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"No, but the scientist who does work with him has failed to do anything about the matter. The head of security says no action can be taken until whoever keeps bringing in peanut butter has been identified." The gifted hadn't been punished in any way, when really he should have been. He was steadily becoming  bolder and more reckless after each incident he caused without being punished, and she was on the verge of considering to punish him herself. She would get in trouble for cruel and unusual punishment as it was just peanutbutter, but whatever reprimand security could dish out couldn't compare to working with this particular gifted.

Micha forced the peanutbutter jar into Lucius' hand, forcing some of the weight of her problem onto him. Many scientist's often complained about her personality or that she made too much physical contact like she just had now. As soon as they were actually in danger though they tended to stop complaining and began to realize why she had been hired. She was best suited for dealing with crises, not less urgent situations like this. "This is your problem now. You can talk to the scientist that works with him or try to figure out who keeps bringing peanutbutter in, I don't care. There is a guard still in the hospital wing right now after he had a bad allergic reaction because of this gifted. A guard that used to work with some of your gifteds' before his reaction. It's impossible for guards to do their job and protect scientists if they still have to worry about something like allergies." The poor guard hadn't even realized he had a peanut allergy and the allergy tests he had had done came up as a false negative. She turned the jar over so he could see the name the gifted had scratched into the side, "There's the gifted's name." Apparently she couldn't harm the gifted just because of the guard's allergic reaction.

Lab Rats (Gifted Roleplay)

All the characters are at a lab in a remote island. All the guards and scientists live in buildings around the lab. Most of the lab is under ground. The lab is very guarded and is pretty much impossable to excape from. There are rooms of about five Gifteds all in their own cell, but they are able to see each other and speak to each other.


In our world, we expect we all have the same kinds of abilities, we can all do the same things, it all just depends on what you practice. However that believe is wrong, there are people born with strange, fantastic and even dangerous powers known as Gifteds. It doesn't matter if the parents are Gifted, the children produced seem to be randomly Gifted or non-Gifted.

Of course normal people fear the Gifteds, they are stronger than them, more dangerous than them and they have no way of knowing who is who. That's why when people learned of them the hunt for Gifteds started almost immediately.

The caught Gifteds were sent away to a place only known as 'The Labs' where they are experimented on to find their weaknesses and their strengths. Their final goal is to find a way to control them and use them for wars.



Lucius brought Nori and Alex for a test to see if Alex could heal Nori's sickness.

Alex was drugged in order to savely bring him back to his cell.

Kadvar told Alex his plans to excape by writing on a card and passing it to him.

Kadvar is dirtying his cell to try to attract Nori.

Rusty is being lazy and not updating this.


Please play as the minority group so we don't get overflowed with one type of character.

Please look at other characters and do not make Gifteds with a power someone already has.

All powers must have weaknesses. For example, most Gifteds will loose control of their ability while under stress.

Only one power for each Gifted.

Both guards and scientists carry weapons, but scientists will only use them if a guard isn't around.

No killing without permission.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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