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I am not actually dying of sleep deprivation. I am (#21738)

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You’re alive O3O
5:33pm Oct 27th, 2017
Hey bro. How's life.
6:19pm May 30th, 2017
5:24pm Apr 13th, 2017
I'm insane.
5:59pm Mar 2nd, 2017
2:21pm Feb 11th, 2017
3:25pm Feb 6th, 2017
Yo, do you know what happened to Lauryn? I'm worried about her
1:02pm Dec 6th, 2016
6:05pm Dec 2nd, 2016
5:42pm Oct 26th, 2016
It's Wednesday my dude
5:23pm Oct 26th, 2016
8:07am Oct 1st, 2016
You never texted or messaged on Skype so I thought you died :/
8:03am Oct 1st, 2016
7:38am Oct 1st, 2016
Stap wat XD
5:09am Sep 25th, 2016
Stap wat XD
5:09am Sep 25th, 2016
daily dose of random: I caught a frog XDDDD So yay
10:22am Sep 7th, 2016
I was gonna pelt you with balloons....but we'e on the same team
5:07pm Aug 8th, 2016
8:06pm Jul 8th, 2016
9:30am Jun 14th, 2016
Um, you ok, man?
11:23am Jun 3rd, 2016
umm Dina
10:39am Jun 2nd, 2016
Who did what
5:20am Jun 2nd, 2016
4:04pm Jun 1st, 2016
7:02pm May 6th, 2016
7:17pm Apr 8th, 2016
10:59pm Jan 16th, 2016
3:21pm Jan 16th, 2016
I answered right? Internets been going ham
7:57pm Jan 11th, 2016
Hewo :3
2:08pm Sep 1st, 2015
7:30pm Dec 14th, 2014
Fear the deer! Mwahahaha!
9:48pm Dec 12th, 2014
And FNAF 2
5:33pm Dec 11th, 2014
Five nights at Freddy's is tearing me UP man! XD
4:57pm Dec 11th, 2014
XDDD yes
11:14am Dec 7th, 2014
My gosh the amount of marshmallows I've consumed XD
10:53am Dec 7th, 2014
What should it be about XD Lol
7:00am Dec 6th, 2014
Wanna start a new one? XD
6:29am Dec 6th, 2014
XDDDD OMG I also thought you had died
11:15am Nov 5th, 2014
Hey man what's up XD
7:41am Nov 1st, 2014
*also hug*
1:13pm Oct 31st, 2014
1:08pm Oct 31st, 2014
Broooo! You're alive!!
12:02pm Oct 31st, 2014
Me too!
12:51pm Sep 11th, 2014
Dude I thought you died XD
7:10am Sep 11th, 2014
XD my brother says hi btw
6:19pm Aug 21st, 2014
Just watched the owner of the colts do the ice bucket challenge XD
3:56am Aug 21st, 2014
Scratch that. I WAS the only one clinging to sanity.
6:49pm Aug 20th, 2014
Well. Amy's officially lost what little sanity she has left. And Veronica is drunk now just because she ate too much Halloween caramel candy. I'm the only one left clinging to humanity . XD
6:12pm Aug 19th, 2014
6:46pm Aug 18th, 2014
6:14pm Aug 18th, 2014
Oh my god XD
6:09pm Aug 18th, 2014
Muffins XD
3:44pm Aug 18th, 2014
Neeeeeeeope XD
3:38pm Aug 18th, 2014
Okay I had WAY to many chocolate bars today XD
6:09pm Aug 17th, 2014
They see me bowlin they hatin
7:34pm Aug 16th, 2014
They see me rolling, they hatin'
6:28pm Aug 16th, 2014
*Drinks eight more monsters*
4:24pm Aug 15th, 2014
6:03am Aug 15th, 2014
Dude I hate math class
5:59am Aug 15th, 2014
I had eight monsters today. 8) TEE HEE. *Shoves a box of peeps into your face.*
6:39pm Aug 14th, 2014
4:51pm Aug 14th, 2014
4:38pm Aug 14th, 2014
HECK YEAH! Froot loops!!!!!
4:08am Aug 14th, 2014
National froot loops day!
4:01am Aug 14th, 2014
XD Man: Ha! They said I could never teach a llama to drive! Llama: BWWWAAAAA Man: NO LLAMA NO! Llama: *Drives off cliff*
7:17pm Aug 12th, 2014
4:44pm Aug 12th, 2014
National llama day!
