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Adflicta (Nyx) (#6118)

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Taon Farm
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Joined February 6th, 2011

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"I need a nap"
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Hey i was just wondering and if you cant answer its fine.. white eyes whats the chance of getting them from breeding
4:20pm Nov 26th, 2020
Funny how our Carnos are cousins since Lucifer I is the grandfather to my bloodline xD. Since were all children of satan if you needed to breed out of your bloodline but not want to go too far.
12:56am May 9th, 2020
Yah, Well I've left before, but I always end up coming back. its actually a pretty relaxing game. xd
9:17pm Feb 17th, 2019
Hello :D I am still online and taking care of my dinos. Nice to see someone else that's alive lol.
2:37pm Feb 15th, 2019
And its been a nice few years of doing this game. Very nice.
12:14pm Nov 13th, 2018
We are some of the last people... This is it... Well. If this site goes down. Farewell.
12:13pm Nov 13th, 2018
Eh, they only seem to be working on the dino demo if the announcements on the site are anything to go off of... I wouldn't hold your breath.
7:15pm Nov 10th, 2018
Good thing plenty of people fed their dinos and set em to public studs. Still kinda sad to see the majority of my friends list basically vanish.
11:29am Nov 3rd, 2018
Ain't that a mood. I managed to find this account again, figured while this place is still up I might as well do stuff here again. Kinda missed this place to be honest.
11:26am Nov 3rd, 2018
Hey I'm back, don't know if you remember me but I plan to stay. At least for a while. Been what, 2 years?
9:33pm Nov 2nd, 2018
Hey, quick question, how do I search for carnivores that are up for sale?
9:32am Dec 11th, 2016
*Flops Down* Sorry for my inactivity. Been almost a year since I forgot my stuff and managed to get it back. I moved houses so it was a little rough for the last few years.
2:25pm Nov 13th, 2016
The headshots that I am making are not working as a tag. I don't know why. Do you still want your commission?
3:17pm Feb 8th, 2016
Ok thx!
9:41pm Feb 6th, 2016
Did you upgrade me because mine expired on Feb. 7?
8:35pm Feb 6th, 2016
how much scales do you need?
4:26pm Jan 24th, 2016
I have a question how can you ue those pictures in signatures plz answer
4:19pm Jan 24th, 2016
I couldn't resist commenting on your marshmellow tag. That is the most despicable and hilarious thing I have seen in a while. It's beautiful.
6:34pm Jan 4th, 2016
Thanks Nyx!
1:20pm Sep 5th, 2015
Hello. How did you manage to put a picture in your signature for when you post a topic and reply to one?
2:58pm Sep 3rd, 2015
Yeah it is, you are a master..... You skeleton tag photo is beautiful.
11:23am Jul 17th, 2015
"Roses are red. Violets are red. Tulips are red. Daisies are red. I set your garden on fire." BEAUTIFUL!
11:13am Jul 17th, 2015
Herb breeding season is comming ;D So a herd will be comming xD
4:52pm May 12th, 2015
I'm not entirely sure to be honest, he and his friends are making it... so it's bound to be pretty unique (if not weird) but I don't know what his plans are :D
5:06pm May 11th, 2015
I believe my brother has declared it the name of some game he's programming currently, I'm not sure what that says about the game :D
4:28pm May 11th, 2015
Have you been talking to my brother? That word in your mood status is his favorite word right now... :P
10:44am May 11th, 2015
any.. i need to talk to you -.-
5:33pm May 6th, 2015
hey can you put up a spino stud? please? im sorry to ask, just a male!
5:19pm May 6th, 2015
Lol and tysm for the carno's They are Amazing!!! when breeding season happends ill send a herd you way!
5:27pm May 4th, 2015
Lol how did you get them? and lol why not use em?
5:26pm May 4th, 2015
Thanks, and lol younve already done enough
5:24pm May 4th, 2015
Like perfect Feathering, height, teeth,ect.
5:20pm May 4th, 2015
how do you get perfect dinos?
5:18pm May 4th, 2015
Hi! You forgot Markings Breeder or is this "All Breeder"? Color and markings are not the same. Or make it as "Color/Markings Breeder". ;)
4:42pm Mar 9th, 2015
I sent a request for my Carnotaurus to mate with yours. I hope they can make pretty babies.
11:50am Mar 7th, 2015
Okay whenever your ready hehe
4:49pm Dec 28th, 2014
you can send the next if your ready
4:36pm Dec 28th, 2014
hehe thanks for buying my fishies
6:59pm Dec 8th, 2014
7:34pm Dec 3rd, 2014
Okay :)
8:37am Oct 26th, 2014
Have I finished paying you?
8:35am Oct 26th, 2014
12:28pm Oct 10th, 2014
K can I just come right out and say, I just now read your feelings, and I'm freaked. O+O
5:29am Oct 10th, 2014
I shall pay asap!
9:18am Sep 20th, 2014
Thanks so much!
9:17am Sep 20th, 2014
The sandiwich please :3
9:16am Sep 20th, 2014
Sure thing thank you so much!
9:15am Sep 20th, 2014
Right now I have 20391 on me but I can pay the shop price over time if you wish?
9:10am Sep 20th, 2014
Would you mind lowering your Sandwich Of DOOM price for me please? I need one for a quest. I will certainly still pay though
9:07am Sep 20th, 2014
Um... Hey... I bought a rex from you a while back for cheaps. Was it an accident? Did you dislike the markings? Were you feeling generous? I can give him to you, as well as his progeny, but they're part inbred... :P
5:12pm Sep 16th, 2014
Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't :O Though I'm not one to judge, hehe. Whatever you'd like it to mean <3
8:19pm Sep 1st, 2014
Such a sweetheart <3
7:49pm Sep 1st, 2014
In awesomeness yeah it does! XD
9:46pm Aug 30th, 2014
It is not triangular but it is awesome my friend.
9:49pm Aug 29th, 2014
Thx sorry im a noob still learning XD
1:46pm Aug 24th, 2014
how do I accept a bid?
1:42pm Aug 24th, 2014
I know you don't know me,and probably wont even care to answer this question,but- Where would I get healing supplies?My dinos are at EXTREMELY low health,and I don't know where to get supplies!PLEASE REPLY PLEASE.
8:28pm Jul 28th, 2014