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strik force rapter (#36534)

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its a deal not a steal Shelf (0/178) Storage Fishtank (0)

Link me to which dino it is. Also you shouldn't leave your dinos in the nature reserve, as its pretty much giving your dinos up for adoption, and some people might not give them back when you ask.
12:44pm Jan 15th, 2016
Wait sorry, I just noticed something. Since she's 88, she's too old to breed anymore, so I can't. Sorry!
12:36pm Jan 14th, 2016
Sure, Precious? I could breed my dino Greyscale with her, since they have to be the same species.
12:35pm Jan 14th, 2016
1 i dont take random friend requests you need to earn it and by begging is not the way to do it your a new player try and learn the ropes first and find cheap dinos and earn money
12:32pm Jan 14th, 2016
We don't need to transfer dinos. If you go to Gigas's care page, you can send a free stud request and I'll accept it.
12:27pm Jan 14th, 2016
I'd be happy to breed him with one of your dinos, but I don't want to sell him.
12:24pm Jan 14th, 2016
11:41am Jan 14th, 2016
I love him, he's great!
12:16pm Jan 13th, 2016
Really? Aww, thankyou!
12:14pm Jan 13th, 2016
You need to move the dino out of your moving crate before I can send him over
11:54am Jan 13th, 2016
Is this [] him?
11:49am Jan 13th, 2016
his name is speedy he is all brown and has lots of fethers
11:46am Jan 13th, 2016
Which raptor is yours?
11:45am Jan 13th, 2016
What do you mean by your speedy? Do I own one of your raptors?
11:43am Jan 13th, 2016