3:38pm Aug 12th, 2014
3:48am Aug 12th, 2014
Dude I am sooooooo tempted to crash your shoutbox with messages XDDDD Veronica and lauryn are all like: Heck yes
7:54pm Aug 11th, 2014
HA. I win
3:03pm Aug 11th, 2014
XDDD *Hides in base* Nope *Will smith voice*
3:51am Aug 11th, 2014
Dude your shoutbox is my new base XD
8:03pm Aug 10th, 2014
Wtf sabre XD
1:48pm Aug 10th, 2014
PFFFFT XD that's sounds wrong in so many ways
6:57pm Aug 8th, 2014
5:15pm Aug 8th, 2014
7:58pm Aug 6th, 2014
Dude I'm dying XD
7:19pm Aug 6th, 2014
7:11pm Aug 6th, 2014's a little late for that XDDD *Looks down*
6:53pm Aug 6th, 2014
6:25pm Aug 6th, 2014
* infinity hugs!!!!!*
6:08pm Aug 6th, 2014
6:06pm Aug 6th, 2014
4:59am Aug 6th, 2014
Dude. I looked a your feeling thing: There's no WAY you could be bored with us around >:3 *Laugh*
7:08pm Aug 5th, 2014
6:53pm Aug 5th, 2014
Heh. Your Shoutbox is a war zone. Pffft
6:46pm Aug 5th, 2014
Heeeeeeelll no I ain't gettig beat by Amy XD *Triple hugs*
4:00pm Aug 4th, 2014
3:18pm Aug 4th, 2014
I'm the only one who hadn't given you a hug. :( *Hugs*
2:57pm Aug 4th, 2014
I don't think my message went through o_o
10:20am Aug 3rd, 2014
My phone crashed again *Hug*
10:17am Aug 3rd, 2014
No wait OMG *Ultra super omega hug*
7:04pm Aug 2nd, 2014
*Also hugs* its national hugging day XD
6:59pm Aug 2nd, 2014
*second random hug.* XD
11:12am Aug 2nd, 2014
And did you get my message, my phone crashed. *Faceplant*
6:50am Aug 2nd, 2014
I just noticed your farm name is pretty freaking accurate.
6:46am Aug 2nd, 2014
Maybe. X3
8:26pm Jul 27th, 2014
Like WTF is with everyone laughing on your shout box. XD
8:11pm Jul 27th, 2014
*Randomly bursts out laughing in real life*
8:00pm Jul 27th, 2014
...*Random Hug*
7:55pm Jul 27th, 2014
I'm on a sugar rush XD
6:45pm Jul 27th, 2014
Btw. Your avatars face is too serious. XD
6:30pm Jul 19th, 2014
Daaaaayuuuum. That's some f'd up Pokemon! XD
6:12pm Jul 19th, 2014
Strange...but interesting
5:57pm Jul 19th, 2014
Hi. X3
5:28pm Jul 19th, 2014
Oh lol
11:40am Jul 18th, 2014
Oi, did you get my message? My phone crashed
4:47am Jul 18th, 2014
hello triport :)
3:18pm Jul 14th, 2014
6:23am Jul 11th, 2014
*Sneaks up and tackles you*
3:58pm Jul 8th, 2014
*O_O *Hides*
4:36am Jul 8th, 2014
*Throws water ballooon*
12:44pm Jul 6th, 2014
1:28pm May 31st, 2014
O_O oh jesus
3:44am Apr 9th, 2014
Having dression probs
3:53pm Mar 25th, 2014
3:09pm Mar 22nd, 2014
7:05pm Feb 26th, 2014
Yeah where ya been?
6:46pm Feb 26th, 2014
OMG! Where you been bro? XD
6:44pm Feb 26th, 2014
12:15pm Feb 8th, 2014
You know what? #Marshmallows
7:47pm Jan 23rd, 2014
Randomness :3
1:30pm Jan 12th, 2014
how long do you think it would take for people to buy a dinosaur that perfect
3:57pm Dec 28th, 2013
so like 100k each plus perfects
3:45pm Dec 28th, 2013
how much would you sell for a dinosaur with stats over a 100 well.... if you had any
3:24pm Dec 28th, 2013
oh ok did you have any dinosaurs that had stats up to 100 and if you did how much did you sell them for
3:13pm Dec 28th, 2013
ok why do you not have any dinosaurs??
