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Terror Plushies & New Cup Game!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 14th Mar 2013

There's a new minigame on Exhibited - the Cups minigame! Choose the right cup and win yourself one of the brand new amber collectables that are out now. :)

Also, the terrorbird plushies have made their way here!

As a reminder, the terms of service applies to ALL aspects of the site - shoutboxes included. Swearing is not permitted in shoutboxes and neither is RPing - please stick to the designated RPing areas if you wish to roleplay. Moderators will be removing RP posts from shoutboxes from midnight EX time tonight, so please save logs if you want to hold onto them.
Winners, bugs & TERRORBIRDS
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Mar 2013
Hi guys!

Some updates:

* Acrocanthosaurus has been shifted into the scale shop.
* A new item is also in the scale shop - the "Note from Mom". This is the item that will reset your dinosaur's trial speciality.
* All bug posts have been mass-removed to make things easier for me and wipe out all of the old posts. Please add new bug posts and I will go in and fix them. :D

Also.. Since it's my birthday month this month, I decided to do something special, and this month's donation item is the "Terror Egg". I guess you guys know what this means.. ;)

That's right! The first of the Big Six are here - the Phorusrhacos! (Otherwise considered the 'terrorbirds' ;D). These will remain as the donation item for the entirety of this month and then be retired, appearing in the scale shop twice a year.

These species have gender different images - with the males having more decorative feathers to impress their mates!

Meanwhile, the Valentines results are in and prizes have been given out!

The winners are as follows:

1st) Siren (#24019) with 1633 eggs! Siren gets a sack of Herbifertile, Chocolate Oysters, 30 scales and a Terror Egg!

2nd) Sammei (#243) with 1462 eggs! Sam gets a sack of Herbifertile, a Terror Egg and 10 scales!

3rd) Zha'krisstol (#2373) with 1222 eggs! Zha gets a Terror Egg and 5 scales! :)

Two Runners Up) Priestling (#24466) with 1010 eggs and Dragranzer (#17687) with 905 eggs -- who both get chocolate oysters!

And everyone who bred 50 eggs or more got a scale, whilst EVERYONE who participated got a Valentines Cookie! Yay!

Thanks for participating guys! :D
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 7th Feb 2013
It's time for the Valentines event! Same rules as last year - get a species generated, find items for them and get them to breed! Good luck everyone!

First of the Month
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Feb 2013
Hey guys!

It's the first of the month again and this month we have a long overdue new species! Say hello to the Acrocanthosaurus:

Drawn for us by the lovely Xy!

Acrocanthosaurus can be made by using the Glowing Yellow Rose item on one of your lab created dinosaurs. It's also the donation item this month!

Once again guys, I'd like to apologize for my scattered absences of late, but I'd also like to assure you that I am working on things, and that bugs will be ironed out. A new layout is in the works as well as some feature improvements, so stay tuned! You guys can also post any wishlist features on the boards that you have too -- as I am doing a relatively large overhaul of backend stuff, now is pretty much a prime time for me to add in new fun stuffs. So make sure you're heard! :)
Happy New Year & Snowball Winners!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st January 2013
The monthly item this month is the Super Grain, which raises all herbivores in a herd by one grade.

The Snowball Fight results are in!

The top 5 snowball throwers are as follows, with the winner receiving 50 scales, 2nd place receiving 25 and all runners up receiving 5 scales each...
1) Brother Woodchuck (#21071) with 536 snowballs thrown!
2) The Freaky ¬•elociraptor ツ (#3513) with 521 snowballs thrown!
3) Jylani Amplex (#9064) with 439 snowballs thrown!
4) Lord Ike (#12329) with 390 snowballs thrown!
5) Iceni (#22839) with 363 snowballs thrown!

Thanks for playing guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Happy Winter!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st Dec 2012
Yay! Happy 1st of December everyone!!

This month is the wonderful month where we get the Advent Calendar - which will provide you a daily free gift for every day in December - even after Christmas! Make sure to login every day to pickup all the items. Every item, bar a couple, are entirely new this year so have fun collecting them!

The monthly donation item has changed and is now the Herbivore Hose! This will fill all empty troughs in a herbivore enclosure with water in one click to save you some time after grain feeding.

And our winter snowball event is on! This is a dynamic event and requires you to be online so that snow falls on your farm - once you've got enough snow pieces, you can make snowballs to toss at other players to rack up points and win the winter food item!

Have fun everyone! :D
Happy thankgiving!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 22nd Nov 2012
Happy thanksgiving everyone! The thanksgiving plushie is now available in the plushie store and will be restocking all day.

I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates recently. I've been quite sick for the past couple of weeks which has made work difficult, but I'd like to assure you all that things are still getting done - but they're the boring things behind the scenes that you can't really see. Server tweaks, database modification, etc etc.

I'll have something juicy for you guys very soon!

Halloween Is Over
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st November 2012
The Halloween results are in!

The winning club of Club Wars this year was the Claw club!!!! All users who defeated over 50 enemies and belong to that club received 2 scales - all other clubs with users who defeated more than 50 users received 20 tokens! Wooo!

The top 5 winners of Zombie Tag are as follows, with each user receiving 5 scales each....
1) Eltafez (#77) with 273 infections!
2) Striker (#17510) with 205 infections!
3) Infectous Corruption (#6674) with 191 infections!
4) Nurit (#22009) with 187 infections!
5) Star (#1753) with 185 infections!

The monthly donation item for November is the Bag of Health Goodies - an item that contains three gene improvers, to help with common genetical problems like slow brain syndrome and cleft palate.

The winners of the halloween contests are:

Iceheart (#12910) with their writing entry and
Inkbubble (#16942) with their art entry! Both win 20 scales each. :D

Hope we all had a great year this year guys!
Halloween Contests & Additional Jack-O's
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 22nd Oct 2012
There is now an art and writing halloween-themed contest available for everyone to enter over on the contests page. With a prize of 20 scales each, it's worth a shot, right?!

Also, Clara graced us with some new Jack O Lanterns to carve. Here are a preview of a few:

Happy Halloweeeeen
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 17th Oct 2012
That's right guys! It's *halloween*! And what does that mean?!

We have some events on at Exhibited!

Club Wars

Club Wars is back! Each club has transformed its members into different "monsters" and has instigated war against other monsters! In order to defeat your enemies, you need to gather items to use on them which will appear around the site.

On the 1st of November the winning club's team will award 2 scales to every player part of that club who participated (and attacked 50+ enemies). All the loser clubs will be given 20 tokens though! (If you attacked 50+ enemies).. So the fight is on!

There are also some club-themed outfits available in the clothes store too.

Zombies & Zombie Tag

Raaarghh.. Brains... Must.. find.. brain..

You'll notice on the boards that everyone has a meter - this is your level of zombie infection. You have to tag other people to spread it but you can't tag fully infected players, players who last tagged you, or players you tagged last. Each tag also -1 from your infection, so it pays to invite others to tag you!

The top 5 taggers on November 1st will be given 5 scales each.

Also, you can now zombie-fy your human avatars - just go to your wardrobe and hit the zombie button to be made green and given some items to customize your undead look. (These will disappear after Halloween as a FYI.)

Trick or Treating

You can trick or treat the mods! Be warned.. Some of the tricks are veeeery evil.. ;D

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins are floating around all over Exhibited and need you to find them! Once you find them you can head on over to the pumpkin patch to carve some jack-o-lanterns for your shelves. Clara is also working on some extra jack-o's for these too!

Have a great Halloween guys! I'll be putting up a writing and art contest on Monday so stay tuned!