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Nori stood slowly and moved back to her cart.

"Please allow my absence."

The girl began to walk away, pushing her trolly before her. One of her untied shoelaces fell beneath the adjacent foot, and before she had gotten five steps she tripped and smacked her face into the handle bar of the cart. Aerosole cans from the middle shelf fell and began rolling across the floor leaving her scrambling after them like a chicken after feed, all the while moaning in pain. She finally managed to gather them all up in her arms, nearly dropped them, and then dumped them back on the cart with a look of half-hearted triumph.

Lucius rolled his eyes, as much as he wanted to leave her, really couldn't. He wanted to wash out his mouth and get something for his headache, but Nori didn't look like a person who could go on her own. She would be dripping blood and spilling chemicals the whole way.  He didn't go right when he decided this.  He let her go down the hallway a bit first and allowed himself to calm. He breathed in deeply and closed his eyes.  He waited until his anger left, at least some of it.  He then left the room to catch up with her.

"Leave the cart, you do not seem to be able to care for yourself and the cart." He said. "There is a medical room nearby where we can get you something so you stop dripping blood."

"And I can get something for my head." Lucius added in his mind.

Nori clung to her cart for a moment, then hesitantly let herself be led away.

"Thank you for your care," she said softly, eyes downcast and hands clasped. "Please forgive the inconvenience I've caused."

Cautiously she peeped up at the man before her, then ducked her head back down in fear that their eyes might meet. It was moments like those that reminded her of how different she was from better people. The smell of chemicals, always on her hands, the clumsiness of her actions, and position at The Labs were just some of the multitude of things that created a rift between her and others. These were the things that, on occasion, she became terribly aware and ashamed of, and since she had met Lucius she had been unable to shake this feeling of embarrassement. She wanted in no way to feel bad for who she was and how she lived, but it was impossible (in her mind) in the face of someone so great.

Even as they left the cart behind, the harsh chemicals clinged to them.  It's taste in Lucius' mouth, it's smell on Nori's hands and on both of their clothing.  Nori's apology helped Lucius' mood greatly. People who did't notice their negative affects on people were much worse compared to people who did.

"It's alright, we were only thinking of ideas for a test.  It's nothing that had to be done right this moment." Lucius explained.  He was much more friendly sounding now that he had time to put himself back together.

He stopped at a door and went to his ring of keys.  It took him a few tries before he found the right one.

"Really gotta mark these things." He joked as he walked in.  The room was lined with counters and cabnets and dotted with sinks.  Lucius opened a cabnet and pulled out two boxes.

"Here, looking through these for a bandage that'll work." He said right before he went to find medicine for himself.  Once he located it he got water from the sink and swallowed the pill.  He washed the cup and returned it to it's place before he picked up and posted clipboard and started writing down the items they used.

"Uhm... you're in charge of that healing guy, right?" Nori asked, shifting through a box. "I've seen him before when I was cleaning the cells."

She frowned and dug deeper into the box, finally emerging with a stack of bandages that she shifted through.

"I don't know much about him," she continued, "And you probably know a lot. I was just wondering... some of the other janitors were talking about limits to a Gifted's powers... so I wondered if like, for someone like him, he can heal himself too? Or is it limited to others?"

A bandage was successfully chosen, and she wrestled with the wrapper around it not unlike a child trying to open a tightly closed jar.

When Lucius finished writing he put back the paper and looked up at Nori. He was amused by her struggle to get the bandage, but he wouldn't just sit back and watch her try to open it.  He took it from her, opened it and then gave it back.  He did this as he spoke.

"No I am not in charge of him, I have just helped people who are." He explained. "He's said that he cannot heal himself, though we haven't confirmed that yet."

At first Lucius thought it was a rather random thing to ask about Alex, then realized Nori may think he could fix her sickness. She seemed to really want to stay and work after all. They hadn't yet seen if he could heal people, Lucius had thought to try it with another Gifted but really any person would do.

"Why do you ask?" He asked.

She shiftend uncomfortably, the bandage in her hand forgotten. "I just... thought, maybe... See, I've been bleeding out of my nose for a while, any time I bump or touch it... but I'm always cleaning, so no one ever seems to get sick from me... and I thought it might be nice if I didn't have to spend so much time worrying about it, and maybe I could do better at me job!"

On the last note her voice pitched into cheerfulness and her eyes became distant. She was seeing a better future where she could clean to her heart's content without interruption, where her clumsiness didn't cause the bleeding to start and was less of a bother. Her eyes snapped back into focus so suddenly that it seemed unnatural.

"Oh, and I also thought that if he could heal himself he'd make a pretty cool superhero," she said with a childish, dreamy grin. "Can you imagine? He'd be like a comic book character, always fighting evil and nearly indestructable! Almost like a super soldier!"

Lucius laughed at her second comment.  It was true that many Gifteds had the powers to be like the superheros in stories.  The thing was, they also had the powers to be the villains in those stories.

"It is a test that needs to be done." Lucius started. "It is possable he may try to hurt you rather than heal you." Lucius warned. It was a good idea to test both humans and gifteds, it was possable it was different for Alex depending on that. Since she was already hurt it was a pretty good time. Lucius shifted his weight a little and fidgeted with Alex's paperwork, thinking over this new idea.