3:04pm Dec 28th, 2013
why have you not started you should do this event because if you throw enough at the end of december you can win scales unless you don't want any scales
2:56pm Dec 28th, 2013
so how many snowballs have you thrown so far
2:46pm Dec 28th, 2013
Hey bro whats up
9:20pm Dec 27th, 2013
yup so whatacha doing
9:18pm Dec 27th, 2013
hey whats up how ya doing
8:36pm Dec 27th, 2013
I bombed you with snowballs :3
12:34pm Dec 26th, 2013
9:02am Dec 7th, 2013
sure please that polar bear is killing me so what do i do
3:56pm Nov 27th, 2013
hi triport have not talked to you in a while
5:22pm Nov 13th, 2013
5:19pm Nov 7th, 2013
1:45pm Oct 25th, 2013
12:52pm Sep 29th, 2013
7:29pm Sep 28th, 2013
My cat also says hi lol
4:53am Sep 26th, 2013
Lol me and Amy are sitting on the same couch. He says hi
4:52am Sep 25th, 2013
Little bro says hi
4:31am Sep 25th, 2013
Quick Question: Why did you change your name to Funnymouth? It's hilarious
4:43am Aug 28th, 2013
check out this creepypasta; Laughing jack
1:50pm Aug 4th, 2013
TARDISSSSS! (Amy told me to tell you)
6:06pm Aug 3rd, 2013
Yeah popcorn!!! XD
11:43am Aug 3rd, 2013
10:08am Aug 3rd, 2013
Tacos ftw
9:55am Aug 3rd, 2013
E: (buck teeth lol)
2:01pm Jul 25th, 2013
6:50am Jul 24th, 2013
8:23pm Jul 23rd, 2013
5:07pm Jul 23rd, 2013
5:02pm Jul 23rd, 2013
Mah dawg ate mah candy bar
6:52pm Jul 20th, 2013
12:16pm Jul 14th, 2013
:D my cat is licking my toes. O_O
12:02pm Jul 14th, 2013
11:40am Jul 14th, 2013
i posted on last lights fading :)
10:35am Jul 14th, 2013
Woooooow my brother just fell off the couch _
9:09am Jul 10th, 2013
Sup. you haven't been on in a while. Lawl Ari thought you'd died
11:38am Jul 7th, 2013
first question correct but second not correct dragons use the platinum on their teeth to ignite the fire
10:01am Jun 29th, 2013
4:58am Jun 29th, 2013
Okay I have what's called Synothesia. Which means I interpret color, sight, and sound differently than normal humans. And sight and sound come into play here. I hear the laugh and see it on screen and since I have overactive panic nerves, I hear the laugh
10:40pm Jun 28th, 2013
Um...maybe...come on man I'm in a dark bedroom all alone at like one in the morning. Creepy laughs are definatley not what I need right now...
10:26pm Jun 28th, 2013
7:53pm Jun 28th, 2013
Oh come ON man, right before I was going to bed you had to pull the freaky laugh on me...
7:19pm Jun 28th, 2013
Okay my friend dared me to do this: RAWRRRRRRRRRR
6:58pm Jun 28th, 2013
6:41pm Jun 28th, 2013
Oh and my dog says hi. He stole my phone...
6:22pm Jun 28th, 2013
have another question on the boards it is a bounus round but you only get one chance to answer so choose wisely
5:55pm Jun 28th, 2013
5:51pm Jun 28th, 2013
ding ding ding you won 5000
2:41pm Jun 28th, 2013
you are correct however you can only ansewer 1 time but if you to the the boards there is another question. also you only get 5000k my sister messed me up and i accidentely put 50000k
1:40pm Jun 28th, 2013
no i am completly sorry but you had to say how much of each
1:09pm Jun 28th, 2013
Alright! What games do you happen to have? I got one as well, though I think I left it either in my step dad's car or at my home.
4:26pm Jun 27th, 2013
That's fine! I'd also appreciate it if you didn't use gifs on my shoutbox, makes it a lot larger than what I care for. :D
4:01pm Jun 27th, 2013
Yeah, I'm agreeing with you about how great it tastes.
