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*pokes* How have you been?
12:56am Aug 29th, 2017
hey nice to see you back. I not to bad how yu doing
12:13pm Mar 3rd, 2017
Yes that is true!
12:52pm Feb 11th, 2017
Im being lazy but going to sometime time today make myself take a walk.
12:44pm Feb 11th, 2017
Hello friend how is your day going!
2:58pm Feb 9th, 2017
Can you plz give me a herbie herd I need/want one and I can't find any all i can pay is a VERY grim 30 k Also it would be nice if you could also help with my cash problem
9:14pm Jan 15th, 2017
yes very much thank you
12:01pm Jan 5th, 2017
Happy new year to you as well! Hope it's starting off well.
10:33pm Jan 4th, 2017
happy new year to you to and thank you for your pressie to :)
12:14pm Jan 4th, 2017
Happy new year!
11:45am Jan 4th, 2017
Belated merry Christmas to you :)
3:46pm Dec 30th, 2016
Merry Christmas to you too!
6:07am Dec 24th, 2016
merry xmas. *hugs* hope you have a good one and will speak to you soon :)
2:53am Dec 24th, 2016
it is and yes got the present thank you will open it on the 25ht
12:34pm Dec 23rd, 2016
:) i was planning on reducing to below 100 but dinos need retirement homes 129 is not a bad number
11:32am Dec 23rd, 2016
:) no idea how many you got there was a lot that came into the nature reserve this been sicne decmeber 3/12/16 4 dinos rescued from nature reserve 11/12/16 9 dinos rescued from nature reserve 10/12 2 dinos rescued from nature reserve 09/12 44 dinos re
10:58am Dec 23rd, 2016
ah well they do say over 50 and its all down hill not sure i really need anything food for the 200+ dinos or was last time counterd lol
10:45am Dec 23rd, 2016
oh no hopefully you start to be on the mend soon and spend more time at home and must have been whike since i sent them
10:41am Dec 23rd, 2016
2 hands how did you do that. Glad to see your still around. I should be more active after the 23rd
1:27pm Dec 8th, 2016
Sweet dreams, See you soon!
2:37pm Jul 28th, 2016
So, anything you want to talk about or should I let you go?
2:29pm Jul 28th, 2016
Thank you! <3
10:46am Jul 28th, 2016
Hi, I don't know where to ask this but you seem like you would know. Do you know if my enclosure, IDK, is for herbivores or carnivores? Thanks!
10:38am Jul 28th, 2016
Sweet dreams!
3:02pm Jul 8th, 2016
Poke! You're offline right now but thought I'd leave a hello. Hope you're doing well. :)
10:02pm Jun 19th, 2016
I see. Tomorrow my two dino babies grow up.
11:39am Jun 12th, 2016
I'm going to breed them for speed so they can do well in Agility trials.
12:49pm Jun 11th, 2016
I started a new breeding project with Atrociraptor.
12:46pm Jun 11th, 2016
7:02pm Jun 1st, 2016
Aww man ill find someone else then :(
2:53pm Jun 1st, 2016
Wana play?
2:42pm Jun 1st, 2016
HI again
2:35pm Jun 1st, 2016
I also have a cute female one as well.
1:09pm Jun 1st, 2016
I dont no
8:29am Jun 1st, 2016
My parents would not allow me to tell sorry but I can tell you some ware in bixby
8:22am Jun 1st, 2016
What do you mean?
8:19am Jun 1st, 2016
ok were else could we have met?
8:13am Jun 1st, 2016
oh i have some thing for you!
8:08am Jun 1st, 2016
Hmm do you go to life time fitnes?
8:06am Jun 1st, 2016
8:03am Jun 1st, 2016
Im good thanks
7:59am Jun 1st, 2016
7:54am Jun 1st, 2016 Look at this new dino baby!
8:29am May 25th, 2016
that is a annoying. Well i hope it goes better for you. I logging out and will speak tomorrow i got 8 lines of latch hooking to do before thurday
1:39pm Apr 18th, 2016
:) and oh no i guessin its really slow
1:27pm Apr 18th, 2016
will try and send you some sun
1:04pm Apr 18th, 2016
Cold and rainy that is a bit rubbish. Went down in showers but was sunny went got down and sunday was nice
12:32pm Apr 18th, 2016
*hugs* your very welcome. hope you had a good day
12:16pm Apr 18th, 2016
Good night! It was nice catching up :D
3:49pm Apr 3rd, 2016
Makes sense. Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly then :D
3:38pm Apr 3rd, 2016
Sounds like fun. :D Don't wear yourself out too much with prep!
