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Shelilla (#16989)

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Joined March 5th, 2012

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"forgot how to make $$$"
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Hi Shelilla. I haven't talked to you in ages. I apologize for not posting on the roleplay for so long. Life has been hitting me pretty hard lately. =/ Enough about me though, how is life treating you?
8:43pm Jul 25th, 2014
thanks. x3
12:15pm Jun 27th, 2014
I changed it back! that hairstyle was bad luck! thanks fur forgiving me. lets just never mention that again. xD
12:13pm Jun 27th, 2014
omg, now I'm going to be tromautized for the next week. I'm so sorry fur posting that on your shoutbox! aaaaaaaagh! x(
12:10pm Jun 27th, 2014
whoops. xp wrong profile! I'm so sorry about that! D:
12:04pm Jun 27th, 2014
like my new hairstyle? :3 (or do you think the other one was better?) (i liked the other one)
12:02pm Jun 27th, 2014
i think that is all i can put in there fur now... i want to save some things fur later in the year. x3 if you would like me to lower any prices, simply message me. ^^
11:58am Jun 27th, 2014
I'm going to have to upgrade the store so that i can fit all of this stuff in there! x3
11:51am Jun 27th, 2014
ok. ^^ I'm on it!
11:43am Jun 27th, 2014
thanks! if you want, I can add more stuff to there right now. ^^ i have a ton of overlays I'm waiting to put in there. :3
11:41am Jun 27th, 2014
thanks fur buying at the loots and goodies store! ^^
10:59am Jun 27th, 2014
It's fine, it's fine! I have enough xD
10:25am Jun 24th, 2014
Yo! I heard you had some newfound wealth? :P Would you like to take on Allo-breeding? I have a female I don't necessarily need (Stilts) and I'd be glad to hand 'er off for free.
9:36am Jun 24th, 2014
Hey, the day has rotated on 'Cursed'. Wasn't sure if you noticed.
3:25pm Jun 20th, 2014
Thanks for understanding. I'm going to figure out striker's plans and update it soon!
7:48pm Jun 19th, 2014
Thanks for joining Cursed. If you'll wait until the next RP day to post, your intro will be better as I'm getting ready for the characters to go to sleep
3:37pm Jun 19th, 2014
I ran into time complications with trying to juggle dinos while being a highschool senior. Perhaps now I will get some more again since I'm graduated.
10:05am Jun 15th, 2014
Here we go :3
10:09am Dec 8th, 2013
You're asking for a snowball bombarding :P
12:12am Dec 8th, 2013
Merry Christmas everyone! :D
7:42pm Dec 7th, 2013