3:55pm Jun 27th, 2013
I don't think I could agree with you any more than what I am right now.
3:53pm Jun 27th, 2013
Gators are pretty neat too, though.
3:43pm Jun 27th, 2013
It's a croc, with an axolotl on its shoulder and a crab hanging out.
3:31pm Jun 27th, 2013
It's so freakin hilarious...
6:25pm Jun 26th, 2013 (Seriously, you will cry when you watch this. This is Ariannas little sister)
6:25pm Jun 26th, 2013
Everything in my house just crashed...
6:13pm Jun 26th, 2013
OMG you crashed my phone with that picture...XDDDD
2:36pm Jun 26th, 2013
12:59pm Jun 26th, 2013
My dog just ate my cheeseburger...ummm
11:52am Jun 26th, 2013
NOOO! The squids stole my budder!
10:59am Jun 26th, 2013
6:43am Jun 26th, 2013
Who came up with the word derp? Derp question. Lawl
8:23pm Jun 25th, 2013
Derp XD
5:41pm Jun 25th, 2013
its ok but i have new allosaurusus so it is fine i am understandable
4:10pm Jun 25th, 2013
um since all your dinosaurs are died what happened to my allosaurus i gave you for the 50000k
2:53pm Jun 25th, 2013
2:52pm Jun 25th, 2013
I'm really camera shy too so the littlest girl, Sarah, she had to literally pull me on set for this to work on the video. :3
12:51pm Jun 25th, 2013
*Blushes,* Thanks :3
12:33pm Jun 25th, 2013
12:28pm Jun 25th, 2013
is it titled Untitled Hymn - Come to Jesus ?
12:22pm Jun 25th, 2013
If you can watch the video. :I I'm not sure...
10:24am Jun 25th, 2013
Here tell me what you think of this video of me singing with a few kids from my church. I'm playing the piano. :3
8:41am Jun 25th, 2013
Ok tanx...
6:54am Jun 25th, 2013
Ok tanx...
6:54am Jun 25th, 2013
Quick Question: How do you change your avatars facial features???
9:09pm Jun 24th, 2013
9:03pm Jun 24th, 2013
8:12pm Jun 24th, 2013
She also says merp
5:50pm Jun 24th, 2013
And my cousin. XDDDD
4:46pm Jun 24th, 2013
And my little sister
4:24pm Jun 24th, 2013
Oh and also: my little bro says hi :3
4:07pm Jun 24th, 2013
then what did you do with my allosaurus i gave you
2:11pm Jun 24th, 2013
Merp lol
1:42pm Jun 24th, 2013
hello what happened to all your dinos?
12:53pm Jun 24th, 2013
12:31pm Jun 24th, 2013
11:53am Jun 24th, 2013
Why do you keep changing your name? X3
11:40am Jun 24th, 2013
Ah,you like MLP,too? It's nice to find another fan! n u n
10:14pm Jun 23rd, 2013
Meeeeerp hi Tri! :3
8:02pm Jun 23rd, 2013
Ereereeeeeeeee errrrrrrr
7:33pm Jun 23rd, 2013
5:58am Jun 23rd, 2013
Hello! X3
5:50am Jun 23rd, 2013
hi do you have any terror birds for sale
10:36am Jun 22nd, 2013
7:28am Jun 22nd, 2013
Lol the Potatoe chips at my house taste lik toast
7:48pm Jun 21st, 2013
6:41pm Jun 21st, 2013
What is up with your face...
9:55am Jun 21st, 2013
9:38am Jun 21st, 2013
Shadow says: BUDDDDDDERR
7:34pm Jun 20th, 2013
6:04pm Jun 20th, 2013
Btw my horse had her foal last night! :3 :D
1:38pm Jun 20th, 2013
Gangman style is shadows weaknes....
10:04am Jun 20th, 2013
Dude what happened to your face...
9:03am Jun 20th, 2013
I'm noming on your head
8:58am Jun 20th, 2013
Oi !!!'
8:23am Jun 20th, 2013
7:36pm Jun 19th, 2013
7:15pm Jun 19th, 2013
I'd change it more often if clothes weren't so expensive. >.>
4:44pm Jun 19th, 2013
Haha, yeah it's a cool look. ^_^
2:58pm Jun 19th, 2013
cats rule :3
12:33pm Jun 19th, 2013
4:44pm Jun 17th, 2013
3:52pm Jun 17th, 2013
What the...