3:25pm Apr 3rd, 2016
Ah, I didn't know your birthday was coming up! Happy early birthday!
3:19pm Apr 3rd, 2016
I'm doing pretty good. How are you?
3:12pm Apr 3rd, 2016
12:34pm Apr 3rd, 2016
Spotty cannot code unfortunately xD. I did get a hold of Kitty though and her child is very sick right now so she will get to it as soon as possible
7:17pm Mar 9th, 2016
Nope, not yet! Kitty still hasn't gotten back to me, but I will try getting a hold of her again tomorrow <3!
6:37pm Mar 7th, 2016
oh they were not working the other day that is annoying
1:55pm Mar 7th, 2016
The golden stork when used on a female will make her next clutch have 8 eggs and will allow you to keep all the eggs from that clutch if you have the room! The glowing yellow rose will turn any lab or custom created dino into an acrocanthosaurus!
1:36pm Mar 2nd, 2016
because they are sharing with the edmons..i might see if i can move one of the 0 breeds out
1:35pm Feb 20th, 2016
herbie babies 66 dodo 9 Bonitasaurus 36 Maiasaura 0 Euoplocephalus 0 Ankylosaurus 24 Edmontosaurus 74 Leaellynasaura 25 Reindeer 16 Woolly Mammoth
1:24pm Feb 20th, 2016
yikes that is not good and see you later :)
4:43am Feb 20th, 2016
oh no is it all trials
2:38pm Feb 17th, 2016
That's helpful.... Yay..
4:32pm Feb 16th, 2016
Can I buy some baros as well hun. How meany are you willing to sell
3:56pm Feb 15th, 2016
Just set up the barter. Sure name your price on the herd
3:23pm Feb 15th, 2016
Someone bought it already for 100K
8:12am Feb 13th, 2016
ok now worries have fun will see you later
4:40am Feb 13th, 2016
enjoy dinner see you later
12:16pm Feb 12th, 2016
Sounds good :) How many have you got?
3:54pm Feb 9th, 2016
I hope so, I'd love to be able to get rid of these rings :D
4:39pm Feb 8th, 2016
Same here, I've got a ton of diamond rings... I've never needed those
4:27pm Feb 8th, 2016
Yeah... I have yet to get any roses, which I'm running the lowest on
4:17pm Feb 8th, 2016
Yeah, especially the already harder to get ones
4:09pm Feb 8th, 2016
Ah, okay. I was just worried I had missed some underlying message. Thanks!
4:14pm Jan 31st, 2016
Oh uhm okay! And yeah, I do get what you mean but I'm not sure how that changes anything...? :S
3:57pm Jan 31st, 2016
I got your SB message, but what were we/was I talking about again? xD; Sorry I'm confused ahah
3:34pm Jan 31st, 2016
I wonder how the babies would look IF I bred to them.
6:42am Jan 31st, 2016
Lytra is beautiful. :D
6:40am Jan 31st, 2016
I'd guess it's that the geographic location of the server is not good for you. :( I don't like coffee that much, but I might have some tea.
2:16pm Jan 23rd, 2016
I hope your cold goes away soon but I'm glad you're fine otherwise. The server is still giving you trouble? :/ I'm doing alright. Just woke up so kinda groggy at the precise moment. XD
2:11pm Jan 23rd, 2016
Helloo! :D How have you been?
