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Exhibited Press

Life sign from us!
Posted by Herbal (#4) on 25th Oct 2015
Hello everyone!

Again, I am deeply sorry for the long lasting lack of sign of life from the staff here on Exhibited. There is no excuse for it, so I shall not waste time to give excuses and what not. But, I am here to tell you that you are not forgotten, and you have most certainly not been abandoned.

Kitty is working as hard as she can, but life has come a bit in the way. Last year she went through a rough pregnancy, and became a mum! Which naturally has made things go a bit slower than what she'd anticipated. BUT! She has Rykos on board with her, helping her coding new Ex, and they are making huge progresses!

Now. Along side working on Ex2, she is also been programming on my site along with Lioden. But my site is near completion now and once that's completely out of the way she will focus entirely on Ex2 rather than dividing her time like now.

It's a lot of balls in the air for everyone involved but things are starting to come together now! We are all very excited.

Kitty is giving all her love to all of you and gave a few screenshots for me to share with you:

Hey you guys!
Posted by Herbal (#4) on 24th Oct 2015
I'll post a bigger post tomorrow (my time!) buut!

We are alive! And Ex isn't abandoned! And oh my gosh, it's Halloween event! Zombies galore!
Happy New Year & Snowball Winners!
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st January 2012
The Snowball Fight results are in!

The top 5 snowball throwers are as follows, with the winner receiving 50 scales, 2nd place receiving 25 and all runners up receiving 5 scales each...
1) Jylani Amplex (#9064) with 447 snowballs thrown!
2) The Grox (#160) with 301 snowballs thrown!
3) Wulfraptor (#170) with 286 snowballs thrown!
4) tt (#86) with 246 snowballs thrown!
5) Shadowlight (#25257) with 237 snowballs thrown!

Thanks for playing guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
December! Wowy!
Hope everyone had a good November (and the Thanksgiving therein, if you're in the US!) cause now it's December!

With December comes the annual snowball fight!

Collect snow pieces on your farm by being logged in, then chuck them at your friends and enemies in order to get chunks of meat in ice, as well as to compete in the competition!

Also, I believe this means that the Advent Calendar is available from the map!

You can get one present every day by checking the calendar! (two if you use your side account too!)

Also, this month's item is the Toy Sailboat!

Use it to change one unbred lab dino into an adorable synapsid Dimetrodon!

This month's update made possibly by The Grox (#160)! You're the hero today!
Hi guys and welcome to November!

October was pretty exciting, so congrats to the winners of the Club Wars, Zombie Tag, and also to the Scavenger Hunt players! It was pretty exciting for us to run so many things at once!

This month is America's Thanksgiving month, so the Thanksgiving plushies should be available then. Additionally, we're hoping to organize another Choose-Your-Own-Adventure contest in chat (since it ran a lot smoother in chat than on the boards!) with some sort of prizes. I've heard people have been aching for more big-dinos in the genepool, so I'd like to give out more transformation items as prizes :)

Also, on that note, this month's item is the Rhino Toy!

Use this on an un-bred lab dino to transform them into an Albertosaurus!

Anyone who buys $20 or more worth of scales gets one of these guys with the purchase.

Anyway, on that note, hope everyone had a good Halloween and has a better November!
Halloween Is Over
Posted by Kitty (#1) on 1st November 2014
The Halloween results are in!

The winning club of Club Wars this year was the Quill club!!!! All users who defeated over 50 enemies and belong to that club received 2 scales - all other clubs with users who defeated more than 50 users received 20 tokens! Wooo!

The top 5 winners of Zombie Tag are as follows, with each user receiving 5 scales each....
1) Nyx (#6118) with 112 infections!
2) Jylani Amplex (#9064) with 112 infections!
3) Joseph Lokison (#12329) with 110 infections!
4) Wulfraptor (#170) with 106 infections!
5) Spotty (#785) with 106 infections!

Hope we all had a great year this year guys!
Another October Update!
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 20th Oct 2014
Okay, as some of you might have seen, the pumpkin carving event is live now!

Collect and carve pumpkins by browsing the site, then carving them over at the pumpkin patch on the map. Each time you carve a pumpkin you get a chance to get a random one of the possible jack-o-lanterns, so have fun collecting them all for your shelf!

Also, we've finally set up the scavenger hunt! (I apologize in advance for my ridiculous writing, I get a little longwinded sometimes). Search for dinos, find the clues, and figure out the code. Feel free to work with a friend if you're having trouble!

Good luck to everyone, and happy October!

Scavenger Hunt Intro
We have a task for you, which you may choose to undertake. Someone's been spreading rumors that the dinos over in Zani's farm are feeling generous this halloween, and might be handing out treats (we hope!) There's far too many to visit all of them though, so let's just do a few, one by one. Who knows, maybe by the end you'll end up with at least one prize!

-There's a raptor you've heard good things about. One with a double crested head and an unfortunate name. This dino has a dark, night color and dark red eyes, but maybe if you find it it will give you something nice!
Oct Updates!
Okay, just updating you guys on what we've got going for october so far!

This month's monthly item has been chosen by the public to be the Terror Egg!

Use this on a lab born, unbred dinosaur to transform it into a Terror Bird of the same gender and color!

Thanks to RaptorGirl (#31081) for the suggestion, and tt (#86) and Shadowlight (#25257) for the support!

Also, I finally set up the contest for the month, check it out below
Fresh Slate Competition!
I'll set up an under 13 version too, if people are interested :)

Scavenger hunt is still being organized, but I figured people would want more News updates rather than less

Happy october everyone!
Hello everyone and welcome to the spookiest month of the year!

We've got a few things planned for this month (finally!) but because I am slow as usual, they're not set up yet. We're hoping to organize a little spooky scavenger hunt, along with a breeding competition. If the scav hunt falls through, I'll do another choose-your-own-adventure in chat with prizes for you all ;)

Anyway, the donation item for the month will be..... I don't know! first person to replies to this gets to decide :D!

I'll put up a new news update when we get an item (and hopefully I'll have the competition set up by then!)

Special thanks this month to:
Spotty (#785), Tessa (#28211), Nightly Scare (#4805), and Condemned (#5662)
You're all the heroes of halloween!
Mid Septemberween!
Posted by Bob the Dragon - not a robot (#643) on 15th Sep 2014
Hello again! This is Bob with another late monthly update!

I actually am sort of in the process of moving states, which is why I've been off so much lately. Sorry to everyone for my intense derpiness :,D It's also much colder up here by the lakes than in Boston, and I was not entirely prepared!

Lessee, monthly item by demand will be the Golden Stork!

This helpful guy makes sure your next breeding will give you a full nest of 8 eggs! Really helpful if you're forgetful like me and you've only got one breeding left in a female!

Also, special thank you to Condemned (#5662), Tessa (#28211), and Spotty for reminding me about the news. You're all the heroes of the month!