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Cystaline (#34220)

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Jurrassic Island Farm
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4:55pm Oct 22nd, 2017
go ahed and send THANK YOU
6:12pm Dec 25th, 2016
like how much i need in all :calculates for 20 mins : 500k but you dont have to give me that much
2:20pm Dec 21st, 2016
yes alot
4:36pm Dec 19th, 2016
child fire... SERIUOSLY??
6:28pm Dec 2nd, 2016
child fire... SERIUOSLY??
6:28pm Dec 2nd, 2016
Yo you dead?
4:23pm Nov 19th, 2016
6:20am Aug 9th, 2016
Hi how are you?
9:35pm Aug 5th, 2016
9:05pm Aug 5th, 2016
7:30am Jul 23rd, 2016
Hmmmm i ghess my time is up with him you can keep him
5:14pm Jul 19th, 2016
He was in the. A ture Reserve Adlan. If a dino is in the Nature Reserve anyone can pay $2,000 and win the dino fair and square. I'm sorry but I did not steal him. And I do not approximate you accusing me of "stealing" him.
4:35pm Jul 19th, 2016
Cape code butt his real name is Speceles
4:32pm Jul 19th, 2016
Who did I "steal" Aslan?
4:31pm Jul 19th, 2016
4:27pm Jul 19th, 2016
Aslan what did I do? I have no clue what I did so please tell me because it's honestly annoying now.
1:37pm Jul 18th, 2016
why did you do it!!!!!!!!!!
6:17am Jul 18th, 2016
:sniffs: i can't beleve you did it
3:07pm Jul 17th, 2016
you did't dare
3:06pm Jul 17th, 2016
nonono you did not
1:36pm Jul 17th, 2016
I crashed again might need you to resend
8:45pm Jul 16th, 2016
1:13pm Jun 1st, 2016
No that is all I need. Sorry.
1:20pm Feb 9th, 2016
I have four diamond rings for trade? I am looking for heart necklaces.
11:49am Feb 9th, 2016
You mean the Valentines Plushie for the shelf? No idea, but I want one for my collection.
7:24pm Feb 8th, 2016
Nope, just those. Thank you very much!
7:22pm Feb 8th, 2016
Thank you!
7:19pm Feb 8th, 2016
I understand I would be too...
1:56pm Jan 18th, 2016
I hear you... That's what I want to stop
1:33pm Jan 18th, 2016
I do know. :) It's just I am getting all my ideas on there and soon the story. I will see if people like it before I put it into the actuall RP board... should have put that on there.
12:58pm Jan 18th, 2016
Thanks x3 you're pretty fabulous
5:37pm Dec 31st, 2015
Oh, no, it's good xD I'm just so excitable and overemotional when it comes to gifts
5:31pm Dec 31st, 2015
Why thank you xD I honestly almost cried when I saw the fishing net
5:20pm Dec 31st, 2015
Kyaaa!! Thank you!!!
5:12pm Dec 31st, 2015
2:40pm Dec 26th, 2015
:) lol santa was my side account I thought it be a bit of fun
1:46pm Dec 26th, 2015
thanks for the offer but yes all prizes were given out.
1:35pm Dec 26th, 2015
Could u breed these two? and if not them then these? and will it cost anything? if this isnt how u PM,
6:30pm Nov 27th, 2015
Well, I can't delete the auction. It will be on for 12 hours. You know the price and when you have enough exd we can talk again about a Baro herd. Ok? And now ... sleeping time! Good night!!!! ;)
5:51pm Nov 23rd, 2015
I have a little herd with calves. 6 males, 9 females. Will make an auction for you with them. And then I will go to bed. It's very late where I live. ;)
5:41pm Nov 23rd, 2015
Neither do I. Well, there's one Baro-auction with 6 in A+ for 50k at the moment. So ... 100k for a herd about 15?
5:31pm Nov 23rd, 2015
Calves are ok for me, yes. And how much would you like to pay for the herd?
5:02pm Nov 23rd, 2015
My adults are 29. Means that you could breed 1 time with them. With the calves ... 2 or 3 three times.
4:59pm Nov 23rd, 2015
Adults I can split in 2 males and 13 females, the calves not. So what do you prefer? By the way ... my Baros are A+. ;)
4:43pm Nov 23rd, 2015
Adults or calves?
