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"Alex is dangerous, but isn't the most dangerous by far. He uses objects around him, like the bed sheet. Someone thought it was a good idea to let him have a lamp. That would have to be removed." Lucius said. "Along with pretty much everything else in the cell." Lucius shifted his weight on the chair. It wasn't as comfortable as the chairs in his office. Though his chairs were more comfortable than most in the labs. "Once he's restrained he isn't really that much of a problem. He will try to prolong everything and you need to threaten him quite a bit to get him to do anything." He smiled widely then said, "We had to flood testing room just to get Alex to pick up a flower. Thank goodness he's just a healer."

Elyra's mind squirmed with the thought of more dangerous Gifted. Alex is enough on my plate already, I don't think I'd ever be ready for, say, Gifted that have naturally dangerous powers. Just like... No. Don't think of that.

"Alex seems quite the rebellious one... Any theories why? Or do you think its attributed completely to his past?"
It was the only thing she could really think of asking at the moment. Although, one would have to do something for entertainment, especially seeming as he's losing item privileges by the second. It seems like wellbeing is the LAST thing these people here care about.

√Ę‚ā¨ŇďThey were able to figure out where he is from and his family, however they didn't contact his parents since most families get upset when they find out their son is stuck on some remote island being tested on. So we only know simple things like his date of birth and such. Nothing personal since we need the family's or Alex's permission to get hold of that and Alex clearly won't ever give us that.√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě Lucius explained.
√Ę‚ā¨ŇďQuestions don't work with him, he won't answer them, at least not without,√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě Lucius paused. √Ę‚ā¨ŇďPersuasion.√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě
Lucius was getting a little bored now, though he didn't show it at all. Most of the things he told Elyra were stated in Alex's paperwork, though it was possible she hadn't read it all yet. He had game here thinking there would be some kind experiment to do, but so far Elyra hasn't spoken about it at all.
"Ah, right."
Elyra revised what she had heard about this man, Lucius. If there was one thing she knew, she decided, it would be that the man was motivated by his experiments, though (From what she had heard) Gifteds were not his main focus. They must be a mere thing to occupy him from his main project, whatever that might have been. She figured that he would be better off organising the experimentation, seeing as she was only new and, admittedly, had no idea what she was really doing. She was a "how" person, not a "why" or "what". 
"Well, for now I propose we get down to business. What would you reccomend for testing and experimentation?" 

"Not very many tests have been done with him yet." Lucius said as he went through some paperwork he had brought with him.

"We know he can heal plants and people have seen him heal humans before his capture," He said.  He stopped looking through the papers to look up at Elyra.

"How about animals?" He said, a small smile on his face.  Lucius was more interested in things with both people and animals.  Though this had nothing to do with it, he liked the ablity to use the animals.

His legs hurting, he stood up, stretching them a little.  He stucked his papers under his arm.  He reset his glasses back into place, since they had decided to move somehow while he was talking.

Suddenly the door burst open spilling a girl onto the floor. She groaned loudly and sat up, rubbing her nose gingerly. Behind her there was a janitor's cart that seemed to have an invisible cloud of noxious chemicals hovering around it, a smell that wafted into the room and attempted a chokehold on anyone vulnerable. The girl stood unsteadily, all the while fixated on relieving her face of pain. Then she glanced up to see the two occupants of the room.

"Oh. Oh! OH!" she shrieked, jumping backwards and falling into her cart. "I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WERE PEOPLE IN HERE!"

Lucius flinched when the door opened, off setting his glasses again.  For the first time since Lucius stepped into the room his smile vanished.  His eyebrows raised and his mouth turned to a thin frown.  The chemical smells hit him like a tank and almost instantly had a headache residing him his head.  He spoke as he proppped his glasses back on his nose.

"Yes there is.  Have you ever heard of knocking?  Plus what is that aweful-" Lucius stopped.  He was letting himself go, ruining his friendly image and letting himself yell at this lady.  That wouldn't do.  Sighing, he spoke again.

"What have you done?  Looks like while a mess." He said in a more controled voice.

The girl bowed at her waist and said hastily, "Anyoung haseyo, and forgive me. I- I made a mistake. Please allow me to repay you for my interru-"

As if possessed, she fell to the ground with a shrill squeal of surprise. When she looked up at Lucius she made a small noise of fright in the back of her throat.

"I'm sorry! I... I think my shoe's untied, and I ca-"

A sneeze stopped her words and spurted blood across the floor. She held her sleeve up to her nose and scrambled over to her cart on hands and knees to grab a rag.

"I can't go anywhere without tripping... if my shoelaces... aren't tied..." she muttered more to herself than anyone else as she tried to wipe the floor clean.

Even in his upset state, Lucius became conserned for the janitor.  He came to her and overed his hand to help her up.  Someone ill like her shouldn't be working, she could spread a sickness to others.  There were a lot of people here, and it would be aweful to have all the test subjects be ill.  They couldn't medicate themselves, too many of them would try to over dose.  People would be going through them all giving medicine for weeks!  What was she thinking?

"You aren't well, Miss," He paused to locate her nametag. "Miss Berns.  Let me held you clean up and then you should head home." He said, his inviting and friendly tone of voice returned to him. 

He looked up to Elrya with a slightly annoyed yet good humored look on his face.

