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Fulfil all your roleplaying fantasies here.

Alexander Rose was born into a wealthy family and was raised to look and act in a manner that showed it. Sadly for his parents, Alex never had any intention of following their rules. Alex rebelled against their ways, and the moment he could leave he did. Alex was a Gifted though, and that added a whole other layer of difficultly when learning to live on your own. Currently Alex was sitting on his unmade bed, staring at the white, almost shining, floor of his cell. He wore the typical test subject uniform, all grey with the name of his room stamped onto it. He stood up and stretched then looked around the place for something to do. The cell consisted of just a bed, a tall lamp and a desk with nothing on it. Finding nothing to do, he looked outside the cell. The wall attached to the hallway was made up of bars, making it so there was no way of hiding. Across the hallway, and right across from Alex was another cell. However the person inside it appeared to be still very much asleep.

"How are the results? Have you found anything yet?"
Elyra was in the main office of the first building, checking in for the day. People, all staff, of course, buzzed around, looking busy and important. She spoke to her Senior Analysist, a grey man whom had regarded her work as a godsend. "I haven't exactly gotten to do much yet, you know." She took a sigh. "However, no. Initial testing has failed, in the sense that we aren't any closer to finding out anything about the Gifted."
She abruptly dragged on a coat, pinned an identification tag to her plain shirt, and took her files for the day. As she was about to walk off into the Research Sector, he laid a single hand on her arm and, with the other, pushed a detainee folder on top of her other work. 
"I need you to take this, Elyra. Nobody else wants him, but I think you would do some good as his worker."
She looked down. The name on the folder, in bold black letters, read "Alexander Rose".

 As a favour from her boss, she decided that it would be of higher importance to look over this Gifted.
It was something to do, anyway. For the most part, being only fairly new, she had not been trusted with much. Lack of information on her part did not help either.
Only her boss, Klein, had seen the little work she had produced, and did not treat her as a child.
This examination would be Elyra's first real task, and hoped to make a good impression on her seniors.

Finally, after navigating the many underground corridors and bypassing many security doors with her keycard, she approached the cell of Alexander.
Peering inside, she saw a blonde male sitting hunched and inert on his bed. 
Though she didn't mean to, Elyra held her breath as she unlocked the door and let herself in. This is the first time she had ever gotten to meet a real, alive, in the flesh Gifted, and could not help being a little anticipated. 

"Alexander Rose? I've been assigned to meet you today. My name is Elyra Campton."

