano. :DDD
7:37am Jan 21st, 2013
Hi nano. What animal is Thanatos? Cat/Wolf? Thx. Bye
11:10am Jan 4th, 2013
Meeeeeeeep. I'm making something for you as a late christmas/new years present~<3♥
1:17pm Jan 2nd, 2013
merry christmas. please accept this gift i made expressly for you. p.s. duck :)
5:40pm Dec 25th, 2012
.... Oooookay, then... 0-0.... Do you like bearded dragons?
3:32pm Dec 19th, 2012
Oka then. Is it stuck?
5:09pm Dec 18th, 2012
... You should have used caps lock. XD!
4:55pm Dec 18th, 2012
XD! So true, but for some reason, I want to get older and at the same time I don't. All of this adult stuff is ANNOYING. Especially 'it'. 030
4:52pm Dec 18th, 2012
... Why?
4:46pm Dec 18th, 2012
Yay! Doomsday is a day before my birthday!
7:50pm Dec 17th, 2012
Yeah, I know. German Chocolate Cake completely freaked me out. Just came outta nowhere. XD
9:26am Dec 15th, 2012
Red Velvet Cake is delicious aha :)
3:21pm Dec 14th, 2012
I'm spazzing... Pois your bio, please! ^-^
8:16pm Dec 10th, 2012
6:00am Nov 30th, 2012
3:12pm Nov 22nd, 2012
POSTPOSTPOSTPOSTPOSTPOST. :3 Hahaha. Hia, Nano. I luffles Velocirators. :3
6:02pm Nov 21st, 2012
Nano. I have a question. Do you say "eh" a lot? 8I
4:01pm Nov 20th, 2012
i see you won the lottery
6:45pm Nov 18th, 2012
WELL i think there real
4:04pm Nov 15th, 2012
ive seen a nano tyrano atack two baby taranosaurus and killed one then the mother came and killed the nano tyrano
3:05pm Nov 15th, 2012
4:46pm Nov 13th, 2012
4:30pm Nov 13th, 2012
oh oh is that the uhm, the outro song for Pewdie's videos? :o!!
7:19pm Nov 11th, 2012
onions :o?
6:52pm Nov 11th, 2012
5:59pm Nov 11th, 2012
When I saw the number the the Shoubox message things in my mail, I was all like, "Uh hahahah... Yes." and the funny thing was that my laugh sounded like Vegeta's. And then I sort of freaked myself out.
5:50pm Nov 11th, 2012
I actually meant to do that. And I'm doing it again.
5:40pm Nov 11th, 2012
I actually meant to do that. And I'm doing it again.
5:40pm Nov 11th, 2012
I actually meant to do that. And I'm doing it again.
5:40pm Nov 11th, 2012
I know you knew. And I'm Typing.
5:26pm Nov 11th, 2012
I know you knew. And I'm Typing.
5:26pm Nov 11th, 2012
5:03pm Nov 11th, 2012
Reality is a guy.
4:40pm Nov 11th, 2012
-burps all over your page-
4:31pm Nov 11th, 2012
why wasn't i accepted you cut me deep you cut me real deep just now
8:41am Nov 10th, 2012
"*flondrs+*"--i agree *pauses, checks map & compass* you lost me ;)
11:47am Nov 8th, 2012
Didja put da lime in em? XP
7:10pm Nov 1st, 2012
hey, you're too kind. no sarcasm. ;) thanks for the ammo, returned the favor. enjoy the win, you guys deserve it. sniffle. *char-broiled rodent has left the shoutbox'
11:01am Oct 26th, 2012
sorry, was being sarcastic. ;) fresh out but will no doubt have a tall heap soon. if you want, i'll hit back when i've got a supply. hate to see quill lose AND recycle torches for a buck apiece. *types 'crying a river' but only sniffles twice*
7:59am Oct 26th, 2012
ain't norton goin' on except claw club. wanna buy some cheap torches? never been used, were only dropped once. Xo boo hoo.