"I'll be back, you should try setting up the test." He said.

Nori scrambled backwards, crab-like, to her cart and stared in horror at the hand before her.

"No! No, really, I couldn't take off, that would be horrible! I'm on the roster to clean this corridors offices, the break room, the cells, the west wing bathrooms - I couldn't let anyone else take my work!"

She drew her arm away from her nose and stared at the jumpsuit regretting with all of her being that she'd stained it. Then she glanced back up at Lucius. Internally she was screaming fearfully at the idea of taking off of work, at the idea of letting someone so far above her trouble himself with her own problems.

A slight frown grew on Lucius' face as his hand was rejected. His headache was getting worse and he wanted out of this room, but Nori and her cart where in his way. He had started breathing through his mouth rather than his nose in an attempt to keep the smells out of his nose.  The taste of chemicals was in his mouth and would be hard to get out.  Most likely it would be with him all day now.

"Please," He said. "We don't want you to infect the building with whatever you have.  Someone else who is healthy can do those jobs." He voice was shakey as he tried not to let himself become angred by Nori again.  Lucius was not a very very person, he could stay calm much longer than others and was skilled in hiding his emotions.  However when he did get mad, it wasn't pretty.

"I...then..." she murmered, cheeks flushed, "Please don't let me be an incovenience!"

Using the cart, she pulled herself up, almost toppling over again as it shifted on its wheels beneath her hands. She sheepishly glanced at her superior with a bowed head wishing she could turn invisible. It wasn't often that someone could cause her to revert to the shyness that had haunted her for all of her early childhood.

"I don't want to get you sick," Nori said, gesturing to his hand with blood-smeared fingers.

A drop of blood began to drip out of her nose. She tried to quickly wipe it away, ended up miscalculating her speed and the distance between arm and face, and thwacked herself in the nose. A squeak of pain peeped from her lips and flushed her face an even deeper shade of red.

Lucius was begaining to wonder how this women got her job here. She didn't seem to know what on earth she was doing, and all she needed to do is clean the building!  Dispite Lucius' frustration and contenued to stay calm.

"I'd rather have just us we sick than everyone in the building." He said.  He didn't really care if he got ill, most of his work was deskwork anyway and he could do it at home.  Lucius didn't expect to get sick, he was a pretty healthy person and he had been exposed to many, many things before.  Plus all scienstists were required to have every vacination under the moon.  He would be fine.

He pulled out is phone from his pocket and starting typing out a message.

"I'll inform someone about this mess.  You're in no state to clean it up." He said.

Nori gaped at him. "No way! This is my mess! I can't make someone else do it. What kind of janitor would I be?"

Agressively she snatched a spray bottle of chemicals from the janitorial cart and dropped to her knees with a fresh rag in hand. Her frustration came out in her movements making her look like she was trying to scrub a hole through the floor. The girl muttered darkly about her honor and freedom to do as she pleased when 'her' floors were involved, and it almost seemed like an evil aura started to creep out from under her skin and envelope her.

Lucius looked up at the ceiling and clunched his fists for a moment. √Į¬Ņ¬ĹDid not not understand the risk that she brought into the lab by bringing in a sickness?
"You are going to get people sick, who are then going to get the subjects sick. √Į¬Ņ¬ĹThen we will have to stop all tests until we get them all healthy again. √Į¬Ņ¬ĹWould you rather have someone clean up this mess or the masive mess of over a hundred sick test subjects?" Lucius said, he spoke faster than normal. The anger he was hiding was slowly slipping into his tone. He reached down and forcefully removed the rag from her hands.

"Get up and go." He said, pointing to the door. √Į¬Ņ¬ĹHe head was pounding as his headache slowly grew worse and worse.

Lab Rats (Gifted Roleplay)

All the characters are at a lab in a remote island. All the guards and scientists live in buildings around the lab. Most of the lab is under ground. The lab is very guarded and is pretty much impossable to excape from. There are rooms of about five Gifteds all in their own cell, but they are able to see each other and speak to each other.


In our world, we expect we all have the same kinds of abilities, we can all do the same things, it all just depends on what you practice. However that believe is wrong, there are people born with strange, fantastic and even dangerous powers known as Gifteds. It doesn't matter if the parents are Gifted, the children produced seem to be randomly Gifted or non-Gifted.

Of course normal people fear the Gifteds, they are stronger than them, more dangerous than them and they have no way of knowing who is who. That's why when people learned of them the hunt for Gifteds started almost immediately.

The caught Gifteds were sent away to a place only known as 'The Labs' where they are experimented on to find their weaknesses and their strengths. Their final goal is to find a way to control them and use them for wars.



Lucius brought Nori and Alex for a test to see if Alex could heal Nori's sickness.

Alex was drugged in order to savely bring him back to his cell.

Kadvar told Alex his plans to excape by writing on a card and passing it to him.

Kadvar is dirtying his cell to try to attract Nori.

Rusty is being lazy and not updating this.


Please play as the minority group so we don't get overflowed with one type of character.

Please look at other characters and do not make Gifteds with a power someone already has.

All powers must have weaknesses. For example, most Gifteds will loose control of their ability while under stress.

Only one power for each Gifted.

Both guards and scientists carry weapons, but scientists will only use them if a guard isn't around.

No killing without permission.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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