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Roleplaying Guidelines
Please make sure you read these before starting roleplaying. It contains tips and things you need to remember before you make a new roleplay, or join one.

Simple: Do and Dont
- Have fun, enjoy yourself and remember its just a roleplay.
- Read the rules carefully, make sure you understand them, and follow them.
- Pay attention to everyone in the roleplay.
- Listen to the RP Master, they control the rp.
- Use common sense, curtsy and be polite.
- Remember that Exhibiteds rules counts also in characters.
- Give people something to respond to in a post
- Be fair, after all, no character is perfect.

Do not :
- Disregard, ignore or neglect to read the rules set by the RP Master.
- Start OOC arguments over things that happens IC.
- Harass fellow roleplayers, it makes it unpleasant for everyone.
- Use character art that isnt yours to use. This includes photographs, linking to pages etc.
- Take control over other peoples characters, or decide what happens to them in your post. This is considered rude and is known as godmodding.
- Ignore peoples posts.
- Powerplay, remember your characters can get hurt.

- IC = In Character.
- OOC = Out Of Character
- RPM = RP Master Person who made the roleplay and controls it.
- Gary/Mary Sues Characters that are perfect. Gary/Mary Sues are normally frowned upon in roleplay games. These are type of characters that are seemingly flawless, and that everyone instantly is supposed to like, they tend to know everything in advantage and can everything within moments..

We dont want certain topics or parts happening in roleplays on Exhibited, this includes but not limited to:
- Sexual roleplays, (here under all sexual conducts, in heat, hot naughty or any other form that may lead to any sexual related roleplaying, human, anthro or quad.) (Kissing and hugging is ok, but keep it at that)
- Violent roleplays, you can have battles and such, but no graphical, gory details. Keep it tasteful and at an absolute minimum.
- Profanity, keep it at a minimum and as least offensive words you can think of. Censoring the words wont matter, swearing is a no-no on Exhibited.
- Nudity, no full body nudity. Males can take tshirts off and parade barechested, females keeps bras on. No detailed, graphical descriptions and at a minimum.
If hurt in battle and removes tshirt to be bandaged, its ok. If on a beach and want to look sexy, then no.
- Illegal Substances: No drug use or anything of such nature. Alcoholuse and smoking is preferred to be kept at a minimum

Last notes:
> Above all, obey the rules of the RP and Exhibiteds Term of Service, have fun and enjoy the roleplay!
> Posts that are violating the guidelines or TOS will be deleted. Repeat offenders will receive warnings.
>If you find any posts that you think violates the guidelines or the TOS, please contact the moderators immediately.

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Even though we do not have the old boards anymore, we still do not want you guys to use/link too artwork that isn't yours to use.

Post: #116596
I'm so sad because I had an RP that had like 200 pages and 2000+ replies and now its gone! Also, all my other RPs are gone as well! 10.gif
Post: #116605
And could there be a way to get our RPs back? Because we were pretty far.
Post: #116607
All the RPs were moved to the General Board, so that you can take the information from the threads to start up a new post with the RP system. =)

Post: #116608
Okay! Thanks! Yay! All is not lost! 11.gif
Post: #121887
How do i make a character window and all the technical setup
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Can I mention something?
Please be aware that when posting on the RP forums there is a built in spell checker. It is the button to the far right with a little check mark in it. A simple click of the mouse will highlight any misspelled words, left click the underlined words and it will give you a list of possibilities just pick the right one and you are good to go.
I am posting this here since I am unsure where to post it.
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one quetion: is my rp approved?
Post: #139513
so do they have to be approved? o:
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Post: #275098
Why Is There A 100 Word Min.? It's Too Many Words! :(
Post: #275101
@ Ally~ Trust me, 100 words might seem like a lot, but it's actually not a lot at all. It's a very very small amount ^-^
somebody tocha mah spaget
Post: #301646
I made a new role-play an added my own character. I went to the character list and it says pending. Do I accept my own character or what do I do? I don't know how you accept characters.
Post: #302834
Adrealiz, you accept your own characters. There should be an "accept" button right under your character.
Post: #304796
Dammit. I was trying to make a roleplay post but it won't let me post because I "didn't meet the word minimum" when it was only 70 words! Or maybe it was the characters? I don't know
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Post: #304802
Nevermind, I know now
I like da following: pies DINOSAURS, pirates, pizza, Dr. Pepper, derp
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