Alex heard the door open and turned to see the scientist. He frowned at the sound of his full name and said, "My name's Alex, none of that Alexander BS." As he spoke he casually walked across the room. Did this scientist seriously just come in here with no guard aid? Did she not read his files before coming here? Did she not know that the last scientists assigned to him got suffocated with a bed sheet? Alex took hold of the lamp but did nothing. He had come to it to use it in an attack, but he decided to hold off on the violence for now, let her think he wasn't a troublemaker. Looking down at his hand around the thin pole holding the lamp he said, "So what do you want?"
"Ah, yes, Alex." 
Taken aback a little, Elyra frowned slighty. "Jeez, no wonder nobody wanted to take this one. Why did Klein have to give me a difficult detainee?" 
 She was slightly hesitant, as she did not know what to do. She hadn't prepared for this at all, and had no previous experience to go off. 
"Well, I've been sent here to do a little bit of questioning. Just simple stuff, I assure you. I haven't read your file yet, I want to start from scratch with no expectations. I don't know who you are, Alex, and of course you don't know me. It's fair on both sides."
She hoped in her mind it was enough, that it was right, that she hadn't screwed it up already. God help her if it went terribly wrong. What if he lashed out at her? Her mind flashed to the small revolver all scientists were given as part of new regulation in case of those situations. They were getting all too common, even with guard protection.
Elyra focused back on Alex, whom was standing by his lamp on the opposite side of the cell. 
"Anything you want to ask or say before we begin?" 
There were many things Alex would have liked to say, though most of them were quite inappropriate.  Some of the less fowl things was that she was a moron.  How could she think it was a good idea to just come in here completely unprepared.  Clearly she was new here and didn't know how things went around here.  Gifteds can be dangerous, even those who had very passive abilities like Alex.  They were especially so when trapped.
She probably just saw that he was a healer and just thought he was the stereotypical friendly, kind and passionate person you saw often in books.  Well, he wasn't and he was just as down for injuring as he was for healing.  Anyone who wasn't Gifted, he hated and distrusted so Elyra was put instantly into Alex's category of 'awful people'.
“To be completely honest, I think I have been here longer than you and you should be the one asking me questions.  Since you already have made mistakes and I haven't even been around you for even a few minutes.” He said rather rudely.
"Mistakes? Dammit. What now? Well... He wasn't wrong... I could ask questions... Why the hell not? This has already gone off the rails enough."
She contemplated his offer, shifting uneasily on her feet. What could she ask? Was there any chance of redeeming this session?
Exhaling, she made her choice.
"You aren't exactly wrong there. I'll give you that. I bet I look like I'm an idiot to you at the moment. Well, I'll be frank with you, Alex. The old way of doing things is getting us nowhere, for you or me. These people here are letting their fear take away your right as a human being. Well... Human enough, anyway. So, tell me something. Tell me anything. Anything at all." 
Alex was surprised by Elyra's response, he hadn't expected her to actually accept his offer.  What now?  He didn't want to give a newbie tips, it was best to let them learn on their own and suffer the consequences.  He didn't speak for a few moments as he tried to think of some information that seemed important but really wasn't.   He knew many things that were very valuable info for new employees, but he wouldn't willingly just spout it all out for someone.  Finally he decided on giving her information she was very likely to already know.
“If your new you'll get someone assigned to keep an eye on you, especially since the last scientist in charge of this room went a little, well,” Alex swirled his finger near his head in the motion that symbolized 'crazy'.  â€œThough some would ague she was already like that beforehand.”  he continued.  â€œYou will most likely have to work with Lucius since he was kinda forced to work with her before, plus I have heard most of his testing ideas have been shot down and he doesn't have much to do.”
"Ah, yes. I've heard of Lucius... Though I have yet to meet him." 
Elyra didn't really expect Alex to give an answer, so was grateful for any response. Now what? You've waltzed in here not even knowing what you wanted. How could it have been expected to go- 
Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her pager buzzing. Hmm, they're less ignorant than I thought. They've realised I'm missing from the desk. In accepting the favour, she had to neglect her other duties. 
"I'll have to be going now. You won't see me again until Klein officially assigns me to Lucius. Oh yes, and because I'm not supposed to be here, I won't log this meeting... So your silence on the matter would be appreciated. Until then, Alex."
Elyra turned to leave. She let herself out, and made off as quickly as she could for her desk after locking the door. 

"Moron." Alex mumbled as Elyra left.  The insult was to both her and himself.  He should have taken the chance to attempt another excape while she was still naive.  No doupt she was off to read up on him and next time she wouldn't be so unprotected.

Alex walked back to his bed and sat down.  Acording to his room mates he had woken up early since they were all still in bed.  If only he had some kind of power he could acually use.  He had seen others entertain themselves by messing around with their ability, plus the lab encouraged it.  

Clearly they wanted to see what they could do, and making it easy for them to just do it on their own was the easiest way.  But that couldn't be done for Alex, and anyway healing was no fun.  It was tiring more than anything.

He layed down, staring up at the plain ceiling and wondering what would happen today with this new girl.

Lucius sat at the desk in the office, typing away at the computer. He had great ideas, ideas that would speed up the process of making this army. But it didn't include Gifteds which meant he needed humans and that was why people weren't allowing him to do it. He stopped his typing and was starting to read over his message when a small notice window popped up on his screen. He read it over then frowned. Really? Again? He didn't ask for these babysitting jobs yet they seemed to love to give them to him. He pulled up the files on the people listed. It didn't take him long to get the info he needed. He couldn't get much about the women and he already was quite familiar with the Gifted. He grinned softly at the thought of the last scientist getting attacked with a bed sheet. He never had liked her. He got up and made his way to Elyra's office. He walked with a welcoming smile, greeting all he past by name. Though no one approached him. Even with the friendly look he had an air to him that clearly said 'don't bother me". He stopped at her door and knocked.
After a few bypasses and excuses, Elyra had otherwise made it back to her office safe and sound. Now to make up for lost time...
Though she tried, Elyra couldn't get the meeting of Alex out of her head. She idly pretended to do something on her computer, her eyes passing over test results, names she didn't know nor cared about and too many complicated words to quickly make sense of anything else in passing. 
She decided to make up for her mistake of not reading his file, and decided that she was at least lucky she didn't end up suffocated. One little success, at least.
What was Klein thinking? What could he have possibly expected to happen? She realised there was nothing that said she should be assigned Alex, even he managed to pick up more on her than she could on him, or her purpose there.
Awaking her from her thoughts, came a firm knock on her door.
"Come in", she called after a moment. 
Lucius wondered why someone would assign Elyra to Alex. It happened often that someone would get a less, obedient, subject but usually newer people only got them if the subject was new and their temperament wasn't known yet. Alex was known to be dangerous. Thank goodness he was just a healer and someone who could control fire or something. Those kinda of Gifteds had to be restrained and sometimes even put down. Lucius opened the door and stood in the doorway. "I'm looking for Elyra, is this the right place?" He asked. His voice was calm and friendly and a small smile was planted on his face. The unapproachable feel to him had left once he stepped into the room.