3:51pm Jun 17th, 2013
3:02pm Jun 17th, 2013
2:48pm Jun 17th, 2013
mew :3
1:20pm Jun 17th, 2013
1:11pm Jun 17th, 2013
Merpity merp
6:17pm Jun 14th, 2013
does dyrex on the PMRP like Silver? :3 just askin
6:03pm Jun 14th, 2013
5:17pm Jun 13th, 2013
yellow. :3 budder
12:31pm Jun 13th, 2013
8:00pm Jun 12th, 2013
6:36pm Jun 12th, 2013
Helloooooooo? O_O lawl
1:35pm Jun 11th, 2013
1:25pm Jun 11th, 2013
Hi Tri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:51pm Jun 11th, 2013
What is the purpose of life I'm really tired...
10:28am Jun 11th, 2013
Merp hi
10:12am Jun 11th, 2013
Oh and if I dot respond for a Long time, then I'm doing something. :3
6:24pm Jun 10th, 2013
4:02pm Jun 10th, 2013
Do you know who HuskyMudkipz is?
2:50pm Jun 10th, 2013
Listening to dragonforce! :D
2:38pm Jun 10th, 2013
Merp :3
2:11pm Jun 10th, 2013
what? *-*
12:44pm Jun 10th, 2013
0-0 I am a nyan wolf/cat! I AM UNSTOPPABLE! with no weakness...
12:34pm Jun 10th, 2013
Merp 3 :3 XD
6:48am Jun 8th, 2013
Merp 2 :3
6:47am Jun 8th, 2013
Merp :3
6:44am Jun 8th, 2013
You're the one scratching at my door? O_O
4:53pm Jun 7th, 2013
Not really... -_-
2:57pm Jun 7th, 2013
I can't do it right now, I'm on my phone.
11:56am Jun 7th, 2013
*-* Go play illusion, I DARE YOU
11:49am Jun 7th, 2013
9:44am Jun 7th, 2013
XD I just fell down mah stairs
9:23am Jun 7th, 2013
Merp :3
8:23am Jun 7th, 2013
the first option :I
4:22am Jun 7th, 2013
today was when the world hates me, my weakness was played at school 3 TIMES! the song I hate soo much
3:33pm Jun 6th, 2013
Ya x3
3:24pm Jun 6th, 2013
My little bro laughed so hard...XD
1:55pm Jun 6th, 2013
Merp :3
1:16pm Jun 6th, 2013
1:09pm Jun 6th, 2013
Little gruesome, and gorey. They didn't show it, but you could tell what was happening at one of the shooting parts...otherwise, best movie I've ever seen...
1:01pm Jun 6th, 2013
Just saw Star Trek Into Darkness
12:52pm Jun 6th, 2013
7:47am Jun 6th, 2013
7:28am Jun 6th, 2013
Don't know. My phone hates me....
6:52am Jun 6th, 2013
Also, my Internet sucks like here is no tomorrow so my replies might be slow...
6:14am Jun 6th, 2013
Derp :3
5:45am Jun 6th, 2013
Chuck Norris...random comment of the day...
5:02am Jun 6th, 2013
4:59am Jun 6th, 2013
I just falcon punched my brother... O_o
6:23pm Jun 5th, 2013
I slapped you :3
6:05pm Jun 5th, 2013
Hi. :3
5:55pm Jun 5th, 2013
Yep it's Luna and Celestia with Matt and patt. :)
11:29am Jun 5th, 2013
Lalwalallaslwlalalwlalwlsllolololol sorry I'm really bored...
7:15am Jun 5th, 2013
Here's a funny video: Two best sisters play Portal. Hilarious YouTube video. :)
7:03am Jun 5th, 2013
6:36am Jun 5th, 2013
6:27am Jun 5th, 2013
XD baby creepers ftw
7:10pm Jun 4th, 2013
baby creepers :P
6:49pm Jun 4th, 2013
Double hi. :3
6:46pm Jun 4th, 2013
Hi *Has no idea why she wrote this*
6:14pm Jun 4th, 2013
2:22pm Jun 4th, 2013
1:04pm Jun 4th, 2013
XD my little bro just fell in a fountain at Disney!!!