2:04pm Jan 23rd, 2016
night see you tomorrow i am off to bed to
3:48pm Jan 6th, 2016
difficult one i sold A meat for 4k you could try a few at 8k and see if they sell but most of my meat buyer been one playrt
3:37pm Jan 6th, 2016
:) but i think your doing well finding the words..well i understand you
3:21pm Jan 6th, 2016
not sure if it is a word but i know what you mean :)
3:05pm Jan 6th, 2016
i get to shred paper at work its a machine you feed paper into and it tears it into little peices
3:01pm Jan 6th, 2016
yes there sure is shredding paper :)
2:50pm Jan 6th, 2016
yes not a bad day enough work to get through the day
2:32pm Jan 6th, 2016
thanks how you today
2:20pm Jan 6th, 2016
Guess who is back for a bit :)
2:16pm Jan 6th, 2016
the new one i just rescued? at the moment he is having fun with 3 females :) right i going to get to bed need to wash up first...but thank you for the offer night
3:56pm Jan 5th, 2016
*hugs* yes guessing you just need to sit it out
3:35pm Jan 5th, 2016
yes just got it
3:29pm Jan 5th, 2016
yes could you send some of your dinos to that account and just have a few dinos on here that way you can still play
3:09pm Jan 5th, 2016
have you got a spare account..just wondering if you can reduce the numbers but still keep them? and not to bad enough work to keep it going at a pace that was not to wuick
2:54pm Jan 5th, 2016
i got 3 other rescues one is 96 so he will stay with them. Even if i did not i got a spare he could go into lol :) hows your day been
2:39pm Jan 5th, 2016
poor boy
2:34pm Jan 5th, 2016
Ah, this is super late since I haven't been online but - merry Christmas and happy new year!
12:28am Jan 5th, 2016
:) well he was pretty and needed a home :) right i need to get to bed got to get up bit earlier tomorrow to get to the food shop before work to get bread so will speak tomorrow night
4:16pm Jan 4th, 2016
thanks and next time i not breeding to many dinos at once got another that needs to change
3:45pm Jan 4th, 2016
2 new pretty dinos one needs a gender change
3:39pm Jan 4th, 2016
*hugs* i back for about 20min :)
3:34pm Jan 4th, 2016
right i going to get off got to do an order before bed in 20min I be back tomorrow wont be till about 12pm ex time night
3:38pm Jan 3rd, 2016
:) it is catching
3:29pm Jan 3rd, 2016
no idea lol
3:24pm Jan 3rd, 2016
it sure is even hard when you see a cheap ish spino and fall in love with it
3:10pm Jan 3rd, 2016
i do..need to keep an eye out for a female for him and a spino male and all will be a lot of eggs hatching tomorrow and a lot more to breed
3:07pm Jan 3rd, 2016
thank you for the dimi boy he is pretty
2:55pm Jan 3rd, 2016
wow that is good
2:49pm Jan 3rd, 2016
that is perfect :) should have done picture instructions first off :)
2:45pm Jan 3rd, 2016
that is what i thought you was trying I might not have explained it right I circled where the tag link should go
2:27pm Jan 3rd, 2016
oh yes looks good did oyu mean to do it?
2:11pm Jan 3rd, 2016
treadmill ?
2:08pm Jan 3rd, 2016
1:28pm Jan 3rd, 2016
:) hey. you not got tag yet
1:23pm Jan 3rd, 2016
Happy new year!
