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Awesome previews, and awesome item revamps
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Dec 2011
Hi guys! Some health item revamps:

You may also get a surprise if you try to snowball me. >.>

And speaking of snowballs, you get notifications now instead of messages, as was suggested by you guys! <3

I also have a couple of previews for upcoming features:

Firstly, I'm working on human avatars right now, and they're very very close to being released. A basic female and male preview are below:

And lastly, I decided to revamp my original idea for trading cards, and I now have a very solid idea for them and artwork for the cards has begun. Previews as follows:

I'll also aim to have a snowball leaderboard up by the end of the week!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Dec 2011
Happy 1st of December everyone! I have some exciting updates for you all.

From today up until the 31st of December, you will be able to receive one free item a day from the Advent Calendar. In the idea of getting you all to be able to complete your shelves, I've added some of the old Christmas collectables in there, as well as some old favorites, and a bunch of new stuff too. :)

The snowball fight has also made its way back! Snow will begin falling on your farm every fifteen minutes (if you are online, and have less than 20 pieces currently), and it takes five pieces to make a snowball. Once you've made a snowball, you can throw it at anyone who is online. Every 6th snowball thrown wins a Chunk of Meat in Ice and the top three people with the most snowballs thrown at the end of December will receive some scale prizes.

As you can see, we also have the beautiful new winter banner up for the layout!

The 13+ users are running a Secret Santa and I definitely recommend you guys participate! The thread can be found here: clicky. I haven't noticed ones for under 13s yet but if you guys feel like it, you should definitely start one!

And finally...

The new monthly donation item has changed, to the Toy Sailboat.

This item will transform your dinosaur into a DIMETRODON!

This is probably my favourite species so far, and it's not even a dinosaur! XD~~ As you may know, Bob campaigned heavily for this reptile, and I wanted to surprise him this month for Christmas. As he campaigned, again, so well for it, I started him off with 6 sailboats to get a good line of these babies running. <3

I may or may not also launch a winter writing/art contest guys too, we'll see!

Enrichment & Stat Caps
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 28th Nov 2011
Some updates!

As voted on the poll, I have removed stat caps and also re-adjusted food to boost the same amount as it used to. If you see any bugs with this please report, but it should be done!

Thanks everyone for trying this out at least, but the majority vote ruled and I listened and restored it back to how it was. <3 I hope this will make you guys happy!

Xylax has redrawn our enrichment items too and is planning to redraw a bunch more items also!

And the Black Friday sale has ended. Thanks everyone!
Black Friday!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 25th Nov 2011
It's Black Friday! Because of this, you'll receive 30% extra scales if you donate this weekend! The offer will last for this weekend only.

Also, for each $20 you donate in one donation, it'll credit the donation item twice. (So if you donate $40 in one go, you'll get 2 zombie cookies instead of 1.)

Have a great weekend everyone!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 23rd Nov 2011
Scratchcards are here! Woooooo!

Win a multitude of prizes from plushies to rare plushies to colorants, color potions, +1 lab limits, money or mystery items!

Upgrades can buy 3 scratchcards a day with EX money whilst basics can buy 1 - once that limit is reached, you can buy additional cards with scales.

You can play scratchcards by clicking on the dinosaur dig site on the second map - the dino dig game has moved to the games room!


Also, happy thanksgiving everyone! The plushie will be stocking in the collectable store all day today.

Shiny.. So Shiny
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 21st Nov 2011
Some updates today!

The games page has been revamped:

Healing Cherries and Magic Peaches have new properties - the first one, as well as healing, will instantly heal a broken bone. The Magic Peach will instantly heal any other ailment minus broken bones. :D

Egg Insight is in the scale shop and is a one-off purchase. Will reveal extra information about your own eggs in incubators and in clutches. If someone else has it, you can view the extra info on their own eggs. :)

Xylax surprised me today also by offering to draw all the equipment for each dinosaur! So if you're thinking about making any overlays for these, it's probably best to hold off for now, since we'll get these implemented automatically. <3

- Stat caps can now be lowered to the current stats from dinosaur pages. There are achievements tied to both of these.
- All bred dinosaurs no matter what should start getting higher caps slightly than what they were getting before - this can be anywhere from 30% higher right up to double the cap they were getting set before, regardless of where parents were. (Though obviously, more cap reached = more new baby cap!)
- Addition of polls.