12:59pm Jun 4th, 2013
My little bro just face planted into a salad bowl! XD
1:34pm Jun 3rd, 2013
O.O just listened to thriller and I figured out who the main zombie was just now. -_-
12:47pm Jun 3rd, 2013
12:25pm Jun 3rd, 2013
Mine too. X3
12:23pm Jun 3rd, 2013
We all share all three accounts. So Amy could be on my account here, or I could be on Redfora's account...
12:19pm Jun 3rd, 2013
Hey that's Amy's line! XD She always says it at my house. Merp.
12:14pm Jun 3rd, 2013
12:04pm Jun 3rd, 2013
It was storming real bad at my condo so Internet is kinda bad...
11:53am Jun 3rd, 2013
11:37am Jun 3rd, 2013
Argh! My phone hates me...-_-
5:11pm May 31st, 2013
Hey just to you know, I switched phones so my messages might take a while to reach you. Lol
6:19pm May 30th, 2013
Hey is school out for you yet?
3:51pm May 30th, 2013
:{3 mustache man. XD
7:02pm May 27th, 2013
Oh, hai! :3
6:04pm May 27th, 2013
Sup :3
2:23pm May 27th, 2013
Did you get my messages? My computer decided to take a nap...-_-
3:57pm May 25th, 2013
Uh, okay, then.
8:06pm May 18th, 2013
Uh, no. Not doctor. Use to go by 'Jylani Amplex' I believe xD
7:53pm May 18th, 2013
xD Satsu Ayaka made it for me.
7:46pm May 18th, 2013
Dyrex? Who's that? Is that one of your characters in a role play?
12:11pm May 13th, 2013
i have color potions for sale
6:34pm May 8th, 2013
Responded to truce thing again. XD I'm super annoying...
5:39pm May 8th, 2013
I'm sure it was. Dang. Having trouble falling asleep?
1:40pm May 8th, 2013
Redfora wanted me to tell you that she responded to the role play truce thingy you guys are doing again...
1:25pm May 8th, 2013
O_O You've seen Jeff...
1:24pm May 8th, 2013
*even scareder face* How...?
12:13pm May 8th, 2013
You know what Jeff's laugh sounds like...*scared face*
11:52am May 8th, 2013
Oh, sorry to bug you Tri, but me and connor wanted to let you know that it's your turn to post something on Why Break a Truce roleplay...:D
3:52am May 6th, 2013
BTW tri, Shadow is chewing on your head in chat. :D
6:43pm May 2nd, 2013
Me too!
4:11am May 1st, 2013
OMG! I luv my little ponies. Lol No joke. :) they're so cute. My favorite is Rainbow Dash!
7:24pm Apr 30th, 2013
Fun and Random Fact I thought You Should Know: I like llamas. :)
5:04pm Apr 30th, 2013
12:29pm Apr 28th, 2013
hello how is my allo doing well in this case your all because i gave her to you
12:26pm Apr 28th, 2013
XDXDXDXD Lolz. O_O Did I just do that?
2:22pm Apr 27th, 2013
Sorry if this makes me sound like a butt. But I couldn't help but notice that most of your dinosaurs are either sick or hungry. Again, sorry if I seem so annoying. Just thought I should let you know...
5:56pm Apr 25th, 2013
anyways please leave me alone
2:03pm Apr 25th, 2013
I am not false advertising if its a character of mine.
2:03pm Apr 25th, 2013
Its just in my name :/
2:00pm Apr 25th, 2013
1:54pm Apr 25th, 2013
It's all ok. Just a bit sad now. Thank you for commenting ~
8:54pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Oh good lord. You're enjoying this aren't you. I just shivered and fell out of my bed. Creepy!
7:45pm Apr 23rd, 2013
How did I know you were gonna do that. And being in my room all by myself with the lights off at ten at night doesn't help either. EEEK! That laugh man. O_O
7:08pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Yeah that laugh. Scary. I'm still actually shivering from when Amy showed me. O_O
6:49pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Alright, alright. I'll keep it. XD Btw, Amy told me about your new creepy laugh thing that kinda goes like this: hmhmhmhmhm. Lol sent shivers up my spine.
6:25pm Apr 23rd, 2013
I can't Triport. It would make me feel like a thief.
