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*Throws self at* Ink!
7:35pm Mar 17th, 2016
Am I too late for the Allos? I couldn't find them in the enclosure.
10:08am Feb 22nd, 2016
Once you get to the high dollar dinos like Arcos and Barys the money just starts to pile up.
8:42am Feb 22nd, 2016
I noticed that you wanted to start anew with your farm. If you need some help money wise I got $10,101,648 in the bank if you want to borrow some. I don't care how long it takes for you to pay back.
6:39am Feb 22nd, 2016
You GOT to read the OOC chat for Lab Rats
8:10am Feb 1st, 2016
7:44am Jan 22nd, 2016
it is actually your turn in the pound.
7:11am Jan 22nd, 2016
I am sorry about not posting, mid terms and long papers for school have been extremely stressful.
3:13pm Jan 19th, 2016
Hey that's totally fine- I kind of fell asleep xD
1:14pm Jan 10th, 2016
6:29am Jan 10th, 2016
Wow, destruction o3o; Destruction everywhere (xD) ... I think I will do some homework just in case some stuff crops up next week xD (Other than the tests, of course!) I don't want to get COMPLETELY desecrated. |D You're doing okay though, right? :s
10:02pm Jan 9th, 2016
Lots of interesting things in there xD Boo, I should do some other (due in a week "D) schoolwork too. Bah. Will get to that. xD
9:49pm Jan 9th, 2016
^^ *just went and finished the rest of the paraphrasing* ... Wow still like. Fifteen paragraphs |DD *shot to death*
9:41pm Jan 9th, 2016
Oh, and sorry about the late reply! i was trying to paraphrase an info wall of something I came up with a while ago ahahah "D
9:14pm Jan 9th, 2016
Heehee xD I can understand that! I'm not much of an auditory learner myself (I need subtitles to understand pretty much any movie/tv show xD) but either way I can still see how awesome it would be to be able to talk about things in real time xD
9:13pm Jan 9th, 2016
;o! Is this favoritism I detect? xD Just kidding! But yeah, I can see how you feel that way- you're second RP master in all of Rust's RPs! And it's understandable, too, if you don't think you can juggle it with your busy schedule ^^
8:47pm Jan 9th, 2016
Aw, thanks! :D And, well, I was thinking about the Tomorrow Came to Our Despair RP. It's a fresh start so I think it may be easier for me to slip in! And plus, the RP master doesn't have a buddy, and I think I'd like to try out the concept ^^
8:44pm Jan 9th, 2016
... if I should get a second character/attempt to join another RP "D (sb, why do you do this to me? xD)
8:37pm Jan 9th, 2016
:P I'm doing pretty good! An important test result came back and I'm super super happy with my results~ Though my vaccinated arms are too sore to join in on the party xD Finished up that poster I was working on, too! :D Though... I'm wondering if I should
8:36pm Jan 9th, 2016
Heehee, like getting cookiedough to turn into a cookie without taking it out and baking it xD Man, if there was a surefire way to do that we'd all be saved!
8:31pm Jan 9th, 2016
Better than having nothing to do? :P But yeah, I totally get you- I'm just lavishing in this free time I've got now that I finished my first wave of Armageddon :P Having TOO much to do is never a good thing. But it's awesome that you guys both have somebo
8:28pm Jan 9th, 2016
Ooooh! xD Heh, well you're being OODLES of constructive :P That's so cool that you guys know each other outside of Exhibited! :D Busy isn't always bad though, right? But I know you must TOTALLY want more time to spend on EX, too... ;)
8:22pm Jan 9th, 2016
Rage cleaning? xD Like... Dinos or? |D *shot to death* Oh... and if you'd extend my sympathy to Rust D: It sucks to have a bad week... Hopefully this next one will be better for her!
8:15pm Jan 9th, 2016
posted on both. Sorry about the wait, it's been a STRESSFUL week.
7:59pm Jan 9th, 2016
:p What's up for you today?
6:59pm Jan 9th, 2016
Oops I proofed for the night |D
4:13pm Jan 9th, 2016
Heh... I'm sorry to say but I only discovered TMNT with the 2012 nick's ^^; lovethatthoughlikesomuch...
10:04pm Jan 8th, 2016
9:58pm Jan 8th, 2016
Booo- I would have totally made some balaurs too xD *hops onto megaraptors and rides away* Ooh, watcha watching?
9:55pm Jan 8th, 2016
Pssst it's almost bedtime... Again. "|D (But I spy with my little eye a bunch of newly lab-created dinos :O Also love your farm name... I laugh every time xD)
9:52pm Jan 8th, 2016
Psst Hi :O
9:00pm Jan 8th, 2016
:> Sounds pretty solid~ (And sorry for phasing in and out of existance... I was working on said project xD) Either way, sounds like a good thing o3o I'll be abandoning you for my goal of 9 hours of sleep, though, but good luck! :D See you tomorrow! <
10:00pm Jan 7th, 2016
:O!! that would be awesome! Who would be in charge of organizing/directing this kind of thing?
9:07pm Jan 7th, 2016
oooohhh :O That sounds really cool... I haven't even heard of it! Totally something that I'd like to see around ^^ Where are you going to put the greenhouses?
8:51pm Jan 7th, 2016
:O maannnnnn! Already making waves, huh, Ink? xD What're ya proposing?
8:16pm Jan 7th, 2016
Oops, I keep making my shoutbox messages too long ahahha "D Sorry about that! x3 Ohhhh but that sounds like a cool study to be in :o
8:12pm Jan 7th, 2016
... No, actually xD I just spend way too much time on shiny things for random projects that I really ought to :P I'm actually just supposed to make a poster concerning things we can do for the environment xD So... Little flip-up things with a sentence of
8:00pm Jan 7th, 2016
Aw! Good for you, that's awesome :D And thanks, that'll be really helpful I'd think! Though as of now unless you can cut out for me a bunch of letters and then do some 10 logo drawings and stick 'em onto a poster page I'll have to pass this time around xD
7:52pm Jan 7th, 2016
Gold? In academics or in digital/real currency? :s? (or do you mean just do-everything-awesomely in general? Sorry I'm curious xD) I'm doing not bad! Quite a few school projects I'm working on but none too keen on doing so, though... I'm a weird breed of
7:44pm Jan 7th, 2016
Hahah no problem it was mutual xD *fell asleep as well* So how're ya doing? Sorry for not originally starting this conversation with that xD
4:07pm Jan 7th, 2016
^^ I have a feeling it'll be cool :D Interested to see how things play out! I'll be poofing to go to sleep, however, so I'll see you soon <3
9:36pm Jan 6th, 2016
^^; I'll try my best to actually contribute! Hopefully we can get the plot moving!
8:43pm Jan 6th, 2016
I feel kinda bad about it, like I'm letting you guys down D: I keep on missing when you guys are active, too, which is a bummer.
8:19pm Jan 6th, 2016
Yeah, sorry about that! I keep on poofing and it annoys me too xD
2:48pm Jan 6th, 2016