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Eye Colors
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 9th Apr 2012
Hi guys!

The new genetics-based eye colors are here! :D

Currently, all dinosaurs will have the same eye color they did before, but now with a set of genes. All lab dinosaurs will have the same eye color and same set of genes - though there will be a 1% chance of a new color coming through.

Customs can choose any of the new eye colors, and of course, breeding will determine the eye colors in chicks.

There is also a very rare eye color called "White" that will override a chick's genetics to turn the color white. All chicks bred have a 1 in 1000 chance of getting this eye color. :D

The genetics are as follows:

E_ __ E_ -- Blue
E_ E_ ee -- Purple
E_ ee ee -- Green
ee EE ee -- Black
ee Ee ee -- Brown
ee E_ E_ -- Yellow
ee ee Ee -- Orange
ee ee EE -- Red
ee ee ee -- Albino


Edit: Regarding contacts, I've decided to let existing ones remain. New contacts will need to be exceedingly different to eye colors offered by the game in order to be accepted from now on.

Edit II: There will likely be some items appear in the scale shop sooner or later to change eye colors on existing dinosaurs.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 4th Apr 2012
Some small updates. :D

You can only find a maximum of 100 or so foil eggs a day from now on. Once you've found that many, no more will appear until tomorrow. This is for your account only - it's 100 eggs per account, not entire site!

And the Mystery Egg has been changed so that it transforms a dinosaur into an Allosaurus - not that you have to hatch one first.

And I can also give notice that we will be adding genetically bred eye colors for dinosaurs very soon, so please no more eye-contact overlays submitted! As a pre-warning, old contacts will be deleted once the eye colors are set in place.
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Apr 2012
Whoops, looks liek I forgot to announce the new monthly item too.

For scale purchases over $20 this month, you'll receive a Gold Stork!

Use on a female and her next breeding will produce 8 eggs, allowing you to keep all of them if you have space. There will be no breeding cooldown either!

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 2nd Apr 2012
Yay, it's almost Easter!

So over here at Exhibited we are now running our Easter Event - a traditional easter egg hunt! As you browse around the site you'll see a bundle of foil eggs pop up - click "claim" to claim between 1 to 5 foil eggs! These foil eggs are an Easter "currency" that you can use to exchange for one of the many different items we have available as prizes over on the Easter page. :D

The three new backgrounds that are available as prizes are as follows (with one of them featuring the fluffy chick clipon too!):

There are also a bunch of new collectables, golden eggs return and the marshmallow bunnies - which give +30 in varying stats, with one giving +20 in all. ;D

This event will run until the 30th of April!

And in lighter news, Xylax redrew our scientist, too. Woohoo!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed our delicious layout for April Fools yesterday. ;D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 29th Mar 2012
Happy birthday to Kitty!

In celebration of Kitty's birthday, anyone who logs in today will receive a slice of Kitty's birthday cake. This baby will give +40 in all stats when fed. ;D

Also, the lovely Xylax, in honor of my birthday, has redrawn a few images around the site!

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Mar 2012
Megaraptor has been redrawn! Yay!

Must.. resist...
Miniature Updates
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 23rd Mar 2012
Hi guys! We have some new updates today. :o

At the top of the news page, as you can see, is a nifty new ticker! Here I'll post mini updates like bug fixes and other small fun stuff (that don't really require a full news post!).

Along with this we have a new "flag" feature on the boards. If you want to flag your topic up for deletion or locking you can do so, and then a mod will swoop in and do this for you. :D

Thirdly, the boards will now start auto deleting topics over 6 months old (ignoring stickied ones, posts on the guide board, etc). They only count as 6 months old after the last reply - not when the topic was posted. The first topics will get deleted in 6 months time, by the way, since it will start counting from now.

And finally we have a new board for over 13s - the guides board! Hopefully this will stop the Help board overflowing with stickies.

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 16th Mar 2012

You heard that right.. Archaeopteryx is here!

Enjoy. <3

Quick update:
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Mar 2012
The river fishing sonar now auto refreshes (you can just leave it open and it will refresh itself!

Not only that, but the sonar will play a little sound when a critter is nearby. :o
Fish fish fishiiiin'!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Mar 2012
Some updates!!

Player shops have a slight change - if you have an item priced at $0 (whether by accident or otherwise) then the item won't appear for sale to anyone else as a security measure. This means you won't be able to "sell" items for $0 anymore, and also means any new item you put in your shop will be priced at $0, rather than $9999999.

Shelves have gotten "sections" so that I can add more kinds of collectables for different seasons, aaaand..

Fishing is back and a whole new kettle of fish! ;D ;D

Fishing is now unlimited - meaning, you can fish as many times as you like per day providing you have enough uses on your nets. However, it's a waiting game now. Once you start fishing you'll have to wait - critters move around the river every five minutes and if you're lucky they'll end up scurrying or swimming across to your portion of the river! Once they get there, a fish icon will appear on your sonar and you'll be able to choose a part of the river to use your net in. That's a 1 in 3 chance and if you're lucky you'll land it in the right place!

To go with this, I bumped up the chances for fishing net alerts.

As well as this, if you buys jars you can put your catch in a jar and plop him on your shelf! You can checkout the different species by having a look at the river portion of your shelf.

And one last thing - every 12 hours, the wildlife organization will be seeking a new species, and will pay out a set reward. The rewards are limited however, so you'll need to turn in your catch before all the rewards have been paid out!

Have fun guys!

Oh, and our lovely Bob redrew Coelacanth. :D