12:10pm Nov 23rd, 2015
How many Baros are a medium sized herd for you?
3:29pm Nov 21st, 2015
How much would it be if I had you breed Champagne Smoothie with this stud?
2:43pm Nov 10th, 2015
How much would it cost for you to breed me a female terror bird?
2:28pm Nov 10th, 2015
thanks for buying '='
5:27am Oct 30th, 2015
That will be great if you can breed me one.
10:38pm Oct 2nd, 2015
Yes I would like one. How much?
12:11pm Oct 2nd, 2015
Hello Cystaline! Your Spino hatched today.
7:35am Sep 26th, 2015 This is her :3
11:46am Sep 5th, 2015
She'll be free for you :) You've done so much for me in the past I want to repay ya a bit. And since her father had Albino eyes you might be able to breed some out of her in the future :D
11:46am Sep 5th, 2015
Meep D8 Well I have a couple Dimetro's hatching so if you'd like them I can send them your way. Do you need any help with anything D8
10:16am Sep 5th, 2015 :D He's all grown up~ Let me know if you ever want to do any breedings with him :3
8:11am Sep 5th, 2015
Hey! What's up?
3:09pm Aug 18th, 2015
LOL. Sounds for a big secret. But as I said it's not necessary that you send me something. ;) Well, it's after midnight here and I have to go to bed now, cause I have to work tomorrow. Hope to see you again!!! :)
3:12pm Aug 16th, 2015
In the beginning everything is difficult to find. Have you already sent whatever you wanted? I haven't got any information about that.
3:02pm Aug 16th, 2015
It's not necessary. I'm happy that I could help you a little bit. You know how to send items to another? I remember that I searched and searched till someone told me, how it works. *g*
2:51pm Aug 16th, 2015
Why? Cause you got some help from another user? ;) As I needed help in my beginning there was one user who helped me. And now I can give back this kind of help to another. ;)
2:21pm Aug 16th, 2015
It was a gift. ;) I know how hard it is in the beginning to earn enough "money" to buy food and medicine for the dinos. Train yours, let they make they battles and get strong dinos, ok? ;)
2:11pm Aug 16th, 2015
You're welcome. ;) You wrote something about that in a thread that I read a minute ago. ;)
2:06pm Aug 16th, 2015
That's a little gift. And now go and buy some food for your dinos, before they die. ;)
1:55pm Aug 16th, 2015
They have a place to post things like that too and it makes it more likely people will know the answer and help.
2:59pm Jul 23rd, 2015
Their reply was" it wont affect the egg, if the dino was bred before the rhino toy was used it will remain the breed the mother was before the using of the toy. however, if you breed it afterwards, then yes, the eggs will come out looking like the parent.
2:56pm Jul 23rd, 2015
A friend of mine who has only rares and one breed of raptors.
2:55pm Jul 23rd, 2015
Well that was only what I heard and back when the only had raptors or a rex so it may have changed. I don't think it would change the egg but I never used changing items anyway. All my rares were bought, breed, or gifts. I know someone who may know the an
2:51pm Jul 23rd, 2015
I do not think you can. I think you can only use them on a dinosaur without offspring.
2:25pm Jul 23rd, 2015
I actually battle all my dinosaurs manually (I don't have the NPC tool lol) and usually have the battles set to the usual which is either the same level as them or 1 level below. I put my first 2 skill points in Battle Prowless to get bite and then just g
6:57pm Jul 17th, 2015
Alrighty :3 That's awesome ^.^ I know I should have at least that tomorrow. With all my dinos when I battle I tend to bring in at least 200k a day >> This site is too addicting XD :3 Can't wait to see the baby ^.^
4:10pm Jul 17th, 2015
Oh that would be awesome :3 I'm looking around to get one but well it's hard when I don't know the price range for them and who is and isn't active haha
7:38am Jul 17th, 2015
Oh my goodness I just saw your new Dimetro baby! He's absolutely adorable and the colors <3 If you ever breed more and think of selling a hatchie I'd love to get one in the future :D
5:20am Jul 17th, 2015
You're welcome :)
5:14pm Jul 14th, 2015
You will need bottles of milk to cure your dino. It isn't cured in a single day so make sure you give the dino a treatment every day until cured.
5:05pm Jul 14th, 2015
let me guess why you are excuted is it the dino quiz? if so gather your brain of dinos :))
8:00pm Jul 11th, 2015