3:14pm Jan 1st, 2016
Happy New Year to you too :) *hugs*
2:17pm Jan 1st, 2016
it was a quiet new year in so all was well how was your party
1:57pm Jan 1st, 2016
ah you want a need to upload to site like photobucket after that go to settings found under user tools then avater tool box put the http link in
1:56pm Jan 1st, 2016
happy new year *hugs*
5:27am Jan 1st, 2016
ok no worries will either see you later or in 2016
8:53am Dec 31st, 2015
hugs and yes might see you before i be back on about 2pm ex
8:43am Dec 31st, 2015
:)i am on for about 30min then going to latch hook
8:32am Dec 31st, 2015
wow sounds like fun i be going off shortly to get some rubbish up to tip then quiet night in
5:18am Dec 31st, 2015
thanks u got any plans for today aka new years eve
5:08am Dec 31st, 2015
Nice names you do what i do. Name the babies after the parents and entered this guy
4:55am Dec 31st, 2015
:) brillant will get her all sorted to come over I think i got my dino to enter
4:47am Dec 31st, 2015
:) that my friend is your cute baby
4:39am Dec 31st, 2015
4:33am Dec 31st, 2015
4:25am Dec 31st, 2015
goodnight sleep well *hugs* see you tomorrow
3:12pm Dec 30th, 2015
:) i might have picked mine to but want to wait for the babies to hatch
2:52pm Dec 30th, 2015
do you want a 2nd opion
2:48pm Dec 30th, 2015
yes i want to see what the skelton utha come out like
2:34pm Dec 30th, 2015
got the same problem Worth a try
2:25pm Dec 30th, 2015
wow no not seen that will have to see if i got one and yes same i will message you when i brred
2:19pm Dec 30th, 2015
either would be perfect if you do breed i got a pair of 11yr olds so ideally looking for another pair but if i can find just 1 that would be great shoot t rex i promised a player i sort a breeding for them
2:00pm Dec 30th, 2015
:) Rather a few but i think i need to settle on a few and not allow retire home to take over
1:48pm Dec 30th, 2015
possible Atrociraptor Def Dimatrodon Graciliraptor Herrerasaurus Microraptor Neuquenraptor Sinornithosaurus Utahraptor
1:44pm Dec 30th, 2015
yes just finished latch hook for the night and oh my sorry i forgot will look now
1:29pm Dec 30th, 2015
12:15pm Dec 30th, 2015
i going to go do some latch hooking for a bit will be back on late
8:26am Dec 30th, 2015
oh my is it good news
8:12am Dec 30th, 2015
see you later
6:00am Dec 30th, 2015 poor baby
5:50am Dec 30th, 2015
sure will do its taken ages to sort them out this morning
5:37am Dec 30th, 2015
Meet your babies :) Baluar eggs bred today could not decide which to keep and my Attrociraptor http
4:56am Dec 30th, 2015
he is pretty :) thank you
2:25am Dec 30th, 2015
thanks that is tomorrow problem now i going to bed will talk tomorrow night
4:28pm Dec 29th, 2015
i am sure they will just trying to sort Atrociraptor enclosuer
4:20pm Dec 29th, 2015
sounds very nice :)
4:12pm Dec 29th, 2015
now that is tempting i got 1 pair to breed in about 20days so i going to need a mate for that one and your 2 are pretty markings not really to fussy prob panda, tiger, blanket leopard in that order colours so long as marking fit it well gender not to b
4:01pm Dec 29th, 2015
*hugs* will let you know tomorrow..what species i def in i need to go through all the dinos and sort them and see what breeders i have got if any but def
3:44pm Dec 29th, 2015
Eye. I bred them and kept 2 eggs from the 2 breedsing so i got 4 i will only be able to breed 2 of them so i got 2 spare either i keep them or if you can have use for them you can have them :)
3:37pm Dec 29th, 2015
oh but i got a another cute eggy needs a home to..totally unrelated so a nice girl for your male :)
3:29pm Dec 29th, 2015
Found one :) not great perfects but love the colour do you want 1 male and 1 female or 2females or 2 males
3:22pm Dec 29th, 2015
thnaks there is 3 with perfect studs but lots of offspring so need to drop perfects nad less offspring i got 2 possibles
3:14pm Dec 29th, 2015
yes needs to be skelton mark and high as possible perfects
3:08pm Dec 29th, 2015
welcome back still need to get that dino bred
2:30pm Dec 29th, 2015
no i bet its no fun hugs see you later
4:37am Dec 29th, 2015
um really not good will try later i need to breed the dino though
4:15am Dec 29th, 2015
i just hit slow spot could not load a lot of dinos in sep tabs like normal and oh wow the rate things are ghoing there is not going to be many player left
4:08am Dec 29th, 2015
:) or use notes on dinos found her...and still in dzate to breed so you get 1 off spring i gt 2 skeleton egggs in incubator if u want 1 of thoes as well
3:46am Dec 29th, 2015
:) thank you so much and I had a dino sent to me ages ago think it was a Utahraptor and i promised when i breed that player would have an offspring but 1) cant remember who it is and what dino
3:33am Dec 29th, 2015
oh my days looks at inventory. blinks no way how did that happen
3:23am Dec 29th, 2015
I feed them before training and after training. It's great for stats! Good night and sleep well!! :D
5:00pm Dec 28th, 2015
No problem! I only ever feed my dinos A+ Baro meat (usually twice a day!), so I'm always on the lookout for it!