Coming up soon (either this week or next):
- Herbivore Summary (find out what dinos can hunt what species, what boosts are given and such)
- Mass Adding of Achievements, I won't announce when these are in so it will be up to you to find them!
- Revamp of the fishing game (again). We have some new art for it, and a new idea to make it so you can play it all day if you want. However this depends on Kitei, and if she can get the new item art done in time. ;D
- (Hopeful) addition of scratchcards! (again depending on art)
- (Hopeful) addition of the stat cap raiser items, but again, this depends on art.


As stated in the last news post, the guides to the new layout are here:
For 13+ Players
For Under 13 Players
Really quick news post
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 16th Nov 2011
Really quick news post for some quick features:

* Login now has a "remember me" option - this will keep you logged in. If you haven't logged in for the day your first browsing of EX will age your dinosaurs that day.

* I removed the "currently" option from members online pages after receiving some complaints regarding privacy and such (and complaints that they were being stalked :P).

* Still working my way through the bugs, hoping to smash a big bunch of them tomorrow. Thanks for being so patient!~

As stated in the last news post, the guides to the new layout are here:
For 13+ Players
For Under 13 Players
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Nov 2011
I thought I'd release the Guanlong on you guys!

The Guanlong is a regular species suggested by you guys and drawn by the lovely Ank. <3 I've set it to active in the lab until the next lab refresh, and it will start cycling in regularly with the other species soon.

We also have 2 new plushies:

Carnotaurus PlushieAlbertosaurus Plushie

The Carnotaurus & Albertosaurus plushies!

As stated in the last news post, the guides to the new layout are here:
For 13+ Players
For Under 13 Players

I'm working my way through the bugs. Thanks for being so patient and so great guys!
Welcome back guys!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 11th Nov 2011
Welcome back everyone! You're currently sitting on the brand new layout, and, most likely, just had to re-enter your player names. XD (I figured you all would enjoy the tutorial with Reggie!)

Firstly, and most importantly, the Terms of Service for the game has changed. Please take a moment to review them here before you do anything else. If you don't agree to the new changes, please stop playing immediately.

Anyway, you're going to notice a lot of changes, and lots of new shiny things. The vast majority of them have been explained in great detail here:

For 13+ Players
For Under 13 Players

Me, the mods and the gurus have all been bug testing this for the longest time, but as with all new things, nothing is going to be bug free, so I'm really hoping you guys will be able to help me and be patient with this. <3 If you see anything that you think is a bug, please check the guides first to make sure it's not just a new feature, and then check the bug boards to make sure it hasn't already been reported. If it hasn't and is a definite bug, please in the subject either write "GAME BUG" or "ART BUG". Art bugs will be things where images just look a bit weird or are missing, or if the layout is messed. Game bugs cover everything else. :D

The most important changes to gameplay are, briefly summarized, as follows:

* Stat caps. They are fully explained in the guides.
* Battle points no longer exist. Your dinosaurs will have more points now because battle points and points have merged into "points".
* Levelling up now gives a "skill point", which you can assign to one of three prowesses. It's fully explained in the guide.
* Introduction of herbivore hunting. There's a guide in the links above.
* Illnesses/injuries are reintroduced, alongside vaccines. Vaccinations are NOT compulsory so it's totally up to you if you want to vaccinate or not. Illnesses/injuries can mostly be prevented by building up a good immune system by eating various herbivore meats. Alternatively, you can just vaccinate.
* As described above, each herbivore has a different use to help prevent different diseases.

I will be making a "herbivore summary" feature soon that will reveal what they boost and help prevent against, as well as a "can my pack hunt this herbivore?" tool. For now, have fun trying to see what you can work out!

Trophies have all been converted into Achievements, which are a lot more fun. >.> Also, we now have a tag album - both of these can be accessed from your profile pages.

I'd just like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being so patient throughout all of this, and I really hope you all enjoy the new changes and new features.

Posted by Kitty (#1) on 9th Nov 2011
As a reminder, today the mods are cleaning up the boards, so you should see the topic count go down.

Tomorrow the site will be going down for maintenance so we can begin the changeover, but don't worry! I'll be providing a downtime forum that you can all hang out on.

On Friday, 11/11/11, we'll relaunch with the new layout. Yay!