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Elske (#33743)

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Joined April 27th, 2015

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4:00pm Mar 4th, 2016
Happy New Year, my dear! *hugs* :)
3:35am Jan 1st, 2016
BABOON'S BLOOD? Well, we seem to be fresh out! Settle for BALAUR BLOOD instead? >y/n
1:32pm Oct 30th, 2015
Eye of newt and toe of frog,/ Wool of bat and tongue of dog, / Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting, / Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,
1:24pm Oct 30th, 2015
A very cheeky penguin, right? ;)
1:12pm Oct 30th, 2015
Ohohoho, tough words my friend. We'll see about those when you're burning at the stake!
1:09pm Oct 30th, 2015
Target ID: 33743. Scheduled time of death: 1:20pm EXT
1:04pm Oct 30th, 2015
;oOOOO!!!! I see I have been conspired against! Watch your back...
12:58pm Oct 30th, 2015
He began. I only struggled. How are you, my dear?
12:55pm Oct 30th, 2015
Could you please "kill" this penguin?
12:49pm Oct 30th, 2015
Everything's fine on my side. ;)
10:31am Sep 30th, 2015
Helloooo! How are you, my dear? :)
10:10am Sep 30th, 2015
Hey, my dear! How are you? How about your herbi-breedings? And psst ... you posted your last answer to me here on your own shoutbox. ;)
6:01am Sep 23rd, 2015
I know what you mean about troughs, they are a pain in the behind to fill, and no my friend, you will not do anything for me as you did not ask for the upgrade. you are my friend.
1:39pm Sep 19th, 2015
Can I do anything for you as thank you for the upgrade?
1:37pm Sep 19th, 2015
I wish we would have an item, that makes it easier to fill the troughs.
1:36pm Sep 19th, 2015
Whow. That's the biggest gift I've ever got!!! *hugs again*
10:06am Sep 19th, 2015
I'm still confused, my dear. Why did you do that? *big hugs*
3:09pm Sep 18th, 2015
I will scream at their beautiful scales
2:59pm Sep 18th, 2015
If you want calves let's wait till sunday/monday. Then I will have more than enough. From which species?
1:19pm Sep 18th, 2015
I'm fine, thanks. :) On sunday it's breeding-time for the herbis again. Means lots of full enclosures.
1:10pm Sep 18th, 2015
Hi my dear! How are you?
12:59pm Sep 18th, 2015
Ready for the next one then i'll send you over some!
9:32am Sep 18th, 2015
*Single tear drops* :v;
1:09pm Sep 16th, 2015
Dimetrodon babies look so cute omg
10:31am Sep 16th, 2015
Awesome thank you so much ^.^ Let me know if you want any Reindeer or anything in the future :) I so want to give back and help out where I can ^.^
4:26pm Aug 26th, 2015
Hello Elske :) Just stopping by, I recently got a small herd of Hyracotherium off the AH but I noticed their ages and I'm worried about losing the herd after spending a hefty chunk on them. Do you happen to have a young male/female that I could possibly p
7:04am Aug 26th, 2015
Ahhh thank you so much ^.^
3:06pm Aug 21st, 2015
Oh man I was browsing your exhibits and I saw Jacksons Purple fffffffffffff would it be possible to get a hatchling from her and Coffee Bean? I'd so love a baby with colors like hers Hnnng <3
9:11am Aug 21st, 2015
Enjoy your little babies~ Wasn't expecting them to be picked up so quickly haha <3
4:28pm Aug 19th, 2015
Hey, my dear. In my opinion it's a bug. So many illness is not normal. Spotty is on from time to time and already helped me. Contact Spotty and ask for help. ;)
2:29pm Aug 19th, 2015
Look at your inventory, my dear. If you need more, let me know it. I know how to get it. ;)
1:43pm Aug 16th, 2015
Good question. I will take a look later, cause I'm off for two hours now, looking tv-shows. I will come back later and will tell you, ok? ;)
11:14am Aug 16th, 2015
Well, I have to go to bed now,cause I have to work tomorrow. Sleep well and have sweet dreams, my dear!!! *hugs*
3:00pm Aug 14th, 2015
That should be the missing trials from august. But those from june and july ... still nothing.
