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Some new herbivores!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 23rd Feb 2011
Bellusaurus & Camptosaurus

Brachyceratops & Bonitasaurus

Just in time for the last day of breeding season. :D

** Museum files to follow.
Bye bye cupid - hello herbivore meat compression!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 15th Feb 2011
Small updates:


New dice images. (The slight excess white will be removed.)

Healing Pills

Healing pills have been revamped.

Herbivore meat is now compressable.

You can now delete all herbivore actions.

And you can disable certain dinosaurs from appearing in your breeding dropdown list if you don't want to accidently breed them. :D
Happy valentines!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Feb 2011

Happy valentines day everyone! The plushie will restock in the store today and a new pretty heart background is available from the backgrounds store.

Keep shooting cupid, too. He'll disappear tomorrow, along with the pink on the site. ;D

And as a minor note, I've put the top layer on the jungle background to layer beneath dinosaurs, so it won't block out adult dinosaur heads. If it still does, just refresh your dinosaur's image. :P
Microraptor update
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Feb 2011
Microraptor has had a quick makeover by the original artist. It's had some awesome shading put in to make it pop, and has been resized down to help convey the small size of Microraptor a little more.

(This particular micro is displaying heavy tiger markings)

Just reload your micro's images to see the new ones. :)

The baby microraptor will be resized down soon too, to match the adult. :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 10th Feb 2011
Some minor updates:

- Fixed a bug with messages.
- Dead dinosaurs will no longer have a generated picture (to save space). :P
- Alerts display one at a time from now on!

There's also a new valentines header, and cupid is going around the site and being pesky. :O If you see him, make sure you shoot him! If you do... He'll drop a valentine's cookie!

CupidValentines Cookie

There's also three new backgrounds (1 of which is rare ;D):

By the Mountainside..


The Mighty Jungle
Pyroraptor Revamp
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 6th Feb 2011
In attempt to inject some popularity back into Pyroraptors, our wonderful artist Tyme has revamped them. :D


Page Revamps
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 4th Feb 2011
Messages and user pages got a revamp today. :D

That's all for now! :D
Happy 1st of the month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Feb 2011
Happy 1st of February, guys. :)

This month's donation item is the chocolate oysters, which will allow an 81+ age dino to breed again, just as it's the month of luuuurve. ;D

FURTHER updates
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 30th Jan 2011
IMPORTANT - there is now a second account feature. If you have two accounts, please link them up in your account settings so that you can transfer things between them.

If you have users under your IP that are not listed as your second account, you can no longer:

- Transfer Money
- Transfer Scales
- Transfer Dinos
- Transfer Items
- Bid on herbivores
- Bid on dinos
- Buy dinos
- Buy fish
- Offer in trades
- Buy items from shops

From users who are sharing the same IP address as you and are not listed as your second account. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN that you cannot do this with the rest of the site!)

I'm sorry that people with family have to be penalized but the situation with some accounts is just getting ridiculous now!

But on to some lighter news!

There are two new herbivore species, Barosaurus (yes, it really had that intense neck!) and Brachylophosaurus!

I have added every single herbivorous dinosaur to the museum now AND I've organized it a little better. ;)

Oh, but wait!

In the scale shop there are now two new herbivores that you can purchase:

They are Woolly Mammoth & Hyracotherium (the first prehistoric "horse" as well as ancestor to the rhinos and such!), and are special because they're not really dinosaurs, but they're still prehistoric and thus have their place here. They will function as regular herbivores. :)

I have also put a mammoth starter herd on auction for $1. ;)
Quick updates - again!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 30th Jan 2011
A few new updates!

Herbivores can now be auctioned as friend only auctions. So if you have a herbivore herd for a certain person, just add them to your friend's list and only people on your friend's list will be able to bid. :)

Potion images have gotten a revamp in places:
Elixir of Life Fertility Potion Male Potion

The slots spin images in the scale shop has also been revamped:
3 Slots Spins

You can now remove bids on dinosaurs, after much waiting. XD I'm sorry guys, I should have done this sooner!

Spinosaurus is in the works and scheduled for release in the next couple of months.

I am also in the process of adding a new roleplaying system for 13+ boards. You will be able to create your own roleplays and set word minimums for posts (minimum for any RP is 100 to encourage a bit lengthier RPing), set your setting/plot/history, add and remove joinable species, accept and reject characters for joining and control your RP as RP Master. There is a seperate OOC section for each RP so it doesn't end up spoiling your RP with OOC chatter, and also a seperate window to display all current characters and pending ones.

When you post, you'll be able to choose which character you are posting as from a dropdown menu, so it will all be clearly marked.

A screenshot is here:

I'm adding this because I know a lot of you like to RP, and it will be easier to moderate. The reason I am not adding it to under 13s is partly because of the word minimum and also because it would be wasteful to duplicate it again. However the under 13s will keep their RPing boards and will be able to access the new system when they turn 13. :)

So consider the RPing announcement more of a heads up for people with current RPs. I will be removing the RPing boards for the 13 and overs so just make a mental note to save details of your current RPs.