4:38pm Dec 28th, 2015
No problem, I understand! :D
4:35pm Dec 28th, 2015
just on quick thanks for the items :)
3:19pm Dec 28th, 2015
Yes I did! Thank you!
12:54pm Dec 28th, 2015
no dont sound like fun right i going to get some sleep ready for tomorrow :) I prob wont see you till tuesday so speak then *hugs*
3:52pm Dec 26th, 2015
yikes that is not good at all takes me awile but then i got a lot to feed etc
3:25pm Dec 26th, 2015
that is annoying for you
3:08pm Dec 26th, 2015
that is not good is 20-30 % managable for you to get things done
3:04pm Dec 26th, 2015
I will think about it and let you know in a few days if that is ok
2:57pm Dec 26th, 2015
wow that cost like scales um need to think not sure it be use to me i running out of herbi space now lol
2:43pm Dec 26th, 2015
:) brough some and swaped males with females and what is the name
2:20pm Dec 26th, 2015
um i only really after shelf items i got everything else lol plenty of reindeer i been busy while you were away bucks 13 does 77 fawns 4 (2male 2 female)
2:07pm Dec 26th, 2015
:) will try to and your think of somthing
1:52pm Dec 26th, 2015
:) not to bad quiet which is good going away tomorrow to see my mum back 28th so just a quick visit
1:38pm Dec 26th, 2015
:) you posted on the wish list u been a gd player and friend. i gt a post up of shelf items i trying to get for side account but that is itmaseally how was your xam
1:12pm Dec 26th, 2015
*Hugs* ponders what you on about
12:43pm Dec 26th, 2015
ok no worries will catch you soon
5:39am Dec 24th, 2015
:) got some pretty neuq there is 1 i might let go to the right home as i wont breed her this one i may le
5:38am Dec 24th, 2015
yes how did u guess lol i set off looking for the oldies and got 20 but then found a few young ones and got 11 lol
5:23am Dec 24th, 2015
merry xmas *hugs* picked up a few new dinos how u
5:17am Dec 24th, 2015
*hugs* night have fun at work
1:42pm Dec 23rd, 2015
12:42pm Dec 23rd, 2015
*Chuckles* I Feel your pain sister.
12:35pm Dec 23rd, 2015
oh sweet more new babies
12:24pm Dec 23rd, 2015
:) def cute and pretty and some luck
12:06pm Dec 23rd, 2015
oh yes i forgot about pepermint the purple girl is nice so is the orange
12:03pm Dec 23rd, 2015
Oh nice you need a pretty female
11:55am Dec 23rd, 2015
slow stats :) love it and wow he is a pretty boy
11:40am Dec 23rd, 2015
Yep, yes I do! I'm waiting for it..... GET AT ME! *Arms wide open and head tilted back with the weird "COME AT ME BRO!" face*
11:38am Dec 23rd, 2015
*Throws snowball* Hello. XD
11:32am Dec 23rd, 2015
:) wow nice name do u have link please
11:10am Dec 23rd, 2015
Hey yes it is called male potion and is 5 scales :)
9:51am Dec 23rd, 2015
wow busy few days 1 more day at work then got 11 days off which i will enjoy last 4yrs i worked xmas :) 27th and 28th i got to go see my mum just a quick flying visit but taking brother and the rest of the days nothing
3:34pm Dec 22nd, 2015
:) cant wait till 24/25th when items get sent out you got any plans over xmas
3:26pm Dec 22nd, 2015
nope and thanks rather proud of thoes :)
3:14pm Dec 22nd, 2015
yes your right and not posting wont stop them thoes could not
2:45pm Dec 22nd, 2015
um certainly intresting i not heard of anything and yes i got a few t rex i bred that are pretty
2:36pm Dec 22nd, 2015
yes and thanks she not bad looking
2:29pm Dec 22nd, 2015
great so one less way of other people knowing about the problems then just rescued
2:22pm Dec 22nd, 2015
items what items on lio or here? bit of a worry
12:14pm Dec 22nd, 2015
:) so long its a speed you can work with then its better then snail pace
2:42pm Dec 21st, 2015
could it be depending where they are based
2:37pm Dec 21st, 2015