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Caleb had been placed in a small room by himself.  The only opening was the small crack under the door. No windows and no bars like a tipical cell. The floor was a cold white tile and the walls was an ugly grey color. There as no items in the room apart from a blanket. 

He hadn't been there for very long before the lights suddenly shut off. He had to only use touch in order to find the blanket to go to sleep. In the morning he had been woken up by the lights turning back on. Caleb was never was very heavy sleeper.

For the first hour or so after waking up Caleb didn't do much. He sat on the blanket, cross legged. In one hand he fidgeted with a ball of ice. It seemed to be more like clay than hard ice in his hands. Turning this time he thought over what he knew about this place and what he should expect in the future.

He stood up and went to one of the walls. He placed a hand on it and a layer of ice formed around it. He decided that if he was going to have to stay here he was going to make it the way he wanted. Plus it would make it harder for them to get to him.

Caleb did not pay any attention to where the ice was going, not that he cared anyway. This caused not only the walls to be covered, but also the door. This froze it shut, making it nearly impossable to open it. This made the job of the guard bringing food very hard.

He tried and tried to open it and he yelled at Caleb who chose not to respond. Eventually he desided the only thing left to do was to call Verner and ask what he could do about this.

Verner had just made it into his office when he got the call from the guard. Already the ice gifted was causing a great deal of trouble. Better to be a problem now though than much later in the day. "How thick is the ice? Well... great." He thought for a moment wondering how they'd melt thick ice from the other side. They couldn't use a simple and standard blow dryer or room heater for a job like that. Last time he checked it wasn't permitted that flamethrowers be anywhere but in the testing rooms. If they tried using hot water it'd spill everywhere and risk scalding someone, as it would have to be at a rather high temperature to make a difference in the door's temperature.

There were powerful room heaters used for gifteds that prefferred or were required to be in a room with a  rather high temperature. He never worked with a gifted that required such heaters, but he knew other scientists who worked with such gifteds which was how he was aware of it's existence.

"I have an idea, I'll bring a heater, just make sure to get ahold of some protective gloves." If the heater was too effective the metal door would become too hot and the guard could burn his hands. Now where to get such a heater? It shouldn't be too hard, there were bound to be some in storage. It was likely a requirement extra heaters like those be on hand. If there was a gifted that relied on it and it happened to break down, it could put the gifted in danger unless another was ready to take the damaged heater's place.

He called the area where such equipment was stored and requested that one was moved to the area where Caleb was kept for the time being. If Caleb was trying to do this on his second day here chances were he'd try to do so again.

With that taken care of he headed to Caleb's isolation cell where the guard was waiting for him. Shortly after arriving someone walked in wheeling the powerful and bulky heater. He asked them to place it in front of Caleb's door before they left.

Verner turned on the heater to one of it's highest settings, "This should melt the ice". He couldn't promise to the guard that it would though. Hopefully it could heat the door and melt the ice faster than Caleb could create more. If this didn't work there were other ways to get the door open. They could call in a guard that wore heavy, riot gear looking armor to use a battering ram. Those guards typically only dealt with life or death situations though. If they couldn't call up any guards like that they could always wait until the gifted needed food. He had to eat sometime.

Caleb didn't like the sound of their plan, mainly because it involved heat. However there was not any way for him to stop them unless he wanted to sit there and scrape off the ice. It was not his intention to lock himself in, he had simply been bored and wanted something to do. He doubted Verner would believe that though. Since Caleb was sitting at the far side of the room he didn't feel any tempature change with the heater, but he did see the ice melting around the door. Eventually the guard was able to open the door. "Ice to meet you." Caleb said, smiling softly. It was an aweful joke, but usually puns annoyed people.

Really? He had heard children come up with better puns than that. Verner looked at the guard who seemed to almost be deciding not to feed the gifted. The guard had to give the gifted the food anyway, it was important that new arrivals be fed in particular.

Verner looked away from the guard and turned to Caleb, "When was the last time you've eaten?" The people who transported the gifted claimed they fed the gifteds enough. There were rumors though that they simply didn't feed their gifteds or fed them a bare minimum to keep waste levels down. Gifteds typically didn't arrive in too bad of a condition though, so it could very well just be rumors.

