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Ah, sorry! I meant to put up the trade, but I didn't get a chance before getting distracted.
11:53pm Feb 10th, 2016
Alright! I'll set up a trade.
8:55pm Feb 10th, 2016
Hello! I have three teddy bears. Do you have flower crowns maybe?
9:53pm Feb 9th, 2016
can you acept my dino she is in rapter ranch
12:29pm Jan 14th, 2016
shuld i send my dino over or are you going to send yours and right after breding i will send him back
12:25pm Jan 14th, 2016
can i ples have gigas becas i have a femal and you will get halve of the eegs
12:21pm Jan 14th, 2016
Adults are preferred as well. :)
10:47pm Jan 2nd, 2016
Yes, please do. :)
10:46pm Jan 2nd, 2016
Those are perfect! Eoraptors are preferred. :) Thank you!
10:44pm Jan 2nd, 2016
I'd love 4 lab dinos! I pay 10k each for them, but I'll pay up to 15k if you'd like. :)
10:42pm Jan 2nd, 2016
6:10pm May 20th, 2013
I'm headed back to the riverbank. Nothing but tumbleweeds rolling around in my empty store. XD *does awful impression of 'Apu' from 'The Simpsons'* Thank you, come again please. :D
6:33am Apr 14th, 2013
xD thanks
11:10pm Dec 29th, 2012
You`re welcome :)
3:47pm Dec 18th, 2012
*Drops gift at your gate* :)
6:35am Dec 18th, 2012
I must defend my seals!
7:23pm Dec 10th, 2012
alskdf have you heard about Hyrule Historia yet? I am extremely excited and beyond impatient for it XD
9:15pm Dec 2nd, 2012
i like the zelda series too, especially Ghirahim. :3
5:36pm Oct 19th, 2012
I do~ Am playing it xD
3:40pm Oct 19th, 2012
Zelda fan! :DDDD Skyward Sword?
5:05pm Oct 18th, 2012
XD I've nyan'd myself twice now, I actually come wanting that and not a cookie
6:26am Oct 18th, 2012
z|d@ |k @ zelda link ganon
8:57pm Oct 9th, 2012