Nori shrugged in a careless manner. "It's not like it really matters if I get hurt. I'm already beat up as it is, and it's more likely that I'll put myself in the hospital than a Gifted. Besides, what's the worst that can happen?"

Her casual manner suggested that she had little to worry about in the case of injury, and this was too true. There was no one that she looked after besides her own self, and there were few people who would worry, or even know, if she got injured.

She smiled cheerily at him. "Someone's gotta do it, anyways!"

Lucius raised on eyebrow, confused about Nori's answer. �He himself would never willingly go somewhere were he could get harmed. �He also had no one who cared about him, at is as a family member. �But still he rather not put himself in danger.

"If your willing to take that risk, then it would be�beneficial for me if you did. �Alex isn't really that strong, if he doesn't have any type of weapon. �Plus he tends to calm down once he has been brought into the the testing room. �Though he has never had anyone else with him that wasn't protected." Lucius explained. �He wanted her to do it, but at the same time he didn't want her to get hurt and then go blaming him for it. �He wanted her to know the danger of it.

"Mm-mm! I don't mind! I-"

She stopped herself short and seemed to suck her words back into her mouth like someone about to make a mistake. Her eyes blinked in a blank manner, her face fell, and then she suddenly recovered as if rebooted like a computer.

"Yeah. What... oh, right, yeah, no I don't mind doing it. It can be my way of paying you back for being such a bother!" She said all of this in great cheer.

There was sincerity in her eyes but also a lingering darkness that had entered when she stopped her words. It was the look of a resurfaced memory that had no business being there, that had been forgotten for a time and suddenly wanted to exist once again.

"Alright then, we'll be to go pick him them. Please don't touch anything you don't have to. The less amount of germs spread the better." Lucius said.  He walked out of the room and set course for the Alex's cell.

"He will say hurtful things for sure, it is best you do not react to them." Lucius said. "There isn't a point for him if their isn't a reaction. He'll be awful until I get him restrained so just stay out of the way until then, okay?" He said as they walked.  The door the room wasn't locked.  Lucius opened it and walked in.  By this time all the gifteds were awake.  Some quickly moved away from their cell door and some tried to hide whatever they were doing before Lucius came in.

Alex was leaning back on the chair in his cell.  The two front legs were in the air and the back of the chair was hitting the wall. He had been talking to another gifted when the door opened. Then everyone had gone silent. When he looked over he knew who they were here for. Lucius never came here for anything apart for him. Alex expected him to show up again, but he was supriced to not see Elyra with Lucius, but some other girl. She wasn't even a sciensts. What was she doing here?

"Long time no see." He said, as if he were speaking to an old friend, though it was overly exagrated.

Nori hid herself behind her superior and whispered, "Tell me what to do, and I'll do it."

She had seen the Gifteds before, but there was never a time when they didn't cause her to feel all kinds of amazement, both good and bad. She hated to see them scurry to the back of their cells like beaten dogs before their abuser, and she couldn't stand to watch them live such awful lives with such little form of self expression. At the same time she found herself in awe of these people who possessed powers that came across as supernatural. There were times when she envied them, but she would quickly reprove herself knowing that no one should be jealous of a person living in a cage and that wishing so was to do a terrible disrespect to them.

Lucius did not answer Alex, he just went to the boxes that stores the cuffs.  There were many normal ones, but some did special things. Some were heated and some froze while others were very thick or very thin. Each one had its way of keeping a gifted in check. Alex just needed a normal one. He started looking for the correct key.  Once he found it he unlocked the door, pulled out his taser and opened it. Hopefully he wouldn't have to use it. Lucius didn't want to engage in violence if it wasn't needed.

"Are you going to just come, or be a problem?" Lucius asked.


Lab Rats (Gifted Roleplay)

All the characters are at a lab in a remote island. All the guards and scientists live in buildings around the lab. Most of the lab is under ground. The lab is very guarded and is pretty much impossable to excape from. There are rooms of about five Gifteds all in their own cell, but they are able to see each other and speak to each other.


In our world, we expect we all have the same kinds of abilities, we can all do the same things, it all just depends on what you practice. However that believe is wrong, there are people born with strange, fantastic and even dangerous powers known as Gifteds. It doesn't matter if the parents are Gifted, the children produced seem to be randomly Gifted or non-Gifted.

Of course normal people fear the Gifteds, they are stronger than them, more dangerous than them and they have no way of knowing who is who. That's why when people learned of them the hunt for Gifteds started almost immediately.

The caught Gifteds were sent away to a place only known as 'The Labs' where they are experimented on to find their weaknesses and their strengths. Their final goal is to find a way to control them and use them for wars.



Lucius brought Nori and Alex for a test to see if Alex could heal Nori's sickness.

Alex was drugged in order to savely bring him back to his cell.

Kadvar told Alex his plans to excape by writing on a card and passing it to him.

Kadvar is dirtying his cell to try to attract Nori.

Rusty is being lazy and not updating this.


Please play as the minority group so we don't get overflowed with one type of character.

Please look at other characters and do not make Gifteds with a power someone already has.

All powers must have weaknesses. For example, most Gifteds will loose control of their ability while under stress.

Only one power for each Gifted.

Both guards and scientists carry weapons, but scientists will only use them if a guard isn't around.

No killing without permission.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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Second RP Master
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