7:46am Oct 26th, 2012
I think my trick is a pretty fair one ;D
4:00pm Oct 25th, 2012
*chuckles* i gave up. nobody else on quill wants to take a broom handle to you guys. X( fyi, woodchuck dens always have front & back doors. ;) enjoy the 2 scales.
3:59pm Oct 23rd, 2012
GRR! *shoots penguin*
3:52pm Oct 23rd, 2012
4:25pm Oct 22nd, 2012
4:20pm Oct 22nd, 2012
Nope. :D lol I just thought the evil penguin thing was funny, because my mom loves penguins!!! She probably wont when she sees them now! lol
1:25pm Oct 21st, 2012
Penguin go BOOM BOOM! *throws gernade*
5:32pm Oct 20th, 2012
I don't have Skyward Sword, but I'll try to get it soon. xD
8:00am Oct 19th, 2012
Nano!! :D
5:56am Oct 19th, 2012
6:38pm Oct 18th, 2012
Maybe....NYAN KITTY!
4:29pm Oct 18th, 2012
At least we get Halloween off, yet I don't know what should I be
4:25pm Oct 18th, 2012
I know right. its awesome!
4:23pm Oct 18th, 2012
My problem on staying on late at night is school, but I got today and tomorrow off
4:20pm Oct 18th, 2012
I know right? school, why does it have to be early a 8:00/8:30?
4:17pm Oct 18th, 2012
I understand why, school
4:14pm Oct 18th, 2012
*throws a gernade in Nanster's face*
4:11pm Oct 18th, 2012
-is a ghost- *attacks Nanster* You'll pay for killing me!
4:06pm Oct 18th, 2012
*whimpers in a scared animal's way*
3:59pm Oct 18th, 2012
*Whimpers* I give up!
3:54pm Oct 18th, 2012
*falls wounded* Help!
3:51pm Oct 18th, 2012
NOOOOOOO! *throws gernade for defense*
3:43pm Oct 18th, 2012
NOOOOOO! *hides in a tree*
3:38pm Oct 18th, 2012
*Runs from guns*
3:27pm Oct 18th, 2012
3:24pm Oct 18th, 2012
Penguin go boom! *set a gernade off*
3:18pm Oct 18th, 2012
Since when are penguins considered Halloween monsters? XD lolz
7:38am Oct 18th, 2012
Sent all of my water
8:52pm Oct 17th, 2012
Pooor tainty. *send both holy waters I have*
8:50pm Oct 17th, 2012
I iz a wizard :P
8:48pm Oct 17th, 2012
I'll do anything! please spare me!
8:47pm Oct 17th, 2012
I'm a wizard... :P
8:46pm Oct 17th, 2012
8:44pm Oct 17th, 2012
Penguins go BOOM BOOM! *sets a anti-penguin gernade off*
8:39pm Oct 17th, 2012
*Sees mound of torches* Gaaahh!!!
8:38pm Oct 17th, 2012
I wish I had grenades...
8:37pm Oct 17th, 2012
Why yeas they are... Wizards has magicks! >:D
8:35pm Oct 17th, 2012
Pengwins are siwwy! :3
8:32pm Oct 17th, 2012
O.o I can now post Notes to Self.... *scribbles*
8:24pm Oct 15th, 2012
300k for a scale is awesome :o Also, thanks for the dino! Quite the pretty anchi *w*
1:55pm Oct 15th, 2012
For your scale thing, I still buy them at 350k, but to get people t sell i'm trying out a promotional thing for 400k each until tomorrow. the price is finally going through its inflation, as hasn't had one in years.
6:58pm Oct 14th, 2012
-derps around-
6:50pm Oct 14th, 2012
nermernermer!!! CAPSLOCK!!!
3:40pm Oct 10th, 2012
I'M A NYAN CAT! Nyanyanyanyan!
3:33pm Oct 9th, 2012
7:40am Oct 8th, 2012
MEEERP! MEEERP! -screecjes like a Dark Raven- I'ma Dark Raven Ninja.
8:03pm Oct 6th, 2012
*walks into shout box, meowing like a cat* Meow. Hello!
3:40pm Oct 3rd, 2012
*perches on shoutbox and makes noises*
3:53pm Oct 2nd, 2012