2:53pm Aug 14th, 2015
A miracle happened to me. My dinos ran the 10 trials from today + 29!!!! :O
2:47pm Aug 14th, 2015
The gurus haven't got the rights to fix bugs. Only Kitty and the mods can do that. *cry*
1:47pm Aug 14th, 2015
You know that I will help you in any way I can, my dear friend. *hugs*
1:35pm Aug 14th, 2015
Do you have enough Magic peaches to heal your dinos? If not, I have more than enough and could send you some. ;)
1:30am Aug 14th, 2015
They look amazing~ I recall on your thread you mentioned hatchlings/young would be 50k each or such. Not sure if that still holds but I'm certainly battling a lot currently to save up haha Been off for awhile so it's getting back into it. I actually just
2:31am Aug 13th, 2015
Oh my goodness I just saw those gorgeous babies! HNNNNNG Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I've been busy with school so I wanted to keep my dinos from suffering too much which is why I haven't been on in a bit. GAH! How much for those babies &
12:07am Aug 13th, 2015
Awesome :D They sound amazing as well! Like I said, feel free to hit me up anytime :) I'm always open to tossing a couple babies your way :D
1:35am Aug 4th, 2015
Likewise ^.^ If you ever need anything do let me know :) I actually posted on your board on the sales asking about a couple more hatchies from Navy Blue/Turquoise Apple and Coffee Bean/Cascade <3 As I've been wanting to add a few more Alberto's and Car
4:32pm Aug 3rd, 2015
Her sister is just as amazing! They both turned out beautifully <3 Thanks again ^.^
10:18am Aug 3rd, 2015
That was a surprise to find a cute little baby girl in my lair. She turned out adorable and her colors! <3 Thank you so much Elske!
5:30am Aug 3rd, 2015
Hey! Have you ever thought of selling a male and female Phorusrhacos ;o?
7:35pm Jul 26th, 2015
I'm baaaaaack!!!! :D
2:03pm Jul 20th, 2015
Wanted to tell you that I will be on vacation now. See you in two weeks again!!! :) *hugs*
2:28pm Jul 3rd, 2015
Hiya, Elske! It's me - Shadowlight with her second account. Only wanted to say, that there are herbi-auctions for you. Hope you'll be online, before they end. ;)
1:54am Jun 23rd, 2015
You're welcome, my dear. ;) Anything from the mods about your lost money?
2:35am Jun 22nd, 2015
I will make auctions for you later this day, ok? ;)
2:26am Jun 22nd, 2015
And which ones? ;)
2:19am Jun 22nd, 2015
Want some Boni, Edmonto or Baro calves? I got so many today ... of course as gift. ;)
5:25am Jun 20th, 2015
Did you write me yesterday? I suppose I deleted a message by accident.
1:32am Jun 18th, 2015
That was a very big adventure for you. Hope you made many photos?
2:10pm Jun 12th, 2015
You were on a safari? Whow. That's great! ;)
2:05pm Jun 12th, 2015
Only came around to say hello, my dear. How are you?
12:55pm Jun 12th, 2015
1:28pm Jun 9th, 2015
Thank you :D
12:45pm Jun 2nd, 2015
k thank you so much :D
12:44pm Jun 2nd, 2015
Im sorry to bother you with this request but could u give me like 25-50 thousand so i can feed my dinos and heal them because like all my guans have the avain flue and i only have 800 dollars in the bank
12:41pm Jun 2nd, 2015
About the Reindeer ... take a look at the herbi-auctions. With luck you will find Reindeers there. ;)
1:58pm Jun 1st, 2015
Puuuuh, that should be all. And now I will go to bed; I have to work tomorrow and it's after midnight here. Good night, my dear. Sleep well! *hugs*
3:39pm May 29th, 2015
Aaah. It's always a long way from grade D to A or A+, I know that. And if you need meat, ask me. I can sell you it then via sending to your account. ;)
10:23am May 29th, 2015
Hi my dear! I have a question: why did you buy my meat? You have lots of herbis.
9:58am May 29th, 2015
Still have the scales?
4:49am May 25th, 2015
Uhm, that sounds not very good. Do you have any medicine? A sunburn can be very dangerous.
11:45am May 24th, 2015
Vacations are always great! So welcome back home, my dear! *hugs*
11:40am May 24th, 2015
Happy Whitsunday! *hugs*
1:49am May 24th, 2015
I saw your thread about selling scales. Well, if you have some again, I would buy them. ;)
12:54pm May 16th, 2015