Elyra decided she very much liked the man at her door. He certainly isn't rude, nor unsightly, or unprofessional. This must be Lucius. He looks like how a "Lucius" would look. Tall, thin frame, glasses, pale brown hair, a winning sense about him. Okay, it is definitely him.

"If the seeker is a Lucius Lee, then you've found her."

She gazed with a friendly smile up at him, before quickly adjusting her glasses by touching them slightly, a thing she did sometimes out of habit unconciously.

"Take a seat, if you would want one. I would assume this is regarding our recent assignment...?"

At Elyra's conformation he was at the right place, Lucius stepped completely into the room. He shut the door behind him. He didn't really like the thought of having others listening in on him.
It was quite hypocritical considering the things Lucius did to learn about his coworkers. Listening in on them at lunch, or over an experiment, even hacking into their more personal files. Lucius needed a sense of control and knowing about the people around him simulated that better for him. Also having Gifteds under him helped with that to of course.
He did as Elyra said and sat down. Lucius only partly held himself up in the chair, not sitting up completely straight and he crossed one leg over the other. Yet he still looked professional.
“Since you knew I was coming I assume you already know about the job you have been assigned to.” Lucius started. “Why they gave you Alex to you is beyond me. Hopefully you haven't met him yet, he can easily wee you off and you can easily wee him off.” Lucius grinned softly as if he were amused by that fact. “I would advise you read about him before you did anything.” He said.
Elyra regarded his words cooly.
Okay, so Alex hasn't let that slip.
"No, I haven't initiated work with him just yet. I've already been given his file, and have read it... And well, I found it was quite some 'interesting reading'. Then again, I'd assume the events that have unfolded in his cell are just above the norm. The bedsheet incident appears to be renowned through his sector." 
A small feeling of dread had crept into her as she spoke of it. Knowing she was likely one of the few unprotected scientists whom have left his cell unharmed was daunting. She didn't want to become... Well, that was personal. Long story short, she didn't want to resort to using guards, but being vunerable might make it difficult.
Elyra decided in the end to simply try and get some help on advancement. 
"As you've been here longer than me, is there any specific direction you'd suggest I take the questioning and testing in?"

Lab Rats (Gifted Roleplay)

All the characters are at a lab in a remote island. All the guards and scientists live in buildings around the lab. Most of the lab is under ground. The lab is very guarded and is pretty much impossable to excape from. There are rooms of about five Gifteds all in their own cell, but they are able to see each other and speak to each other.


In our world, we expect we all have the same kinds of abilities, we can all do the same things, it all just depends on what you practice. However that believe is wrong, there are people born with strange, fantastic and even dangerous powers known as Gifteds. It doesn't matter if the parents are Gifted, the children produced seem to be randomly Gifted or non-Gifted.

Of course normal people fear the Gifteds, they are stronger than them, more dangerous than them and they have no way of knowing who is who. That's why when people learned of them the hunt for Gifteds started almost immediately.

The caught Gifteds were sent away to a place only known as 'The Labs' where they are experimented on to find their weaknesses and their strengths. Their final goal is to find a way to control them and use them for wars.



Lucius brought Nori and Alex for a test to see if Alex could heal Nori's sickness.

Alex was drugged in order to savely bring him back to his cell.

Kadvar told Alex his plans to excape by writing on a card and passing it to him.

Kadvar is dirtying his cell to try to attract Nori.

Rusty is being lazy and not updating this.


Please play as the minority group so we don't get overflowed with one type of character.

Please look at other characters and do not make Gifteds with a power someone already has.

All powers must have weaknesses. For example, most Gifteds will loose control of their ability while under stress.

Only one power for each Gifted.

Both guards and scientists carry weapons, but scientists will only use them if a guard isn't around.

No killing without permission.

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

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