2:58pm Apr 23rd, 2013
No, dude. I wouldn't do that. I'm not a thief. That's what I tried to tell you when you sent her to me. When they're old enough, I'll breed them and set the baby up for bid for nothing, and then you bid on him or her for nothing and then I accept your bid
12:15pm Apr 23rd, 2013
Yeah, but I can't remember my security question answer. -_- I'm such a dumb butt
7:20pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Wait, I have an idea. Btw I apologize for my language. Anyway. What if when they're old enough, I'll breed them together, set the baby up for bid for 0$ and then you bid 0$ on it and then I'll accept your bid. I'll only do it if you say okay, though. And
6:52pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Actually, could you just put her up for bid for 25k/ I forgot my pin so I can't transfer you the money. Sorry. Just accept my bid.
6:24pm Apr 22nd, 2013
yep. :)
6:10pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Well, does 25000$ sound good enough?
5:56pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Hey, just asking, but did the T-rex hatch yet?
5:19pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Dunno, just curious. :)
12:18pm Apr 22nd, 2013
Oh, also, quick question. Um this is gonna sound lame but what color is your hair IRL? *Embarrassed grin* Just curious
4:38pm Apr 21st, 2013
Hey you said something on boards about selling me a t-rex once it hatched, right?
2:32pm Apr 21st, 2013
It's Veronica btw
10:26am Apr 21st, 2013
Hey, take a look at my avatar. That might help you picture what Redfora looks like. :) And Amy changed her features so now she looks like Lily. :)
10:26am Apr 21st, 2013
9:09pm Apr 19th, 2013
8:12pm Apr 19th, 2013
:P :P :P :P :P :P
6:48pm Apr 19th, 2013
:P (It's national stick your tongue out at someone day!)
6:26pm Apr 19th, 2013
I see you changed your username. Awesome.
3:02pm Apr 19th, 2013
lol I was just posting a quote from one of my friends. He told me that a long time ago so I wanted to kind of post that today because I am a bit stressed out :p
2:04pm Apr 19th, 2013
o-o what?
2:00pm Apr 19th, 2013
Thank you
1:58pm Apr 19th, 2013
hey you have a lot of money right so if it is okay with you can i have 1000000k please and i am not begging this choice is up too you
7:54am Apr 19th, 2013
mmmmhmmm. :3 have you heard of a game called illusion ghost killer. there is anoth illusion that is like slender. But the ghost killer one is WAY MORE intense than the normal illusion and slender
6:06am Apr 19th, 2013
BTW. I may have survived cancer, but unfortunately, my friend's dad didn't. :'(
2:47pm Apr 18th, 2013
6:02pm Apr 17th, 2013
Wait so you're actually Discord's son?
5:52pm Apr 17th, 2013
do you need money
4:34pm Apr 17th, 2013
how is my allosaurus oh and hi
4:21pm Apr 17th, 2013
Very funny. I'll try my absolute hardest not to let nature take it's course. T_T (XD LOLZ)
8:21pm Apr 16th, 2013
Get well soon, Ari!
6:25pm Apr 16th, 2013
BTW just to let you know, I might be a little slow on responding since I'm still in the hospital. :)
6:23pm Apr 16th, 2013
Oh, sorry, wrong person.
5:56pm Apr 15th, 2013
5:55pm Apr 15th, 2013
Hi dude. Um Tarsamoore, Arianna and I have just crashed our computers so if you sent any messages to respond to our own today, you'll have to resent them. Sorry.
9:53am Apr 15th, 2013
Hi. (Random messages ftw!)
7:57am Apr 15th, 2013
6:27pm Apr 14th, 2013
no i have not see one but now i do
4:12pm Apr 14th, 2013
do you like the allosaurus
2:27pm Apr 14th, 2013
ok sending it right now
2:20pm Apr 14th, 2013
do you want an allosaurus i have one and it is free cause i saw that you dont have a allosaurus and i am compleatly fine with it
2:16pm Apr 14th, 2013
i was just asking and do you want one of my tyrannos
2:10pm Apr 14th, 2013
how many uses does it have and do you want one of my tyranos for free
2:06pm Apr 14th, 2013
guess what i just found a green net with 100 uses it was so random
2:04pm Apr 14th, 2013
sup. Nothing much. Just feeling a little evil as always. ;)
5:07am Apr 14th, 2013
keep rping to the boards, please
9:03pm Apr 13th, 2013