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Exhibited Press

Fish fish fishiiiin'!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Mar 2012
Some updates!!

Player shops have a slight change - if you have an item priced at $0 (whether by accident or otherwise) then the item won't appear for sale to anyone else as a security measure. This means you won't be able to "sell" items for $0 anymore, and also means any new item you put in your shop will be priced at $0, rather than $9999999.

Shelves have gotten "sections" so that I can add more kinds of collectables for different seasons, aaaand..

Fishing is back and a whole new kettle of fish! ;D ;D

Fishing is now unlimited - meaning, you can fish as many times as you like per day providing you have enough uses on your nets. However, it's a waiting game now. Once you start fishing you'll have to wait - critters move around the river every five minutes and if you're lucky they'll end up scurrying or swimming across to your portion of the river! Once they get there, a fish icon will appear on your sonar and you'll be able to choose a part of the river to use your net in. That's a 1 in 3 chance and if you're lucky you'll land it in the right place!

To go with this, I bumped up the chances for fishing net alerts.

As well as this, if you buys jars you can put your catch in a jar and plop him on your shelf! You can checkout the different species by having a look at the river portion of your shelf.

And one last thing - every 12 hours, the wildlife organization will be seeking a new species, and will pay out a set reward. The rewards are limited however, so you'll need to turn in your catch before all the rewards have been paid out!

Have fun guys!

Oh, and our lovely Bob redrew Coelacanth. :D

Lotsa little things!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Mar 2012
Some updates!

* You can now report users, topics, dinosaurs, fish tanks, herbivore enclosures and enclosures. :o
Please don't abuse this feature or "test" them. We know they work. ;D

* Chat names that are "New User" (auto given on signup) will make the users change their chat name before they can enter chat.

* Topics now have numbered replies and you can click the little number link to have a link to that reply. This should be handy if you want to link other people to a certain reply in a topic.

* Enclosures now cost more as you have more enclosures. This was discussed on the boards and works as follows: Enclosures will cost $20,000 per enclosure you currently have. So if you have no enclosures, your first one will be free, which will help newbies get on the ladder. If you have five, it would cost $100,000 for your 6th, etc.

* The "You have new notifications!" will appear if you have any UNREAD alerts now - you no longer have to delete them to get rid of the notice. :D

New Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Mar 2012
Pinch punch, first of the month! :D~~

I have a couple of announcements today!

Firstly, the monthly donation item has changed to a six pack of Energy Drinks! This item comes with 6 uses and each use will give your dino another 5 battles for today.

6 Pack Energy Drinks

We also have a new species here at EX! This is a regular species and so will "restock" in the lab. It's the pretty double-clawed Balaur! :D

There's also some new clothes in the clothes store.

Some of the clothes are just undergoing a few tweaks right now but I'll update you when that's done!

And later on tonight I'll be tweaking notifications - instead of deleting them to clear the notification message, you'll just have to view them so you can hold onto them a little longer. :)
Something new!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 26th Feb 2012
There's something new on Exhibited.

The first person to comment with what it is wins a scale! :D

Star got it! That's right, the store has a gorgeous new image drawn by our favorite Xylax! Yay!

Valentines Event is Over!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 21st Feb 2012
It was fun, but it's over until next year now!

The winners are as follows:

1st) Levi (#26) with 2413 eggs! Levi gets a sack of Herbifertile, Chocolate Oysters, 30 scales and a Toy Sailboat!

2nd) Grim (#8888) with 2211 eggs! Grim gets a sack of Herbifertile, a Toy Sailboat and 10 scales!

3rd) Nox (#50) with 1376 eggs! Nox gets a sack of Herbifertile and 5 scales! :)

Two Runners Up) Samateus (#2970) with 1358 eggs and Rorschach (#11329) with 1327 eggs -- who both get chocolate oysters!

And everyone who bred 50 eggs or more got a scale, whilst EVERYONE who participated got a Valentines Cookie! Yay!

Thanks for participating guys! :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 20th Feb 2012
Some small tweaks today!

* Clothing store will only restock a maximum of 10 items per category every restock
* Scarves are fixed
* Black casual dress is fixed
* We now have a Guanlong plushie!
* We now have a Dimetrodon plushie!
* Iguanadon has a new updated image
* This suggestion was added
* Herbivores in the lab only restock two at a time now
* Mammals have a rare chance of breeding twins at breeding season!

Dimetrodon PlushieGuanlong Plushie


If any 13+s could just read through this thread and post their opinions at the end, that would be nice! <3
New Moderators!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 13th Feb 2012
Hello guys!

I just thought I should introduce our two newest moderators!

Everyone welcome Zani (#2255) and Daski (#1155) to the team! We've had them on a trial for a little while now and happily they've passed with flying colors and are now fully fledged mods! :)

Alongside this news I also announce with sadness that we've lost Dyr from the moderator team as well, but the door is left open and one day we hope she may return!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 12th Feb 2012
Rollover happened a little later than usual today due to a bug, which has now been fixed. Your dinos and such should begin aging now (if you're logged in).

Sorry for any inconvenience!
Valentines Event~
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Feb 2012
Our valentines event has started today!

From the 7th - 20th little valentines items will start appearing around the site for you to collect. As well as them being collectables (to fill up your shelf!), these will also work as special items to help you in the event.

In the event, you are randomly assigned a dinosaur pair to breed. In order to get them to breed, they all have a preferred valentines item that will work to encourage them!

There are ten different species and ten different items - so get hunting and breeding! The top five people with the most eggs bred by the 20th will win prizes. :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Feb 2012
Without further adieu.. I would like to introduce our third map!

:D A few features have been erased from the map, and the ones that we were unable to erase and are not in use are simply not clickable (the collosseum, the gypsy wagon, for example!), but these are all things to come. But what you CAN go to..

You'll see that the nature reserve, overlay store, background store, wishing well, vet and herbivore hunting all have a home and no longer need to be links! As well as this, there are 5 new stores - three of which are currently still setting up shop (but you can still take errands to), and two of which are ready for business.


The first one is the hairdressers, where our resident hairdresser Lucas can style your avatar's hair into a new cut or color. He only has 10 available haircuts every restock though, so you might have to wait for the one you want!


The second one is the clothes store, where you can pickup a new outfit from our very own loveable ditz-queen, Jenny!

Other faces you may have to take errands to are Lyra, Isaac and Becky.

Lyra Isaac Becky

Those three are still in the process of designing their shop floors and ordering stock in, so they're not open for business yet, but may put an order in with one of the other shopkeepers!

Also, did I say avatars?

The four above are Herbal (LOL), Clara, Zani and me, Kitty!

Anyone, upgraded or basic, can make their very own avatar and customize it how they want. Avatars are not mandatory and you don't have to have one - but you're certainly welcome to if you want and we encourage you to make one! (Avatar party anyone?) Once you have an avatar you'll be able to dress them up with clothes on different layers, play with its hair, change facial features including skin tones and get to use the nifty wardrobe that Xylax drew! Our dedicated human avatar artists are Clara and Xylax, so if you get any requests for clothes or hair, just let them know. :)

AND FINALLY! The monthly donation item has changed to:

Herbivore Lake Planning Permission
Lake Planning Permission

With this, you can add a lake to your herbivore enclosures permenantly! One lake will water 80 herbivores automatically so you don't have to worry! I'm not sure if these will go in the scale shop after this month or not so this might be your only chance to nab one. :O



P.S. Expect our valentines event to start somewhere around the 7th. Also, please report any bugs with new features to the boards - PMing me slows me down! ;000;

P.P.S. I will be editing cron to have the changes I proposed a while back in the next couple of days. Will post again when it's ready. :>