"I haven't had a full meal in quite a while." Caleb answered. He had a nack for answering questions in a way that didn't really answer them. He felt like the more they had to work for a proper answer from him, the better. It was a good sign that they were feeding him in the first place. He had been fed on the ship, but not very much. It was pretty clear that the whole speal about killing gifteds was competely false. No one would do all they did for someone they were just going to kill. Caleb stayed where he was on the floor. From the guard's expression Caleb could guess he was already pretty upset. He did not want to be attacked just because he stood up or something.

Caleb's answer wasn't very specific at all. It implied that he might have been fed, but it was important to know for certain and to know the rough amount he was fed. If a gifted hadn't been given the proper amount of food, much of the tests they did with the gifted could prove to be inaccurate or invalid.

Once the guard had handed Caleb the food Verner decided to continue with the questions. "Telling us how much you've been eating and how much you typically eat can only benefit you." It could prevent  from underfeeding the gifted. It was very rare that they ever overfed gifteds, and in cases they did it was because the gifted required less food than what was typical. The Labs cut cost where it could and didn't want them feeding the gifteds any more than necessary. There were some gifteds though that needed to be fed far more than what was typical because of their ability.

Caleb set the food down beside him. He did not feel like it was the time to be eating right now. Caleb thought about what Verner said. It was true that it would be in Caleb's test interests to tell him that kind of information. However Caleb felt like even that could be used in some way aginst him.

"How sure excactly how much less I got on the ship." He said, shrugging. "Maybe about half of what is usual."

"As far as I can tell, I eat just about the same amount as every one else." He added. "The only problems I have is when the food is at a high tempature."

At least Caleb had given him an answer that was somewhat helpful. It might be best to increase the amount of food he received slightly until he regained any lost nutrients. Gifteds were lucky if their food was room temperature so Caleb wouldn't have to deal with high temperature food. Even if there was the rare occasion it was brought hot he could just wait for it to cool, like any other human or gifted would.

It was probably best to wait until the gifted actually ate to do any testing. He needed to check his emails and see if any more of the bloodwork results had come back yet. All of the quicker blood tests came back negative yesterday. It was best to wait until all of the bloodwork tests were finished before deciding to move him to his slightly more permanent cell.

Verner told the guard he was ready to leave. It was best that no information was given to Caleb of what went on here just yet, or else he might really try to cause trouble.

"Bye." Caleb said. He did a quick wave without much energy in it. "I'll try not to freeze the door shut again." He said, a slight smile on his face. It was not his entention to get the door stuck shut, but it had surved a good use.

Of course he couldn't do it again since he could only claim to do it by mistake the first time. He would be bothersome, but for now he did not want to get into any serious trouble. For all he knew, the threat of death was still nearby.

He had not seen any other gifteds other than the ones on the ship and they were as clueless as he was. No one seemed to be inclined to tell him anything about where he was. Caleb would just have to figure it out himself.

Verner immediately went to his office to check his email. Something he hadn't had the chance to do yet. Caleb had decided to cause trouble before he had the chance to check it. There was only one email from the engineers who had notified him that the equipment was fixed. It better be, he didn't have time to wait for constant lab repairs.

He started making his plans for the day. With a new arrival he had an excuse to not work with the strength gifted. Eventually he had to make plans to work with him though or else his superiors would be upset. Gifteds were an investment and simply not testing on them would be a waste of recourses. Though he felt the strength gifted wasn't worth the stress of testing on. He had a record of aggression and had actually killed a guard before.

There was something else he needed to do. After trying to recall what it was, he remembered he needed to put in a request for ankle cuffs to be made for Caleb to keep his feet in check. He started filling out an order form on his computer. Really the labs had too much paperwork required for every little request.

Lucius was not feeling well. He had not gotten a full nights sleep. It wasn't because he stayed up, he simply could not fall asleep. He yawned deeply and pushed his seat away from his desk with his legs. He would go down get some coffee or something to wake himself up. Lucius took his clipboard out if habit. It was not needed, but Lucius almost always had it with him. Lucius stepped out of his office and closed the door behind him. There wasn't anyone nearby at the moment. Hopefully it would stay that way. Lucius just wanted to get back to his desk and finish his work, not get held up pretending to care about some story someone felt like sharing,

She was furious, that was for sure. There was one gifted that somehow kept getting ahold of peanut butter and smeared it on his walls to make what he called 'art'. The issue was brought up to a scientist but nothing had been done yet.

At the moment her clothes had peanut butter smeared on them from where the gifted had threw the jar at her and struggled to get away. The gifted had covered himself in peanut butter this time to try and be able to slip through the bars. It failed of course, but it had made it harder for her to keep a hold on him.

It didn't even matter who she yelled at at this point. She stopped at the first scientist she saw with a jar clutched in her hand and took an aggressive stance. "Tell me what's this?" She showed him the jar, not even bothering to hide her anger.

Lucius was concerned the moment Micha came into view. She was very clearly upset about something, most likely something that had to do with the jar. Lucius did not think for even a second that she was mad at him, after all he had not worked with her before. So when she got close he moved out of her way, expecting her to keep going down the hallway. For a moment he didn't understand her question. Once he had processed what Micha said he looked at the jar. It was clearly a jar of peanut butter, but it was tented and had some of it contents smeared on it. He looked back to Micha and said calmly and carefully. "I believe that is a jar of peanut butter."

Micha didn't like the moment delay in his answer, nor the length of his answer. She preferred simple one or two word answers. Nothing Lucius could have said though could have bettered her mood. "No, really? How could you tell?" There was no hiding the fury or sarcasm in her voice. She was brought up with strict standards and rules. This would have never happened in her home, or in the army. Someone would think in a secret government building there would be better management to prevent this from occurring.

"Last time I checked this isn't permitted in this building, so how is it a gifted is able to get ahold of a whole jar?" The only way she saw this could happen was if a scientist had the jar in their lab, which would be breaking another rule. The scent of the jar was starting to give her a headache which wasn't helping with her miserable mood.

Lucius was yet to understand the reasoning behind Micha confronting him about this problem. Since she had not specified which gifted had gotten ahold of the peanut butter, he didn't even know if the gifted was one he was in charge of. If it wasn't, then it really wasn't his consern. He was irritated and tired. He just wanted to get coffee. Dispite his emotions, he kept his expression calm as he spoke. "I would not know, I didn't bring it in here." He said. "Was it a gifted I was responsible for?" Lucius could see why someone would be upset about rules being broken, but not to this point.

Lab Rats (Gifted Roleplay)

All the characters are at a lab in a remote island. All the guards and scientists live in buildings around the lab. Most of the lab is under ground. The lab is very guarded and is pretty much impossable to excape from. There are rooms of about five Gifteds all in their own cell, but they are able to see each other and speak to each other.


In our world, we expect we all have the same kinds of abilities, we can all do the same things, it all just depends on what you practice. However that believe is wrong, there are people born with strange, fantastic and even dangerous powers known as Gifteds. It doesn't matter if the parents are Gifted, the children produced seem to be randomly Gifted or non-Gifted.

Of course normal people fear the Gifteds, they are stronger than them, more dangerous than them and they have no way of knowing who is who. That's why when people learned of them the hunt for Gifteds started almost immediately.

The caught Gifteds were sent away to a place only known as 'The Labs' where they are experimented on to find their weaknesses and their strengths. Their final goal is to find a way to control them and use them for wars.



Lucius brought Nori and Alex for a test to see if Alex could heal Nori's sickness.

Alex was drugged in order to savely bring him back to his cell.

Kadvar told Alex his plans to excape by writing on a card and passing it to him.

Kadvar is dirtying his cell to try to attract Nori.

Rusty is being lazy and not updating this.


Please play as the minority group so we don't get overflowed with one type of character.

Please look at other characters and do not make Gifteds with a power someone already has.

All powers must have weaknesses. For example, most Gifteds will loose control of their ability while under stress.

Only one power for each Gifted.

Both guards and scientists carry weapons, but scientists will only use them if a guard isn't around.

No killing without permission.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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